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  1. Pretty sure you're not supposed to be going into other people's posts and trying to buy something offered to the OP anyways
  2. Unfortunately a lot of people were like this, and it kept them from enjoying Hero Factory. It was an awesome theme, not as good as Bionicle, but it didn’t need to be. It’s actually light green, the same as the hero core featured in the recon team logo. The shading in the instruction booklet definitely makes it look like sand green though!
  3. My Lego Network was my absolute favorite thing on the Lego website. It had so many crossovers and tied into so many of the Lego flash games, it was so good and so fun. That and Lego Junkbot were just a great time, along with all of those other flash games they had. I remember close to the end of My Lego Network there were a bunch of links that led to pages where you could get badges in the game that were exclusive and no longer possible to obtain, I always wondered how that was made possible but was always thankful, because it opened up new parts of the game for me to explore!
  4. I have a Hero Factory Brain Attack Furno XL store display for sale/trade, preferably trade! (For trades, if you are offering something of more value, I am of course willing to compensate with money to make up the difference). This is brand new, still has the original coverings and comes in the package that it was shipped from Lego in!
  5. At the time I was very confused as to why I couldn't add more, that piece count limit makes perfect sense. As you might be able to tell I invested a large amount of the piece count into different colored spikes, I have no idea why though 😂 Regarding the chest piece, I sent you a DM!
  6. The Hero Recon Team (to those unaware) was a hero designing tool on the Lego website back around 2011. It let you design your own hero, and order it, with the pieces to build it, custom instructions and a very slick box. I recently found my old Recon Team instruction booklet, and I'm curious to hear anybody else's experience with the Recon Team, and I'd love to see the Heros you guys made from it! I remember I was at my grandparent's house on their laptop and found the Hero Recon Team creator on the Lego website, and I thought it was so cool. I made my hero and somehow convinced them to order it for me, and it's one of the coolest things I've ever had. Unfortunately I had mine made during the 3.0 update, at that time the exclusive chest piece was no longer available, so I didn't get the chest piece at the time.
  7. The chest piece didn't come with every set, it had to be chosen as the chest piece for the hero. When 3.0 rolled around the chest piece was retired/sold out, but you could still use it in your digital customization. Although you could still use it in the digital creator, when you went to purchase the hero it notified you that the piece was no longer available and replaced it with a normal black chest piece. So on top of the Hero Recon Team being short-lived and not having a lot of sales, the piece was very limited to begin with, even inside of the Recon Team.
  8. Trading Record Good Mask Hunter Lewa - BZPower | Friendly, understanding. Everything came in good shape masterchirox580 - BZPower | Friendly, offered to order a replacement for a broken part before shipping. Everything came as described Bad
  9. It's missing the silver/protodermic nuva masks, so I wouldn't call it complete, but regardless of that it's a beautiful display!
  10. I wouldn't bother if that's not something you want to do. Don't worry about what other people think if you're happy with what you've got!
  11. I won't go into details but long story short from a Binkmeister bag
  12. Recently I acquired two yellow prototype Shadow Leeches. I'd like to find as much information about prototype Shadow Leeches as possible. I've made some observations, but that's really as far as I've gotten, as there isn't a lot of information available on them. Attached I have a picture of my proto leeches, as I only want to post images that are mine. Firstly, there are two kinds of proto leeches from what I've seen. There are the ones I have, that are essentially the final product. The only difference is that they come in unreleased colors, which include translucent yellow, blue, red, and orange, with varying amounts of red speckling throughout them all. Then there is what I think is an earlier version, that includes a prototype Tridax Pod. The Tridax Pod is an opaque orange, with a veinier detailing. As far as the actual leeches here go, there are versions of what looks to be the final mold in opaque orange, but more interestingly, there are opaque light blue ones that have a completely different design, and look more like a hard plastic than rubber. Feel free to post images of these if anybody has/finds any. Secondly, which this is pretty much "ooh these are kind of similar", I noticed that the Shadow Leeches are extremely similar to squid ammo. When including the prototypes, there are light blue, turquoise, yellow, orange, and red leeches. The squid ammo come in light blue, turquoise, yellow, and orange, which is very close to an identical color palette (as long as we don't take the red speckling in the proto leeches into account). Moving on from the color similarities, the pieces themselves are similar (bar the squid's tails, but we'll get to that). They both have circular heads with large teeth. As far as the tails go, there is an image in the Shadow Leeches page in the Villains Wiki that shows the leeches with tails, very similar to the squid, and looks to be about the same size overall with very similar features. I'm unsure if the picture they show is official or not, though. That pretty much wraps up all I know/have observed, I would love to hear any information regarding these as they are very special to me and I am looking to someday have a full set of the prototype colors (so speaking of, if you have any, hit my DM's). Thank you for reading all this and I look forward to seeing any information you all may have to provide!
  13. That sounds like a dream! I'll get there one day for sure
  14. Billy Joel goes hard. My favorite piece of his is "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me"
  15. Awesome, I responded! And which video, the review or the unboxing?
  16. Did you ever get the Tahu Uniter? If so, I'm curious what you think of it & if it was worth it. I've been looking at picking one up myself recently!
  17. BU only owns one, he recently sold his second ZMKK
  18. Thanks for looking! Everything has been sold, not through BZPower. Have a good day!
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