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    Bionicle, terraria, hero factory, lego, computer games in general, making youtube videos for my channel, strange animated films, bootlegs, collecting bionicle models, and summoning karzahnic monsters to assist me in my atrocious deeds.

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  1. that night involved a lot of cheese, 3 guns and a game of battleship.
  2. this fits so well with the DH aesthetic- and what a colour scheme, too!
  3. Aww shucks, you're too kind. Thanks for the birthday wishes, if only you were there to share the cake😅
  4. This looks like a Dark Souls boss- i love it. Also that lore leaves me wanting more.
  5. The colours here really pop, and that expression is great!
  6. Gali was female in G2, though. It was only the voice actor who was male for some reason.
  7. "The Transformers: The Movie" theme song.
  8. I don't know who's making them, or why they're here, but there are (what i'm pretty sure are) bots on BZP now. I've seen them popping up, creating scam topics and supposedly selling Iphones. Have there been Bots before on the site? is there any way to get rid of them?
  9. i love the googly tahu face in the background!
  10. spongebob bionicle memes are the best thing i've seen today
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