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  1. I have wondered for a long time, do Bionicle characters eat? Or was this never answered in the storyline. Sorry if this have been asked before.
  2. I have seen a lot of photography of toa mata/nuva and bohrok with angled heads and I wonder how many ways can you put their heads on an angle, so what is the ways that you prefer to give your toa mata/nuva and bohrok neck articulation?
  3. Got a bulk lot of Bionicle including: Nui RamaNui, Jaga(missing the light blue pakari and one of those light blue hose pieces, tarakava (only one was complete, besides for 4-5) and two very incomplete Kane ra and muaka. Completing my 2001 rahi set collection
  4. Also Millennium/Millennia (the last picture) has an alternative build of a guy riding a motorcycle
  5. Maybe the metallic leg piece is from the Vezon and Kardas set?
  6. As I was looking over some of the old Bionicle commercials I came across one that was to do with a competition and the prize was all the sets from 2005 for second place and for first place the prize was a solid gold hau and I wondered what happened to it and the prizes of other contests.
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