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  1. IC: Joskander (Sanctum) "Mm, we go to Po, yes." Joskander nodded twice- first to the guard, then to Dahkapa. "After you, brother." OOC: Joskander and Dahkapa to Po-Wahi! I'd rather let you decide the pace- I don't really know anything about Po right now xD @Daniel the Finlander
  2. IC: Joskander (Sanctum) "Nah. This sounds like something I'd want to stick around for." Joskander shrugged as nonchalantly as he could. Inwardly, he grimaced. In Ko, Dahkapa certainly seemed to be among friends... but a Brotherhood fortress was another thing entirely. OOC: @Daniel the Finlander I was actually on the fence about what I chose here because I've got so much writing to do for class these days >_>
  3. Huh. I was wondering about if any progress was being made there, but I didn't want to poke because I knew the answer was most likely "IRL is still getting in the way" and that's not really something anyone can do anything about. I'm pleasantly surprised to hear we're almost to things getting moving again! (also, here's hoping ya get well soon, kaithas!)
  4. IC: Joskander (Sanctum) Joskander frowned, considered, shrugged. "Once or twice while I was running errands for Ihu. Can't say I liked it much. Too much sun, too much sand, not enough water." OOC: @Daniel the Finlander RL got in the way of this one! Got a lot of different writing projects going on at once.
  5. IC: Joskander (Sanctum) Joskander chuckled quietly. "No one's free of bias, brother." I honestly can't tell if you're messing with me or not. "At any rate, hope you don't mind if I look over your shoulder." OOC: @Visaru@Daniel the Finlander
  6. IC: Joskander (Sanctum) Joskander looked from Dahkapa to the scholar... and, after a moment, he smiled. "Of course." OOC: @Visaru@Daniel the Finlander
  7. IC: Joskander (Sanctum) Joskander grunted. "It's not the waiting that's got me uneasy, brother." OOC: @Daniel the Finlander I wasn't actually originally planning to have Joskander respond here- it strikes me that I probably should have mentioned that to you a month ago, though. xP (In my defense, I still feel a little new to play-by-post forum RP stuff like this!)
  8. IC: Joskander (Sanctum) Joskander felt a slight grimace inch its way across his lips as he leaned back against a wall. Better to keep his distance for now, he wagered; he didn't feel like getting lumped in with a cultist. ...well. That thought had come out much more vicious than expected. It occurred to him that he was acting much like Charek had, shortly before the team split- always hanging back silently, always watching, waiting, plotting, judging... A sobering thought. But then again, it wasn't like he could think of any better options. Some part of him mused that perhaps Bhuko could have had the proper authorization to get Dahkapa into the Sanctum. Assuming that she was still considered part of the Guard... and that she was willing to vouch for a cultist... and that Joskander was willing to ask her to do so. Big ifs, there. He sighed. OOC: @Visaru @Daniel the Finlander
  9. IC: Joskander (Ko-Koro Gates) Joskander stared after Dahkapa, mug gripped tight in his twitching hands. Moments turned to months in his mind as he agonized over his decision... ...and then his mask flared to life. A moment later, the mug was gone, safely returned to the soup kitchen, and he was marching off after Dahkapa. "All right, all right, heck with it. Never got around to sightseeing before. Might as well do it now. Bleh." OOC: @Daniel the Finlander oh my god I am SO SORRY this took so long I have no idea what came over me D=
  10. Sorry to keep you waiting on a post btw, Daniel. I've been having trouble deciding what I want Joskander to do xD
  11. IC: Joskander (Ko-Koro gates) Joskander frowned bitterly down into his mug, watching bits of meat and tubers swirl slowly in the broth. He stole a quick glance at the guards beside the two Toa; if they'd been listening, they were doing a good job of looking like they hadn't. Not that he would have expected anything else of them, of course. After a long moment, he grunted, drained the rest of his mug in a single swig, and put a hand on Dahkapa's shoulder. "Brother. Promise me you're not gonna do anything stupid. Okay? I just..." The Toa of Air grit his teeth and tried his best to keep his voice low. Some part of him wanted to yell for the guards, to shout loud enough for the whole Koro to hear- but he wasn't willing to betray Dahkapa again just yet. "You talked about your- your conversion, or whatever, like it was a necessary evil. And I feel really, really uncomfortable with anything that could make you believe something like that could be justifiable. I'm worried, man. I'm really worried." OOC: @Daniel the Finlander
  12. IC: Joskander (Ko-Koro gates) Joskander grimaced. "Buddy, if it's something you can't talk about in public, I'm not particularly sure if it's a good idea." OOC: @Daniel the Finlander
  13. IC: Joskander (Ko-Koro gates) "Sanctum?" Sip. "What for?" OOC: @Daniel the Finlander
  14. IC: Joskander (Ko-Koro gates) "Oh, yeah, everyone's getting settled in pretty quick. Found this-" Joskander tapped the side of his mug- "at some cafeteria just a little ways over thataway." He pointed a thumb over his shoulder. "No name on it or anything. Think it might've started out as some sort of public service soup kitchen thing back when people were just starting to clean up around here, and the owners just decided to run with it. Good stuff." He took another swig and let the broth sit in his mouth for a moment before swallowing, savoring the taste. OOC: @Daniel the Finlander
  15. IC: Joskander (Ko-Koro Gates) Oh, that's right, they did run into each other along the way, didn't they? Joskander took a long swig of soup. He'd somehow forgotten that part of his conversation with Enforcer... if not what it had led to. Bury that thought for now. That's a fuse just waiting to blow. "Ah, don't worry about the food," he said, taking care not to shrug this time. "I always eat on my feet, and I'm in the mood for pacing anyways. Of course, if you want a table, I don't mind looking." OOC: @Daniel the Finlander
  16. IC: Joskander (Ko-Koro Gates) "Eeeh, sorta kinda." Joskander started to shrug, then winced when a little bit of soup splashed over the side of his mug. He tried to ignore the comment about Ak'rei'an. "That Toa of Sonics was definitely just some random guy that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I ended up taking him to Ko with me. We split up after we got inside, but I figure he's still somewhere around here." He sipped at his soup, then smirked and added, "Also, y'know how I mentioned the guys who ran the place were gone? Believe it or not, one of their leaders showed up again a little after you left- apparently, he was getting the gang started back up again. Go figure." OOC: @Daniel the Finlander
  17. IC: Joskander (Ko-Koro Gates) "...wha? Oh, dang, um, ah-" There was a clamor of wildly uncoordinated shuffling from behind Dahkapa, and suddenly Joskander was sliding up to his side, one arm frantically waving for balance, the other clutching a mug of steaming Mahi broth. A mildly perturbed guard grabbed his arm, and he steadied himself with a sheepish grin. "Oof. Thanks." He turned to Dahkapa, small rivulets of soup and turnip bits dripping over his fingers. "Heyo, brother. Had a feeling you'd show up the moment I stepped away." OOC: @Daniel the Finlander
  18. I was actually thinking Mar would've already gone off on his own by that point.
  19. So am I! He told me he's still hoping to eventually pick up where he left off with Mako in Ga-Koro, for the record.
  20. I actually gave him a poke about Mar not too long ago! He advised me to have Joskander move on without him, since he's busy IRL for now. (I'm currently having trouble drafting a post I'm happy with, though, so feel free to have Dahkapa meet him at the Ko-Koro gates if you want.)
  21. IC: Charek (Dark Walk) "Hey, what are you- hey, hey, settle down-" So this was apparently happening. Charek was quite certain he'd never had to deal with herding crowds of Matoran before, even back when he'd actually been a proper Toa rather than just a hired gun, and he was quickly finding the experience to be distinctly unenjoyable. The terrified guards barely seemed to notice him as they pushed past, and occupied as he was with his light and whatever in Mata Nui's name was going on in the chamber, he wasn't much of an obstacle for them. "Hey, uh, should someone-" "-oh. Ah. Yes, sir." Slamming his ball of starlight into the wall beside him, the Toa of Plasma reached out with one arm and fished a battered Ko-Matoran out of the throng; this Guardswoman had evidently not been part of the crowd of her own free will, and seemed quite thoroughly trampled. "Right, you're safe now-" Charek swore violently and recoiled as a shower of burning debris erupted in front of him. He instinctively heaved the Matoran he'd caught behind him with one arm and covered his face with the other; around the edges of his hand, he saw a pair of hulking monsters emerge from the new hole in the ceiling to land between him and the rest of the Toa in his team, the colors of their armor shifting rapidly. Ambush. Rahkshi. Gritting his teeth, the Toa looked behind him. The other Matoran were already flooding back into the Dark Walk, where- oh no oh no oh no- the Turaga in the mech suit was evidently fending off a Muaka and another Rahkshi all at once. Something in him itched to pull out his blaster and leap into the fray (to Karzahni with Skri and her warnings!), but he had a job to do, and that job didn't look like it'd be getting any easier in the near future. He turned back to the Matoran he'd grabbed, grabbed her by the waist, hissed a warning to stay at his side at all times should he happen to let her go, and sprinted out into the passageway. As his Kakama flared to life, his awareness and reflexes grew with his speed. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted hands of earth pulling the group's lone Ta-Matoran out of reach of the two Rahkshi at the entrance, his mask scarred and smoking from the ambush; around him, sections of metal ripped themselves from the walls to bind a pair of fleeing Matoran to the ground. The other Toa at work, undoubtedly; he had a feeling that Rahkshi were far smarter about their priorities than trapping fleeing Matoran. Good. Charek was fast, but his element wasn't well-suited for being gentle, and he certainly couldn't carry a dozen Matoran all on his own. Any help would be welcome at this point. Help confirmed. Excellent. "Change of plans," Charek told the Matoran he was holding, skidding to a halt. He spun and reared back for a throw. "Ronan!" he called. "Catch!" Throwing Matoran like bamboo disks was also a first for him. Hopefully his fellow Toa had a bit more experience catching. OOC: @Goose @Visaru @Perp @Light IC: Joskander (Ko-Koro gates) Ko-Koro. At long last. Joskander looked up at the battered gates and ground his teeth- more from the cold than out of trepidation, admittedly, but it was hardly a place he had fond memories of. The first time he'd stood before these walls, they had been burning. Even now, he could still smell a trace of soot on the wind. He remembered that, just a few days before leaving for Ta-Koro, he'd asked Bhuko if she'd wanted to visit her old home. She'd refused. He hadn't pressed the matter; he had a feeling he knew her reasoning already. After everything Ko-Koro had been through, was it truly her home anymore? Would it ever be? The Toa of Air turned to his companion, still trudging his way through the snowdrifts, his faithful pet at his side. "Mar," Joskander said. "Welcome back to Ko." OOC: @Geardirector @Daniel the Finlander
  22. IC: Cephala (Tidalpool Inn) Cephala eased back into her chair, one hand itching towards her notebook. She'd spent a solid chunk of time grilling a pair of foreign old coots for information, and only now that someone else was gearing up to do that very thing did she feel self-conscious about it. Go figure. In any case, it wasn't her show right now, and she let the hand at her notebook fall. Probably best to sit back and let her friends do the talking; it wouldn't do to beat them to their own story, after all. OOC: @Mel @Geardirector @Toatapio Nuva
  23. IC: Cephala (Tidalpool Inn) ...oh dear. Cephala sighed bitterly. "Well," she said, doing her best to keep her tone chipper, "not too long ago it wound up violently occupied by a bunch of cultists- mostly Makuta worshippers, with a couple other assorted crazies and undesirables here and there. They all got cleared out a couple months back, but it was pretty awful while it lasted." Her voice faltered a little as not-nearly-old-enough memories began to stir. "I have this friend," she muttered. "Toa of Air, all smiles and cheers and crazy flailing, the goofiest guy you'd ever meet. He wound up stumbling into Ko while it was falling. Next time I saw him..." She closed her eyes as she remembered that first night- Joskander standing quietly in her living room, arms limp, legs shaking, armor cracked and scorched, body silhouetted by the lightning outside. When she had asked him about the blood on his hands, he had told her, in a voice that creaked like a crumbling snowdrift, the names of every single person he had buried in the Ihu-Koro cemetery over the prior two weeks. He never ate. He never slept. He just stood there, staring into nothing, until his knees finally gave out after nine hours and he collapsed into her arms. No. Stop that. Breathe. This isn't what they need to hear right now. Breathe, darn you. She breathed. "...doesn't matter right now." The words felt like a lie as she said them, but she could apologize to Joskander later. "If your friend didn't go to Ko during the occupation, I wouldn't be too worried about her getting tortured by a bunch of death worshippers or something-" why did I say that "-but the Wastes can still be pretty dangerous if you're new to the area. Freak snowstorms, avalanches, disguised cliffs, exposure to the elements, enormous Rahi predators, just plain getting lost... We've got traveler-friendly roads and stuff, sure, but Ko-Wahi's definitely one of the most hostile environments on the island. Here's hoping she had a decent guide." OOC: @Geardirector @Mel
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