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  1. Hey guys, any chance someone would have this mask for sale?
  2. Hey guys, thanks for the replies... Still hunting for this mask!
  3. Just wanting to see if anyone has one for sale! Thanks =)
  4. Hey thanks a lot for that. I will sign up and inquire.
  5. Hey. Thanks for the info! I will keep my eyes peeled. Hopefully one may even turn up for sale here.
  6. Does anyone know how much one of these is worth? Any info on where to buy one or if someone may have one for sale?
  7. Haha, I see this has become a popular topic! Still looking for a good deal on a yellow Kaukau, and I guess I may as well go the distance and try and find the light blue one as well. Also a trans-green miru is getting added to the list!
  8. Thanks for the info! I will send you a PM when/if I'm ready to buy. Still hoping to find a yellow kaukau at a good price!
  9. Ouch nearly $50 huh? Well that's tough XD Thanks for the info though. I am interested in the orange vahi atm... what is the history on the gold vahi? I AM interested but I want to put all of my money/resources into getting the Kaukau first. I will PM you when the time comes. Thank you =)
  10. Hey everyone. Does anyone know how much this mask is worth right now? Anybody have one for sale by chance? Also interested in: -light blue kaukau -original infected hau -vahi -trans-green miru -chrome hau
  11. Hello! I haven't posted on this board in quite some time. Over the past little while I've hunted down some iconic Bionicle items to have in my collection and remind me of the good old days. I don't need many more things to have everything that I want for now... but these items are harder to find on eBay and local ads. I am looking for the following... Infected Hau (Original/Non-Nuva) Trans-Green Miru (Original) Chrome Hau (Original) Vahi (Orange) Misprinted Kaukau (Yellow) Misprinted Kaukau (Light Blue) I reside in Canada and can send payment via PayPal provided that we reach an agreement. I hope these masks are still around! Thanks guys =)
  12. Hey guys... I can't believe it's been 11 years. To any old friends I had on here back when I was 11 years old.... my apologizes if I don't remember you right away! Haha

  13. Awesome you're around again. BZP needs more "old-timers" if you know what I mean. :P

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