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  1. IC: Flynn Flames "Yeah!" I shout, we had no time to lose and these pirates would notice two of their crew were missing. I enthusiastically sprint down the hallway the pirates had come from, only checking back halfway down to make sure Bliss was following me.
  2. IC: Flynn Flames I checked my waist, some of mine had been damaged too. Fortunately, since I was further from the blast I had two available for both pirates. "Oh man" I mutter, before handing one of the cuffs to Bliss " ... two of em do, none left for any other villains on this ship though"
  3. OOC: Well guess I'll come back to this. If anyone's still here. IC: Flynn Flames I drag my smaller pirate prey back down the corridor. Seems Gabriel and Jimmy were displeased with each other, Gabriel was being ridiculous though, as if a pro hero like Stringer could make a mistake. "So what do we do with these two?"
  4. IC: Flynn Flames With a deafening burst I found flying through the air. I blacked out for a second as I flew with the smaller pirate down the corridor landing nearby. Picking myself up before the other pirate I could only wander if the pro heroes were always this much of a danger to their team mates. Checking myself I seem to be fine. I call down the corridor "I'm okay!"
  5. IC: Tio Looking back I could see that Kaen had escaped. Now I wouldn't feel too guilty about leaving him behind. I would call out to him but that might alert the guards, so instead I slowly made my way to him, hopefully he'd see me in the blizzard.
  6. I have trouble figuring out which of these robot things are the best in these series. It's a cool theme though, but I'm not sure its enough for several builds. Regardless this is very cool.
  7. Good use of purple, this looks really creepy, alien and slightly organic. Especially around the base, good use of claw pieces there. How much articulation does his have, I assume it has some to bend like that?
  8. It's pretty cute and cool, I wonder if the legs could be improved but I'm not sure how so feel free to ignore me there. Still this is a good build, all the better because a minifig can pilot it.
  9. Good use of the alien pieces here, it properly fits the theme. Integrating plasters into the arms is a nice touch too. It's a nice blend of Technic and system and for that I tip my hat. Well done!
  10. I feel like he could be better. The build just feels a bit rough, even though it's all custom I feel like the customizations you gave it could be better. It needs better armour for covering those exposed areas maybe.
  11. Really good, I feel like he should have kept his eyes though, but otherwise this is just great, the armoured carapace is the best part about him.
  12. This loos really good, I don't think I can suggest anything to improve it. It's quite amazing.
  13. I feel like it needs ornaments but otherwise it's just perfect as a bionicle Christmas tree. Well done!
  14. IC: Flynn Flames "THEN TASTE JUSTICE EVILDOER!" My fist burned red hot as I threw a righteous haymaker straight at the villains face.
  15. IC: Tio And now Denry was here, and it seems he has the memory of a goldfish. It also seemed that Kaen ahd not escaped ... which was bad since I still needed him. "Greetings Denry ..." I acknowledged the matoran as much as politeness demanded, and then turned my attention back to Nokhann "I'm out of elemental power, but it seems Kaen is still in danger, can you save him while I meditate?"
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