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    amezing landeh ;D
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    ~My Relationship with God, My Church & Family. <3 <3 <3

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE music! I play Piano, and will be taking Violin :) CHOPIN is amazing and so is BEETHOVEN as well as Schubert, Brahms, Motzart, Bach and my ALL TIME favorite TCHAIKOVSKYYYY! Listening to music is my way to relax. (:

    Lest ye be fooled, I do not actually LIKE Bionicle. :P I used to draw them, and have a few of the sets (lol 2001 sets lulz.) but lost interest after it got stupid... :P and I do like lego, I'm just more mature than you and choose to spend my moneyz on better things.

    I am waaaay optimistic. So "Cup-Half-Full" type. (: I love my friends and confide like everything in them. x3 I enjoy drawing. yes. i don't enjoy anything else.


    My Favorite Color(s) are Purple & Orange. I really can't decide which i like better. I know, it's sad. ;(

    As far as Animals go, I say HIPPOS, FROGS & GIRAFFES~ (: wewt. lol. but I'm really not an animal freak, so I don't know why this is here.

    school. yes, I do school. lol. I'm a Homeschooled person, which is absolutely awesome. You'd never know I was homeschooled though, I happen to blend in, you know, I'm sort of normal. :P Before you go and ask me this, no, I DON'T have social problems. I'm more out going than my public school friends, and alot of other people I know. Yes, I have been homeschooled all my life. Yes, I have lots of friends. Possibly more friends than you do. How? Because my Dad has a sweet job, I know people all around the world as a result of living in Europe, the Southern U.S & Northern U.S. Also, no, I don't have educational problems, and NO, my mother does not give me A's just because I'm her child. In fact, my parents are harder teachers than average teachers. -pokes college professor father-.

    My life is really cool, and though you may not understand what having a life is, I have one. Don't be jealous now, I'm sure you can have one too. :P

    Ummm, I work at taco bell, and it's really kewl, k? i could be spitting in your tacos though....just sayin. nah, ew gross, i wouldn't do that. ;)

    Yes, I have a facebook, but it's for my you know, real life friends. so stop stalking me (ANDREW K.). feel free to follow my twitter account though (doodlesong).

    I dislike copycats, so please, don't copy me. it irritates me. stay on my good side and I will love you forever. <3

    read my blawg 'cuz it's cool. k? thnx.

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