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Chuck Books Clorox Bleach Doctors Hair Drawing Hieroglyphics Eating Ulquiorra ESP UniverseI'm a Chronie, sort of like a Trekkie or a Whovian, although you don't get chronic pain from those. Basically my lower intestine hates me so it is in my best interest to take the rather large pretty blue pills they prescribe me. I've been in remission, without symptoms for almost two years and I am fairly lucky not to have any problems or complications. Look up Crohn's Disease if you want to know more. Now that we've covered that fun bit of stuff let's move on!Science! One of my favorite subjects in school, even if I didn't always get perfect grades I passed with B's and A's. It is still a big interest in my life, although I am not a science major. I attend the Art Institute Online Division, where I am studying to get my Associate's in Graphic Design. College is supposed to be hard and tough learning, but so far I have found it all extremely easy. Then again that could be because none of the courses features test and I am part-time so I only have one class per session. I plan on going fulltime once I garner enough aid and funding to do so. After which, I plan on getting my Bachelors'. (If you're still in high school, I suggest you work your wrists off applying for scholarships and start working on that stuff early. I dropped out and got my GED so I did not have counselors, advisors, or teachers to help me out and believe me, you'll want all the help you can get.)I think that puts us on the subject of art When I was younger I wanted to draw comic books. In 8th grade I read about graphic design in our career aptitude test and realized that's what I wanted to do, regardless of the test results. So yes, I can draw; you could call me an artist. I tend not to draw unless I have an inspiration or a need to draw. I'm not some fancy artist like so and so over there, but when I have to I'm more than capable.Music is an art form so let's talk about it next. Alternative. Rock. I pretty much listen to one or the other or some combination of both. As long as it sounds good I'll listen to it. I'll list a few bands I enjoy: Band of Skulls, The Dead Weather, Red Knife Lottery, Escape the Fate, Death Cab for Cutie, Flyleaf, The Hives, Jet, Linkin Park, The Myriad, YeahYeahYeahs, The Sounds, and Paramore. <3 Hayley   Also a sucker for classical: pianos, violins, etc. now that's what I call music.BOOKS. I'd rather spend any day with a good book more than anything. I am an avid reader and by my last count I own nearly 200 books, not including academic textbooks. I'd list all the books but that's nearly impossible to keep updated, unless you work in a library, which is actually a dream job of mine oddly enough Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult, Science Fiction, I prefer those genres over anything else although I do venture into other sections from time to time. Harry Potter, Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy, Morgan Rowlands, Gregor, Artemis Fowl, Sophie Newman, Josh Newman, Odd Thomas, Alex Rider, Eragon, Bella, Maximum Ride, Jack, Seph McCauley, Linda, Tom Anderson, Kate Folan,  and oh so many other characters I could name. If you can identify one of those characters that isn't overtly popular, you can have a cookie or something.Forgetting something hereRight video games and entertainment: I like video games, TV shows, and movies. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, etc you get the idea by now right? Anime is awesome too btw. Supernatural, Bleach, Doctor Who, Doctor Who, Doctor Who, Caprica, Chuck, Attack of the Show! There are a lot of shows I enjoy watchcing, so too many to name.I'd mention Friend codes and gamer tags for video games but dialup is the bane of my life, so I don't often use that sort of thing even though I would like to. There is not much point in mentioning them here. I do play Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, NFS, Star Wars Battlefront, Halo, and Lego [Insert Title Here]I guess Lego and Bionicle here is as good as time as any. So it first started during Christmas back when you don't remember much of your childhood. Well I distinctly remember getting a yellow Lego submarine for Christmas and the rest is history. I purchased and received Lego sets from thereon in and once Bionicle came out I was hooked on it. My system purchases slacked off though and I gave away all my old sets to make room for Bionicle. I plan on getting back into system sets but I don't plan on giving away Bionicle, even if I don't make the best mocs.Kids. I babysit my cousin's three year old almost every day of the week. Kids seem to like me and find me interesting I can't say the feeling is mutual sometimes a kid staring at you is just plain creepy.I'm your typical average everyday ordinary nerd/geek or whatever label you want to apply. I really don't care. I know what I am, they know what they are, so let me be.Also, I can read your mindOr I'm just an extremely good guesser.I bet you're thinking: "I can't believe he didn't mention his interest in RPGs!"

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