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  1. From what I recall, the dark red Komau was a knockoff from some Asian company. I believe the dark red Huna and dark blue Matatu are genuine Lego items.
  2. Lego did not advertise the 73 or 88 numbers, those are numbers I provided. Lego only provided the 72 number, as well as the "plus possible mystery masks" phrase (I believe that is the exact wording they use, but my memory may be wrong there). Also, the 88 number considers the light blue Kaukau to be a single mask. If we count the bubble and non-bubble versions as two distinct masks, then that bumps the number up to 89. (72+infected Hau+14+light blue Kaukau variant+brown Komau) Regarding the "variety pack", a BZPower member's friend acquired a white Huna and brown Komau and showed said BZPower member. Said BZPower member then begged said friend to go and buy him one of these "variety packs" too, which said friend did. All I know is that the "variety pack" consisted of non-Lego items, with the brown Komau and white Huna being the only Lego items included, and that the pack also included a calendar (not a Lego calendar, to my understanding). I believe these were sold in Europe. Someone also claimed that a BZPower member got multiple of these packs and distributed (traded? sold? gave away?) the masks to BZP members, but I am inclined to believe that is misinformation. I am positive the brown Komau came in mask packs because a good friend of mine got two that way (the brown Komau in the pic I linked is his). I don't recall him specifying which mask packs, but I am 99% sure it was 8530s because he is Danish (hence 8530 not 8525) and it would stand to reason they came in the 2001 packs as opposed to 2002/2003 packs. As for the red Huna, I believe Mask Collector has one, and I believe he said it was from a Nuhrii prototype, but my memory may be wrong there. I think it's dark red, not standard red. There's also a dark blue noble Matatu.
  3. Are you only basing this on the number found in the games, or was there some source that specifically said that the original intent was 12 Tohunga per Koro? Greg told me that there were 1000 Matoran on Mata Nui (source). I understand this was later so I don't mean to imply that it contradicts your claim that the original plan was 12 Tohunga per Koro. However, Greg did say that when Bionicle started, he was told 1000 (source), implying that was the plan at the very beginning.
  4. Source? I would be very highly interested in seeing more about this. They aren't "one offs", there's a handful of white Huna and brown Komau out there. It's interesting you post this thread now because I was very recently wondering a similar thing. Here are some things I know: -Lego advertised the mask packs as containing 72 masks plus possible "mystery masks". 8525s (US packs) contained 73 total masks (72 + infected Hau). 8530s (Europe packs) contained 88 masks (72 + infected Hau + 14 misprints + brown Komau). -A "variety pack", containing mostly non-Lego items, included a brown Komau and a white Huna. -There is a rumor that a white Huna was found in bushes at Legoland Billund. No idea if this is true. -While brown Komau were very rarely found in 8530s, white Huna have never been reported to have been found in 8530s, and are presumably more rare than brown Komau. -Bionicle was released about half a year earlier in Europe than in the US. -Kanohi displays at Legoland Windsor and Legoland California had misprints displayed. -Bionicle.com listed the 14 misprints on the Kanohi page. -Light blue Kaukau comes in a variant with bubbles visible in the cheeks, apparently a prototype mold. From what I have been told, both the bubble and non-bubble version were available in 8530s, and supposedly only the light blue Kaukau came in the bubble version. -Someone asked Greg about a personal theory that there were two of each noble Kanohi per village, one full set for the Toa and one full set for the Turaga. Greg said that it wasn't definitively established, so that could theoretically be the case. However, this was a fan theory, and not something the story team had decided on. Greg gave no indication that there had ever been a plan for this. -Greg said that it is his view that noble Kanohi take on Toa colors rather than Turaga colors when worn by Toa. -Everything Greg has said has implied that there was never any intent for Toa-colored noble Kanohi to be produced. Here are some theories that I have: -Since the Kanohi displays feature ONLY misprint Matatu and Ruru, besides the light gray Matatu, it seems that Lego may have accidentally produced the Matatu and Ruru in the Toa colors INSTEAD OF the Turaga colors at first (the light gray is explained by the Nuju set). This was done because of a miscommunication between the Bionicle story team and the production team over what colors the Matatu and Ruru were supposed to come in. They appeared only in 8530s because the mistake had been corrected by the time 8525s went into production half a year later. The presence of the misprints at Legoland California is because the Kanohi display was put together in Europe, or at least the Kanohi set was shipped from Europe. -Light blue Kaukau may have been the original plan for Kopaka's Kaukau. Not sure on yellow, maybe Pohatu? -The advertisement of 'mystery masks' in 8525s/8530s could possibly refer to misprints (either meaning the misprints were made on purpose as mystery masks, or the 'mystery mask' marketing was come up with as a way to take advantage of the production mistake), but I think more likely it just refers to the infected Hau. Relevant pictures: Legoland California Kanohi display Legoland Windsor Kanohi display Article on misprints Information on light blue Kaukau variant Light blue Kaukau variant hi res pic My friend's brown Komau on my Pohatu (the silver Mahiki is custom)
  5. Want: Red Matatu WMKK, VMKK, GPKK, SSKK Brown Komau, white Huna, yellow Ruru TOK MEK Protodermic Hau Nuva and Kakama Nuva Sealed copper set Scavenger hunt Mata Nui map and foil Lewa card deck from the TNGM scavenger hunt at LEGOLAND in 2001 Most of my BIONICLE stuff is at my parents' house so I can't offer much for trade right now, just money, but I will have many/most 2004-2008 sets (as well as various other BIONICLE items) available for trade soon, as I am mostly just interested in keeping/expanding my 2001-2003 collection. I also have an extra brown Matatu and brown Ruru. I live in the US. You send first unless I have reason to trust you. My trading references can be viewed here.
  6. It's not really a matter of the computer, but a matter of the operating system and, if playing in browser, the browser. You can put old software (including an old operating system) on a new computer.
  7. Thanks Torsti, very cool! where did you get those prototypes? I want some Do you know how to read? He very clearly told us exactly where he got them.
  8. TNGMs were originally available at Legoland California in a scavenger hunt. Back then they were worth about $20 each, and I presume that anyone who still has the original scavenger hunt sheet with it could be more than the current value. However, Lego had produced way too many so they sold them at Legoland California in bulk. People could fill up a bag of about 200 masks and it cost $25, or $20 for Legoland pass holders. BZP former staff member mfuss903 had 5 bags (1,000 TNGMs), and I assume that is also why some BL sellers have so many. They currently go for $2 each.
  9. I'll hold the CD for you. The posters are already pending, I have a few duplicates but they're not in very good condition. I'll include the duplicates free if you want them despite the bad condition.
  10. After shipping and packaging that would be less than $3 total, so no thank you.
  11. I believe the comics are Danish, that's what an online translater says and I got them from someone in Denmark. Here is a scan of the inside cover of the first comic. Shipping will most likely be $6.55 to the UK, so how about $15 shipped for all 8 comics (BrickMaster and Danish), or $12 shipped for just the BrickMaster comics?
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