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  1. Oh my god. This is FANTASTIC! Amazing work. I'm about to mod my game and go for a 100% playthrough. Thank you for this!!
  2. I'm legit surprised at the Kaita models. That's awesome man! I don't think I've seen a set that incorporates the underground tunnels from the early days. Love that vibe and would like to see more of it.
  3. So many to choose from. Hope my submission helps!
  4. huh, always something new trivia and facts that still trickle out after all these years. That's a cool find man!
  5. These are done so well!! I love the masks and that Kohrok-kal shot is so good!
  6. These are really neato! Love it
  7. That's a great interesting tid-bit they add. Thanks for the fun fact!
  8. Story bad sets good. I respect the designers for creating the gearboxes and designs that allowed the 01 function into a modern build, and the Uniter builds to be a great combination of CCBS and Technic. My main complaint was that G2 was smooth Hero Factory parts where I really lived the greebling effect (lots of texture detail) on every part/limb vs the plain armor shells and then adding stickers. It looked like intricacy vs plain armor to me
  9. Good Guy is actually G3 so I'd pay close attention to his design for clues and his close association to Duracel where he turns into a Toa of Electricity
  10. Elementals, would love to see Bohork meet Baterra (and get destroyed), and who know what other mysteries were held on Bara Magna. The Great Beings could have left many more fortresses with untold treasures and nightmares within. In the end, where Bionicle left off is great for fans to take off on their own.
  11. From 01-G2, I have all G2 sets minus the promo Hawk and Scorpion, and the 01 Rahi are still missing, along with exclusives like Mata Nui Titan and Voporahk
  12. This is a question that's always been debated during daydreams, and from all the elements it's been narrowed down to either Ice or Fire. I'm happy with either and it's the only nerdy thing I can be fully invested in when thinking about it
  13. Dude, that's freakin rad. Love the colors and rust, and overall great style. You should do more than one annual Bio-dude.
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