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  1. OOC: I'll get some IC action here after school. Just had enough time to clarify some confusion before anyone acts on it further @Lavama,Yes, the Corvette (an old Covenant ship), Graceful Buzzard, destroyed it with plasma torpedos so that the ship could make a clean get-away without being fired at. Also Lavama, sorry about the confusion concerining Gauss turrets but: There's both one set up outside (where Insurrectionists aren't infighting, but rather pushing on the hotel), and one inside the building (where the Innies ARE infighting). The one inside was meant to surprise and cripple the coming UNSC reinforcements. So the gauss turret O'Brien and Willy would find is outside and surrounded by unified hostiles.@Fluttershy,Is it Shawn or Shaun? XP I swear I've seen it used both ways now.
  2. OOC: Haven, who's your character (ODST, Marine, what?) and where at the AA site do you remember him being?
  3. OOC:@Leonidas,Where were your characters last? Rex would be on the bridge in the now-secured Frigate. Not sure who else you have so I can't help you get them up to speed just yet @Lonewanderer,I must've made one tiny oversight when approving your profile: Nobody can start as a Sergeant Major. That is the highest non-starting rank, and I must've not noticed when I was reviewing your app. Sorry, my bad!! But is it possible if you could settle for being a Master Sergeant?IC: [spartans - Captured Frigate]Edward gracelessly caught the scrap and immediately dropped it to the ground. "Spartan, just what are you digging around in there for? Find something?"Aaron visibly dropped his shoulders next to Edward and Shaun, a gesture of resigned annoyance. He then opened a COMM channel addressing the other Spartans. "Party up in two-man kill squads and check the main halls of this ship just to be sure we got them. Use your training and be alert: Just because the ship says we're secure, doesn't guarantee that we are."He opened a private COMM with Shaun and said, "Could you and Delta 08 set this thing to land? Our work is done here, and the others can handle the hallway check; it's only a frigate we're on after all."IC: [south Rome Street - Hotel - Upper Floors]A drone feed clicked on inside the helmets of the Marines upstairs. Uplink requests were also sent to the Hellbringers, who had appeared on Myles' team roster (courtesy of a temporary update by Graham). The video feed showed that the Drone had not changed positions nor had been noticed from where it spied on the floor earlier.As soon as the plasma shots had wrang out, Insurrectionist MPs pulled for their weapons. They were shouting angrily at the Kig-Yar now, as one of the soldiers lay on the ground clutching his side: carbonized bits of bone and gaping burn wound littered his chest cavity. The Kig-Yar squacked back in their hoarse, alien voices. Some of them now had their plasma shields to bear, weapons raised. Finally, tension snapped: One Insurrectionist human threw down his pistol and pulled a knife on the Kig-Yar that had moments ago been standing peacefully next to him. The knife buried itself deep in the vulture-like alien's neck. His fellow humans immediately moved to cover him with assault rifles and SMGs pouring covering fire that pinged harmlessly off energy shields. The humans and Kig-yar that had been standing together near the Gauss turret who were formerly arguing now found themselves locked in a brutal melee struggle of sorts as one of the Kig-Yar fought with the lead human over his rifle whilst the other Kig-Yar tried to aim a shot and the other human- dressed more like a technician than a fighter- could only stare with a shocked expression.IC: [sgt. Maj. Antony Graham]Now, the situation was worsening. Graham had figured out why he couldn't get ahold of any reinforcements: The insurrectionist force had set up a jammer perimeter within a kilometer radius of the site. He had been informed of this when a couple of Marines had entered through the side of the Hotel: More survivors pulling in. With them they held the remnants of a jammer they had destroyed on the way. Communication was still possible inside the radius; it was communicating with the outside that was no longer a possibility.To add to that, an old Covenant ghost fluttered uncertainly outside, occasionally strafing at the wall before speeding out of the line of sight when defenders fired upon it. The building rocked harshly again and a black column of smoke now drifted into the sky as the gauss turret fired on them again. A significant number of insurrectionists- Elites, Jackals, and humans primarily- now fired potshots as they slowly moved up from cover and closed in on the defenders. They needed help now!Then, his call was answered: A Spartan, Delta-013, called in from within the dark zone. The other boys may not appreciate it, but we need that Spartan and he'll likely need us. Graham responded to the open COMM, "Spartan, we're located in a hotel on the side of Rome Street! I'm uploading coordinates now, proceed here with caution! We're surrounded by the last push of the Insurrectionist force. They've got us pinned down with superior firepower, numbers, and gun placements. I repeat: Proceed with caution!"IC: [scarab - Belly]The Sangheili visibly froze for a moment, and bowed his head in what could be considered a new respect. "A fellow soldier who has fought under B'kar Vilaekt.. it is an honor." The Sangheili didn't sit on it for long before realizing Shor had said, was not feeling right by me."What did you mean when you said you left, brother? Did you and the Commander disagree on something? I'm astonished you were 'discharged' rather than flayed alive."
  4. OOC: Alright, only two more days to go until I have room to breath. :PAlso, @Lavama: Actually, I posted him leaving at one point XD He left with an escort when he saw the battle was starting to turn south, leaving a few of his MPs in the Diner along with Spink's Insurrectionist character and the captured Marine girl prisoner.IC: [Cavalier Diner - Insurrectionist HQ]One of the remaining "Military Police" units looked over to the hulking insurrectionist Elite. He cocked his head to the side, "You expecting them to know we're here? Nobody's gonna be looking for that girl we have for awhile. If anything, they're more concerned about us hurtin' them on Rome Street. Evac should be here soon though.. we're done here, ya know?"IC: [PFC Raz O'Brien]"Nahh, I'm staying in this. Can't let the dastards get away with what they did to Mark. C'mon, we should move before a Jackal finds us easy pickings from the rooftops."Raz secured his grip and kept his rifle out, at the ready. They had trained for piggybacked combat, but it wasn't easy. If anything, he could at least put the curious buggers into cover.IC: [Graceful Buzzard - In LEO above New Venis]The gravity lift had deployed near a building that had collapsed onto its side, providing a massive all of cover for those boarding. It was a narrow arc to move around for the retreating aggressors to find safety and sanctity. Unfortunately, as they moved to the turning point, a sniper shot rang out and one of Macabethus' two guards collapsed as a bullet tore through his throat. He crumpled to the ground, with one of his pack-mates attempting to gather him up and carry him to safety. A Major growled and told him it was too late for Talam, who had been felled too early in life.But now, they were around the edge of the building: It would be a short journey to the gravity lift, to safety.IC: [AA Turret Ruins - O.N.I. Officers]The officer with Lyn nodded his thanks, but didn't respond when he got a reply from his Captain. "We're calling off the chase on the Brutes, according to my CO. You ready for some evac, soldier? As soon as that Corvette clears the airspace, pelicans will be inbound. Until then.."He nodded to the platform that had served as a sniper nest as well as where his two remaining comrades were. In the distance, the ONI officer Captain in tandem with ODSTs and Charlie company Marines, as well as the two hulking Hunters, would occasionally peak out from their cover and move up slightly, firing warning shots at the retreating Brutes.The two were near enough to the sniper nest now that they could hear Private Serrox mutter, "That a friendly?" The Officer who had gauze wrapped around his legs replied, "What do you think? It just blew up the d*** turret we fought so hard to keep secured."IC: [scarab - Belly]The Medical Officer clacked his mandibles in dull interest as Kiro seemingly revived. "Little has happened.. You are aboard the Scarab now, and it is ours brother. Please, take in the pain without slipping into unconsciousness again. It will be a good way to combat these wounds. You must heal as soon as possible... There is more to this than some heretical attack."One of the wounded Sangheili had gandered over to where Shor was at ready with the plasma turret. He eased himself into a sitting position beside the Sangheili. "It sounds to be in another sector of this city.. it will not take note of us, I would hope."The Sangheili cocked his head at Shor' before he could respond and asked, "Why do I not see a Sangheili military rank for you in my visor?" The Sangheili was wearing his SpecOps helmet still, which was filled with tidbits of information including ranks, names, TeamBio, and so forth.IC: [spartans - Bridge]Several Spartans- Edward, Terra, among them- gave the all clear. Aaron lowered his gun and moved toward the hostages, which his squadmate who had gotten the drop on the Innies had already began to untie. "At ease, Spartans. Area secure. We need somebody to run the Bridge console that scans for activity on the ship- Don't want anymore of the innies... or even those Drones... getting the drop. Any volunteers?"Edward nodded absentmindedly to Aaron and moved to lock the door from which Blue Team had entered. Until they had this thing scanned for biosigns, he wasn't chancing somebody just waltzing in and attacking the Spartans. A fellow Delta Spartan from Aaron's squad seemed to take to the idea and moved to secure the door they had entered from. It was in this brief respite that Edward was found with the thought, O.N.I. must be involved. When else has there been more than ten of us in one place in the past five years?IC: [south Rome Street - Hotel - Upper Floors]Richard was having a bad day. He was usually a technician for the insurrectionist cause, not a fighter. All this aggressive bull wasn't something he took part in- he just made sure the weapons and ships worked right for when the real fighters needed them. But since he happened to work in the city of New Venice, he was drafted for this hasty assault that the upper echelons had assured him and several thousand others was "being enacted with the good grace of reinforcements."At first, he was overjoyed to get technology like a Gauss Turret in his hands. But that was before the Kig-Yar had gone out of their way to make it a hassle for him. He let the others do the killing mostly, only firing a few shots to really look like he was part of the cause. Political beliefs shouldn't force you to kill, d*****. That was the least of his worries now, though: the Kig-Yar weren't agreeing with the human squad leader who they were forced to work with. Despite what certain cells of the Insurrectionist faction fought for, not every species really got on that well. Humans and Kig-Yar were particularly touchy when interacting because both species were natural cheats. It was like an unspoken competition.Right now, the Kig-Yar were demanding to the human officer that they receive immediate payment, or else they wouldn't render their services. They wanted to be imbursed before risking their hides with the UNSC onslaught that was headed this way. Richard's CO was declining, with his typical street slang. Richard couldn't help but feel nervous; the Kig-Yar's eyes were all darting about their human allies as if picking targets, and the armed men next to Richard gripped their rifles 'til their knuckles turned right. He blinked once. It'd be nice if someone would break the tension already and come to an agreement..
  5. OOC: Hey all, sorry I've been generally inactive this week! Got sick Monday, as Kini can affirm in the short conversation we had. I was going to post, but ended up getting a headache from reading so i didn't attempt the rest of the day. Following that, my entire week has been utterly swamped and will continue to be until Saturday, in which I should have some spare time to finally get back in the action. The following Monday will be the end of Showtime auditions, fundraising for the Orlando trip, and both concerts I was practicing for will have ended.Basically, my time will significantly free up after this week, as I believe I attempted to say in earlier posts.
  6. OOC: Welp, the majority of you have replied and graced me with knowledge of your current activity. There are several players who have the intent to re-insert themselves into this RPG but have, like myself, momentarily lost inspiration or simply not had the time. I just got back from a Winter Formal so I don't presently have the energy to slop on another post tonight. I'll be seeing you all tomorrow!Glad to see you're still around for the moment Wish. As is my policy, if anybody ever feels the need to step away from the RPG for awhile or indefinitely, I encourage this. No point in playin' when you can't have fun, eh? I'd rather people feel like they're enjoying what they're doing on this RPG than feel as if they're forced to play- The latter only applies to me, myself, and I.
  7. OOC: Alright, I've sent an activity message out to everybody. So hopefully within the next week I'll get a reply back from nearly everyone. I've also updated the 1st post's character list; if you suspect that a character you know of isn't listed, feel free to contact me!On another note: I did some research and the flamethrower units are infact called Hellbringers, so I've updated the description of them on the 1st post accordingly. Honestly, part of me says I already knew this but thought BZP would censor it.
  8. OOC: Elevators are trashed, most systems aren't working- sprinkler system is, and a few floors might still have water raining down. Insurrestionists originally occupied this building, were routed, and now for the most part they're assaulting the Hotel from the front. A few (primarily Jackals) have been seeping in through adjactent rooftops, etc. The majority of the hotel's layout hasn't otherwise been described, allowing for some creative ingenuity. There -was- an old crows nest where the Innies had dug in before being routed.Currently Seah, Ferris, Myles, and Cass are all debating what to do about the fact that some Insurrectionist humans and jackals (numbering close to 15-20 total) have brought in some heavy-weapon cargo. These innies currently possess a second Gauss turret, and are intent on setting it up on an upper floor to deter the to-be rescue force for the UNSC forces under assault at the hotel. The insurrectionists are not aware of their position yet, and are arguing amongst themselves as well, creating a potential diversion.IC: [spartans- Red and Blue team/Assault on the Bridge]Edward raised his weapon to fire, as did the other Spartans. Terra's report was visually confirmed: While three of the insurrectionist technicians had gone down when Red Team breached the door, two more had reached for their sidearms and moved to point their pistols to the heads of hostage UNSC crewmembers. The problem for Blue Team was, quite frankly, most of the spartans packing shotguns or otherwise messy weapons.The problem for Red Team? They were simply too far away. Or at least most of them were.One of Aaron's squadmates hadn't been present when the door was breached. Edward had only briefly thought that over when he saw their locations on his map bunched together. It was in this brief moment- One that took mere seconds- that his ponderings, their predicament, and the answer all came crashing down at once. The ventilation shaft above the insurrectionists burst as the metal grate slammed to the ground between them. With it, however, had dropped Aaron's missing squadmate: In one arm he held the UNSC's favored smg, in the other was a tactical knife. The spartan immediately threw the knife in a lethal twirl. His other arm shook (albeit barely) as the submachine gun opened fire on the opposite Insurrectionist.The knife buried itself into the insurrectionist's thigh, causing him to yelp in pain and drop his weapon as he reached for the wound. The second insurrectionist was consumed by a hail of bullets, more or less killed in action.The Spartan wasted no time turning, his shields flaring as the two remaining insurrectionists opened fire on him. Edward raised his gun and fired, knicking one on the shoulder pauldron. The damage was superficial however, and the insurrectionist dived behind a console, taking cover.
  9. IC: [sgt.Maj. Antony Graham]Three soldiers in the familiar suit of UNSC flamethrower units entered through a side door that Private Sanduski had kept locked down. From where the Sergeant Major was, he waved over to the trio and spoke into their COMM, "Flamethrower units? Now that's something we could use. You guys can't do much down here..."Graham paused as another Gauss Turret round impacted the reinforced siding of the hotel. Debris fluttered down en masse. Two ODSTs popped off a few shots at the turret, the only reward being the sound of metal pinging off metal."There's something going on up a few floors though. You know, close-quarters work. Right down your alley. Here, I'll upload NAV point of the commanding officer upstairs, Allen Myles. Get up to him and the other three (OOC: I'm assuming Rachel's with them..?), they'll fill you in on the situation. Understood?" The Sergeant Major of the ODSTs paused a moment, then added "Where's the rest of your squad? You're the first flamethrower unit I've seen all day."Where's the rest of our forces? Shouldn't they be here by now? Innies aren't gonna be poking at us for long..In an attempt to deter his thoughts, Graham turned his attention to the soldiers upstairs. "Wish granted Myles. The big guy upstairs must've seen your plight and sent you three blazing angels. Also, to answer Cass's inquiry: I'm not getting a reading from the Anti-Aircraft turret. It was working last I'd been updated, but I'm not getting any successful uplinks with it. We'll be on our own with that.. Not that it'd help our present situation much in the first place."IC: [spartans - Edward]Edward nodded and chanced an uplink with Aaron. "Sir, got seven Innies on radar. We're in position and awaiting the order to move in for the kill." After a brief respite of silence the voice of Red Team's lead spartan replied, "We're in position, Blue Team. Door hacking program is planted. When we breach the door from our side, you come through the Maintenance Cooridoor entrance in a flanking position. Out."Edward held his fist in the position on my go. Then, he waited.Suddenly a faint beep indicating the opening of a door sounded, and the rattle of rifle fire. Edward nodded at Terra to open the door and he hefted his gun at the ready. "Kill Innies, and Innies alone. There are prisoners aboard the bridge. Repeat, prisoners aboard the bridge."IC: [AA Turret- Sniper Nest]The Officer bit down in pain as Serrox and the other sniper yanked in unison. His squadmate, without hesitation, quickly applied a small insertion of biofoam to fill the torn muscles. In lightning succession, he began to wrap gauze tightly around each of the legs. "Nice and easy, nice and easy.. you're gonna be all right, amicus."The gauze held tightly, and only a slight pinkness stained where the Officer's legs had taken spikes. The one that had administered the treatment nodded to the snipers, "Thanks for the assist. Our CO should be rounding up the troops here any mo--"The officer's words cut out as a terrible shudder filled the drydock area where the turret had been situated. Above, an ominous and purple vessel winked into existence. As soon as it had appeared, it had fired. Three brilliant lances of plasma energy streaked towards the turret. The automatic turret vainly tried to shoot the incoming targets, to no avail. A large plume went up as the three impacted within seconds of eachother: Brilliant purple-blue clouds shot outward, mixed with a hazy smoke of reds, oranges, and yellows. The turret had been destroyed.The O.N.I. man's training brought him back to a reality of the present danger. Rather than watch the deadly, brilliant explosion he turned his attentions to getting orders. "Captain, sir? Status? Orders?"He waited, straining to hear through the uproar of static and groaning metal.IC: [scarab Belly - Medical station]The Scarab jolted through the city. The farther it went, the less and less smoke filled the view. They were now within two kilometers of the Kaidon's keep. In the distance, it stood as an impressive display of Sangheili power and political might.The Medical Officer sighed to himself as the last of the critical shrapnel were removed. He nodded to his fellow Special Operations brothers, and one applied a sort of shock to Kiro- To wake up him into a world of fresh pain. A world where he could adjust and vow vengeance against those who had wounded him so.In the distant end of the bay where Shor' sat by a turret, a primitive human-made radio the Jiralhanae had brought on board played broadcasts throughout the city. They were mostly the annoying human news crews, but some held satisfactory information. One of the reports gained a keen interest of those in the Scarab:"It appears that a Brute-controlled Ex-Covenant vessel has seemingly materialized above the drydock harbors. Ship captains have had ample time to reply to the sudden appearance and attack. More details as the scenario develops."
  10. OOC: Aye, Kini's right with preeeeetty much everything he said. There've been plenty of times in my RP experience where players across a wide spectrum of talent have forgone orders I might've given them, etc. That's the magic of an RPG: Reacting to the situations and conflicts before your very eyes in-character. I set up the Innie conflict situation to explicitly give logic as to why there's a guass turret inside the building. It'd be nonsense for them to bring one in and just set up in one cooridoor pointing down another with a gauss weapon.If you're insisting on leaving, then we wish ya the best. I'll do my best to preserve your characters in the event that you come back. Usually if you find yourself "going in circles", but the RPGs continue to succeed in delivering others entertainment, then you should be reevaluating why you roleplay and what you can do to make yourself simply enjoy it.If any of the fed-upness is with my inactivity, it's unfortunately that time of year for me and it's my senior year, so I'm making things go out with a bang It's all pretty bad right now with a myriad of Showtime rehearsals eating up time I'd normally have, but thankfully auditions are in about a week and that'll be out of the way for a small while. By May, however, most of the extra-curicular I'm involved with start to end and my free time goes *fwooshback.*Until then, I'll try to get on and post when I have the time and writing ability. Speaking of... :PAlright, I'ma shower real quick (gotta be squeaky clean for formal tonight ), and I'll be back to edit in my IC responses.Here's my current qeue:SpartansONI Officer (Spik'd)Myles @ CompanyHellbringersGrahamScarab Belly^If there are any groups or characters that you feel won't be getting a reaction that have been waiting on one, please do feel free to tell me! I've lost track a bit of who's been responded to and who might have possibly been left out. Be back very very soon!
  11. OOC: I'm not opposed to player-controlled NPCs if they're either temporary or not too important. Otherwise, a simple character sheet PM'd to me makes them somebody you can use and develop more. ^_^I'm sorry my activity has been horrible this week. Lotsa stress between rehearsals, preseason, a sick brother, and the like. Been getting some writers block as flak for all the stuff I do. I'll do my best to try and get something done by tomorrow on this RPG. If you guys can stick with me through the Spring, I promise my consistency will most certainly bloom If you have a character relying on me, but you feel confident in what you're doing, you have my permission until tomorrow to further your character or plot however you see fit. Otherwise, if your character's not too tied up, try interacting with some other players!
  12. OOC:Alt. D - For future interaction, you should give us an idea of where your character is right now. If you need help finding a place, just PM me and I can tell you what's going on right now!Kini - Last I saw, Kiro was still onboard the Scarab. The Scarab is currently moving on a predestined course to Eiro Jima's local Kaidon's Citadel. B'kar and a few of his squad members moved ahead in a Phantom to make sure the way is clear from borders. The belly of the Scarab has been put to use as a temporary medical bay with sanitary blankets laid out and the medically-trained member of B'kar's squad tending to wounded there. Among those wounded are Vume and two others. Shor' Talas is also down there, manning the turret in the open bay to watch out for borders. B'kar's second in command is up top with the two remaining squad members.You could probably insert him as waking up in the belly of the Scarab- They've just started moving a bit ago.That said, if nobody posts after me I'll update this post with IC content after school! If somebody does post after me, expect a new one!
  13. OOC: Sorry guys, rough week for me, wasn't able to get on much. I've got a rehearsal and I'm supposed to go on a dinner date. I'll serve up some hot, spicy postin' love sometime this evening! Also, somebody threaten to hurt me if I don't send out those activity notice messages >_< I keep meaning to and just can't get around to it.EDIT- Alright, I've come to a synthesis on the question of the Guass turret upstairs, as will be detailed IC.Lavama,Who's Thar referring to again? I honestly don't remember where he was last or what he was doing >_<IC: [Graceful Buzzard - Low Orbit]Shattered streets were like the shattered skeletons of snakes on the surface below. Large pillar-like buildings rose to meet the sky, going higher as they went farther inland. Near the coastline Anti-Aircraft turret, however, were mostly small piers and drydocks that rested gently against the lapping ocean waves. Because of this fact alone, the Graceful Buzzard was able to sink low into the sky with camoflauge activated.On the bridge of the aforementioned Corvette, the frail voice rhasped, "Are the shields and weapons at their appropriate charges?""Yes, shipmaster. Shielding energy has been diverted into weapons. Energy is being maintained for cloaking.""Good, we won't have long to do this... Fire.""Plasma torpedos away, shipmaster."Below, a small body of humans gave chase to the retreating Jiralhanae forces. The Anti Aircraft turret had been busily firing away, turning the coastal battle in favor of the defenders. By now there were no more craft to fire at with the exception of an Insurrection-controlled frigate. The turret hadn't fired at it however, much to the interest of the crew of Graceful Buzzard.When the ship's plasma torpedos were fired, the camoflauge temporarily gave way and it winked into the visible spectrum of existence. Three torpedos had been launched: All of them were aimed at the large turret. While the corvette waited for the results, it loomed overhead the small collection of remaining Jiralhanae. A veil of seemingly weightless energy extended down to the surace of the planet.IC: [AA Turret- Retreating Jiralhanae]One of the two guards growled to Macabethus, "The gravity lift won't be up for long, pack leader. We implore that you be amongst those taking the first lift into the ship."The one with the shield gauntled cautiously covered Macabethus, looking anxiously about. His partner hefted a red plasma rifle defensively, anxiously looking about.IC: [AA Turret- O.N.I. Officer/Downed Hornet]"Classified, ma'am."There was a hint of amusement on the officer's face, as if he were teasing her. "Our first priority is to make sure you're not too banged up, alright? Without your support, the battle down here might've ended a little differently."IC: [PFC Raz O'Brien]Raz hopped on back, gripping the support bar firmly with one hand and unholstering his sidearm with his other. He kept it in hand as the Mongoose started a slow rumble."Heck if I know. Maybe if they DID have some sort of turret down there, they wouldn't notice the noise this thing makes. If we're lucky, we'll make it there before they atta--" He didn't finished his sentence. In the distance, a large boom was heard. A small plume of smoke shot up from a distant building."That's gotta be where they're at. You sure you wanna do this?"IC: [sergeant Major Antony Graham]"That's a negative Myles. I can't spare any more men. We've got the main front to deal with down here."Antony flicked two of his fingers to where a couple of Marines were hunkered down behind an overturned dining table. At the command, they stood up in unison and lobbed frag grenades. The lobbed grenades were quickly followed with fire from everybody in the lobby."Aim for the Guass turret's gunner! Priority one!"IC: [south Rome Street/Miscellenious Hotel/Upper Floor]Suddenly Myles, Seah, and Ferris received an Uplink request. Those who chose to accept it would find a video feed upload onto their helmets. At their beckoning, the video would play. It would cut in to where the drone had caught footage from a window that had been blown out by shellshock. Inside was the room that the three soldiers upstairs had been quarreling about.Two humans in grey fatigues and civilian shirts covered with bulletproof vests stood by the turret that had been brought onto the upper floor. Beside them was a Kig-Yar, who seemed to be beckoning viciously towards the turret. Audio then cut in,"Listen, ya little turkey. Yer mafia leader-figure said that ya'd help us get this thing up here unnoticed so that we could lay fire on any UNSC cronies who try to play rescue. Whaddya mean you want payment here and now? We paid the **** phony."Shrill screeching came from the Kig-Yar. It pointed vigorously again. The Drone panned to show five more Kig-Yar in the background as well as a dozen other Insurrectionist humans. They were all busy mumbling to themselves, the two races having come to an obvious disagreement.The Video-Feed was marked as live.OOC: I'm pretty tired right now, so please go out of your way to tell me if I missed a response and I'm leavin' somebody hanging.
  14. OOC: Wish, the Gauss Turret is set up across the street, outside. It's not related to the threat on your guys' floor or anything.
  15. OOC:Stoney- I hadn't posted since before the trololo posted. Soon as I saw it though, I patched the report through and it looks like a friendly moderator looked out for us.Alt. D- I would prefer that you PM me your app, so I can keep track of it. Please patch that through to a PM so I can tell you any necesarry revisions, etc.IC: [spartans- Edward]Edward gave Terra a dirty glare from behind is visor, albeit the motion of his head would have made it abundantly clear. He signed once more, estimated opposition? Do not want to misjudge.IC: [special Operations Officer Waru Charum]The SpecOps Officer greeted Shor' with a gracious nod and replied, "It will be done, brother. The right side turret and the belly turret are still unoccupied, and we only have enough manpower to fill one position with your presence. Choice is yours, brother."
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