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  1. Probably read a book and whine a lot about the internet not working. WWYDI you had never read this question?
  2. Why would I want to be that which I already am? Do you enjoy the glorious taste of pumpkin pie?
  3. Granted, but everyone else can move around freely as well. I wish I could have a mug that would fill with iced tea whenever I wanted it to.
  4. You've single-handedly ruined Tahu 2015 for me
  5. How many valve games can I reference here and stay on topic, lel Nah man you're thinking of headcrabs. Facehuggers are from Alien.
  6. The new skull kraatas are basically facehuggers.
  7. So much went down in that trailer that I don't even know where to begin.
  8. For about half a second until the terrible aftertaste sets in . Do you ever think about the sheer enormity of the universe?
  9. Ah yes, sport. I enjoy sport. Do you sport? (I enjoy Hockey and Baseball) TPBM Has had their wisdom teeth removed.
  10. "This one -- this one has many layers. He is cold. But I sense his frosty exterior may hide a blazing fire deep within..." Flickr Gallery Kopaka Mata was my earliest set (discounting the McToran), and as such, I thought it would be fitting to recreate him in all his icy glory. I really need to get a good light tent.
  11. IC:Vieraz appeared in Ga-Koro. His mask of Quick-Travel allowed him to get from a village in Po-Wahi to where he was now in a relatively short amount of time. It allowed him to continuously teleport to the farthest reaches of his vision until he reached the Koro. "Hmmm," he said under his breath. "Now where can I find a drink and a good place to watch a fight?"-
  12. IC:Vieraz woke up, strode around his cave dwelling, and collected some supplies in a pack. He fastened a grey cloak around his neck, slung the pack over his shoulders and headed out, carefully resealing the entrance. Once satisfied that it would be impossible to find, he turned and began teleporting in the direction of Ga-Koro.OOC:Vieraz to Ga-Wahi-
  13. IC:Vieraz had reached his destination, a seemingly ordinary boulder in the middle of the desert. Man, were they power tripping all over the place, he thought. Flaunting their 'Article 16 subsection A' like it gives them authority to tell me what I can and can't listen to. He used his Sonics powers to deaden all sound around him so he could unlock the entrance to a cave he used as a home without triggering the locking mechanism, which activated at the slightest sound-based vibration. Once inside, he resealed the entrance and slumped down on his bed. "I've had a long day..." he muttered to himself.-
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