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  1. Is there any canon information on how the inhabitants of the Great Spirit Robot marked the passage of time? Obviously the island of Mata Nui was able to see the sun over Aqua Magna and if I remember correctly the GSR's "eyes" functioned as the sun/suns of Metru Nui, but I can't find any information on the rest of the spheres. I'm writing a story on Lesovikk, whose home island is part of one of Mata Nui's "legs" and I was trying to figure out how to explain day and night. I think I read in the BIONICLE Encyclopedia or BIOSector01 that the canisters were lit by lightstones fixed to the ceilings of the domes. This makes sense, but I haven't found anything that says if the lightstones were turned on and off to mark day and night. Or if they rose and set or just turned on and off statically. Does anyone have any theories on this? Or has Greg said anything on this topic? My theory is that since the GSR's systems were able to regulate gravity and other phenomena, it would make sense for the Core Processor could regulate the "sun" and "stars" of individual domes. Last thought, there's that whole thing with the sundial, why would sundials exist in the universe if they didn't have a sun or some kind of moving light source?
  2. I just received this in the mail today, and it's awesome! I'm into marketing and graphic design (and of course BIONICLE) so this prize is totally awesome! And even cooler to be supporting a great cause at the same time!
  3. UPDATE: LEGO World Builder announced the finalists for Pitch Fest and unfortunately, HIATUS was not among the winners. I will continue to fine-tune my existing entries and add new ones. I'm not giving up on this yet, and if another Pitch Fest comes around I'll enter it again. Please stay tuned for more updates here and on World Builder.
  4. I pitched it on Lego World Builder, so if it happens The Lego Group would produce it. Otherwise, it would be more of a fan film, produced out of my pocket and through crowdfunding and patreon and stuff like that.
  5. Hello all! I recently created a world on the LEGO World Builder platform. It's called "HIATUS: a BIONICLE Legend" and it follows Lesovikk as he wanders the Matoran Universe. HIATUS focuses on the loss and trauma that Lesovikk experiences following the death of his Toa team and his village. My intention for this story is to be a TV series, probably made for streaming, with the first season consisting of 8 episodes. As the series progresses Lesovikk will meet some familiar faces, including Toa Jovan (and maybe a cameo from Roodaka), as well as some new characters, like some Skakdi and my OC, the mysterious Matoran Akpha. Lesovikk will grow stronger, both physically and mentally, during his HIATUS from Toa duties, but he will always be haunted by the death of the Toa Cordak. Once he learns his friends Sarda and Idris are still alive he finds new purpose in rescuing his friends and bringing the monster Karzahni to justice. Also he fights with a bunch of different Rahi and people, including Dark Hunters. I submitted HIATUS to World Builder's Pitch fest and should be hearing soon whether or not I will be pitching directly to LEGO. Please feel free to check out my world (link above) and leave any feedback, and if there are any concept designers or anyone with motion capture or animation skills out there, I'd love to collaborate. I don't have super high hopes for BIONICLE ever truly coming back, but maybe something like this could work. Thanks for reading (and I'll reply to any comments here or on World Builder), Kohrakazi
  6. I personally love the World Builder platform, the creative prompts and the different categories really help get my creative juices flowing. And I love checking out other Worlds. I've created a couple of worlds and submitted them to World Builder's Pitch Fest. One is a streaming series about Toa Lesovikk during his wanderings through the universe. I call it "HIATUS: a BIONICLE Legend". It's a lot like The Mandalorian but connects to a lot of other BIONICLE stories. My other world is "The LEGO Adventurers Movie". It's a prequel to "The LEGO Movie" and stars Johnny Thunder and Pippin Reed, and also connects other LEGO media like Clutch Powers, Atlantis and Mars Mission. Feel free to check them out and I welcome any feedback and/or concept art.
  7. I can't believe this never occurred to me before, but here it is. The Toa Metru, who of course became the Turaga of Mata Nui, used to be Matoran. This means that they were friends with other Matoran. MATORAN WHO WOULD FORGET ALL ABOUT THEM! Like I was just reading about Onepu and how he worked with Whenua in the Archives and was friends with him. And then he serves him on Mata Nui. This is the true tragedy of the BIONICLE.
  8. Lol yes of course Piraka rap! That's true, I could definitely see Lewa and Pohatu jamming to the same music. I'm picturing Pohatu having a Star Lord-esque mixtape of classic songs for some reason
  9. Looking for opinions here: I was thinking about the Toa Nuva and I was wondering what types of music they would listen to. Now obviously they could have varied tastes, but I feel like since they are so unique they would have a genre or style that was "theirs". My ideas are Tahu: Rock/heavy metal (passion) Kopaka: EDM/Techno (clean, cold) Pohatu: Synthwave (because Pohatu) Gali: lo-fi or soundscapes (focus) Lewa: rap/trap/dubstep/YouTube bass boost edits (anything loud) Onua: silence (or maybe singer/songwriter) If you have different ideas or like mine, let me know! If you have reasons for your choices I'd love to hear them.
  10. The thought had occurred to me, and it might happen that way. There's so much content to cover and so many awesome characters a tv series might be the best way to communicate it.
  11. Of course I'm hoping my project will become official films, but who knows. Yes, we do already have four BIONICLE movies, but what I'm working on will go beyond what they covered, from before the arrival of the Toa Mata to after the return to Metru Nui, much more of the canon then we saw on film. My desire is to see BIONICLE come back in all its glory, just in a new, different way. It's time for the Legend to be retold.
  12. True, I could do more big-picture stuff with the War, zoom in on Takua and the arrival of the Toa, then back out on the Quest for the Masks and the "defeat" of Makuta and the end of the War.
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