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  1. Yup, I'll let you know. Your bookmarks are all done and ready to go, so if/when I get the check, I'll ship them out right away. :)

  2. I have not gotten your check yet, no.

  3. Just you know that I sent your bookmarks off this afternoon - let me know when you get them. :]

  4. Hey, you're forgiven. It's in the past now. And thank you for the kind compliment. :)

  5. This guy needs five stars. :D

  6. Wheeee~ Welcome to the crazy house, dude. :)

  7. The flaming, spamming and trolling stops now. Watch your attitude.

  8. t's okay =) Thanks for letting me know you recieved them.

  9. Yaaaay pomplamoose

  10. YAY

    Email is up and running again. I'm sending my lines for chapters two and three as I type. =)

  11. Ah, figured it out - it's my email service, not yours. They just took it down for maintenance, it should be back up by early this afternoon, so hopefully this little hiccup will be fixed and I can (finally!) get you my lines! =)

  12. aauuuugh

    Okay so I have been trying to email these lines to you for the last week, and they keep bouncing back to me. Did you change your email?

  13. I apologize for the delay - my work and schooling have been keeping me from the majority of my BZP duties, as well as the lines. I'll have them on Sunday.

  14. Discussion of banned members stops -now-.

  15. Doing alright - I've been loads better, haha, but I'm still in one piece. =)

  16. No, I was never banned.

  17. Happy birthday yet again, dude! :)

  18. I checked with Smeag, and both of us should be sending them in sometime this weekend (since it's mid-school week, I'll not be able to record them all in one sitting).

  19. *hug*

    Glad to see you back. :)

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