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  1. What about Hydraxonn? According to the books he was the one who taught the Toa Mata most of their combat skills.
  2. That thing is huge, even the complexity of creating a head for the Terrain Crawler Mask is just amaing. You sir have a amazing creation for this type of size.
  3. It's not human, it just very small for a visual representation of this mata nui titan robot. there were no humans, never were never will be.
  4. Teridax is the smartest. Even if he is very arrogant and confident you can't deny how much smart he was relying on the Toa victories turning into his favor.
  5. As much as it was liked, Bionicle G1 was a stroke of luck with good sets, lot of books and mass marketing when kids were reading books. This new age main audience of kids are video games and social media. It will be hard to get people to notice Bionicle as a big player in toy industry compared to star wars pokemon and other toys.
  6. If sets are missing parts i'd ask the seller for a refund
  7. He's more ambitious and clever. Add in a lot of patience, arrogance, boasting and gloating instead of insanity. Not unstable at all. His main flaw was that he did not foresee the flaw of having Rahkshi from his makuta essence linked to his mind and using rahi control instead. When Tahu incinerated them with the golden armor effect it caused him intense pain, giving Mata Nui the window of opportunity needed to knock him into the meteor despite the Prototype Universe Robot being inferior. Also we have this quote from him
  8. What Takanuinuva said. However, if the old-style black sockets were used, no one would know the difference, even if those particular pieces came from a different set. Yes the differences are rather slight other than the obvious gap removal and trimmed edges. Also balljoints wear down with age, different joints from different years might slightly affect how much 0.1% they're wearing down.
  9. 2010: Stormer Bulk and Srringer had a horrible thing in common hollowed out weapon arms. 2011: No complains but the heroes are rather small and generic. 2012: heroes being left out of the roster. Didn't like the Rhino motif for stormer a white tiger would've been better 2013: Breakout was amazing, but the cliffhanger was wasted 2014: Invasion from Below. Too many things went wrong...the minifigs in particular with restrictive chest armor.
  10. The main issue is they had inconsistencies, lackluster villain sets and Invasion From Below was a terrible experiment for Battle Mechs, it did not look ok how the hero's were getting even more humanoid eyes under the removeable helmets in the episode. Lack of Villain Factory not being used just really kiled it, IFB should have come after Villain Factory
  11. water is the safest way to get go when lubricating dusty sets, also moving the joints while submerged in water also works
  12. On the contrary those viking spikes on his head are sharp but the toy would break before you can feel them on his head. Takanuva's mask is spiky upside down, there's a reason the makuta set uses them as silver claws. However Ehlek's head thats something i dont want to step on. Visorak head could be considered painful... Vohtarak has twin spikes on head carapace (red one)
  13. Almost forgot about Fenrakk. That tooth pattern made from bohrok eyes is a a surefire way to get hurt if your're not careful. I always kept mine closed.
  14. Like many stated any Glatorian that has proven himself or at least earned the respect of at least 2 toa on the team could be invited into a team honorary or full time member.
  15. I really hope to win this for me and my friend. Those two never arrived here in iceland back in 2016 and my friend is only missing those two out of all the elemental creatures.
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