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  1. oh wow cool, tie-dye! I do well with XL, I think.
  2. OMG thank you so much for your kind words! Hey guys! I'm currently updating the first page to contain all art, current pages, and general updated information. Thought that would help some folks. Also I forgot to show this piece to everyone! Click to see the larger version.
  3. Hey guys! News, status, and what's going on with the comic can be read on its website: http://www.catalystwebcomic.com/news-archive/posts/151383/1-6-18-news/ Thought you guys might like to know. Cheers!
  4. HEY GUYS LET'S MAKE 2018 AMAZING. Because 2017 was one of the most exhausting years I've had to contend with. Between current events, moving six hours away to a new town, a medical withdrawal from college (after attempting to return from a six year hiatus), my dad getting a serious cancer, financial problems (but at least I have generous family and friends to keep me homeless), health still NOT improving, friend struggles, and...I'll just cut the list early there. Suffice to say you get the idea. It wasn't all bad and I need to remember the good, but yeah, let's not do a repeat of that again. I hope your 2017 was better at least--and if you're struggling like me, let's stick together and hope 2018 is kinder. We can do this! I haven't canceled CATALYST, but with my health and life situations I've fallen dismally behind. I hope to be back in the groove soon. Either to continue it or have a new plan. Take care all~
  5. Sorry it took me forever to get back to you and well...everyone. Life is kind of a shambling mess, haha. I'll see what I can do and fix the issue. Not sure why the link isn't working but we'll get this sorted!
  6. After wrestling to get this comic out for a variety of reasons, I finally did it. I want to thank everyone for their patience and encouragement! You can read the comic here. Weekly updates on Wednesday + random updates in between.There’s still a few quirks on the site I’m fixing. Apologies!Comments are appreciated!If there’s any concerns, questions, or the like, do not hesitate to let me know!Alternatively, here are the first pages:
  7. August 2nd!!! Okay guys! Just updating to say I finally have a stable release date for my Bionicle webcomic. The entire prologue (roughly 15 pages) will be released August 2nd. It coincides with Brickfair Virginia! Chapter 1 will then be updated everyday during Brickfair (until the 6th). From there, the updates will slow down to twice or three times a week, with the occasional break to keep a healthy buffer up. I'm so excited to show this project to all of y'all! Thank you so much for the patience, encouragement, help--everything!
  8. Thank you kindly for the compliment! I'd say I found inspiration for Makuta mixing a bit of Ganondorf and Count Dooku. And sadly my health problems are chronic. ): But I'm still trying my best to fight back and find a healthy balance. Thank you, Inferna! I agree. Taking care of myself takes precedence. Sadly I wish I could squeeze in more time to art! Okay guys! Just updating to say I finally have a stable release date. The entire prologue (roughly 15 pages) will be released August 2nd. It coincides with Brickfair Virginia! Chapter 1 will then be updated everyday during Brickfair (until the 6th). From there, the updates will slow down to twice or three times a week, with the occasional break to keep a healthy buffer up.
  9. LOL, SPIRIT do you guys think I should risk doing both? I think I'll actually have time to spare with my temporary schedule. As long as health doesn't get in the way...hmm.
  10. can you kiddos believe it's been close to 10 years since the upload of 'Glitch in the System'? Wow.

  11. I'm curious if original characters are okay, not encouraged, or a no? Things seem pretty open but I'm also curious.
  12. I'm kinda excited for 'The Legend Continues' contests. Usually I'm not very competitive...but guys...that prize is an artbook. I'm a sucker for those. Bionicle artbook? Welp. Curious...should I enter the art or writing contest? I honestly have good ideas for both, but guess it depends what I'm feeling or what will be best suited for the idea in the end. I'd appreciate any input or what you'd be most interested in from me. Art would likely be the obvious one, but writing still holds a special place in my heart. Hint on my rough idea: it involved thunder and lightning. Any guesses? Cheers guys! I also can't wait to see all the entries!!!
  13. I'm also curious if it can be a collection of works. Regardless, you'll be seeing an entry from me!
  14. Lady Kopaka

    summary: mood

    I feel this deeply. Hope you can get your creativity back and flowing soon! Take it easy!
  15. Blast from the past! I stream regularly with art, and someone requested I draw my old persona of 'Lady Kopaka'. In the process, I based it off an 2006 image too. Done in Photoshop CC2017, about two hours to complete? Nothing fancy. However, it was good nostalgia. Cheers!
  16. Lady Kopaka

    moving east

    Well, there's some music history in Nashville you probably should learn a little about... Although I know very little about eastern Tennessee. It's close to the western NC border, but that doesn't do that much for you...although Asheville's not a bad place to visit. Tennessee is a southern state, very rich in its history--very much so related to things like the Appalachian people, the Civil War, and most importantly, M U S I C. Considering towns like Nasvhille, Memphis, and even Chattanooga, this is the place to go in the states if you want to get your music on stage or published (I will argue for all types of music, not just country or bluegrass). We're also called the 'volunteer state', because we usually are the first to respond to calls of need or war. We also have the Smoky Mountains National Park. I have grown up most of my life in TN so honestly I'm a bit biased and probably am exaggerating the importance of the state, but you know. But there's some random facts for y'all. Thank you! And yes. 6 hour drive instead of 11? I'll take it.
  17. I'll be entering! But dang, bfamone that's some good work~!
  18. Lady Kopaka

    moving east

    Right now I'm living south of Nasvhille. I love it here, but it's too expensive. and I don't like the surrounding areas much either to live in. My initial plan was to go out west, to Denver, but that dream has fallen short. Smaller steps, I reckon. East coast is great too though! My brother and I are moving pretty much to the edge of Tennessee, Johnson City. ETSU is there and it's a small town with mountains!!! I'm sold, honestly. if things work out, we move mid-July. Found a nice apartment and everything. Speaking of ETSU, I'll be attending! I'm likely just going to start out part-time, but I (unless things change or I don't like the major) will be going for a B.F.A., concentration graphic design. maybe a minor in digital media. It's a weird thought...I haven't been in college since 2011. I'm excited to return. If you live in the surrounding area, let me know! I'm definitely going to need contacts. Also, I bet we could work something out to get you to roadtrip to Brickfair! That'd be fun! IDK, just throwing that option out there. Cheers
  19. I don't own ME:A yet, but I watched my brother for the first few hours. Was very disappointed with the character creator. What happened to the amazing one (imo) we had for Inquisition?
  20. tfw when you're like: 'want to catch up with old friends/acquaintances...i know this person...but they changed their username so i can't confirm...and i'm too shy to ask who they were are so...welp...'

    1. Illuminatus


      Well there's a display name history feature for that. :)

    2. Lady Kopaka

      Lady Kopaka

      Thanks, always forget about that feature. Now my lurking/stalking can be at its full potential !!!

  21. Hey man. The art is fantastic--I think my favourite part about it is the sense of encased/closed composition, which is a interesting contrast for Lewa, but it works super well. Seriously looks like the legit concept art. I honestly exhaled in like...a sense of relief in seeing your art. It's hard to explain. It's likely a sense of nostalgia and 'dang I really love seeing this kind of quality work'. Hope you've been well. I've been so out of it and my memory issues haven't helped either. Thank you for giving me a sense of good feels on BZP again.
  22. I think you succeeded well in the unique style twist. Much more robotic--definitely a more sci-fi appeal than either humanized or normal Bionicle depictions. Very good work. And I appreciate your solid understanding of shading, shadowing. I would say to risk doing more contrast, but I do like the faded appearance. Glad to see you still drawing. We should catch up sometime. (:
  23. hey i remember you!! high fives~!
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