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    Bzp:<br /><br />Joined on 9/11. Officaly 4-years old on here now. YOu'll find me posting from the Lego General Topic here and the general topic. Star Wars Lego usually amazes me in the detail they put. A tad bit expensive... :(<br /><br />Personal Life:<br /><br />Between School and Bzp. Don't have much time to go on. On the weekends, but I got band that covers all of Saturday and the week. <br /><br />Video Games<br /><br />ODST<br />Marvel Ultimate alliance 2<br />METROID PRIME SERIES!!!<br />Castle Crashers<br /><br />Gamertag on XBOX 360<br /><br />Aero6040 (send me an invite saying who you are on BZP)<br /><br />Hobbies:<br /><br />I write Fanfics occanionally when I get the time and doodle for fun. Trying to MOC.<br /><br />~Aero~

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  1. Enlighten me......3 days till what.

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