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  1. Given the existence of other LEGO-type building products, I'm curious how far LEGO's intellectual property rights extend - clearly they don't hold an iron grip over the construction toy market. What is "bootleg," then?
  2. Mine expresses the personality I convey in my online interactions.
  3. I interpreted "combines three into one" to mean that it took the head from one version of the minifig, the body from another and perhaps the gear/accessories of a third.
  4. Playing with the Volus Adept is quite fantastic. I would recommend it to all.
  5. I would like to point out that LEGO does have entire lines of products aimed squarely at adults. CUUSOO is already a specialty line that caters to an adult market. One would think that in terms of what might come to fruition, their standards for what is acceptable would be a bit broader.
  6. As I said in the other CUUSOO thread, I think marketability had more to do with the decision than content, mature or otherwise. As for Inara, the movie Serenity contains none of the references that some people are concerned about. It's never explained or elaborated upon. A Serenity-themed set can stay within the confines of the film without expanding out into the television show.
  7. I used to picture them as young kids, between the ages of 13 and 17 mostly. Now I think a large number are adults between 21 and 35.
  8. Temple of Doom had a man plunging his hand into a person's chest and tearing out the still-beating heart, and they managed to clean it up enough to make it attractive to young children. Star Wars: Episode III has a beheading. I suspect that monetary viability was the real reason it didn't go through, regardless of the "this isn't for kids" line they posted. You can see where that sort of principle ends once the dollar signs get big enough.
  9. Back to the Future seems like a no-brainer, and I'm glad to see that LEGO's response seems to be "Approved, pending aquisition of license." The feedback was much more optimistic than usual for that one.I'd love to see Serenity as a set. Preferably one of those 5,000+ piece ones.
  10. Example...?I have a copy floating around somewhere, but I can't get it right now. I vaguely remember it claiming Makuta was one of the Turaga or something.
  11. I like that BZPower holds itself as a community to a higher standard than the vast majority of other non-corporately owned web forums. It speaks well of both the moderation team and the userbase that a calm environment exists while maintaining a large, active userbase.
  12. Having seen the forum in its heyday when 100+ members online at once was a low number, it is sort of refreshing to be able to find the topic you're looking for easily, even a day or two later. I don't think I'd be coming up on 9 years if I had gotten bored.
  13. The mind reels at the sheer amount of text contained within 10,000 posts. You could likely publish it as a short novel.
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