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Eljay: Toa of Mangosteen

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  1. Wha-? What are you talking about?

  2. If you want to know the full, PM me. If you want to know what it is, Pm me or go to my comics.

  3. No, not yet..... I think. I don't konw!

  4. i sorry, D-exo. But I just voted for Resev. I and don't know. But you wouldn't like it =D

  5. Where is the land of mangosteen?


  7. Not if you get a shield!

    *is about to do a Nova blast*

  8. *throws mangosteen at Kittens, but teams up with Merc. And gets ready to do a mangosteen nova blast*

  9. I am so glad I am not in school! I feel sorry for all of those in school!

  10. That's so cool! I love homeschooling!

  11. Yumm!!!!! I like mangosteen!

  12. I mean do you want me to throw a mangosteen at him/her?

  13. Hey, Merc. You need me to throw at this..... Guy?..........Gal?....

  14. Now, it is over! Yaa! Thank you, guys! Thank you so much!

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