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    Well hello there! It's been a long time hasn't it? Some of you may remember me as that stupid kid parading about as a Dancing Banana or something, others as an overconfident sandwich with an attitude problem. Well my dear friends, I am that and MORE now. Come one, come all and witness... nothing, because I really have very little to wow you with. Run along!

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  1. Hmm... that would definitely be interesting. Somebody should totally do that!
  2. So to start saving for the Nintendo Switch, I'm starting to sell the 3D printed versions of my mask. If anyone's interested, I'd say $100, (CAD) sounds fair. It seems some people on other sites are a little perturbed by the price, so let me just be perfectly up front here: In USD, I'm only making a $30 profit off of any one sale. The base price for printing and labour is $50. So it's not as if I'm just inflating the price for the sake of doing so. The mask was made with my own facial profile in mind, however it should fit anyone else all the same. NOTE: While the mask is now available in other materials, I only know for certain that it prints well in WS&F. I have used Shapeways' automatic wall thickness tool to allow it to pass for other materials, but I do not know how well it works. Unless you're willing to prototype, just order WS&F. I take no responsibility for any flaws in print quality if ordered in other materials. https://www.shapeways.com/product/4KQHLQ68U/kanohi-vahi
  3. I'm not familiar with the 2038 problem, or what you mean by a 64 bit timestamp. Care to elaborate?
  4. Well I suppose if nothing else, that gives us a solid date for our BIONICLE holiday. I guess we'd celebrate it as sort of a reverse anniversary, and who knows? Maybe 300 years from now, we'll have made sure somebody will be around to remember it. I mean.. it's only max four generations, right? xD
  5. As it would appear right now, it seems like the date is reset every time the game is launched. I would go into more detail, but I'm waiting for my friend JMMB to post his own findings, since he was able to find out where the game is actually getting said time from.
  6. Ah! A little disappointing, but good to know. At least we now know MNOG uses JOY script for those files, so it may be possible to figure out how to poke around them. So it wasn't all completely for nothing! I suppose to. Further calculations assume that the timer was originally set to this, (for some reason) when the game was re-released in March 2006. Assuming it was re-released on the 1st, (BS01 doesn't give me an exact date) the timer would have run out on March 11th, 2006. If anyone can remember anything of significance happening on that date, that would still be interesting. The most relevant thing I can think of is the transformation of the Toa Inika by the Red Star, but I'm not sure when exactly the comic that dictated this was released. Assuming it does indeed match up, it makes for an interesting bit of previously unnoticed BIONICLE trivia. EDIT: Ignition #1 was released March 2006, but the transformation didn't occur until May 2006 in issue #2.
  7. Upon further examination, after being pointed out by the original Reddit poster, it seems that every time the game is launched, it resets to a specific number. So unfortunately, this means that the end date is subjective to whenever the game is run and kept running, and likely nothing will happen. :/
  8. I can find a "StartTimer" and "StopTimer" in the Mata-Nui and Bionicle Mata Nui files (where I assume most of the underlying code for the game is), but I don't know what is going on around them because I can only get the files open in Notepad, where most of their content is rendered unreadable goop. Opening up the files in a hex editor, gives me a header reading: "Joy!peffpwpc". A brief Google search for that gives me the impression that the files were written in JOY Script for PowerPCs, which may get us heading in the right direction for decrypting the files. One result tells me that Joy!peffpwpc is the first twelve bytes of a PowerPC PEF container.
  9. This is what I'm not sure about. All I know is what the numbers are giving me. My calculation today assumes the clock only processes hours, and doesn't add a number for days elapsed. So as of the time of my estimate, the clock has counted up from 2005; 100740 hours and 80 minutes. What might help is if I knew where the game was getting the timer FROM. Everything I've found within II.4a.swf only points to the timer itself, and the placeholder data indicating that it is indeed a timer, with nothing actually giving me a solid number. Furthermore, when launched independently of the game, both numbers reset to zero, meaning it must be getting it from some other file called by that scene.
  10. So just as a brief calculation, I randomly decided to backtrace the timer to see when it started on both versions of the game. I got some weird dates that as far as I know, coincide with no re-releases of the game, or events in the franchise. In fact, the first one more coincides with its REMOVAL from BIONICLE.com. The game version with the expired timer gave me a start date of December 26, 2004 at 4:38PM, with an approximate 3 day countdown from then. The second version with the currently relevant countdown gave me a start date of Friday, March 25, 2005 at 11:20PM with the end date giving me a very different, much sooner date than originally calculated. I got my numbers by subtracting the elapsed time from our current date and then adding the end time onto the result. If anyone can double check to confirm my math is correct, these are the raw numbers I had, accurate as of today at 12:40PM EST. The numbers are separated into hours, minutes, and seconds from left to right. Online/offline real time save version:Time elapsed: 102884 55 01December 26, 2004 at 4:38PMCountdown to: 90 70 40December 29, 2004 at 11:48PM Templar/Lego official chapter version:Time elapsed: 100740 80 00March 25, 2005 at 11:20PMCountdown to: 100982 46 83 (9?)October 1, 2016 at 2:07AM If what I'm getting here is correct, I'd like to request a title update to the topic.
  11. I'd say whatever honestly. A large scale event of some kind would be nice, but unless this makes front page somewhere, I don't see that happening. I know I personally will be stepping up my YouTube game around that time. As difficult as it may be to commentate over, potentially we'll actually play MNOG on The Beaverhouse on that day. Or live stream it. I haven't done that in a while. As I said in my previous post, it's the closest thing BIONICLE is ever going to get to a Back to the Future day, and everyone handled that in much their own ways.
  12. Evidently, the timer in the upper right hand corner of the telescope can be converted into a specific point in real time. It's even referenced as a countdown timer in the code of the SWF file. ("Yearcountdown" as a placeholder image, and "variablename RealTime" in the script) I didn't do the calculations myself, but to quote my Skype friend who did so for the exact date and time; "I converted the seconds remaining to days, hours, minutes, and leftover seconds, then math'd it up." Interestingly, the downloadable version of the game has a different timer entirely, that has long since passed its expiration date, so I wouldn't get too hopeful that anything is actually going to happen. At best, it's a neat little easter egg, that we as a community could potentially use as an event. It's as close as BIONICLE is going to get to a "Back to the Future Day".
  13. This may or may not have been posted before, if it has, I haven't found it until today, but as noted by user bionicle_fanatic on the /r/bioniclelego subreddit, the countdown on the telescope in MNOG will reach its conclusion on October 18th at approximately 4:04 PM EST. According to him, the Red Star is to reach its destination on that date? I'm honestly not sure where he got that info from. Personally, I feel like the clock's just going to stop, or loop around, and nothing is going to happen. However as a community, I feel like we should all try and do something special on that day regardless. Be it a large scale community event, or smaller personal celebrations of BIONICLE history. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/bioniclelego/comments/53od3m/in_roughly_23_days_the_red_star_will_reach_its/ EDIT: If my numbers are correct, this is actually going to happen 18 days sooner than originally calculated. I'm not sure where my Skype friend got the 18th, but I'm getting something entirely different now. EDIT 2: As noted by the original Reddit poster, it seems the counter resets after every logon, unfortunately leaving us with no actual solid date for that timer's end. However, as posted here, it would seem that in the code of the game, there is a hard coded date after all: January 12th, 2290. Nearly 300 years from now. It's pretty freaking far off, but at the same time, it IS feasible to pass the date on for the next three or four generations. So who knows? Maybe one day we will get to celebrate that day. Until then, I suppose we'll just treat January 12th as some kind of inverted anniversary.
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