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  1. I bought it because after finding my way back to the forums after being gone for so many years, I wanted to show my support for the board I called home for so many years.
  2. Long time no talk. Remember me? :P

  3. Get him Mr. Bubbles!


    Awesome name choice. I LOVED BioShock.

  4. Want sugar to go with that salt?

  5. Rockman.EXE

    Tuesday Fove

    If you are non-Premier, did you start a blog this week? A few years ago If you are Premier, are you blogging this week? I went Premier for 6 months to blog and stuff... Is your browser transparent PNG friendly? I think so. How many years have you been a member? over 4 Paper or plastic? Plasma
  6. I steals it from you now
  7. *Leaves a cake and runs away*

  8. *Points to the thread in Q&A* You can't fight the server if it doesn't like it. DON'T FIGHT THE POWAH!
  9. EXE 5=tough Star Force 1 and 2 are the easiest games in MegaMan existence...
  10. Alright, I'll post it up as soon as I get out of school... -___- (Summer school SUCKS) BTW, can I have the code for that Spam Poison thing you have? Sending it in a PM would be nice. Kthnxbai.
  11. ... Did you just say that Bluetooth wins? Ugh... I'm gonna have to post up my Anti-Bluetooth rant aren't I?
  12. I'm still in awe from the movie. I got to see it yesterday with a group of my dad's friends. » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « The Joker was way more evil than I've ever seen him before. I could tell he was going to be really evil in just his first scene, the "Pencil Scene". Beautiful... The ending I didn't understand though. Why did batman want to take the blame for the killings Harvey did? I am sooo confused... Please sopmeone explain this to meh...
  13. Rockman.EXE


    Hehe I got to see Wall E yesterday. LOVED it. Definitely worth buying when it comes out on DVD. I loved how they portrayed the Human Race a hundred or so years into the future, then 700 years aboard a ship. Amazing. The part I didn't understand was when EVE repaired Wall E and he became a plain robot without a mind. I was just thinking, "What he heck happened?!"
  14. I'm getting the PS2 version, but I can't play it unti lthe 8th of November... (Mom's birthday present.)
  15. LUCKY! My parents would probably die before letting me have a Computer in my room.
  16. Those outfits are awesome. Man that faire sounds like fun...
  17. Rockman.EXE


    I was there today, Roa, I saw you. I also agree about the Mecha Godzilla... Amazing. Sorry I didn't get to introduce myself while I was there. You seemed a little busy each time I was there. I was there when you were showing someone else our bag and bucket of pieces. I was the kid with the poofy hair, wearing a blue TMSP 2K4 shirt, with a "ZeroXposure" coat. Hey, are you going to be at next years BrickCon? And yes, your creations were amazing... You need to show me pictures of the mini Gadunka I saw you building, it was very interesting *Dies* Oh, hey, in you list of things you hate here on your blog, it's actually spelled bleu cheese. Hmmm, you should have spoken up , I'd have liked to say hi! I certainly hope to beat next years convention. Oh, and about the cheese, Imispelled it... because I hate it THAT much LOL
  18. Rockman.EXE

    Ask Omi

    Are you really human? what's 12,321,177 times 9 decillion?! and what's my favorite color?
  19. Hmmm... Is it really worth the moneys? I've been looking at it and it doesn't really seems to strike me as interesting...
  20. Video Game Based... Have everyone do Master Chief MOCs...
  21. I wish I could've been there for the rain... I LOOOOOOVE floods!
  22. Actually, there wasn't really a monster-mad run for the game, because everywhere I go, Kmart, Target, HOT TOPIC, and even Gamestop, they all have plenty in stock...
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