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  1. For those in the Fort Garsi battle, I talked with Smudge and agreed to hold off posting as Ipsudir and NPCs until people reply to give Jojax a fair chance. We're still waiting on @Snelly @Nato G and @ARROW404, I think. No pressure, just thought I'd clarify the situation.
  2. IC: [Sado, Imperial Gardens (Hatchi)] Hatchi shook zir head. “No, I was over-eager to get going, I think. I see you have been occupied with needed things.” They gestured to the menti’s missing pauldron—no doubt it was getting patched of the crack that had lanced through it before. “Now, let’s see what the tents have to offer, shall we?” There was no former “mess hall” in the imperial gardens, at least for the dashi and others refugees who could not lend their blades or their skills as psionics. However, a motley collection of former restaurant owners in the city had collected into a little hamlet of tents in the outside, with free meals exchanged for the price of a token, twice a day. The smell of steamed buns, roasting fish, and boiling broth percolated the air around them as the menti and former caravan leader collected their tokens from the dashi at the gate. OOC: @Geardirector [Sado, Yards (NPC)] The dashi bowed again. “When you have finished your meal, I will inquire with General Plagori as to the whereabouts of your flute.” At this, the other dashi, Usukō, returned, carrying a tray with a bowl of rice, miso soup, a small cut of roasted fish, pickles, and a cup of weak green tea. OOC: @Perp
  3. Content Warning: internalized victim blaming OOC: @Toru Nui
  4. IC: [Ga-koro, Docks/Inland Thoroughfare (Pradhai)] “Oh I’m far from a Toroshu. No need to wear yourself out, Dearie. I’m sure I can get some help in securing the creature comforts. After all, I certainly can’t let Laka get too chilly—ah there we are.” A coterie of young Vilda menti emerged from compound, carrying the elder’s bags, along with an absolutely massive amount of blankets. Pradhai’s massive serpent companion wound between their legs, as if it was making sure they wouldn’t be messing up. — The next hour could have best been described as “a controlled tornado” as Pradhai directed the packing of the wagons, much to the distress of the ussual driver. He warmed up significantly however, when the crabs seemed unusually well behaved. Well, that and the three bottles of premium Vilda-made distilled sochū that Pradhai passed over. When it was all over, one cart had been stuffed full of luggage, the other with blankets and heatstones for the comfort of the riders. Pradhai took a seat with a contented sigh, while Laka curled into a massive pile at her feet. “Now, this is what I call an expedition. Just a few minutes more, a little bird told me we might have a surprise visitor.” [Ga-koro, Inland Thoroughfare (Shuuan)] Wool clothes. Bow and quiver. Enough expensive-looking fabric and plum wine to bribe the locals. Right. That old-biddy had anticipated my arrival, no doubt, with her prattling away to the local wildlife, but an afternoon of crab thoughts was enough of a price to pay for an entire city of quiet. I took a seat on the back of the cart, as far from anyone else as possible. “You’re leaving for Ko-koro today, right? I’ll be coming with you.” OOC: @Geardirector @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Keeper of Kraata
  5. a slave | bone hunter stronghold you drew the short straw this time—the others do not envy you, because you all know that the not-hunter called Talrix hates skrall. you are not skrall, but you do not think she will understand this. so very little do. It is a long way to the cell block that you are supposed to go to, through twisting passages full of not-hunters that make note of you as you pass. you try not to memorize the way it goes. you do not open the door. any slave that wants to keep all their limbs knows which thresholds not to cross. but you knock softly, steadily increasing the volume. it is better than surprising her. the tray of victuals should be carefully balanced, no wine spilled, no grit allowed to penetrate the covering. you are good at this, at least. for those the night once called friend the sense of balance is key. you wait, bracing for a blow that might come. it is better to be prepared. OOC: @Toru Nui
  6. oops, will probably edit with ranok reaction later
  7. Content Warning: sexual assault, (heavily internalized) victim blaming. name: none tribe: none species: you are no longer skrall. you are nothing now. gender: none age: something between 20 and 40. slaves are young or they are dead. appearance: a starving physique picked out in shades of charcoal and dark red. slinking, deferential. better not to stand out. equipment: a slave has nothing but their scars. cybernetics: once the night was your friend, chill and diamond studded. you cloaked yourself in it, put in eyes to pierce it and gentle steps that would not. this is useful even now. it is useful to work at night without stumbling. it is useful to be seen and not heard, except when you surprise them and they beat you.
  8. IC: [Sado, Imperial Gardens (Hatchi)] There was no fresh water in the gardens for bathing, any who wished to clean themselves had to be content with a cold saltwater scrub. Well, anyone in the rabble at least. Hatchi was pretty sure the high rank clan-affiliated menti warriors still had access to the few hotsprings on the island. Well, zi was use to it—it wasn’t like bathing on the caravan trail was particularly luxurious either. It was now too warm for the firs they had worn when they fled Odaiba, so that was one thing zi didn’t have to worry about washing. Taking up the unvarnished cane one of the other taajar had carved for zir, zi walked to the haphazardly erected canvas “gate” that separated the refugee’s tents from the rest of the palace. Tama had left in a hurry, so she might still be caught up with something. Hatchi leaned against a wall to wait. Zi missed Myzru, he could try and eat zir mask rings all he wanted. OOC: @Geardirector
  9. [Ga-koro, Inner Port(Yukie)] Oh. As he looked out on the assembled faces, his mind flickered for a second, and the faces of skakdi were replaced with dashi and dasaka. Gazes apprehensive, unsure. His little sister’s hollow eyes. :̸̯̀:̶̞̒Ť̸̲h̷̫̓ë̷́͜y̸̺̕ ̵̻͝w̵̘͊i̶̱̋l̵͇̒l̵͇̈́ ̷̪͌n̴̝̚ḛ̷̎v̶̻́e̷͓͝ř̵̝ ̴̃ͅl̸͇͋o̷͈̍v̶͈͐ȇ̷͖ ̶͎̋ẏ̷̳o̶͈̽ũ̸ͅ.̶̨̋:̷̦̔:̴͖͂ He squeezed tighter, and for a moment he almost felt the scarred, strong hand of Rhow’s in his own. ::I am very sure.::
  10. [Forsi, Papa Podu’s Restaurant (Ranok)] Ranok didn't reply--clearly Sigrus was what was colloquially known as a "smart alec". He waited instead for someone else to inquire more specifically. OOC: @EmperorWhenua @BULiK @Rahisaurus @Tarn @~Xemnas~ @Harvali @Lady Takanuva @BBBBalta
  11. IC: [Sado, Imperial Gardens (Hatchi)] Hatchi smiled. The hesitancy in the menti’s voice made zir feel a little warm inside—it was always nice when someone else cared enough to be polite to you, and it was a privilege granted by precious few in Sado to a lone Taajar. Then zi wrinkled zir nose. “I would enjoy that. Unfortunately, I smell of soko and saddle oil right now. For the sake of both of our appetites, I should have a quick wash. Is there a place we can meet up?” OOC: @Geardirector [Sado, Yards (NPC)] Suzume’s crusted eyes lit upon two Dashi in the corner of the room—both were dressed in simple dark-plum kimono, and one whispered to the other, who promptly stood up and left. The other approached Suzume knee-walking, then bowed deeply before settling in beside her futon. “Miss Daikura, we are in the Imperial Yards. General Morie has ordered that you be tended to here until you are fit to train. Usukō is fetching nourishment. Do you desire anything else to make you more comfortable?” OOC: @Perp [Hanaloi, Mashtet Fortress (Falki)] Falki simply watched. This was a means to an end, but she preferred blades, not fire, and no one came screaming out of the forest. Something sunk deep in her stomach, the assurance that the cunning Imperials had already run. She would taste no true blood tonight. She glanced up at Caana’s shadow, on the ramparts. She could tell the outcast was thinking, although about what, she had no idea. Falki shuffled back and forth impatiently, her eyes occasionally darting back towards the forest. She wondered, where there any more of those little Rahi in there? OOC: @a goose @Nato G @Keeper of Kraata
  12. IC: [Ga-koro, Docks (Pradhai)] Pradhai chuckled again, with the knowing rasp that age had given her. “Oh, I see word has gotten around has it? Are you intending to come with us, dearie? Tell me, have they managed to track down one of those crab carts yet?” Pradhai had grabbed jungle life with confidence, and she wasn’t going to let a little snow stop her now. OOC: @Keeper of Kraata @Geardirector @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) IC: [Ga-koro, Inner Port(Yukie)] Yukie again focused on solidifying his dream form—he still could not make it akin to his real flesh and blood. Perhaps that was blessing, but he couldn’t help but wonder how he looked to Rhow—some crystal specter that spoke with a voice of a thousand ringing glass bells? He walked up the stairs to the throne, and gently as he could without the sensations that his physical body gave him, took Rhow’s hand in his own. ::The battle is over, Rhow. You no longer need to run—it is time to rest. Rest and consider what you want.:: OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  13. [Forsi, Papa Podu’s Restaurant (Ranok)] Ranok ate slowly, giving his honey and cheese flatbread plenty of time to cool. A musician couldn’t afford to burn his most important instrument. He nodded at Timak’s comment. “Also, if I recall, don’t we have a wayfinder with us?” He raised an eyebrow at Sigrus. OOC: @EmperorWhenua @BULiK @Rahisaurus @Tarn @~Xemnas~ @Harvali @Lady Takanuva @BBBBalta
  14. I can't take credit for those, they're a custom parts pack from Megawillbot. I just fiddled with the posing while looking at pictures of people playing banjos. Glad the banjo is getting some love, it took me long enough to find the appropriate part for the head.
  15. IC: [Sado, Imperial Gardens(Hatchi)] It took Hatchi a few moments to recall the face that greeted them now—so much had happened since zi first encountered the menti on the road back home. “Ageru Tama. I am doing…about as well as can be expected. I am still without my clan, although, as you can see, not without their soko.” Hatchi glanced ruefully at Maki, who was currently becoming acquainted with Tama’s steed. They were both large mares, bulky enough to challenge any young stallion, but Maki was broader and stockier, built to carry a big woman like Ilykaed, and her body all dappled subtle shades of pearl whites and browns. Tama’s steed was taller and more gracile, her coat a uniform shade of deep, shimmering black, the kind of black that holds all other colors on its surface, waiting to spring forth. She nickered curiously as she bent in to nuzzle the older mare, evidently excited to ingratiate herself into the Kuychar herd. Black was just a color to soko—they held no ideas about what it meant. OOC: @Geardirector [Sado, Yards(Morie/NPC)] Morie had much to do once the group arrived back to safety. First, she sent a messenger to Arsix, informing her of the brutal slaughter of the patrol. Next was properly taking care of Daikura Suzume—the unconscious menti was deposited in a spare room in the barracks, divested of her valuables, which Morie secured for later, noting with appreciation the Plangori scarf that she wore, and swaddled in a futon. The erstwhile toroshu directed her servants to keep watch on the girl and bring her rice and roasted tea when she woke. This taken care of, she began sending out feelers to the Daikura around the compound, seeing if she could put her finger on the whereabouts of Hiromi. OOC: @Perp, and I guess @Palm if you're interested in Arsix personally responding to the incident
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