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  1. (all of these are stolen from various forums)
  2. Do we have to send it to Brickfair? the way the article is worded seems that that's part of the entering process.
  3. you know the drill, boys discuss/post the dankest of Bionicle memes Edited Title for teh extra meme dankness
  4. Dall-e Mini is truly a wonderful thing (also this is not my image)
  5. I win the mask in a law suit my mask
  6. He's adorable! i also really love the use of the Mata pen bead mask thing (I'm not sure what to call it)
  7. Ooh boy do i love that torso design!
  8. I love the Skrall shield as his hat.
  9. it reminds me of a vakhi for some reason. nice build!
  10. alcoholic Hakann my life is complete
  11. Gosh. i didn't know. ha, that makes me feel really old now!
  12. For some reason i think Splitface is really cool. something about his design appeals to me. As for a favourite hero... i rather liked Surge's design.
  13. At first i was skeptical about SCCBS being used in mocs, but you've changed my mind now. this is extremely cool. though why does he have an axe
  14. who is this "Scarscream", and where does one such as i find out about him?
  15. Ooh, that's actually really cool! nice to see a classic moc every now and then.
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