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  1. Not really. That is just a negative view. Ninjas just seem to be something that kids always like and easy for Lego to create. Power Rangers has several ninja themes and there's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ninjago originally had 1-3 testing years on shelves but a lot of people convinced Lego to bring it back and now it's a giant cash cow. The biggest success behind Ninjago (after lego shelved Bionicle) is because it seems to be unlimited about what can exist in their universe? After they brought it back they suddenly started to include elemental tornadoes, turning in pure elemental entities, modern city, mechs, airships, vehicles, cars, dragons, snake-train, a cyber villain and a lot of other stuff.
  2. I found it. You should have mentioned that the game need windows direct x installed and legacy play enabled.
  3. I know for a fact that Scott McNeill was the voice of Rattrap in Transformers: Beast Wars. Other than that not much. Lewa's voice was my least favorite
  4. Just downloaded the Bionicle Heroes: Modders edition. But since i'm new to manually installing a game from a download...i can't find the installer. But there is no MS-Word file or Notepad help file...i do have a screenshot but the most obvious name bionicle.exe didn't activate any installation.
  5. This was odd i thought Zoroark was going to win this. But congratulations to all.
  6. A few things i want to know Since i never had this game on pc, where can i find a safe place to download it? My laptop doesn't have a CD drive. Does it require Steam setup? If it requires Steam Is it compatible with controllers connected to a pc or with steam controller support...I was only familiar with the PS2 version. I've been wanting to try it to get some use out of my SWITCH Pro controller. If it doesn't require Steam: Does the game support alternative controller compatibility programs?
  7. Sadly it's true, its like a real minefield to understand where to begin. The fact that the entire beginning came from book near the end of the series in 2009 (How the Spherus Magna planet destruction began) and how mutran figured out how it the robot worked came from a 2008 serial/and books as well. Basically every year the hero sets would be a new teams... But most of all the villains sets had backstories how they existed for many years. This was obvious with the the Visorak, the Piraka, Barraki, the 2008 Makuta sets who were literally ancient demigods and the bara magna species as a whole were even older than that. Nowadays there are plenty of good videos to learn about it.
  8. As a project it's nice to see the mod community still in action. But i thought this was a G1 classic. Not one based on the Brick/Classic Tahu. I'd suggest these things. - Change the shoulder armor to orange. - Remove the ridges on the back of the head. - Fill up the entire neck of the mask. That way he's more distinguishable
  9. I have a few songs on a playlist Not much for years 2001-03-or 2004...i might add the Mask of Light main theme The Plagues (A song theme from Prince of Egypt cartoon film) 2005: Monster by Skillet and Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace 2006: This Means War by Nickelback and Castle of Glass by Linkin Park. 2007: Savin Me by Nickelback (symbolizes Matoro caught by Hydraxonn) Set me Free by Casting Crown (Matoro saying goodbye to his life) Get Out Alive by Three Days Grace (Toa Mahri escaping from the sea) 2008: Higher by Alchemia (I also use Gravity Hurts right afterwards so it makes sense) Awake and Alive and Live Free or Let Me Die both by Skillet (These songs represent Mata Nui's resurrection and banishment)
  10. That would complicate things, Takanuva would have been stuck and not be sent to the Toa Empire dimension since the teleporter was malfunctioning according to the lore.
  11. Yes Kranua was a inspiration but the official one uses stubby arms and the head has no proper eyes.
  12. How exactly did you get those? Was it from one of the prototype piece lucky draw events that the BZPower staff sometimes decide to create?
  13. I wanted to show off a few combiners from G1 that i re-designed. I had one basic rule in mind...only use parts available in the sets they were used from and i wanted to use the Green Blue and White theme as a second rule. First up Wairuha Nuva.I took the base design from akamai and filled the gap with a few spare pieces and used a Miru from the KhingK parts pack. Next up Rahkshi Kaita Wurahk on is a custom version re-design based on the (Kurahk Lerahk and Turahk as the third one). Backstory: This Rahkshi was designed by Makuta Kojol for the heavy the assault on Artakha's fortress. Capable of spraying huge clouds of Acid/Poison from it's shoulder weapons and capable of sending waves of Anger and Disintegration over long distances from its hand weapons without touching a target. However they were slow and it difficult to control. Final one is Vahki Hazardkh. Backstory: This Vahki combiner also had the codename Sentry. It was effective during the Toa and Dark Hunter War where they were used in large numbers to protect Metru Nui when the Toa numbers were starting to dwindle. These were equipped with a giant twin claw for a left hand and Vorzakh claw for cutting through enemy barricades. They are very fast but impulsive and rather destructive, this ended in the data for the combiner were scrapped by order of Turaga Dume after the war was over.
  14. He's just different color variation just like Taipu, the Onu-Koro Matoran who was tan and had a black Ruru mask. What was more odd that lego was preferring the darker version of elemental colors like dark green, dark blue and dark red as main colors all until 2009 had Ackar and Stars Tahu? Why did they hate the bright versions of certain colors
  15. When Teridax was saying this Could this have been a early hint where he meant that the Toa Mata had no idea how to actually hurt a Antidermis creature or that they fought a shadow puppet that had no essence in it and their victory would meaningless or he was toying with them?
  16. It fits since he may have been using the Antidermis (which wasn't named yet to possess and create spare bodies to confront the Toa Mata to test them.
  17. There's always so many possibilities that Bionicle never tried to cover due to being toys first and story second.
  18. It was also mentioned that nuva versions are able to to suffocate enemies through sharing with other beings and force them to be unable to inhale air. Now thats a scary thought, but only 5 of the toa nuva have this mask. https://biosector01.com/wiki/Kaukau_Nuva
  19. Great creation but hired by lego? Is that for real or is it a joke?
  20. It may look like a weird re-imagining of a character but finding a way of using the "face mask" from the piraka canisters by using a bionicle 2016 beast jaw piece is still really impressive. Still looks like the black is a bit much compared to the rest.
  21. That reminded me of those robots from "Samurai Jack and the Ultra-Robots" episode.
  22. Mehh i don't have the technical know-how to add mods. I prefer simple installers or possible developer mode/cheat/mods menu included in the options. Also i don't even touch Homebrew types of software with their launchers. The closest thing i've seen was a Multiman PS3 mod one of my cousins had.
  23. Amazing It's actually a lot better than lego's original design. Actually someone that looks like someone fitting of how feared he is in the bionicle universe
  24. I agree, even if he's stronger than he was as a toa nuva, the adaptive armor should have a nuva armored form setting look. The golden armor having only been created for the mata design was stupid since the stars set is a av-matoran build which looks nothing like the toa mata body.
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