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  • Birthday 04/20/1992

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    Driftveil City, Unova
  • Interests
    My Primary interests:
    - LEGO Bricks
    - Star Wars
    - Pokemon (Video Game Series/TV Show)
    - Reading books (On occasion)
    - Doing Math (Like Geometry and Algebra)
    - Writing stories
    - Drawing
    - Giving gifts to my friends
    - Helping people out
    - Computer-Aid Drafting/Hand-Aid Drafting
    - Seeing how things work
    - Building things

    My favorite movies:
    - The Back to the Future Series
    - Harry Potter Series
    - Star Wars Series
    - Bionicle Series
    - Indiana Jones Series
    - Sci-Fi Movies
    - The Dark Knight
    - I, Robot
    - Rocky Balboa Series
    - Terminator Series
    - The Lion King
    - Mulan
    - Toy Story I-III

    My favorite T.V. Shows:
    - Smallville
    - Supernatural
    - House MD
    - Kyle XY
    - Prison Break
    - Avatar: The Last Air Bender
    - Law and Order (The Original/SVU)
    - Charmed
    - Bones
    - Home Improvement
    - George Lopez
    - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
    - FRINGE
    - Ben 10
    - Ben 10: Alien Force
    - Chowder
    - Star Wars: The Clone Wars (The old miniseries and the current one.)
    - Dollhouse
    - Gillian's Island
    - The Brady Bunch
    - Royal Pains
    - NCIS
    - Burn Notice
    - Warehouse 13
    - White Collar
    - Covert Affairs
    - Psych
    - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
    - Alcatraz
    - Adventure Time
    - The Following

    Songs, I like:
    - "Closer to the Truth," by Cryoshell
    - "Gravity Hurts," by Cryoshell
    - "Billy, Don't Be a Hero," by Paper Lace
    - "O Death" by Jen Titus
    - "The Cycle of Life" from the Lion King
    - "Be Prepared" from the Lion King
    - "I'll make a Man out of you" from Mulan
    - "Never Too Late," by Three Days Grace
    - "Kryptonite," by 3 Doors Down
    - "Hero," by Nickelback
    - "Wanted Dead Or Alive," by Bon Jovi
    - "Wheel in the Sky," by Journey
    - "Stranglehold," by Ted Nugent and Derek St. Holmes
    - "You Shook Me All Night Long," by AC/DC
    - "Thunder Struck," by AC/DC
    - "Carry on My Wayward Son," by Kansas
    - "No Surprises," by Radiohead
    - "Under Pressure," by Queen and David Bowie
    - "Baba O'Riley," by The Who
    - "Behind Blue Eyes," by The Who
    - "Piano Man," by Billy Joel
    - "You Can't Always Get What You Want," by The Rolling Stones
    - "T.N.T.," by AC/DC
    - "Back in Black," by AC/DC

    Books, I like:
    - BIONICLE Books(My favorite of these books is "Time Trap".)
    - Harry Potter books
    - Star Wars books
    - Jurassic Park Books
    - History books
    - Some other stories/books

    My favorite subjects in school are:

    My favorite authors are:
    - Greg Farshtey
    - J.K. Rowling
    - Michael Crichton

    My Favorite Kanohi:
    - Hau
    - Huna

    If you are new to BZPower and ever having any questions about the place, feel free to leave a comment of your questions in this profile to me. I will happily answer them for you. Well, thanks for visiting my interests list, sir or ma'am. I hope you all are having a good day. -JMJ 2016

    Fact of the Day: JMJ tends to rate everyone five stars in their profiles.
    Fact of the Day #2: JMJ used to welcome new members to BZPower by commenting in their profiles, since he can't PM them, thanks to the New Member Policy. He hasn't gotten lazy now, so this hasn't happen much anymore.
    Fact of the Day #3: JMJ helped run Bionicle Kingdoms: Requiem with Vezok's Friend and The Power that is and JMJ likes helping them think of new ideas for the plot.
    Fact of the Day #4: JMJ is 5'7".
    Fact of the Day #5: JMJ wears 10W shoes.
    Fact of the Day #6: JMJ's favorite Order of Mata Nui member is Axonn.
    Fact of the Day #7: JMJ's favorite Brotherhood of Makuta member is Teridax, the Makuta of Metru Nui.
    Fact of the Day #8: JMJ's favorite Bionicle Robot is Maxilos.
    Fact of the Day #9: JMJ's favorite Glatorian is Gelu.
    Fact of the Day #10: JMJ types only with his pointer fingers.
    Fact of the Day #11: JMJ generally likes stories involving time travel.

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Hello, visitors. Welcome to my new and improved profile.

As I have mention originally in this profile, I am a both a Bionicle fan and Star Wars fan, which is why my username is Jedi Master J. here. I wouldn't say I know everything about Star Wars, but I have seen all the movies and I like them all for the most part.

But anyway, I can tell at least somewhat I look like in case, you are wondering. I have glasses, dark brown hair, and blue eyes. I am also right-handed. That's all I am saying on my appearance. Side notes about myself include: I am 23 year old and I have an associate degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Also notable to mention is that I went to Public school and I was raised as a Roman Catholic, but I view myself as mostly being agnostic.

I recently read: Nothing at the moment

Mood of the day: Happy/Bored/Sleepy (Its varies, but I tend be sleepy the most.)

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