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  1. Unfortunately I don't have anything available for trade, but do you have an asking price for the Ignition #3 SDCC Exclusive? I've been looking for that one for some time and haven't been able to get a hold of one. PM me if you're interested in selling. -
  2. I believe that I've successfully managed to collect all of the Kanoka there are. Here's my Brickshelf Gallery. I have actually procured one more Kanoka since this picture was taken and that was the prototype Kanoka which had the Kakama design on it, but it was made of the white, glow-in-the-dark material that most of the 2004 Kanoka were made of. My belongings are currently not with me, but hopefully before the end of the year I'll have access to it all so that I can upload some updated pics. - TLH
  3. I have a spare SSKK, but I paid $2,346 for it. I'm not currently willing to sell it, but if you by any chance had or could get a hold of a GPKK (gray plastic Krana-Kal) Vu, I'd be willing to trade it for that plus $1,000. -
  4. You mentioned having MOCs of other Miramax style Bionicle characters. Do you have links to images of them? -
  5. Just a Xa and Vu. I'll pay a pretty penny for each of them. -
  6. I'm sure you would have listed it if you had it, but just to make sure - you don't happen to own any GPKK that are for sale, do you? -
  7. Is there any chance you'd take less than your listing price for the Yellow Ruru? -
  8. Thanks so much for sharing these Dorek! You are awesome! Just purchased all of the sets for him, so hopefully I'll be able to build him soon. Going to hold off for a v2 version of the Mask of Ultimate Power from Shapeways before purchasing one of those though. -
  9. Lego hasn't been very good at releasing combo instructions for all of their alternate models. There's this Shadow Spawn and now the Makuta model which I guess isn't officially a combiner, but it can be easily guessed which sets are used to make him. It's good that we have fans who are dedicated enough to reverse engineer this stuff, but it would be so much more helpful if Lego would just come forth with this stuff in the first place. I mean they released instructions for those weird Toa combiners that nobody asked for earlier this year, but then they reveal the Shadow Spawn in JTO and we're left guessing. I'm still a little bitter with the lack of instructions for the Onua/Protector of Earth combiner from the iOS version Mask of Creation last year. Is it too late to hope that Lego might release instructions for that one? -
  10. I know you didn't mention them, but you don't happen to own any GPKK as well, do you? -
  11. Oh yeah! I reached out to him and it turned out to just be a regular Lehvak Va Krana unfortunately -
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