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  1. What other sets do you think would have been good with PG? I would have LOVED Iruini & Lhikan in PG. and 2008 Takanuva in black + PG instead of white + gunmetal :l
  2. Right-o. I think it's interesting how the vohtarak shell from the Battle of Metru Nui set was also made in Pearl Gold from the switch happening, but the pearl gold Keelerak shell never happened. I guess early on sales data on the Battle Ram indicated that it wasn't super popular and Lego thought, naaah, we're not making more of these.
  3. I remember seeing this acrylic display! Museum quality stuff. I might hit you up in the future for custom display stands.
  4. Hey all, I'll be doing a WT sparring competition in about a week or so in DC. I was thinking of either drawing or slapping on a decal on my sparring helmet for good luck, though it'd have to be small or on the inside of the helmet since refs can be sticklers about small things like that. If anyone here has any ideas on what other bionicle references I should put on my gear, let me know!
  5. There's a big Ukranian population in the part of Pennsylvania that I live in, and the local Ukranian community organization has contacts for donating directly to the Ukranian National Guard. I figure you guys already have everything set but let me know if you need any other pointers.
  6. unboxing I think. I'd love to see you go all the way public acccess tv and make it Eric Andre Show-esque lol.
  7. I might have some stuff you're looking for, will PM you! unrelated, the Coca Cola Starlight vid you made was borderline experimental lol.
  8. I remember seeing some knockoff disney vhs films from the bargain bin at Super Saver in Lincoln Nebraska. I did luck out once and grab/watch a few Earthworm Jim VHS tapes which was sick.
  9. I'll still sing piano man and play it on the piano every now and then. Up there with Elton John for me ^^
  10. I figure, but having a full set of euro misprints + 1 extra yellow kaukau, the mask packs more valuable to me sealed than opened for reasons of nostalgia. I never got to see all the different eye colors until recently so I'm pretty happy with what I have, plus to trade/sell the remaining bags as well.
  11. Got a few sealed euro mask packs (8530) for sale and a loose trans yellow kaukau and a proto(?) blue kaukau with larger bubbles on the cheeks but no dice on the light blue.
  12. I'm on the fence about it. The wording seemed a bit off, especially for someone to strongly suggest any other supposed zmkk to ever pop up would be a fake, when they themselves were magically producing something that was never mentioned by anyone from protosquad. I think someone reached out to a lego rep from around G1's heyday and they were skeptical about it. Who knows. I know that one guy in the state owns one and another from korea ones another.
  13. Looking for the following: -light-blue kaukau -PG vohtarak in good/perfect condition -and any other rare stuff. prototypes, collectibles, etc. I have a good majority of G1 sets sealed, with multiples of boxed rahi/titans sets available to trade with or to sell. The storage room I keep everything in is pretty full so I'm happy to trade things away or sell if you're in the states or willing to pay int'l shipping. -most bohrok sealed -most bohrok kal sealed -all rahi sets sealed -thornrax with loose seals but otherwise new -voporak sealed -5 or 6 euro mask packs sealed -5 or 6 muaka and kane-ra, assembled -5 Takadoxes -4 Nocturns -2 Gadunkas -20 sealed kraata canisters -Bagfulls of krana -Alt color kanohi/kanohi nuva -Silver/Gold toa mata kanohi -silver/protodermic pakari nuva, kaukau nuva, and kakama nuva -and pretty much every G1 set in assembled condition I think at least one person here has purchased from me before and thankfully the deadly moose in the area weren't able to get to the packages. Looking forward to hearing from people! DM me to offer trades/prices. I'll try to post pics when I get off work. Thanks!
  14. 수제야 이친구 WMKK/SSKK 는 없지만 카르자니 사겠다는것 같다. 혹시 구글 번역기 잘 안될지 몰라서 말해주는거야 ㅎㅎ. -유상이형임
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