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  1. I would say that metru nui could have between 100 000 to even a million inhabitants. My head canon is that the robot could probably stretch from italy to the northern most point of norway. Comparing the size of metru nui to his head, to the rest of the body, 40 miles for metru nui and 7500 miles for great spirit mata nui just doesn't click with me (get it - because his pet was click - ok i'll stop). In my opinion, metru nui would be between the size of denmark and czechia. Mata nui island's shape was even based around denmark, metru nui's shape was based around mata nui island, and metru nui is just a little bit smaller than mata nui island. And for the population of the whole robot, well i would say around 50 - 100 milion would make sense.
  2. The first option are the web comics, i watched them, but most of them don't even have text anymore, because that version of them was lost. And they also don't cover the 2006 story, and are kinda hard to consume. The other option are the books, but where ever i find them, they are pretty expensive. I personally wouldn't mind if i got them digitally, because that is what i usually do, but can't seem to find digital copies of those 5 books. Do any of you know where can i find them, or do you have them digitally? Or do you have a different solution? Please let me know in the comments.
  3. Metru nui, which was the most densely populated part of the matoran universe, and had about 1000 inhabitants, so if i had to guess, comoaring the size of metru nui to the rest of the universe, there would be around 5000 other matoran in the matoran universe. But that's just a theory - a Bionicle the- ok sorry about that. Let me know your opinion, if i missed something, you found a reliable source, or if you have your own theory. I also included a picture of the matoran universe so you could do your own comparison.
  4. For the first thing, i will try to format my posts differently from this point on - i copypasted the entire thing from a reddit post i made a few months ago. I didn't get the second thing the first time, so i now get what you mean. With the third thing, i'm sorry, my mistake, i messed up. With the final thing, by the first death, i meant when ekimu (takua) knocked his mask of ultimate power of, and banished him to the shadow realm, and by the second i meant the ending of the journey to one, with the rushed and unsatisfying ending, where the toa kill him, and ,,return back to their home planets'' (probably one planet being spherus magna, but that is an unfinished theory - heck a whole fan story serial for an another time).
  5. So you know how nuju tells you to give a letter to all the turaga, and then you return to ko koro, and kapura is suposed to be there? Well, i gave the letter to all the turaga, flied to ko koro, and he wasn't there, resulting in me not being able to continue. What is wrong and how can i fix it?
  6. 1. Lhikan - he taught the toa metru how to use their powers, and sacrificed himself for the good of others. I hope he's doing good on the red star. 2. the Turaga of mata nui - served as leaders to their villages, while also mentoring the toa. But the reason i put them under lhikan, is that they kept too many secrets from the matoran and toa. Yes, lhikan hide his identity, but he being the chad he is had a good reason for it. 3. Protectors - The protectors are interesting. They were not just tasked with leading the okotans, from the name, before the toa arived, they were tasked with protecting the okotans. They weren't ever toa, as the only toa in okoto we know of are the masters and ekimu, but rather they are like the other okotans, they're just a tiny bit taller, and have machine guns and stuff. We also see the protector of jungle have a family in the graphic novels, so that's cute. 4. Ekimu - He was the leader of okoto for probably thousands of years, and along with his brother created masks for the people of okoto. After they revived him, he helped the toa on their quest, becoming a toa in the process, but reverting back later. The interesting thing about ekimu, is that he was a turaga first, and then a toa (and then turaga again) 5. the Rahaga - teached the toa hordika, and helped them find keetongu. Later got transformed back into toa, because while they were turaga like beings, they haven't fulfilled their destiny as toa yet. 6. Dume - we don't know much about dume, other than he was the leader of metru nui, and that he may have mentored lhikan (NOT 100% CONFIRMED) like other turaga, he kept a secret or few too. 7. Jovan - like dume, we don't know much about his time as turaga. But he did lead the part of the southern continent that would become voya nui, so i guess that's cool. notes: i only rate their carrier as turaga/rahaga/protectors, so what they did as toa doesn't matter here. inspired by Lenny7092's post wanabe turaga like ekimu, protectors and rahaga count too whilst G2 Makuta was of the same species and for a time had the same role as ekimu, he became evil during his time in office, so i don't count him fell free to say your opinion in the comments
  7. Order of mata nui member species affiliation is confusing. Like we don't know what species they are, but i just think about them being one species that i like to call ,,gurdians'' probably created by the great beings to, well guard stuff.
  8. I don't know what you mean by the first thing, but with the second thing, you could OBVIOUSLY tell that i meant everything outside that. Now (i'm pretty sure) makuta made the plan to become the universe after the 2001 storyline, he at first just wanted to rule the matoran. He would probably be the only mask maker to be special among the matoran, and to have controll over them. I don't know what second death you mean. And the last one is a good question. I actually made this theory to connect to a larger fanfiction I'm working on called the adventures on spherus magna. The story is happening after the reformation of spherus magna, but that's not the point. Basically, the villian transports 6 out of the 8 toa nuva (yes toa ignika returns in this timeline) with now upgraded g2 armour to a random alternate future to get rid of them.
  9. imagine we just made more and more vezons by spliting him, and then spliting that and on
  10. So, in this timeline, the toa metru don't ever come to existence, they just stay as matoran. Makuta terridax succeeds in erasing all the matoran's memory, even memory of their gender (matoran gender usually depends on their voice and element), explaining why korgot is a girl, and why the old jungle protector has a jungle tribe wife. Makuta somehow also steals the mask of creation, intending to use it sometimes in the future. He steals other ancient artifacts, including the mask of light - we will get to that later. In his time as dume, he learned a lot about matoran culture, and the art of mask making, and because he doesn't want to wait untill poor vakama makes the mask of time, he makes it himself, and succeeds. Now he is ready to wake up the matoran (now okotans) on the island of mata nui (now okoto, because he wants the matoran not knowing about mata nui, so they wouldn't revoult and want to return to his body) under his rule. He will provide them with masks of power, which they would use in daily life, and will keep the secret of mask making for himself. For thousands of years, he made all the masks himself. But one day, a ta matoran (actually just a av matoran in disguise) in an another world known as takua, but here going by the name ekimu, working for makuta as a janitor, finds the mask of light, but he accidentally knocks it into lava (no, now it isn't incased in stone) and that lava eventually flows to the place where he once comes through to become the toa of light (in journey to one). Not realising what he's done, and thinking it was just a normal mask, he keeps on working. Then makuta came into the room, and saw ekimu. Ekimu, interested in his art of mask making, asks if he could know how he makes those masks, and begs makuta to teach him his art of mask making. So, makuta, needing some help in his workshop, accepts him as his apprentice. They, for thousands of years made masks of power for all the okotans, but untill eventually makuta went insane, ekimu killed him, and the toa killed him again. The end. Some notes include culta and the skull villians being fallen toa, the skull spiders and LOSS being mutated visorak, and the elemental beasts being pure elemental rahi. This theory is definetly flawed, for instance, how the heck are okotans able to reproduce (we clearly know the jungle protector has a child, and in the webisodes the fire protector talks to his son) but let me know in the comments.
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