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  1. He's not being cryptic. He said next time he gets back to us, there will either by a "yay" or a "nay". He is talking to people, was supposed to be attending meetings with them before the pandemic went widespread. I have to assume there is some sort of NDA attached. He doesn't own Bionicle, so I don't think he would be able to discuss the talks he's had with his potential partners freely. He was being vague but at least we know something is happening behind the scenes. Regardless of who came up with the initial concept, there was no singular mastermind behind the creation of Bionicle. Faber was a huge part of the franchise from beginning to end; the visual style we know and love comes directly from his mind. So to me, he's one of, if not the most influential creators behind the line and someone I absolutely trust to deliver us something worthy of the name. -NotS
  2. Been following Faber's IG since last year when he first teased #14B2020, I totally forgot my BZP password but this news is enough for me to miraculously remember it and break the silence. So Faber is in talks with people. He will be attending meetings. The door is open to Bionicle returning in some shape or form, and he's inviting all of us on the journey. This is really exciting. It may not pan out - Faber says this is no confirmation of anything - but for me, this is confirmation of something important: That there is still interest in Bionicle. To be able to have an open discussion about that is quite exciting. No more cryptic updates. Next we'll know for sure, but until then hope has been successfully instilled. Based on what Faber was saying about parts being discontinued and that everything we own is rare and important, this sounds likely. I would be okay with the story continuing in some way while the character models are posted to us to build with our existing parts. Or an extension of those canonization contests back in the day where the fans build the characters? Either way, count me in. I really hope this works out! -NotS
  3. Huh, that's actually really interesting. Thanks for the read. Cool to see a game designer branching out and applying their skills to a hobby. Very cool. -NotS
  4. Ha! I remember getting those when I was in the USA back in 2002. Brought back some sweet memories. Thanks. -NotS
  5. 2001 and 2005 probably had the best battle imo, just because they were seen in motion. I think both were huge and epic battles. I think writing-wise, 2010 is definitely up there. Journey's End and Mata Nui Saga really gave us a sense of scale, and the comics helped visualize a pretty darn cool battle between two moon-sized giant robots. I mean, that's pretty epic. -NotS
  6. I didn't mind it. Added some variety. Also, it was awesome that they were built instead of being all one big hunk of plastic. -NotS
  7. True - I think it was more to have the three beasts correspond to the three larger Toa sets. Also, I think they did subtly change its element to be in line with Kopaka in Journey to One. Regardless of that, the Matoran headline still intrigues me. -NotS
  8. Looks good! I'll probably build this with the spare parts left over from titan Makuta! -NotS
  9. Huh. I know nothing will come of this, but its still super awesome and great that the community managed to find something so obscure. We should celebrate as a community on that day! -NotS
  10. So... yeah. Discussion ain't done yet. Though since Kopaka is officially Storm Beast's counterpart, it would be sensible to assume this is some kind of mistake (but a weird one at that...) BTW, if anyone is wondering what I am talking about, check out the top banner. Refers to Protectors as "Matoran" -NotS
  11. Really awesome find with the soundtrack demoes! I love that the composer is open with sharing the themes from Journey to One. They sound great! I managed to pick up Storm Beast and Lava Beast today. They really do look better in person than they do in the promo shots. Both can achieve excellent poses, and I love the builds and play features for each, especially Storm Beast. A lot of the design choices worked out, but I still have big gripes with some aspects, like the jaw. It just... it just doesn't work. And Lava Beast's head design in particular is pretty awful. I'm going to order the rest of the sets from Toys R Us. I can't find them anywhere else and I'm worried I won't get a chance to pick them up if I wait too long. In other news, I managed to pick up a second LoSS - I'm on my way to gaining the sets needed to create Makuta! Hopefully I can build a Mask Maker variation with the remaining pieces as well. -NotS
  12. Looks like a great design! I'm thinking of picking up the 3D printed Mask of Ultimate Power too. Does anyone know if it is good quality? While it sucks that we never got the Mask or Makuta as an official set, its awesome that we have all banded together to figure out the combiners build and even try to make a 3D replica of the Mask! It just shows how dedicated we are as a community, and that's just fantastic. -NotS
  13. This is so awesome. Thanks a ton Dorek and everyone who worked on Makuta's design. It's fantastic and complex and I cannot wait to build it. -NotS
  14. Well, minus the sets being pulled off of shelves, there was no real indicator that it would be ending this soon. I guess I just wanted to believe it wouldn't... -NotS
  15. Eh, I think they are some of the most solid looking heroes the line has had to offer, and their physique is proportionally better than a lot of sets from 2005 onward. But to each their own I guess. -NotS
  16. I chose Rahkshi Combiner 1 because I assume that is the Japanese Rahkshi Kaita model. I guess that could have been one of the inspiration models too. Hard to say without pictures. Either way, not many good combiners to choose from this year. The Matoran combiners are unremarkable, the Bohrok Kal combiners are awful, and the official Rahkshi Kaita's are average at best. Takutanuva looks cool but his build is largely based on Makuta's. The Japanese models blow all of these out of the water. -NotS
  17. I agree - that combiner was straight up genius. The rest of 2002's combiners were hit or miss. I appreciated the originality, but the Bohrok and Nuva Kaita's didn't look very good. The Rahi combiners were nice but too small for me to really be impressed by - the Bahrag and Exo-Toa alternative models and combiners were nice too, but not very memorable. I didn't even remember them until I read this poll. -NotS
  18. Man, 2001 had such fantastic combiners. The Rahi all looked like actual alternative sets rather than gross amalgamations of several others, and the Toa and Turaga Kaita were extremely cohesive and well built. However, I'm going to have to give this one to the Matoran Nui - that thing looks incredible for what it is. How they managed to make it look so cool with a limited palette of parts at their disposal is beyond me. -NotS
  19. I've gotta go pick up Quake Beast ASAP. I noticed that you have to call to check for availability for Ekimu and Umarak as well. What gives? Didn't the sets only officially release this month? I get that the line is being discontinued but this is just awful. -NotS
  20. I think yes, it definitely could. It has the potential to become a main-stay brand. But it can't without being attached to sets. LEGO is a toy company, so unless the rights to the Bionicle name are sold (haha, like that will ever happen), its existence will be infinitely tied to its toyline. -NotS
  21. Not really instructions, but this will suffice. Especially since some other Bionicle fans have already posted "how-to-build" videos and better in-depth instructions. But a big thank you to the designers for bringing Makuta to the event and letting us get a better look at his (awesome) build. That is one fantastic, complex piece of CCBS work and I am prepping to build it as well. I just bought a second LoSS and hopefully I can get the rest of the sets needed for building Makuta soon before they are off the shelves. -NotS
  22. The ReBrick contest page looks great. I love the prizes and I would at least like to get one of those art books. That would be an amazing way to end off G2. I have some ideas for a Makuta of my own, so stay tuned... -NotS
  23. I checked this out a bit for fun and it really reminded me how fun Bionicle Heroes was! I hope it comes to Xbox One backwards compatibility at some point... Would not mind snagging it again. -NotS
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