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  1. Is anyone selling the orange Nui-rama?
  2. From my reading on the Bionicle wiki I have no idea why it was sabotaged. Was it because of the fear of the dreaming plague, or something else?
  3. Would buying the Skopio XV-1 for $90 be worth it? I never payed attention to 2009 so I have barely any clue about prices at the time compared to prices now.
  4. I've been on the fence abound sinking $200 into Karzahni, so is it worth it?
  5. I didn't see a download, only the flash version. Do you know where I can find a download?
  6. Is there any way to play MNOG now?
  7. I was digging through my bionicle bin looking for loose kraata and found an odd one, it has a gold head and a black tail. The only other picture I could find with a kratta with this color scheme has it labeled as "Heat Vision" but that picture had the color scheme flipped (black head w/ gold tail). If anyone knows anything about this strange kratta please let me know. (I will provide a picture if needed)
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