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  1. T.B.O.C. hit the nail on the head here. Double posting is unnecessary: there's a great "edit" button you can use to add new information to your original post. While this may be a fun personal project, I would encourage you to put all information in one post instead of spreading it out over multiple posts. @Takanuva111 Please take a look at the BZPower Rules & Guidelines for guidelines on what is acceptable to post. You can always PM me if you have any questions! Topic closed.
  2. 🎂Happy a-bit-late-birthday! 🎉

  3. IC (Cael) The healer smiled ruefully. "When it rains, it pours. Any Ga-Toa could tell you that." Her smile faded. Placing the folded towel on the table, she picked up another and repeated the process. Her hands moved deftly without any need to look or think. It was a long-practiced routine, her fingers' skill the fruit of endless need. "Leah Maru was attacked," she said softly, a note of worry sounding beneath her words. It was poor manners, perhaps, to turn the conversation so quickly to bad news, but she had always preferred blunt communication over polite conversation. And this allowed her to focus on the present instead of the memories that seeing Agni and Tuara threatened to bring up. "Poisoned. I haven't seen anything like it since..." The name hung unspoken in the air. "It took more than our skill to heal," she continued, glancing at Praggos. "If this... thing... attacks again... people will die." OOC @Vezok's Friend @Palm @otter
  4. IC (Cael) "Agni?" Cael's voice carried a note of surprise. "Tuara?" The healer looked at her old friends with her head titled slightly to the side, a towel half-folded in her hands. How many times had she seen their faces in her dreams? How often had she recalled the last words any of them had exchanged, turning them over in her mind like well-worn stones? She had long since lost count. The names themselves felt clumsy on her lips, like words in a language she had almost forgotten how to speak. But they had known each other in another life. She smiled warmly. "It's been too long. Please, come in. Has Praggos filled you in on all the excitement yet?" OOC: @Palm @Vezok's Friend @otter
  5. Hey confused piraka, just a reminder to check the date of the last post in a topic before you hit reply. This topic was last posted in over a year ago, and topics in the BBC forum shouldn't be posted in after 120 days of inactivity. Here's a handy list of the topic revival limits if you need it. Revived topic closed.
  6. Hope you have a happy birthday! 🎊

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  7. Revived topic closed. If you'd like to discuss BIONICLE memes, feel free to start a new topic.
  8. IC: Cael nodded: Praggos was right. Leah was trying to tell them something, but they didn’t have time to figure out what she was trying to say. The healer had sensed something when Leah raised her hand —something elemental and wild, halfway between science and magic. Like the words to a half-forgotten song or a word on the tip of her tongue, she was half-sure she could imitate what the Maru had done if only she could figure out how the melody started. The magic was bound up in water, of that she was certain. It sang of dewdrops and rainstorms, of ripples and waves. And who knew water better than she? Cael mentally shook the thought from her mind. What hubris, to think she was anything like a Maru. Though skilled, her power resembled Leah’s as much as a puddle resembles the ocean. Whatever Leah wanted her to try might not even be possible without a Maru’s strength. She couldn’t risk her patient’s life on an elemental gamble. But healing? That was something she knew. They had to simultaneously track down the poison while keeping its effects under control, otherwise Leah might succumb by the time they rooted it out. At the very least, perhaps they could give her enough breathing room to do… whatever it was she’d tried a moment ago. "Get ready,” she said. “We’ll need all our strength.” Dehkaz had already stretched his hand out over Leah’s body, and though she was no Toa of magnetism, Cael could sense the energy emanating from his hand. It was both push and pull, less power than the idea of power; it was metaphor made real and connection given form. She followed his example, though in her own fashion: she reached to the crystal vial that hung from her neck, half-full of liquid, and unclasped it. She tilted the vial to empty it, but it was no mere trickle that emerged. Instead, a continuous stream of purest water splashed forth, sparkling in the cool light. Stretching out her hand, Cael directed its flow through the air to wash over Leah’s form, cool against her feverish skin, until it enveloped her completely. The healer’s mask glowed as she closed her eyes, searching for something she couldn’t quite name. She could almost taste the poison as it writhed within her friend, leaving a trail of sickness that her mask alone could not mend. She pursued it nonetheless, nimble as the river’s flow and relentless as the tide. She soothed inflammation and coaxed swollen vessels back to their natural shape. Decaying flesh revived; dying cells bloomed with new life. And yet she could feel the poison still working to undo everything, always a step ahead, ever just out of reach. OOC: @Vezok's Friend @otter @Lady Takanuva @Snelly @Krayzikk
  9. IC: Poison. Infected. Rahkshi. The words hung heavy in the air like a foul miasma, seeming to momentarily dim the interior of the hut. Cael tried to shrug them off as she heaved Leah’s body onto the cot, the Toa Maru summoning enough effort to mumble a hello and her best effort at a quip. The healer squeezed her patient’s hand as she tried to form a plan of action out of the information she’d been given. The mask of healing was often half-mythologized as a mask of miracles, but Cael knew well enough that there were some things far beyond its power. She’d spent long years probing its limits and testing the boundaries between what could and couldn’t be made whole. The key factor was the user’s knowledge of the injury and what needed to happen for it to heal. That’s why the best healers supplemented the mask with the study of medicine. Your average Toa could heal a bruise or a cut, but it took a deeper knowledge of anatomy to set bones or reverse internal injuries. "I…i-is there anything I can do?" A voice broke Cael’s train of thought. She turned to see it was one of the strangers from the far land —a Dasaka. She’d met several of their kind over the last few months. They were a proud, strong people, strangely similar to her own race, yet just different enough to be intriguing. What she wouldn’t give for a formal study comparing the two… “Stoke the fire,” she said, pointing to the fireplace in one corner of the room. “And get that water boiling. There’s bandages in the cupboard we’ll need sterilized.” Cael returned to the problem at hand: the mysterious poison. There was only so much she could do without knowing exactly what the poison was and how it worked. She had a fairly thorough knowledge of the toxins produced by local flora and fauna: some toxins attacked living tissue, causing internal bleeding; others caused muscles to spasm painfully or lock up. But she’d never seen one like this, which appeared to rapidly bring on a dangerous infection. She could heal the infected tissue and try to bring down Leah’s fever, but without knowing exactly what harm this poison was effecting within her body, she couldn’t know how successful their efforts would be. Still… they had to try. The little group had surrounded the cot by now: Praggos stood opposite her, and the remaining space was quickly filled by the others. Cael took a deep breath and reached down into the ocean, anchoring herself in the vastness of the water inches beneath her feet. The ocean diluted her apprehension; her concern dissolved into peace. A Maru she was not, but the water’s strength was still hers. She raised a hand, and then— Leah raised her right arm to her chest and placed a closed fist over her heartlight. The physical action was accompanied by a surge of elemental energy that Cael instantly perceived, though it was far removed from the feats she had sensed earlier. It was less a wave than a ripple; it was less a wind than a breath. And yet, whatever it was Leah had done, it had done something right. It was the sparkling purity of a single dewdrop; it was the clean, cool air that follows a summer storm. The hut seemed brighter for a heartbeat. “Purity…” Leah managed through gritted teeth. “Clear…poison…” Cael waited for more, but the effort required to produce even those words was almost too much for Leah. So the healer looked up at Praggos, her eyes full of questions and her mind racing. What was Leah trying to say? And what she had done just now —she had done something elemental yet utterly alien to Cael, who had thought she knew just about everything water could do. Leah wouldn’t have done it without a purpose… “Did you feel that?” she asked. “Could you see what she did?” OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Lady Takanuva @otter @sunflower @Snelly
  10. OOC: Pardon the rust… it’s been a while. IC: Ripples travel farther than the thrown stone could ever guess: Cael knew something was wrong long before the party got to her door. She’d sensed the waters moving from halfway across the village. Her mind outlined the shape of the tidal wave that arched over the bay like it was caught in time. Of course it was Leah—who else but a Maru could wield the elements like that? Though she’d witnessed the First Toa’s successors in action before, Cael still found herself in awe. It was hard to connect such feats to Toa like herself, mere creatures of steel and bone. It felt more like the wild elements themselves had come to life. And they never stirred idly. So when Destiny wheeled down out of the sky with her precious cargo, the Kahu’s landing so steep and fast that her talons dug ragged tracks into Central Plaza’s lily-pad, Cael was already walking out the door. Her golden eyes snapped from the Kahu to Skyra to Praggos, who was just rounding the far corner of the plaza at not much less than a dead run. Her mouth tightened. Praggos was a fine healer by anyone’s measure. If he needed her help, this was worse than she’d thought. A few hurried steps brought her close enough to see the being lying across Destiny’s back. Her heart clenched, and she suddenly understood the worry she saw in Skyra’s eyes (and she had never known the Toa of air to worry about anything). It was Leah, and she was in bad shape. The healer’s experienced eyes took in minute details at a glance. The gashes on Leah’s cheek, inflamed and oozing. Flushed skin. Laboured breathing. A fever, gauged by placing her cool palm on the Toa Maru’s forehead. Eyes half-focused under fluttering lids. “Let’s get her inside,” Cael said to Skyra, already moving to pick up Leah’s legs. The stronger Toa of air could take Leah’s upper body. “There’s a cot just past the door.” She inclined her face to Praggos, who had just arrived with his companion, and didn’t waste words on pleasantries. “What happened?” OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Snelly @otter @sunflower
  11. Hi Alexander123! The points system simply keeps track of your post count. The ranking system gives you a rank and title that corresponds to how many posts you make. As your post count rises, you unlock new ranks.
  12. Wow, this is fantastic! What a Christmas present. :) Thanks for your hard work, Bulik. I know a lot of people have been struggling to get the game up and running, so it's great to see a more accessible resource for fans who want to re-live the LU glory days.
  13. Some people want to see Bionicle return; others don't. Some people want Bionicle and Hero Factory to share a universe; others don't. Some people want Greg to canonize new things; others don't. There's no "correct" opinion. Personally, I think that part of the fun of loose ends is getting to create your own stories! LEGO is all about creativity, and something doesn't have to be "canon" in order to be valuable. I think that's what peoples are trying to tell you, Lenny7092. You don't need LEGO's permission to be creative! Write your story because you enjoy it. Anyway, I think the discussion in this topic has about run its course. If you would like to read Lenny7092's story, you can do so in the topic they have provided, and you can leave your feedback in the discussion topic.
  14. @MR.StrawBerry13 please remember to check the date of the last post in a topic before you reply. The last post before yours was made in April 2020 — that's well over a year ago! This counts as topic revival. If you would like to continue the discussion, feel free to start a new topic. Topic closed.
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