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  1. At best, a mistaken Takanuva prototype. Likely nothing.
  2. That's not really how 3D scanning works, exactly. Even nowadays, it's generally limited to static things (like bits of landscape, structures, objects, etc. Stuff like this, basically) that aren't meant to be articulated/animated in any capacity, especially if we're talking almost 20 years ago when the technology wasn't nearly as advanced as it is nowadays. The models used in the animations were likely hard-surface modeled from scratch in the 3D software of the time, whatever that may have been. Having access to CAD files from LEGO probably helped a lot in that regard.
  3. I don't have the books with me atm but I distinctly remember Toa canisters being able to phase through things, and BS01 seems to back this up, as mentioned in Dark Destiny specifically.
  4. Now I'm picturing Mata Nui passing through solar flares or wacky Star Trek-style cosmic radiation clouds or whatever that disrupt Karda Nui's function, resulting in someone having to use the Ignika to get things back on track every so often.
  5. Sounds like a great lineup, especially the delivery guy. Also interested in what the Battle Goddess might look like. Kinda makes me think of some depictions of Athena, or possibly Enyo.
  6. At first I didn't particularly care for the minifig-scale ones, especially the minifigs themselves, but I've since warmed up to them a little, and I'll probably like them a lot more once I have a few in-hand. The Enderdragon one also sounds interesting, and I can't wait to see how it turns out.
  7. Actually, wouldn't the cooling systems be more important, as they are in real spacecraft? Heating (and the loss of heat) is a transfer of energy from a hotter body to a colder one, and that can't really happen in a void. If anything, the robot's internal environment would start to heat up, because there's no air or anything outside to dissipate the heat into.
  8. A parasitic alien brain leech, if you must know.

  9. Thank you. I feel like the bottom is the weakest part, personally. I racked my brain trying to figure out a better design for those repulsor-things, but everything I tried either made the whole thing too big, ruined the profile, or stopped it from folding up.
  10. "Hey guys, check out what I got off of Kirkslist, the seller didn't want very much for it. I wonder why? It's brand new and it runs... alright." Front Angled Side Rear Other Side Bottom Dense Traffic Mode Construction Folds for (relatively) easy transport! Full Gallery (When Public) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another MOC, this time, a hoverbike. Not much to say beyond that, I suppose. This will be posted elsewhere, for future reference.
  11. Thank you. Visually, I was kind of going for a half Formula 1 car, half racing boat kind of thing. Nobody builds either of those things very often in LEGO, it seems.
  12. "Hey, you there! Yeah, you!" "Got problems? Got people you need hunted down? No job's too tough for me, R3X The Bounty Hunter! Whether it's a bail jumper, a deadbeat, or just that one guy you really hate, I can track 'em down across the galaxy for as low as 60,000 credits per individual! I also do pest control." Front Left Right Back Pose 1 Pose 2 Pose 3 Full Gallery (When Public) Another MOC, this time, a robot. Tried to make him as poseable as possible while staying within a certain size. Very few fiddly connections, and he's surprisingly sturdy, all things considered.
  13. "Ladies and gentlemen, behold the future of auto racing: The Gravlev Racer!" "It's taken us many months and cost us hundreds thousands of dollars, but we've finally achieved a working prototype. It's faster than any wheeled vehicle we've ever produced, and runs on volatile radioactive material clean-burning, renewable fuel." Front Side Angle Side Rear/Engine Detail With Pivoting Thrusters Bottom With Landing Gear Up Bottom With Landing Gear Down Our Brave Victim Volunteer Test Pilot Cockpit Detail Full Gallery (When Public) So here's a system MOC, my first in quite a while: A futuristic hovering race-car that looks like it's held together by duct tape and stupidity. I'm kind of 'restarting' my LEGO collection currently due to a recent move, and because of that, this was made with a fairly limited number of bricks from a handful of sets (Can you tell which ones?). That said, I feel like there's a lot I still could have done better, in particular the color scheme and bottom.
  14. The only logical choice: Bulk. Something akin to a more heavily armored version of his Breakout form would be nice.
  15. Thank you. Thank you. Upon retrospect, I feel like the arm should have been clunkier and more of an encumbrance, otherwise it's not much of a punishment, as she was already mostly mechanical. Never Roodaka. I've always been curious as to why that interpretation is so popular. No offense, but it doesn't really make all that much sense, with the weird chest armor and high heels that aren't at all conducive to stealth or agility.
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