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    I used to have the longest interests list on BZPower. Not anymore. Feel free to claim that title, if you wish.

    Video games by Bethesda, Bioware and Black Isle. House Telvanni, salarians and the NCR. The female heterosexual love interests that everyone else hates.

    Anthropology and entomology. The only animals that matter. North American archaeology. Bees. My god. Oh, and aquatic mammals are universally adorable, though I don't study them in any way besides being all "MANATEEEEE BABY SEALLLLL WHAAAAALES SO CUTE SQUEEEEE!"

    Comic books. The pretentious kinds and the really silly kinds. I like and hate both DC and Marvel, depending on how stupid they happen to be with which titles at what time. Also Dark Horse. And independent self published shlock that no one's heard of, unless they have way too much.

    Pony. Yes, more pony. So much more pony. Twilight Sparkle needs to stop copying me exactly.

    Music. Hipster nonsense. Folk. Country. Blues. Jazz. Bossa Nova. IDM. Shibuya-kei. But mostly hipster nonsense.

    Roleplaying games. Tabletop. LARP. Yes.

    Linguistics. Japanese. Ojibwe. I don't screw around with languages that share anything in common, aside from awesome.

    Science fiction. Fantasy. "SF" works. Star Wars. Star Trek. Margret Atwood. Kurt Vonnegut. A Song of Ice and Fire. Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    Anime. I am a weeaboo deeply in denial. I'm not a weeaboo. I'm not! I'm not! Osamu Tezuka. Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. Urasawa Naoki. CLAMP. Rumiko Takahashi. Hetalia. Cromartie High School. Death Note. Fullmetal Alchemist. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

    Creeping. That can define 90% of my activities.

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  1. I will forever be in your heart, and in your RWBY crack-theories.
  2. I'm more of an cool dude, if you know what I mean. Let's take bets on how long it'll be before I come back, because it's too obvious that I'm only going to be here for like, a week at best before I get distracted by the fact that basically everyone I care to talk to from this site is friends with me on Tumblr.
  3. I don't know? This freakin' website and it's freakin' inability to keep me away from it. Okay, yeah, actually it's been doing a fair job of keeping me away from it, since it's been what, like, a year? Several years? I don't even know anymore. So, howsabout those Bionicles?
  4. ew het tahu/kopaka 4evah why you let that b-word gali get in the way? 0/10 would not recommend (I can't stop laughing and I have no idea why I've read this and still haven't read your Krahka/Onewa story because I AM THE WORST KRAHKA MAY MATA NUI OR WHATEVER FORGIVE ME)
  5. I kind of miss you guys. I kind of miss what I used to have here, what this place used to mean to me. I've been on Tumblr, mostly, in the SWTOR fandom mostly, and it's been good to me and I follow every BZP person that I remember exists, and I'll always love you all. I guess this was mostly brought on by thinking about the My Little Pony fandom, and how awful it is for young people and how if I were a little girl today, I'd've been in love with that show the way I was in love with Bionicle, but the fandom wouldn't've been a safe space for me the way the Bionicle fandom was and I think that's just the saddest thing.
  6. So I've got finals like, tomorrow and after that, I'll be going to GenCon in Indianapolis for four days after that, so that'll be fun. I'm looking forward to that. (GenCon, not finals. Though I am looking forward to this class being over with.) Also my computer's broken so there's why I haven't shown up that much except on Tumblr.
  7. WHAT is your name? WHAT is your quest? WHAT is the capital of Assyria?
  8. So I'm slightly bored cough cough avoiding studying so here's your exciting opportunity to ask me anything. ANYTHING. Nothing's off limits. My weird obsession with asexual alien frogmen? ASK ME ABOUT IT. My spiritual connection to Krahka? SURE. My spiritual connection to Petey Plane? GO FOR IT. Advice on pixel art? BRING IT. Justifications for my crack ships? AWWWW YEAHHHH I CAN TALK ALL DAY. Why I've been here for so long? MAN I DON'T KNOW ASK ME ANYWAY.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVWeqAPQUXc One of my favorite songs at the moment, and Actual!Krahka's theme song. One of these days I'll write some Krahka/Onewa based on this, but eh. Anyway, things with class have been picking up and getting extremely confusing, so I'm a little less than present at the moment.
  10. Yes. I'm of the opinion that there needs to be more women in everything, and also of the opinion that there needs to be more good things and less awful things period, and I'd like these things to combine together and give everyone happiness and joy. Tokenism is patronizing. Women are people, and deserve to be treated as such, not as a checkmark to cover all markets. Though frankly, I'm still waiting on my Wonder Woman movie. If they got it right and got all her Greek mythology and her compassion and her strength and her butt-kickin' and everything right, then it would be a really awesome movie. But a Black Widow movie? I'd also support that, like, a lot. Natasha Romanov needs more love.
  11. She's still active on one of my dolling forums, which is where she posted it, it was part of a base race, which is where you use a list of bases and try to make as many (good) dolls on it as fast as possible. I didn't complete this base race (since this doll is still a WIP), but I like this enough to keep it going. Man, the tutorial that got me into dolling in the first place years ago is gone, but the basic idea of HERE IS BASE PUT STUFF ON BASE is pretty easy to grasp. Here's a tutorial by one of my favorite pixel artists and dollers. It covers a lot of stuff, and I'm not sure how much of it will be helpful since it's not all basic stuff? As I said, if you wanna know more stuff, just PM me or whatever.
  12. Base (Pixel Princess exclusive) So let me introduce you to the hobby of mine that I haven't been able to show off to BZP because of the advertising policy. So dolling. Dolling is a collaborative art process that's based off of paper dolls. People make paper doll Barbie-naked bases and other people take them and add all the hair, clothes, edits, everything to make them come alive. It's a lot of fun. I could explain better but I don't feel like it. If you're interested, just contact me and I can hook you up with some tutorials. So anyway, I've been doing that for like, eight years now. This is a work in progress of human Gali Mistika. All I need now are the boots, but I still feel like she's missing something. Hmmm... Anyway, that's what I was looking forward to most, because you have to link to the base artist's site to credit them, so as not to be dishonest about their part in your creation.
  13. It'd be difficult to explain my username that isn't Krahka anymore. >_>
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