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  1. I'd probably walk through it very carefully to see where it goes and make sure that it isn't dangerous. After that, I would tell both my friends who study foreign cultures and my scientifically inclined friends about it. Both would be highly interested. WWYDI you found a portal back in time to the medieval time period?
  2. Cheese. I do not understand how one can eat a burger without it. WYR eat strawberry shortcake or razzleberry pie?
  3. Eh, I usually like Fridays the best, because I tend to assign it as my day off from college work. Rest is important.
  4. I think we all dream about having a basement like the guy in the Lego movie...
  5. At least it’s not a Starcraft Mod. In all seriousness, I hope you enjoy this costume for at least a few Halloweens to come, and that your achievement is rewarded with lots of candy.
  6. Jumpscare my favorite creative writing teacher with it. WWYDI BZPower ended for good?
  7. No. I have a distinct lack of social awkwardness - I seem to be born without the fear of public speaking. Have you ever made a self-moc?
  8. Those are good sets - I’m surprised just how much they were able put in one set. But the price is also expensive as well, with the larger set size.
  9. Take them to a duck pond or lake and hope that they would stay there. WWYDI you had a real-life hoverboard?
  10. Yes. You know what is in the book. Have you ever gained or lost proto, back when that was a thing here?
  11. Haunted house. Unlike the movie, I’m not helplessly bound by dumb characters bad choices and can deal with the situation myself. WYR be banned from BZP forever or have to sell your entire Bionicle collection?
  12. I do not believe the Gali set ever lived down its resemblance to a cow. Also, the 2015 Tahu set resembles a rabbit with those golden swords sticking out of his back.
  13. For some reason this news article title is making me think of Movorak as Visorak that I would hire to move house.
  14. Mad respect for the analysis, man. Though BZPower does have a news feed, so you could be like "dude, what's up with that now?" and go to BZP instead of TTV. But then you'd have to also remember that BZP existed (though it would be easier to remember because it has been around for longer), whereas TTV has thousands of YouTube videos, and Google owns YouTube. I mean, I just typed in "recent bionicle news" into Google, and the first thing that popped up was three TTV videos. BZPower was the seventh search result down the list. So there's like a competition there that we're losing. Not a huge deal, but it's there. This reminds me of the MoD vs. BZP fight back in the day. I think MoD is dead though.
  15. I like Bionicle. It's nice to be able to discuss it with people every now and again, and check up on the latest news of what is happening with it.
  16. The answer for me is simple: it depends on how they do it. If they have good art, good sets, and most importantly a good story, I'm in. Bring on G3. If they aren't going to put effort into it and are just doing it for a quick nostalgia cash-grab and a flimsy attempt to appeal to the younger generation that they did last time, I'm out. I think the G2 logic was "we'll appeal to the old fans of Bionicle and the kids for double the money!" which works...if you actually make the Bionicle to appeal to both of these groups, which can want two different things. They did the shallow story which might have sold a few sets, but that annoyed the old fans and gave a lot of complaints. Then the Uniters were an attempt to appease all of the old fans that were complaining about the set aesthetic, and it backfired. It was clear that they were flailing around trying to please everyone and not knowing what they were doing. So it got canceled. Personally I think the only way G3 will happen is if the fans band together with Faber and Greg and negotiate with Lego. At least we know what we want and we are less likely to mess it up.
  17. Tell that to President Business. (<--joke) The sharks were controlled by Makuta though, and weren't exactly friendly - though that really doesn't support my argument, seeing as a villain being in town doesn't make anything a dystopia. Fair point. Personal attacks and insults are not okay. We'll see you back here after your temp ban ends. -B6 Yeah, it's the facts vs. emotion thing going on. Um, in my opinion Vakama was the best well-written character in the whole Bionicle. He goes from fear and self-deprecation/hatred to taking on the story's main villain single-handedly. This character inspired me to take on the emotionally abusive people and manipulative people in my own life instead of being scared forever, like going from Kafkaesque bureaucracy and oppression in the mask forging place to being a wise leader. His emotional journey is really important to me because it taught me that I could take on evil in my own life and win. He's an inspiring character that learned to understand his own strengths and get his emotions under control, and that showed me that I could do the same. That's why I consider Vakama a well-written character. I get why you might relate to Zane better, though. You might feel like a robot in a group of human beings, and wonder why you don't get things. That's okay. We all need our characters. Uh, Zane is a robot. Robots don't have existential crises. You're expecting a robot to have human emotions enough to have an existential crisis...Zane never really seemed to have that much emotional depth - in fact, that character is practically defined by a lack of emotion from the beginning, especially compared to Kai or Jay. Someone said that the Zane character mystery was the Ninjago equivalent of Bionicle 2001 somewhere back in the day, but I think it was spoiled for me before I watched episode 1, so YMMV. Um... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DzUE8_-WsAcNasG?format=jpg&name=large I mean if you google search ninjago memes, there are a lot of them. Some of them are bad, but they exist.
  18. I agree, but that would require an entirely new story. Some fan would have to write a fanfic and give it to a game developer. There is a huge amount of official games in 2006. Voya Nui online, Piraka Attack, Matoran Escape, Inika Island Assault. Granted, they were all 2-D, but that doesn't mean that devs don't have examples to draw from. We even have the Bionicle Heroes game in 2006, if you need examples of Skakdi for your 3-D models. Maybe that's why there aren't any 2006 games, because it was done to death officially. I agree that 2007 and 2008 would be hard, yeah. But what about 2009? I mean, we have the Glatorian Arena games and stuff, and Bara Magna as a really sick open world. They could do something like Destiny 2. Maybe it's just because everyone hates 2009 and 10. I guess MNOG, being an old flash game, is easier to deconstruct than these other games...
  19. I think his point that all of the fan games are set in 2001 is significant. Why 2001? Why not 2003? I would like to play as Takanuva playing kolhii against Makuta. What about a Maze of Shadows game fighting Rahi and Karzanhi? Or 2008? I mean, flying stuff is cool. What about a game of Takanuva's journey with multiple levels, each being a different alternate universe? Or even 2010? What about playing Mata Nui's journey through the Great Maze, with getting to play the prototype robot at the end? That would be so cool. But aside from MenoLG (Metru Nui Online Game) all of the fangames are set on Mata Nui island.
  20. Hmm. This is a very interesting take on Bionicle's ending. Though I wonder if it's really true - I mean, the Bionicle characters make jokes, and at least among the Toa, they have each other. I don't think that every character was always sad all the time. What about the Le-Matoran celebrating in MNOG? In real life, though, Bionicle is more a representation of going through trauma and abuse than the aftermath when you have defeated evil. It might be an interesting idea to extend the G1 story out to tell the story of the Toa and Matoran learning how to engage in productive work and transition to life on Spherus Magna. There's a lot to cover: the trauma of moving to a new place, the excitement of a new adventure. Personally I like to think that the Toa and Matoran built a fortified city on Spherus Magna and helped the Agori and Glatorian take care of the next generation of Agori/Glatorian children, but maybe that is sentimental of me. Others - like Takanuva - would likely be more interested in exploring. I agree here - there's a story of recovery to tell, and it would be an interesting story indeed and be very deep. It would be a bit rough to tell within the premise of an action-figure toyline. It may be a viable option for a story-only Bionicle or perhaps some good fanfiction. I find this comment funny. But it is a fair point that after 04, the setting was harsh and antagonistic in some form. Though Mata Nui did have a lava river, and sharks...
  21. I don't think that most of my favorite artists are at UMG. Though we were just talking about Skull Spiders kidnapping Linkin Park, so that could be a thing for future children to enjoy...
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