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  1. Sorry to disappoint you but pens aren't exactly mass produced. They would have had a very limited run like the lego watches.
  2. A few but most of the older sets from 2006-7 and 2002-3 were sold. As a adult my current room (live with parents) also doesn't have the shelf capacity to display most of them so there are only a select few along with a few Transformers figures.
  3. I created this a few weeks ago after a idea in my head. Try fusing the most common sets from similar themes: Rock Raider + Power Miners....the Granite Grinder, and the Mine Mech. I even included the Rock Raiders Emblem on the top. But it has super sized versions of the Mine Mech Saw and Claw Arm for arms Note: The model is supposed to have a Pearl Very Light Gray roof and drill but the renderer turns it into a pearly white. Front https://brickshelf.com/gallery/Bahrag/Granite-Mech/granite_mech.png Back includes rock raiders emblem https://brickshelf.com/gallery/Bahrag/Granite-Mech/granite_mech_3.png
  4. Kinda looks like a mecha and a bionicle theme. Is that face a sticker pulled from a lego set?
  5. Malum was known for anger issues so his banishment was obvious. Strakk was a greedy mercenary for hire outside the arena for doing anything instead of being a fair protector like https://biosector01.com/wiki/Strakk So he had his fate coming for fighting dirty and sneaking up on Ackar. So he was exiled like biosector01 wiki shows https://biosector01.com/wiki/BIONICLE:_The_Legend_Reborn
  6. I forgot they did do a few bright color variations in despite dark colors. Visorak still had bright colors A lot of voya-nui matoran and dekar had bright colors Jetrax version of Antroz is bright red with black joints and hands Berix is light blue and bright blue helmet but dark blue feet Ackar is a primary red and orange like a Tahu set Vorox is tan Skrall have bright red Mata Nui is bright yellow. Kinda makes sense as a royal color for the ignika
  7. Maybe if they could use the opportunity to offer the 90 years of play Tahu in a polybag as a full retail set.
  8. That thing sure is big complex. But Miserix is even more massive along Tahtorak, Kardas, Axalara T9, Skopio and the 2017 Makuta model with the Mask of Power
  9. Bravo you've certainly outdone yourself with using obscure pieces in new ways
  10. So it probably checks first word needs more needs more than 3 letters in a title. And symbols like - completely ignored?
  11. Don't know if this is a correct category....  Whenever i try the search words Toa in the search galleries for ideas the search always fails and finds nothing. Why are they just blocking types of keywords on gallery names for a very unknown reason? I even have a folder called Toa-Metru, but unless when i'm logged in i can see it. But it's obviously won't show on any results? (even when i only use the word metru from my folder title which is public...it still doesn't show up in the search function because it contains Toa in the name)
  12. Those Toy Story titled sets are rejects. They have no knees or elbows, bad color consistency and they look like they are intended to be buy two together to make a figure better scandal. That shouldn't be a basis. Having to first combine 2 bland sets to create a more decent figure set is just weird. Combiners are usually bonuses.
  13. Isn't it just the quality of the photo? Those minifigure Protector helmets look interesting even though they're copying the worst Hero Factory mecha's
  14. It's sad that he's not allowed to finish the G1 story which has been abandoned/unused for 12 years.
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