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  1. Lower budget... Wonder what could come from that.And some space. That's always nice.Can't really say much until I see/read more.In terms of the toy discussion, I mainly only collect Voyagers and Deluxes as I feel they have the best scale. But I still think Cyberverse and Botshots are great despite only having a few (in terms of Botshots, none). I just never really gotten into buying them (though, I may get the Botshot 3-pack with Shockwave when it comes out, and maybe Prime at some time). And Cyberverse, I only have the black and purple movie Soundwave who is currently leading my army of three Vehicons. But I'm definitely getting the Energon Drill when it comes out.Kalhiki
  2. We got tired of searching the stores, so my brother and I ended up just ordering Knockout and Vehicon. They were both around twenty bucks, but when you factor in how much gas money is being wasted, it was an overall good decision.But now that we have them, we'll see them in stores because that's how things work...Kalhiki
  3. Went on a little vacation. Hit pretty much every Walmart on the way home (this is in Missouri, by the way). And still cannot find a darn Vehicon or Knockout. Not even Hot Shot to show that the wave has hit. At least Voyager Bulkhead and Starscream are around, which gives me hope that wave 3 will show up soon.Kalhiki
  4. Though I agree with you in saying the FE Bulkhead is better, I really don't mind the RID one and feel it's a nice replacement. Same goes for Optimus.Then again, this is coming from someone who really has no complaints about anything. Plus, all the RID figures that have been released scale quite nicely (FE Bulkhead and Prime just seem too big compared to everyone else judging by reviews) As for Starscream though, you should try hunting down a FE. The Deluxe size is in scale, more accurate, and looks much nicer compared to the Voyager.But y'know. If you'd be happier with a more expensive, better looking Bulkhead and Prime, then by all means go ahead.Kalhiki
  5. I wonder if Warpath will be playable in FOC, or if he'll just be a side character as seen in the Optimus gameplay.In other news, I finally (after, like, a month of hunting) got TF:P Bulkhead. Decent figure for those who missed out on the FE (like me).Now all I need is to find Knockout and a Vehicon or two. Oh well. At least my Autobot cast is complete.Kalhiki
  6. Agreed. However, Megatron looks a little... Fat. I'll get used to it. Optimus looks great though.So, new gameplay. Basically what we've seen at E3 except without commentary. Optimus and Starscream's levels.Oh, and Grimlock gameplay was released as well. Kickback's voice sounds kinda creepy.Kalhiki
  7. I e-mailed Lego. They said they don't have a set release date. Best estimate is before September.Basically nothing we don't already know.Oh LEGO. I love how you never answer questions.Either way, they'll definitely be out by August. Possibly see a first release in July. If we're lucky, the end of this month.Kalhiki
  8. Saw the Escalation gameplay. Not much new, but we did see first gameplay of Megatron. I must say I'm digging his design (of his back...). We also got to see Starscream who hasn't changed at all in design (if he has, it's minor). Megatron's special ability is a shield which is cool I guess, and Starscream can drop a little thingy that, while standing in the little bubble it creates, you get increased power. That'll probably come in handyBut that's not the best thing. I'm absolutely in love with the Gear Shredder. A gun that can shoot Tron discs? That cut your enemies in half? That can bounce off walls? That's going to be fun.Kalhiki
  9. Pretty cool. Just disappeared (the sun that is. Behind some trees), so that's all I saw of it. But I did see Venus first crossing in front of the sun.I've recently been taking a "that actually exists" perspective on things, which makes stuff really strange. It's kinda cool when you stop and think that some millions of miles away a giant, round chunk of rock is passing in front of an even larger ball of plasma.Kalhiki
  10. Even still, that would have been cool to have. I was actually thinking of that when I posted.On the subject of FOC, we're getting so many repaints of the Combaticons: retail Energon colors, Amazon exclusive G2, and SDCC game accurate colors. But no Ruination? I think that would be a cool repaint (mainly because I'm an RID fan. Especially of the RID 'Cons).Kalhiki
  11. Speaking of Jetfire and Prime, it'd be cool if some third party made Jetfire parts for a movie voyager Prime, or a transforming trailer/wing parts for the DOTM voyager.Also, I've been watching E3. Metroplex is awesome!Kalhiki
  12. Yes! The game looks great so far. Really can't wait to see more.But what I really want to see in Multiplayer/character customization footage. I think that's what everyone is looking forward to the most.Kalhiki
  13. Still on the fence about voice acting...Oh well. The game looks great. Haven't played many Lego games recently, but I'll be sure to get and play this one.Kalhiki
  14. Yes. Mainly for Rayman Legends. Saw the leaked trailer already, but hopefully we'll get some more info about it at E3.So when is E3? I should really keep up with these things...Kalhiki
  15. Live action... Hero Factory... Movie....No. Get rid of the live action part and I'd be fine. I just can't see humans being in a movie focused on robots (Transformers doesn't count. They've always had humans).Kalhiki
  16. Not really interested in the sets, but the fact that summer sets are coming out gets my hopes up that we'll see HF come out soon.Well, the hearse looks kinda cool. May consider picking that up. Kalhiki
  17. Hmmm... Let's go by waves...1.0: I'd have to say Thunder. Loved that claw.2.0: Fire Lord, surprisingly.3.0: Doc. Can't beat that design."4.0": Surge. My favorite Hero.Out of those... Hm. Don't know. I'm going to say Surge. Love the nice, small size of him. And the colors aren't that bad either in person.Then Doc, Fire Lord, and Thunder.Kalhiki
  18. I have the Galaxy Patrol guy already (such a cool figure!). I also plan to get the Black Knight and Little Red (adorable!). I may also pick up some more Space Marines just because they're that cool.My mom wants the Bagpiper, so he'll likely be bought as well.Kalhiki
  19. So, I was intentionally just going to draw Witch Doctor... Then I decided, what the heck; I'll put him in a pose and surround him with his minions.Big picture, so here's the link:http://www.majhost.c...itch_doctor.pngProbably my favorite piece of work so far.Kalhiki
  20. Super excited to have episodes. Not so much for lack of bonus features. Bonus stuff is always cool to have. C'mon, is it that hard to do a behind the scenes, or even a concept art gallery?Oh well. At least I should be happy to have the episodes.Kalhiki
  21. As I've said before, Jawblade's size was intentional. I like to think of him as a big menacing shark. And Furno only has a gun on the toy, so I only gave him that. It's attatched to his right arm.Kalhiki
  22. Nothing can beat Discord except for more Discord. Well, the Changelings cut it close, but seriously, Discord beats all. They've really given it all for openers and finales, so I'm excited how they'll top what we've seen so far.As for my parents and the show, they really like it. My dad's so much of a fan he got upset when he found out they changed Derpy in The Last Roundup (please don't start that discussion again).Kalhiki
  23. Hahaha! I love it. I lol'dAnywho, more comments about the finale: Nice to see they didn't rely on the Elements (like they do every time). And, when Twilight read the invitation to the wedding, and said "My brother!?" was I the only one who could only interpret that as: "I have a brother!?" I mean, I knew she had a brother, but without prior knowledge that would have been given in the show, it's all I could think of."Surprise! You have a brother!"Kalhiki
  24. Y'know, if Cadence was voiced by Hahli, I'd swear there was something up.But I'll settle with the similarities between Chrysalis and Roodaka when it comes to Bionicle-ifying Ponies.Kalhiki
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