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  1. IC: Jamie Arthur - Geosenge Town Jamie took the egg with cautious enthusiasm. She disregarded her previous instinct on which egg was which to accept the egg. While she may have told herself that there was no way she would've let anyone else take the egg, the kindness of the gesture was not lost on Jamie. Especially Belle relinquishing her claim to the egg. It took all of Jamie's focus to not start shaking lest she disturb the egg. So she didn't notice that tears had begun to well up in her eyes again. "Sycamore is good," Jamie said, her focus very much on her definitely-definitely-yes-baby-brother in her arms. "As soon as we get an incubator for the egg, I will be ready to go stop some bad guys."
  2. IC: Jamie Arthur - Geosenge Town Jamie had been quiet since the group returned from the lab. Her emotions had quietly been stewing on the whole way back, but she had to put them aside right now. She at least had to say what little she had to about what she should be doing. "Just send me to where the fighting is going to be thickest. As long as I have Pelleas and Tristan with me, I can handle any bad guys I have to fight." She thought for a moment about what Dahlia had just said. "I am going to guess Lumiose is the best place for me, but I can go wherever you need a fighter." She wanted to reassert her right to her brother. But she knew this was not the time or the place. They needed to hammer out a plan to save the day as soon as possible. Still, her eyes kept shifting from Zoe to Emily. She really didn't want to admit this, but she couldn't tell which one was which. Her instincts labeled the one held by Zoe as the correct egg. But there was every possibility that she was just mad at Zoe, and wanted to take the egg from her, regardless of whether it was correct or not.
  3. IC: Tristan - Flare Lab Tristan considered the issue. He had never actually hacked a computer himself. But James had tried showing him how to do it on a few occasions. He raised a giant foreleg cautiously but tromped over to lean over the computer himself. He knew a few tricks that James told him to look for when going about probing a system for flaws. They were rather basic tricks, but if he had a chance of being useful, it would be untoward of him to not offer his services. Still he left plenty of space for the others. Even if he did have the know how, without his powers, others would have to deal with the precision movements. And by that, I mean not crushing the poor computer.
  4. IC: James Arthur/Lancelot - Heahea City There was a fog rolling into Heahea City when James departed from his hotel. Both James and Lancelot paused when they first saw it. It seemed to bother them, and not just because this was going to delay his flight. Gareth and Agravain were sitting upon each of James’s shoulders. Agravain seemed completely clueless as to what was bothering James. Gareth on the other hand was lost in thought. A fog such as this were uncommon on his part of Ula’ula island, but not unheard of. The fog was coming in so thick and close to the ground, that James sent Galahad out to guide them to the airport. When they made it inside of the airport building, they relaxed a little bit. An agent of Team Liberty greeted James and his team. He confirmed James’s worry that his flight had been delayed. So James sat down on a bench while his flight was being prepared. Lancelot sat beside him, while Gareth and Agravain moved on to his lap, taking a nap. He was still trying to get work done, but there was little progress he could make at the moment. In addition to have to twist his body to even look at his computer, because of the bugs sleeping in his lap, he was unable to focus on anything truly productive. He resorted to messing with a few programs he had written to entertain himself to at least keep his programming skills sharp. The fog had broken when the agent returned. “Executive Arthur, your flight is ready for you.” He closed his laptop and placed it back in his briefcase. He woke up the bugs on his lap and returned them to their Ultra Balls. He stood up and turned to the agent. “Very good. I would like to leave im-” At that moment, a particular ring came from James’s phone. It was not his normal ringtone. It was a ringtone he had set up for when someone was trying to contact him on a secure chat app he had made with one particular individual. He immediately sat himself down on the bench. “Guinevere,” James uttered as he pulled his laptop back out of the briefcase. Lancelot immediately placed himself next to James. Both were absorbed in the activation of the program. “Excuse me, we have to get to the plane, Execu-” “The plane can wait,” James said. With one final click, Guinevere appeared on the screen. She was scratching her cheek and had an awkward smile on her face. She seemed to be in a hotel room of some sort. Not the mansion that he had left her in. James was about to question the location, when he received a text notification from her. [ Text chat? ] “Alright,” James said as he sat his hands down to type. Lancelot was slowly pushing James away from the the center of the webcam. James, as he couldn’t exactly push the metal bug back effectively at all, pulled the laptop away. Lancelot was about to respond by grabbing the laptop when James said, “If you crush the computer, we will not be able to talk to her at all,” which caused the Scizor to reluctantly relent. [ Been a while. Too long. Where are you right now? You don’t look like you are at Ms. Trilan’s mansion. Later. I need you to send a secure message for me. Okay. You are not going to ask me what it is? If you are contacting me for it, it is important. If you want me to know what it is you can tell me. ] Guinevere was silent. She seemed conflicted for a moment about whether she would tell James what was going on. Her hands began to type even though indecision was written plainly on her face. [ Stacy is dead. ] “Dead?” James said, his brow furrowed. [ What happened? Someone killed her. I am piecing together who. Do you need my help? No, I wouldn’t want to take you away from your busy schedule of TV show battling. ] Both James and Lancelot visibly paled at the mention of the Battle Royal. Guinevere was smugly smiling at their combined discomfort. James slowly began to type a response. [You saw that? Yup. I got a lot to complain about. In my defense, First of all the outfit I got all my business done before that match. Oh, they let me keep the outfit. Good. You are going to wear it, next time I see you. ] James’s face visibly lit up at that sentiment. He ignored the fact that she was probably going to mock his appearance to focus on the suggestion that they would see each other again. Guinevere sighed and rolled her eyes. She realized what she said a moment after she typed it and found it amusing how well he took it. [ Stop looking so happy. Let me have this. No. =( ] The emoticon was lying. [ Second, your lines were cheesy. It hurt to listen. If your ears hurt, imagine how mine felt, they were much closer. ] Guinevere took a moment to suppress a laugh. [ Third, Lance has power. So does Percy. Why LITTLE PERCY HAS POWER?! Yes, and a new evolution. Like what Lance had. You have got to be kidding me. What about Gawain? No just those two so far. He must have been jealous. Burning. I know I would be if I saw a Gardevoir evolve like that. Apparently he evolved on One Island? News spread quickly about that. I will need to check into the leaks when I return to Four Island. Tell me the full story about that sometime. Gladly. Fourth. You told Lance to ‘remember Pierce.’ We beat him. With the help of a couple of other trainers. But the world flipped upside immediately after. Ugh, tell them they should’ve waited. I wanted to be there when we beat Pierce. If M0 has a complaint department, I will be sure to forward your complaint. Is that what it is called? I can send you an overview later. Alright. On the plus side, the camera got a great view of both your hindquarters. Ha. ] The conversation took a pause after that comment. James was about to make a retort, when James remembered that Guinevere hadn’t been told about Roderick’s death. He was torn to make the mood take such a downturn. But she deserved to know the truth. [ I need to tell you something. You deserve to know. I am sorry to say but ] James paused. His fingers were over the keys, but he stopped typing. He looked into the webcam for this. He needed to say it with his own voice. “Roderick is dead.” Guinevere stared back. When the shock passed, she turned off the video feed for a moment. She needed a moment to compose herself. After a few moments, she turned it back on. She was not happy, but she could continue the conversation. [ What happened? Are his Pokémon alright? Yes, they are fine. Fortunately. I am having someone look into it on my behalf. But, it is pretty safe to call it it murder. I see. Are you alright? I can allow myself to mourn when the world is no longer in danger. Was there a funeral? Not yet. His remains were recently recovered. I will spare you the details. But they have yet to be sent home to Orre. What is going to happen his Pokémon? Some of them will be given to his father and his girlfriend. I was tasked with distributing the rest. Have you decided who? Well I came up with an idea of how to pick. I made a mystery short story contest. ] Guinevere blinked. A perplexed look started to crawl onto her face. [ Seriously? I have my reasons. Not knowing enough people? At least not enough who have the time and ability to look for Roderick’s murderer. You are looking for volunteers, via a short story contest. That seems a roundabout way of doing it. You are probably right. ] James had considered other ways to find candidates for Roderick’s Pokemon. In better circumstances, he would’ve been able to focus more time on it. Part of the appeal had been that it was something he could have occur in his absence without being forced to delegate the task to someone he wasn’t sure he could trust. It was awkward to admit. And even if it worked as intended, he probably could have found them sooner by other methods. It was probably silly of him to do this, but he needed the emotional distance and control it gave him. [ I am sorry I had to tell you about this. I wish I could have told you happier news. No. I mean. I am not exactly calling under happy circumstances. You are safe, though? Yeah, so far no problems. Though, I may need you to do another favor for me. What is it? There is a witness I would like you to extend diplomatic protection to. I do not know if he is truly in danger, but he thinks he is. Are you sure you are safe? As long as we keep our communications secure I should be. You focus on M0, that is more important than me right now. ] James sat silent for a few moments, his expression emotionless. He knew that she was correct. If M0 destroyed the world, and it certainly seemed capable of it, Guinevere would die. That didn’t mean he was comfortable with her decision though. [ Just please return to me when you are done. I would feel more at ease if you near me. So you could protect me, or I could protect you? Both. That is what partners do. ] Guin sat there stunned. She had typed what she had as a bit of a joke. Somehow, she hadn’t expected that response. It was the appropriate response, almost a cliched one. And yet seeing it from James caught her off guard. She began type and then erase a response several times before she finally responded. [ Alright, fine. I will return after I finish my investigation. Happy? Yes. Want me to send you the mystery stories? So we can read them at the same time? Okay. I will send the message I need encrypted in a moment. I will see you later. By the way, did you read the letter I had Lucia give you? ...No I haven’t. Don’t. Just, forget I ever sent it. Very well. Give my condolences to Harmonics for me. I will. Alright. Bye Lance! ] When Guinevere closed the chat, James released a breath he wasn’t aware he had been holding. Lancelot looked similarly relieved that James had managed not to screw this up. The agent who had seen to retrieve them had stood there during the entire phone call silent. If James had been paying even the slightest bit of attention to anyone who wasn’t Guinevere during that conversation, he would’ve been unnerved by the vapid look in his eye. He would also have noticed that there was a low fog crawling along the floor. And he most certainly would’ve noticed the fog coalesce into a form behind him. “You inconsiderate boys didn’t even attempt to visit?” an old voice uttered. Before Lance and James could process the predicament they were in, the figure tapped both of them and they were out. When they were asleep. She waved a hand over each of them. Images flowed from them to her. “You two have been busy these past few years,” she said. Images of Greed and M0 began to flow into her, and her eyes began to widen. She continued her work in silence, she took the hand that was over Lancelot and waved it over each of the Ultra Balls. To make sure that none of them would interfere. When she had nearly finished searching their memories, she said, “I think I will go with you two. Don’t fret, you won’t even notice I’m with you.” The figure extended her hand over the last Ultra Ball. But then something happened that she did not expect. Celebi popped out of her Ultra Ball and looked straight at the figure in the mist. The legendary was a bit harder of a target to hypnotize. She had an intrigued smile on her face, but quickly shielded her eyes right before they started to glow. Celebi wasn’t going to fall for that one. The figure seemed like it was about to leap forward and strike Celebi, but then it relented. “Alright. Let’s talk.”
  5. IC: Jamie Arthur - Flare Lab When Jamie began to hear to the tale the four told, she became engrossed. She was rather interested in why they were there. It was a little funny, to hear her own words in someone else's voice. And it was mind-blowing to learn that the egg that came out of the cloning device would be both her Tristan's and Belle's Cyanide's child. She was planning on speaking up about it, but she decided to wait until the story was finished. But then they began to speak about the report. Jamie froze. Her hearts thumping was audible to her. She was going to immediately shout to Alex and Amelia that they weren't alone, but Alex kept talking. Alex began to speak of how they were born as an experiment. As a tool. Being born to fight and die. The utter despair in those words rang in Jamie's ears. She backed down for a moment. Pelleas looked over to Jamie. Tristan's eyes followed Pelleas's to Jamie. She gnashed her teeth silently before biting her lip. Her eyes met theirs, and she merely shook her head. The two guardians looked silently between each other. Lucan hobbled over, having shaken Sina loose. He looked between his seniors, trying to figure out what was going on. At some point the files had been passed around. When they finally came to Jamie, her eyes were transfixed on the documents to the point that she didn't even register who passed them to her. She didn't notice if they were human. She held onto them and briefly scanned the room. Jamie stood behind Lucia, and for a moment when no eyes were on either of them, she slipped the documents into her bag and closed them. After she was sure that no one saw her place the files in the bag. Jamie threw her arms around Lucia. She was the only one who knew. And if Jamie had her way, it would stay that way. She held on tightly. Her eyes met hers for the briefest of moments, and Jamie shook her head in that instant. As the similarities in their appearances to Xander sank in, her hug tightened. ["Samples?"] Pelleas repeated to himself, as he put the dots together. The egg was a mix of Tristan and his opponent's DNA. Which meant... ["You cheated on me?"] the Heracross shouted, loudly feigning hurt. Tristan ignored the pretend hurt on the Heracross. He still had to process the fact that he was, in effect, having a child with his recent opponent. If he had his power right about now, he would've told Belle that he was Tristan. But as he didn't, he had to wait for someone else to tell her that he was Tristan. "He is Tristan," Jamie said pointing to the Metagross. Jamie did not want to speak at the moment. But she had to. If only she was telepathic. Then she wouldn't have to talk where everyone could hear her. She kept her focus solely on Belle. Because the egg was 50% Cyanide's kid and 50% Tristan's, they were would normally have an equal claim. But she couldn't give it up. "I am not going to give up my dad's kid. That's my brother."
  6. IC: Jamie Arthur - Flare Lab Tristan smiled greatly at the development before his eyes. This evolution would make his opponent an even greater opponent. However, that did not mean he was going to let the opportunity go to waste. He took the blow to the face, or rather, he smashed his head into the fist. And he pivoted off the momentum impulse to shoot both of his fore limbs forward beyond the range of the extended limb. Only if he could master his new growing limbs would his opponent be able to dodge this strike. "Improvise a Gyro Ball, Lucan!" Jamie yelled to the Vanilluxe, who she was focusing on for the moment. "Spin out of Dracos's way!" Lucan did indeed begin to spin. He wasn't quite sure how gyro ball was supposed to work. And while having two perspectives gave him twice the field of view, it also gave him twice the dizziness. So it was almost luck as much skill that kept him from crashing into Dracos and spinning back and a collision course with his thrower. Pelleas pushed against the tightening coil of the Dragonair. He knew he had the strength to do without any handicaps, but when the body of his opponent started to change, he took the opportunity to slip out of the dragon's grasp. He was about to grab the dragon, when the Eevee ran up to him. He turned to see what the problem was and froze. He could just make out the knife to Lucia's throat. Generally, he would confer with his trainer what to do here. But this was delicate. Jamie couldn't see this at this angle. At this point, his best bet was to keep his current occupied. He kept one eye out on the knife wielder. If she let her guard down, he might be able to find a way to disarm her.
  7. IC: Jamie Arthur - Flare Lab ["Thank you, good fellow. Your catch was admirable as well,"] Tristan said leaning forward into the arm that he was caught by the Metang. Pelleas saw the Dragonair approach. Given that he was confident that Tristan could defeat his opposite number, The Heracross decided to abandon his plan to attack the Metang from from above to intercept the Dragonair. Pelleas jumped from Tristan simultaneously as the Metagross punched at the Metang with his free forelimb. He bounced off the Metang and leaped at the Dragonair, intending to stab the Dragonair with his horn.
  8. IC: Jamie Arthur - Flare Lab Tristan felt a piece of a scalpel chip off him, and syringe break apart as it smashed into him. Jamie, her dads, and Lucan all barely had time to react when the remains of the devices retreated back whence they came. When the machine began to start up, Pelleas winged over to the vats. Something about it began to stir memories in the Heracross's head. His eyes went (pardon the pun) bug-eyed for a moment, before he turned to Tristan. ["Does this remind you of-?"] Tristan and the others hurried over at the Heracross's buzzing. Tristan's eyes went wide too when he heard Pelleas's words. This machine couldn't possibly be... Jamie looked confused, glancing between both of her dads who seemed to understand the situation better than her. When the eggs began to form, gears began to turn in both of their heads. ["Did one of those eggs, come from my DNA?"] Tristan uttered, pointing one foreleg from himself and then at the eggs. Jamie was having flashbacks at the moment, of her own early life. Some of the first things she saw in life reminded her of what was seeing right then. So When Tristan began to point at the eggs, she instantly leaped to a conclusion. If that egg, came from Tristan. And Tristan was her dad. Wait, did that mean she was a big sister now?! Jamie was about to run over to get the eggs from the belt, when Emily scooped them up. She breathed a sigh of relief until Emily handed one of the eggs to the Rocket hater. It was bad enough thinking that she'd spread anti-Rocket propaganda to her baby brother. But then Zoe's words from right before Emily handed her the egg processed through Jamie's mind. "LOOT?!" Jamie yelled, her face contorted with rage. "Hold up. Hold up! Why are we you letting you hold my baby brother?!" "Jamie!" Lucia cut in with a frown, as she stepped in between Jamie and Zoe. She wasn't quite sure about what had all just happened, but had a guess from Jamie's reaction and everything that had just happened, but... now was not the time or place. She shook her head at Jamie, as she held her hands out to both Jamie and Zoe - preemptively cutting off a reply from the young girl. "Not now. I agree that word choice isn't great, but can we do this when like... we're not in a falling-apart secret lab?" Jamie was about to respond when Jared told them to move. She scowled at Zoe for a moment, but nodded. "We're not done talking about this," she said turning away. She needed to hit something. A few moments later, fate provided. The first two opponents were a Metang and a Sneasel, so she decided she would go after them first. She saw a familiar Dedenne going along with them. She smiled in the knowledge it was just a spontaneous random battle. She made a quick wave to the Dedenne before turning back to her opponents. "Pelleas, hop on top of Tristan! Tristan, engage the Metang. Lucan, time to fight the Sneasel!" Pelleas flew up to Tristan's back as Metagross moved to punch the Metang. If he could capture the Metang's attention, Pelleas would be able to get some free shots in. Lucan had less of a plan. He whimpered slowly towards the Sneasel. He really wasn't quite sure how he'd deal with the opponent if the Sneasel turned out to be faster. He would try though. But he'd wait for the Sneasel to make a move. IC: Lohe Mahina - Four Island - August 12th, Morning Lohe was sitting in the forest next to a new friend he made. He hadn’t gotten his name, and he was currently taking a nap right now so Lohe could do as vampires do. He had gotten a more stable source of blood, but it was better to conserve. A few people getting scrapes here and there was a lot less noticeable than an entire blood bank running out of stock. And if somebody happened to be wandering the forest in the morning and it was a particularly shady area of the forest where he could still use his powers, well, don’t turn down a free meal. When he had gotten his fill, he continued to sit there for a bit, thinking about his predicament. He still needed to get out of Four Island for a little bit, but where would he go? His phone began to beep. The caller was someone… troublesome. But also convenient. “You’ve reached Lohe Mahina,” he said. “Lohe! How are you, you old bloodsucker?” Lohe smiled at that description. He was both of those things. But as for how he was doing? “Oh, just hanging out with… uh… Frank, here. Should I ask why you’re calling me?” “I believe I have something that would attract your interest. We -- the Professor and I -- are on to something big. A lucrative Alolan government contract would go a long way towards making it a reality. It would be… imprudent to discuss the details over the phone, however. We’ve had… concerns about… privacy, recently. Can you come to Kalos in person?” “Done.” The raised eyebrow on the other end was practically audible. “I’m surprised. No hints, no goading needed? You’re not normally one to jump right to the main course -- here I was all geared up for an award-winning performance, and now I learn my natural drama isn’t needed at all?” Lohe stood up, picked up the staff that was leaning on the tree. “Nope. Is now a good time? As in, I hop on the first flight to Kalos and see it as soon as possible?” “That would be ideal. We’re scheduled to stay in Geosenge for at least the next week, but if I arrange things properly I might be able to pick you up in Lumiose on the morning of the thirteenth.” “Okay, I’ll see you soon,” Lohe said, hanging up on Lionel. “Well Frank, I trust you’ll take care of things here,” he said to the sleeping man. The vampire applied a bandage to his meal, patted his head, and began to walk away. The sleeping man would wake up in a few minutes, little worse for wear. Lohe had to begin packing if he was gonna get on the first flight off of this rock.
  9. IC: Jamie Arthur - Flare Lab Pelleas seemed a little miffed at the insinuation that Tristan could dig his way out of a hole quicker than he could. Only slightly, though. His daughter on the other hand, seemed a bit more miffed that at the idea that Pelleas wouldn't be able to handle the job of digging them out of a cave-in quickly. But Tristan would be the better shield for protecting people if the lab did collapse. So she pulled out her bag. "I think you are underestimating how strong Pelleas is," Jamie said, grumbling. She pulled out two Poké Balls and tossed them to the ground. Tristan and Lucan popped out of their respective containers. Lucan wasn't strictly necessary, but she always felt braver when the Vanilluxe was out. And Jamie wanted to be ready if they were about to get into a fight. Jamie took a look at the other Pokemon the other trainers sent out. Her eyes stopped on Ronin for a moment. Seeing the Scyther brought to mind a younger Lancelot for a moment. Honestly, she'd love it if Uncle Lance and Guin were there too. They'd be invincible if they had those two with them. But they didn't, and there wasn't much point on dwelling on it longer. "Okay!" Jamie said, snapping out of it. "Let's charge!" she yelled, running in place briefly to satisfy her urge to rush ahead of the group, but then slowly walking forward with Tristan in the lead, flanked by Pelleas and Lucan.
  10. IC: Jamie Arthur - Flare Lab Jamie's eyes began to widen as she saw the collapsed wall fix itself. When the deed was done, she shed a singly manly tear at the display while making the widest grin. "I have the coolest rival ever," Jamie said. Everything from the presentation to the execution. The incredible line before she did the act. And then the follow through. She had gotten this far already. It was awe inspiring to watch. Giratina had picked its chosen hero well. Dahlia was such a natural at being a hero. Unlike her. Pelleas looked the hallway that Dahlia had revealed. He was ready to move on, ready to take point if he was needed. But they needed to check up on Dahlia first. Jamie walked over to her fated rival. "That was amazing," she said kneeling beside her rival. She offered the other heroine a hand if she needed it to get up.
  11. IC: Jamie Arthur - Flare Lab Jamie's eyes lit up. "Ooh. Ooh! Pick me!" Jamie called. She had her hand raised and she was jumping up and down. She didn't even wait for Jared to actually give her permission to take point. She just pushed Pelleas to the front of the group and started walking forward. Pelleas wondered why she felt the need to push him forward. He could've easily walked up there himself. But he could feel the excitement from Jamie. If he had to guess, the two Champions talking about being Champions was starting to excite Jamie, and she wanted to impress them. Well, if it came to a fight, he'd be sure to make his mark. All for his darling daughter, of course. Though, the Heracross to admit he was interested in seeing how strong the Champions' Pokémon were.
  12. IC: Jamie Arthur - Flare Lab Jamie considered Dahlia's words. She didn't know what this lab actually contained before it collapsed. That made it rather hard to speculate on what it could've been that Flare was after here. "I mean, cool Pokémon are worth coming back for in and of themselves," Jamie said, considering how cool strangely colored Pokémon could look. "But bad guys tend to aim bigger than that." "Did you bring better Pokémon for digging this time? Tristan and Pelleas could probably help if the ceiling will hold." Pelleas decided to take the statement as her praising his strength rather than her implying he would accidentally collapse the decrepit ruin, killing them all.
  13. IC: Jamie Arthur - Geosenge Town It was the first time Jamie had the opportunity to join in one of these group training sessions. Pelleas was out beside her, correcting her form as she repeated punch after punch. While learning how to punch intrigued her, something distracted Jamie the entire duration of the training. She kept turning back to Dahlia doing her practice. She not only mastered sharing her power with someone else, but she made major progress in reverse mixing things. Dahlia was so cool. When Jared called them to action however, she snapped out of watching Dahlia train, and turned towards Pelleas. The Heracross nodded and placed himself in front of Jamie, as the two ran to join their friends.
  14. IC: Lohe Mahina - Four Island: Diplomat Suite - August 9th, early hours Mu sat in the living space of the blood-drinker with his head held low. He had been caught. What disgrace he felt. He couldn’t show his face among his kind again.9th The Crobat was staring down at him. Smiling with his fangs bared. Mu had been bothered for the first hour it had stared at him. After the first hour, it just started to become a non-entity. The gaunt human was chopping up berries. It was odd to Mu. Eating berries was not something blood-drinkers were known to do. When he’d heard the legends, they were pretty clear about what they consumed. After some time however, the human placed what looked to be a fruit salad in front of Mu. <“I think we got off on the wrong foot,”> Lohe said in his native tongue. <”I think you know what I am.”> Lohe would’ve added, ‘say it,’ but Rattata were not known for reading garbage. So he admitted it. Mu felt himself shake slightly. <”We don’t have the luxury of choosing our allies. I hope one day you will forgive me.”> The two stared at each other for a moment, when a noise came from the table. It was his ringtone. Lohe strolled over to it and picked up the phone. He walked back to Mu as he checked the caller ID. He frowned as he saw it what it read. <”I have to take this phone call. Please enjoy.”> Lohe walked some ways away from the door to the room he had been given. He couldn’t hear anyone outside of his door, but the walls always felt thin to him. Soundproofing was never as good as advertised. He pressed accept on his phone and held the phone to his ear. “Is it done? Got your fill of death? Should I order a salad to celebrate? Maybe bread?” Lohe said into the phone. <”We failed.”> Lohe was silent. He pulled out a chair and sat in it, slumping immediately. He knew how stupid the mission was. He knew how terrible its ripple effects would be. But he couldn’t help but feel disappointed. <”Anyone die?”> he asked. <”No. We had to feed to help one of us heal, but we are alive.”> <”What happened?”> <”Trainers. Their Pokémon had power. One seemed like the Scizor from One Island. Though it didn’t transform, they had two transformations and more than one legendary Pokémon on their side.”> That….was terrible luck, Lohe thought. And why would a Liberty trainer go to Alola? He was silent for a moment as gears began to click in his head. Those two were technically Plasma, but they also left for Alola in between the battle of One Island and now. <”There weren’t a couple of trainers with them, one with brown hair, bluish-purple eyes, and a red-haired woman, were there.”> The voice on the other side was silent for a few moments. <”I’m not alone.”> Lohe regretted speaking. He may have just said too much. He could add that it was a coincidence, if it even was Evan and Jenny, that it was a coincidence that they interfered. He didn’t even mention Ula’Ula. But among his employers were those inclined not to believe him. And probably some among his peers who would be willing to shift the blame. He kicked off the table and let the chair he was sitting in fall to the floor. <”Any chance they’ll actually send people to help save the world now?”> Lohe asked, not really hopeful for anything. <”After tonight’s performance? No.”> Lohe groaned as he lay there, looking up at the ceiling. He needed to get them off of their butts and actually try to help save the world. He stared at the ceiling for a while, thinking. <”...You know, maybe I did tell them to visit the Ruins of Abundance.”> <”...What are you talking about, you idiot? If I tell them that...”> The voice on the other end went silent. If he told their superiors that Lohe had, at the very least inadvertently, caused the mission to fail, they’d send someone to ‘shadow’ him. To shadow his movements, determine his loyalty, and kill him if they found him wanting. Now, fun fact, while there was naval traffic between Alola and Four Island, it wasn’t exactly a convenient trip. Their chosen agent -could- wait for one of these trips. But, Lohe had other plans. “Putting you on hold,” he said switching to English. <”What? Why-”> the voice said before he was muted. “Thank you for holding, your call is important. Thank you for holding, your call is important,” Lohe began repeating into the phone as he began typing a message into his phone. He sent the message, but not before CC’ing the message to two different addresses. While Lohe began to close out of his messaging application, the voice on the other end apparently received the message. <”HOW DARE YOU BRING HER INTO THIS!”> the voice shouted as it read Lohe’s message. Lohe grinned. Who had he also sent the message to? The only ali’i of the Mahina who Lohe wouldn’t describe as an old man. The fabulous heir presumptive. The same ali’i that the voice on the other end of the phone call just so happened to be the consort of. And now she was someone that Lohe had just made a point of contact for Blackskull. More or less, the gambit was, get them a reason to really want to send people to Four Island. Give them an excuse that would make it seem normal for a bunch of people to show up on Four Island. But make that excuse something that would actually force them to contribute to actually saving the world. And if they didn’t send what he had just promised, that would hurt his reputation here, which would make it quite difficult for him to get what they wanted. <”I’ll make them contribute one way or another,”> Lohe said into the phone. <”I’ll be sure to report to the ali’i who’s at fault for our faulty relations with Team Liberty.”> She had been the one to send Lohe here, after all. And if her name became the reason Blackskull didn’t want to work with their group. Well, that would be quite the blackmark on her reputation. And if there was anything the voice on the other end would never allow, it would be anything tarnishing the reputation of his wife. “I. Will. Murder. You,” the voice on the other side said. And with that, Lohe hung up. The voice would take care of it. It would probably cost him some limbs, but he’d make things happen. He wouldn't let anything happen to his wife. Of course this gambit left one major problem. He had basically painted a target on himself. Preferably, keeping diplomatic relations would be a high enough priority that they wouldn’t kill him on the spot when they showed up. That’d make his new found friendship with Blackskull something they’d value. But he’d rather wait for their anger to cool a bit before he had to deal with any of his ‘fellows’. “I need an excuse not to be here when they show up...” he said as dozed off. Meanwhile, Mu sat there staring at the gaunt human. <”Is he actually going to sleep like that?”> the Rattata said to the Crobat, gesturing to the fact that Lohe was sitting in the overturned chair. The Crobat took off, and grabbed the blanket off of the bed. He draped it over Lohe’s sleeping body. The Crobat came to a landing right in front of Mu. The Rattata hadn’t eaten any of the food, yet. His stubborn refusal didn’t make sense to Nosferatu, but the Crobat didn’t mind eating the Rattata’s food if he wasn’t. Nosferatu picked up a piece of a berry, and began to chew it. Slowly. Savoring every bit. Treating it as if he’d never tasted anything better. And in general, doing his best to make the Rattata realize how hungry he was. Mu, sat there, his stomach starting to growl, but his discipline refusing to let him give in. Nosferatu laughed; he’d get the Rattata to be honest one way or another.
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