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  1. Hi guys, I just want to tell you that I've found an offert, so consider this research concluded.
  2. Hi, literraly yesterday I was looking for some 2001 toas (precisely tahu, kopaka, lewa and pohatu) but can't find any good offert anywhere. If you have some extra 2001 toas that you can sell, you can add me on discord (Tecnor13#4221). If you need, ask me the email by discord. P. S. Is not important if they're uncoplete or not.
  3. Is a mix of spider monkey and swampfire leg. This is why is a strange piece. I have some pieces of both sets so idk which one it came from.
  4. Ok, so, this is the other strange piece i have. It's similar to the other one, but this is probably sun damaged, or something. What do you think?
  5. I don't think it's a knockoff, it has lego's logo and copyright.
  6. The theory of the sylicone mold is the most plausible. And I've discovered another strange piece I will show you tomorrow. I let you with sucepeance.
  7. Hi guys, i'm sure it isn't sun damage, cuz the color is the same as the normal golden lego pieces, but a bit more darker. Here is a foto whit a better light. P. S. The piece comes from an Ebay offert that I shopped 3/4 months ago. Idk which set it came from.
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