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    Lost. Anybody have a map they can lend me?
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    BIONICLE!, of course (playing with sets, making simple MOCs, writing my five comedies and two epics, as well as planning/writing 16+ more epics/short stories/comedies (yeah, I'm doing to much at once. It's a pain in the neck, but I still do it anyway), going on BZPower, etc.)

    I also like Sci-fi stuff (including Star trek, Star wars, Stargate SG1 and Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica (the new one), Farscape, Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, Doctor Who, and Firefly)

    I like to read (including the Ender's Game series, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the Artemis Fowl series, A series of unfortunate events, His dark Materials, the Pendragon series, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (and all the other books in the series), novels by Dan Brown {The Da Vinci Code, Deception Point, Angels and Demons, and Digital Fortress})

    My other hobbies include Math (including Pi and programming my TI-83+), music (I play the Clarinet and Alto Saxophone), and acting (especially improv, like Whose Line is it anyway), Baseball (proud to be a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers and the Boston Red Sox!),

    I also like the movie Fever Pitch, the Star Wars films, Zathura (and more films), the tv shows Lost™, Whose Line is it Anyway, as well as several others that have been cancelled over the years (like the Pretender and Veritas: the Quest), and other stuff

    I also occiasionally listen to NPR, and like the programs 'Says You!' and 'A Prarie Home Companion' (I like the radio progam, thought the movie was pretty good, and even got to see a live brodcast of the radio show when it came to Boston in 2005)

    Best movie in the 'verse: Serenity (It's based on the tv show Firefly, and is out on DVD in most areas.)

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  1. Well, I know what I'm going to be buying at some point! Two questions: Does anyone know where to find the soundtrack (the songs, not the score) on CD? I can only find it digitally on amazon. Does anyone know where the score is being sold on CD besides amazon? I was hoping for a pressed CD, rather than the on demand CD-R, but if not I won't be super picky.
  2. I want this set so much. The only thing stopping me from running out and buying it on release day is that my family and girlfriend say I'm really hard to shop for in terms of birthday/christmas gifts, so this is an easy thing for me to say "Please get me this!"
  3. I went to Barnes and Noble tonight, and it was going on at the store. Small signs in the Lego area telling about it. Although, as per ChocolateFrogs's suggestion, I did have to ask the person at the register about it because it didn't come up for them automatically.
  4. Woah. I haven't seen the Kessel Mine Worker info anywhere else. Is it on their website at all, or just in store? Also, do you know if there are signs mentioning this in stores, or do I have to talk to someone to take advantage of this promotion?
  5. I love this idea. Its an interesting use of the platform (and an opportunity to see some sets that wouldn't necessarily be released otherwise). I also quite like fish, so I will definately be getting one of these to put on my desk at work.
  6. Aww, I was hoping that the lighthouse would go through. I absolutely loved that model. Still, I figured the pop-up book would be selected, and its a good model so I look forward to seeing how that one turns out.
  7. What a crazy random happenstance: I bought this very set for my girlfriend 2 weekends ago.
  8. I'm a little disappointed that you won't be able to actually build it as an actual ship in a bottle, but are instead building a ship and then putting a bottle around it (looks like if you uncork it, or take the tube part off, the rest of the bottle is a solid enclosure so you can't put anything in it without taking the bottle apart). Other than that, it looks like a pretty solid set. Probably not something I'll pick up on day one, but I might get at some point.
  9. Those last two pictures are of the Big Ball Factory. I remember having that set as a kid, and it was awesome. Brings back some nice memories.
  10. I've been waiting for the new modular to be announced! I finally started getting into this line this year, so I'm quite excited. The overall design looks nice, but I'm slightly perplexed by the different floors (The main thing is a diner, but it also has a gym and a recording studio in it?). I love that the star tiles from the Palace Cinema sidewalk are now being used as wall decorations. I'll probably wait for a double VIP day (unless there's a good promotion when it first comes out), but I shall definitely be picking this one up.
  11. Its interesting to see how different this is than the polybag. I'm assuming that it is only for children, though? Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. I wasn't the biggest fan of the Boat House Diner, but upon seeing The Lighthouse my first reaction was something like "Ooh!" I've always liked lighthouses, and this one has such a nice aesthetic to it. I really hope it gets made into a set, and if so, it'll probably be a day one buy for me.
  13. I am so excited about this! My credit card is probably not. Still haven't decided if I'm going to get it because of the price, but it just looks so amazing...gah! Although this set has slightly spoiled me about the new movie since I had to look up what something was...
  14. I loved reading the chapter books during Bionicle's original run, so of course "that I want in on the giveaway". Thanks so much for hosting this contest!
  15. Aww, you didn't give away any free stuff Oh well. Overall, it was a very enjoyable stream. I was a bit apprehensive about the new sets (probably a mixture of the price and the fact that they were different than I was used to), but this stream helped me appreciate them a bit more. I probably won't buy them all because of budgetary reasons, but I'll at least pick up a couple of them. Now, I just need to decide which ones...
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