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    Heh. Something new ehh? I don't believe that I have changed this since 2006. Well, I guess it's time to resolve a few things.

    Well. I find myself a married man, and one much changed since 2005. All for the better, I might add. Perhaps with the exception of the involvement of such an incredible community such as Bzp was for me. Enjoy it while you still feel inclined. Be as much a pivotal part as you can, just remember that the memories that you can form will follow you. Nostalgia is a powerful agent. So, do your best to remain connected, be genuine, and use proper grammar.

    Oh gosh, please use proper grammar.

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  1. Well, that run was underwhelming (particularly given the initial enthusiasm of just a year ago), but it was bound to happen. Throughout, I never was invested in the lackluster story of the reboot and the villains never interested me in either set or story line. It felt just so phoned in. Well, at least I got two Tahu sets out of it. I call them both BIONICLE Stars.
  2. Hello, old friend! I can't PM you but I would love to get back in touch.

  3. Thanks all of you! It was pencil on cardstock. It was a lot of fun dealing with such intense shadows. A fair amount of detail was lost in the noise of the scan/quality of image attempting blah blah. Short version, I can't edit anything digitally. At all!
  4. Last minute cram resulting in something that I am predominantly disappointed in. Just like old times. Still, it was fun to draw BIONICLE again! It's been too long. Member Name: ~Po~ Entry Image Entry Topic
  5. Back before time began, in the mythical age of 2002, BIONICLE was entering its well earned second year of production. I can remember my adorable baby self pining for new information on the new sets but the only strings of evidence were some fairly cryptic posters depicting the now obvious Bohrok line of toys. One image was seared into my impressionable mind like ... Never mind. Here's a picture! (And yes, I realize that the Bohrok will never return. NEVAR) It would appear that, despite the great advances in technology throughout the last ten years of mankind's ingenuity, personal scanners are just as terrible as I remember. My only solace is that it looks like what I intended in real life. Ha! Also, I can't add text for the life of me. Even to this day.
  6. Gali. You can never trust someone that everyone likes... But in all seriousness, probably not Tahu. The growth of his character throughout the original Mata Nui arc was interesting and fairly well fleshed out as he learned to accept the responsibility of his role, recognize the importance of the team as a whole, and stave the ever-present impulsiveness of his soul. And yes, I did intend for that to rhyme. Mic drop.
  7. Right where I left you, huh BZP? Right where everyone else left you too.

  8. Right where I left you, huh BZP?

  9. Hoh man. I was going to return to BZP in a mildly anti-climactic blaze of mediocrity, but there is not much time. Wait, there's plenty of time. Sure, why not?
  10. What's on your mind?

  11. CzaR

    Heya Po! Im still waiting for new art!

  12. Yes, though I think it should be giant trashcans...

  13. Given the fact that the primary emphasis on your current name is still Dalek... Giant saltshakers... :P

  14. Can you recognize me without looking at my Display Name History? =D

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