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  1. Hello, old MSN friend!

  2. Long time no talk. Remember me? :P

  3. Tak-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I used to read your blog. Then I lost track of you. Now I saw you. And now I realized that at some point I added you to my friends list. Hi. =)

  4. Hey, everybody! It's been a long time! A really long time! I just wanted to update you on a few things, and explain why you never see me posting, blogging, or PMing anymore. I've transferred out to a public high school, and now am in a ton of choirs and show choirs in the school. It keeps me very busy. I've also increased my social life highly, and am working toward getting sing lessons and a job soon. This is all keeping me from BZPower. I will no long really be posting anymore. I might respond to PMs, but if you need to reach me (emphasis on "need"), email me at phillipar33@gmail.com. Since I don't have much time for BZP anymore, I'm also no longer paying for Premier Membership. To all of my close friends here, it's been a wonderful ride, and I don't love anyone here any less than I did when I sorta dropped off the face of the earth. Sincerely, Tak-E Tak•E •TAKi• ♥TAKi♥ Takia Legend Kitana Toa Zeo of Ice Toa Omaga of Ice Phil
  5. Tak-E

    Yabba Dabba Doo

    Just a small warning, since you've been gone lately, but comment drives aren't allowed anymore (link). Just wanted to say that Welcome back, by the way! -Taki
  6. Oh boy. I remember getting rubber bands. They'll kill. Mine literally made me cry. But you HAVE to keep them in your mouth, no matter how much they hurt. It's better to have them hurt consistently for two days than to have to feel the pain on and off for a week. -Taki
  7. happy birthday

  8. I haven't read this in ages. But honestly, whenever I decide to check up on you, it makes me feel good. Because you're growing. And you're learning. And you are becoming the man I knew you would become. -Phil
  9. Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Hey, I'm posting on BZP. Oh my gosh! Haha. I'm glad your view on the year is starting out good. It shows a good change in your life, in your mindset, and in your heart. And you're stronger and better for the trials you went through last year. Let's just hope that those same trials aren't as dramatic this year... I'm trying to start out the year with an optimistic view. But after 2008 being so amazing (even though there were some very difficult parts), I'm not so sure any year will ever be able to top it. But hopefully I'll get proven wrong, as usual.
  12. Do you read your comments? O_o Also, you haven't updated your blog since October!

  13. Interesting personal photo...

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