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  1. [Ga-Koro, Central Hotel (Ranok)] Ranok made sure that everyone else who wanted to try the cactus had a cup of tea before he began to sip one himself. It would not due to get, as Nichou was doing, lost in the proverbial sauce when he was playing host. (Well, somebody else was paying for the room, but that was typical.) Ranok had no reservations about the cactus itself--he was telling the truth when he said the fruit was quite bitter. There was a lot he had learned from the old cactus growers of Po-wahi about how the akiri’s mandates on “legal control” had fractured the old systems of barter, but he was less inclined to give this little group a history lesson, especially since he didn’t truly understand the complexity of the issue. He had managed to comprehend one lesson on the nature of cactus, however, and that was it was a strange complex thing unlike any other drug, natural or otherwise. The miracle cactus did not just do one thing, it fed on expectations. If you believed your head would be filled with strange and semi-prophetic visions, that was exactly what would happen to you. The story was the same whether you expected to have a talk with Mata-Nui himself, be rid of a chronic pain, or just have a long and particularly satisfying nap. But the truest experience of cactus was gained by emptying your mind of all expectations—once you were able to achieve this once, it was easy. A single experience is, after all, is all one needs to form a new expectation. So Ranok, unlike the others in the room, did not watch reality swim before his eyes. Instead, it sharpened, everything became intricately detailed and wondrous—the texture of the woven reeds beneath his legs was intensely interesting, and he ran his his hands of the ridges as he looked at the dazzling lights thrown by Eita’s crystal armor and it was just so pretty. All the barriers that he’d learned to keep up, to avoid getting overwhelmed by the flood of sound in the places where he worked, all that concentration was swept away and it was okay, because it was all good, the voices washing over him in a chorus of tones and timbers, each unique in their instrumentation, kept in time by Nichou’s gentle breathing, they were all an intensely sublime symphony of a moment that could only happen because all these people were here. He was savoring each sound, intently watching their producers so he could memorize every wonderful thing about them when something new punctuated the landscape, crystal tone of a word, a new note. “Aurax is back!” OOC: @~Xemnas~ @Harvali @BULiK @ARROW404 @Rahisaurus @Lady Takanuva @Snelly @Tarn @BBBBalta @Umbraline Yumiwahere we goooo
  2. [Ga-Koro, Industrial District (Ranok)] Ranok had, in the process of locating the hotel room, somehow acquired both a teapot and cups, and a jar of honey. The musician, clearly at ease in the liminal space of the hotel room, nodded as he took the proffered knife and cut a few slices off of the cactus. “Now, I have to emphasize that pure fruit is pretty bitter, if you wouldn’t mind waiting I’ll have some tea going in a few minutes…” After placing the fruit wedges on some of the offered dishes, he put the knife down and took out his own, using it to delicately shave peaces of fruit off into the heating teapot. OOC: @~Xemnas~ @Rahisaurus @Snelly @Lady Takanuva @Tarn @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @BBBBalta @ARROW404@Harvali [Ga-koro, Inner Port(Yukie)] Yukie found a small park bench next too a garden of reeds and strange, plate-leaved flowers. He took a seat, gesturing for Row to sit opposite. “Before we begin, I would appreciate if you tried to focus on the oldest memory you have of Mata Nui. Cast your mind back—that will be our starting point.” OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  3. [Hanaloi, Mashtet Fortress (Falki)] It seemed Falki’s pack was full. She shouldered it, examining Caana with her hard, ruby eyes. “Did we need to?” OOC: @a goose
  4. [Hanaloi, Mashtet Fortress (Falki)] When Caana found her way into the chamber of imprisoned kraata, Falki had already started work. The koshi zrupgar was systematically wrapping the stones in cloth bandages and stuffing them into her pack and clothing, seemingly heedless of the heat. OOC: @a goose [Hanaloi, Kaazi Camp (Semeraed)] Semeraed looked at the assembled Kaazi, her one remaining eye fixed ahead as if she was seeing something else. “Listen to me cousins, when I say I know what you are loosing. I watched my home burn in the distance as we fled, the only home I had ever known. The Kuychar lost much that day, but we survived. Houses can be built wherever there is land to stand on, but we can not have homes without people. If you leave, you will leave your houses, but you will carry home inside of you. If you stay, they will take everything from you, all the people you love.” Her voice quavered as Falki’s face, horribly transformed, flashed in her mind, but she pushed on, forcing it to grow louder. “We are not Imperials. We need not follow their order, submit to their power, or die for their honor. We have only one virtue. We survive, survive and continue our stories. When your ancestors came here, it was out of that hope. It was not so you could die for their choices, but to live on to continue their legacy. We have already lost so much. Let us not loose more.” OOC: @Keeper of Kraata
  5. I mean, if you look in Po I think there's already some people planning something similar.
  6. Rather than posting an entirely new topic, you should post in the RPG Planning Topic. I know some other people have talked about a Glatorian-centric RPG.
  7. [Hanaloi, North Cove (Fanai/NPC)] The exhausted expedition boarded the ship with the same grim silence that now hung over the island. Even the crew, who knew nothing of what had transpired, could sense the miasma of fear and despair that hung over the place. Fanai stayed by the side of the fallen Kaazi as the expedition leaders discussed sailing plans in urgent, hushed tones. In the space of a few minutes, the crew pulled anchor and hoisted sail, absent the usual conversation and colorful curses that normally accompanied an undocking. The expedition boat caught the night breeze, bringing it up an away from the cove. Then the helmswoman turned the wheel, the steady splash of oars began, and the vessel swung around to the south, to where the last of the Kaazi lay caught in a terrible choice. OOC: @Keeper of Kraata
  8. [Ga-Koro, Industrial District (Ranok)] “Well, this isn’t exactly an orange, I wouldn’t recommend taking more than a slice.” Ranok eyebrows arced—if he were a little more tense his expression could have been taken for disapproval. As it was, he seemed to find the idea of chowing down on a cactus like a hand fruit somewhat amusing. “Cactus is meant to be enjoyed slowly—most of the Po-koro growers I know make a tea with honey. It doesn’t exactly taste…pleasant.” He wrinkled his nose. “You might need the strength of the raw fruit, but I must insist we make somewhat of an event of this. I certainly wouldn’t take a mind-altering substance in a warehouse full of previously homicidal plants.” He looked at the rest of the group. “I don’t suppose any of us actually have a house here?” OOC: @~Xemnas~ @Harvali @Snelly @ARROW404 @Umbraline Yumiwa @BULiK @Rahisaurus @Lady Takanuva @BBBBalta IC: [Ga-koro, Inner Port(Yukie)] Yukie shook his head. “It doesn’t work like that. Even if I wanted to do what you’re describing, I couldn’t.” He locked eyes with the Skakdi, hoping that his gaze could convey the things that metaphor could not. Row had reminded him that as much as he thought himself connected to the people that he supervised, he was woefully lacking in language to speak to them. “I understand your hesitance. Your mind is the core of your being—it is the most private of places, and allowing someone inside is always uncomfortable. But for that reason, your mind is stronger than you think. It is hard to heal, but it is also hard to break. Even if you don’t have experience with someone entering your mind, you know how to defend yourself. The mind isn’t a door that I can simply do what I wish in once you flip the latch and let me in. That is why I need your help.” He glanced back. “Besides, I have no doubt Commador Ayiwah and Master Long would scramble my brains in a more direct way should I try any, uh, ‘funny business’.” OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Void Emissary IC: [Naho Bay, The Fowadi (NPC/Talli)] The young sailor sighed. He was really hoping the guy clinging to the mast would be too seasick to want dinner. But now he had been directed, and the quartermaster would be on his case if he took the lesterin’s food. Alas. Carefully but confidently he picked is his way up the rigging, dropping the package unceremoniously in the crow’s nest. “Enjoy your dinner, sir.” OOC: @BULiK
  9. I'd also like to point out that within the last year we've gotten an influx of new players--not very much, mind you, but it's not zero. Heck, the quest to the greenhouse that you're involved in has 7+ players alone. Bionicle has ended, but role-playing is more popular than ever and there's always people who will be happy to use old hobbies as a vehicle for storytelling. As someone who experienced the RPG forum in its heyday, it was pretty hopping, but there still barriers to involvement. If your character wasn't interesting or powerful enough, or you didn't have an in with the central group of players, it was easy to fall by the wayside while big changes happened around you. Now, I feel like I have a chance to slow down and really explore a variety of characters' stories and development without missing out. The staff has done a great job in making Arc III a player-focused arc that makes room for new characters and gives old ones room to grow.
  10. I understand, things can get slow. If you have other things taking up your time it makes sense to leave--I did this for a while. But if the issue is that people aren't posting enough, well, honestly most of us work on other hobbies in the interim. This is what makes the BZPRPG survive, we're all adults and sometimes you don't check the forums for weeks, and then you come back to a novel chapter.
  11. [Ga-Koro, Industrial District (Ranok)] Ranok blinked. “The what? I’m fine. You’re sure it’s been dealt with?” OOC: @Rahisaurus @~Xemnas~ @ARROW404 IC: [Ga-koro, Inner Port(Yukie)] Yukie nodded. “If you are willing to let me in, perhaps I can catch one of these memories before it eludes you. Shall we find a place less public?” He glanced at Daijuno and her companion, who were now whispering among each other. They didn’t plan to watch this, did they? Surely not. OOC: @Vezok's Friend@Void Emissary @BULiK IC: [Naho Bay, The Fowadi (Talli)] The ship really was enormous. As she moved across the deck, bag in hand, she felt like it might swallow her. She speed up her walk, advancing forward towards the main mast. She had to keep moving, or she would be swept away. One thing anchored her. This ship must have a galley fit for an akiri. ~~~ A few hours later, the largely Po-koronan crew found themselves in possession of many mysterious packages, neatly wrapped in ti leaves. Curiosity soon unveiled the cargo—spiced mango-seaweed salad and triangles of vinegared rice around marinated poké. The galley was as well-supplied as Talli had thought, though they clearly didn’t know what to do with the bounty of provisions Ga-koro had provided them with. While the fish and fruit was still fresh, Talli was going to make sure they understood what they were missing. (And frankly, she thought as she devoured her own meal next to the exhausted crewmates she had roped into tonight’s dinner, what she was missing. This was a once a year meal back in the North Docks.) Back on the upper deck of the ship, a young po-matoran approached the mast, hefting one of the precious packages as he stared up at the terrified lesterin. “Sir, do you want dinner?” OOC: @BULiK prepare to put green things in your body or perish
  12. IC: [Ga-koro, Inner Port(Yukie)] ::I understand, I will await your orders should I be required.:: Yukie turned to the group, raising an eyebrow at Long Dihunai’s deadpan answer. He had not seen the art of soulfire demonstrated before, and it was certainly not the rudimentary practice that some of his teachers had characterised it as. There was a reason all who practiced combat thought of it as an art. It required practice and discipline, but there was an individuality to it as sure as the mark of a dyer’s careful hands twisting cloth. He wagered that wasn’t the answer Rhow was looking for, however. “We, all of us Dasaka, have different variations on similar elements—I believe. While your elements are an expression of the natural world, of water or fire, ours are an expression of ourselves.” Yukie envisioned his soulsword and it poured into existence in his hand, a shimmering blade the color of plum blossoms. “Master Long and I were taught very differently in how to channel our respective wills, but the root of our power is the same.” He wagered Dihuanai would object to that particular characterization. Ah, well. The dashi next to Dastana Daijuno looked familiar, but he couldn’t place her face. He had a distinct impression that he’d seen it before. He sighed and the sword dissolved. “But you’re not here for a philosophy lesson, I take it, Rhow. I am not as adept at the kind of memory guidance as some other members of my family, but if you are eager to make some kind of attempt, I can certainly help.” OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Void Emissary @BULiK
  13. [Ga-Koro, Industrial District (Ranok)] Ranok could not hear exactly what was going on in the warehouse, but he could detect the unmistakable sound of very heavy footsteps moving in his direction. He whistled again, stepping aside in case whatever was coming came bursting through the door. OOC: @Rahisaurus @~Xemnas~ @ARROW404 since y’all are the ones within immediate vicinity. IC: [Ga-koro, Inner Port(Yukie)] Yukie had the distinct feeling that Agni was, if not judging him, slightly concerned about his reaction. He could hardly blame the toa. They came from different worlds—he was still trying to wrap his head around the way Mata Nui functioned. Bidding the ambassadors of Ta-koro farewell, he found himself heading back toward the docks, curious as to what had happened despite himself. It seemed like whatever happened had lulled for a minute, but as he drew closer he saw that the commander and her entourage still stood at attention, though they were talking to… Yukie blinked. A Taajar elder, a Dastana merchant, and…well…Mata-Nui was certainly different. He waited for Ayiwah’s attention to shift before approaching with a bow. “Madam Commander, I saw there was some disturbance. May I be of service in any way?” The honorific was a little much, and as a Toroshu he technically was of equal rank—however, as far as Yukie was concerned they all owed the navy their lives and should give them the most respect possible. OOC: @Vezok's Friend @BULiK @Void Emissary Did someone call for a brain mallet?
  14. [Hanaloi, Mashtet Fortress (Falki)] Falki did not feel the dry heat, with the cold infinity inside of her, giving her focus and purpose. She moved forward without fear, stepping over the carcasses of the Mashtet like they were nothing more than stones in her way. [Hanaloi, North Cove (Mari/Fanai)] Aska felt Riko’s body steady as the strength of another mindarm blended with hers. “I’ll talk to the captain once we get there. One thing at a time, Askha. We have to make sure everyone on that ship is…still themselves.” Mari’s face was solemn, if not as tense as it had been before. Fanai was already extending her willhammer, feeling around for the presence of other minds on the ship. [Hanaloi, Kaazi Camp (Semeraed/Sedskar)] Semeraed took the waterskin with silent nod of thanks. The cool feel of water on her throat did not still the frantic racing of her mind, but it lended her respite enough to collect a few thoughts. What situation had the Kaazi been in, that they so bound themselves to an imperial clan? And what had driven them to keep those chains, even if the clan themselves had vanished? Sedskar immediately jumped to help the Kaazi as those swayed by Hambra’s worlds began to gather up their things, dragging a reluctant Dapys behind him. The husi perked up once she saw there was food, however, and Sedskar was soon holding her back. Semeraed also poured water over the scalded flesh on the left side of her face, wincing as it washed over the place where her eye had been, mere hours ago. This ritual complete, she handed the canteen back to Hambra. “I would speak to your people, on behalf of mine, if you would let me.” @Keeper of Kraata
  15. [Hanaloi, Mashtet Fortress (Falki)] Well, best stop dreaming and start doing. Falki unfolded herself from the position on the floor and began to move towards the well. [Hanaloi, Forest Path (Mari/Rina)] Mari had honestly expected Askha to stubbornly insist on staying, but the taking of her auntie had apparently shaken her up. The Dastana menti couldn’t find much satisfaction in this fact, however. This was a clear loss for them, no matter how much information they could bring back to Sado. Morie’s trinkets be d*mned, this was half a clan that now belonged to the force that was trying to slaughter all of them. Rina remained uncharacteristically silent, eyes searching for any remnants of Zataka’s forces. Mari knew that despite all her friends bravado, she had strong commitment to defending the dashi that remained in the archipelago. She had been close to becoming like Somei, and Mari knew no one else who would have so hated her free will being taken from her. Well, maybe Rina would be more careful in the future. Maybe they all would be. [Hanaloi, Forest Path(Fanai/Murasaki)] Fanai walked besides Askha carrying Riko, gently using her willhammer to keep the Kaazi warrior breathing evenly and shallowly. After loosing Somei, Fanai knew that Askha needed to save something, and it was her duty to make sure that happened. Murasaki seemed to have found companionship in Rina’s silence. The two soulswords continued on, keeping their guard up. [Hanaloi, Kaazi Camp (Semeraed/Sedskar)] The pair of koshi zrupgar streaked through the forest, their ears alert for any sounds in the branches. Dapys was going to throw them soon if they didn’t find the Kaazi. A husi was not build for two riders. Then, the clear sound of a whistle echoed above them. They locked eyes for a second as comprehension dawned, then with an audible sigh of relief, Sedskar slowed Dapys and they both slid off. As familiar as they were with the forest, the keen-eyed Kaazi had spotted the Kuychar far before the two plains-dweller’s had spotted them. Thus, when the two dashi stumbled into the clearing it was to a full assembly of warriors, all eyes fixed on them. “Please…” Semeraed could find none of the musical formalities in her tense, dry throat. “You must hurry with us to the shore. Our canoes will not wait for much longer.” @Keeper of Kraata @Nato G @Goose
  16. [Hanaloi, Mashtet Fortress (Falki)] Falki felt none of Vazaria’s resentment, only a detached bemusement. Caana could strut and posture all she wanted, she knew that Falki wasn’t someone to be ignored, or she would, when the bruise started to really bloom. Falki could recognize a planner when she saw one, however. That was what they needed, somebody to coordinate and make sure they could each be the most effective. In her mind, this did not elevate Caana—it simply meant she had a different task. "You intend to use these creatures to our advantage," she stated, inserting herself into the conversation. The kraata of elasticity had slithered up to her right shoulder, as if it sensed it was the subject of conversation. "How?" @Goose @Nato G
  17. [Hanaloi, Mashtet Fortress (Falki)] Falki had found a small corner to curl up in and inspect her weapons, her blood-red eyes occasionally flickering to Caana and Vazaria in conversation. The effect was rather less like a soldier waiting for orders and more like a bored cat waiting for something to pique its interest. OOC: @Nato G @Goose @Keeper of Kraata
  18. [Hanaloi, Observatory Entrance (Mari/Rina)] ::I am okay. Knocked around a bit, but okay—Rina’s doing fine as well.:: Mari nailed another Kraata to a tree, going of the psychic nudge from Fanai. The arrows of the Kaazi scouts had been the tipping point to easily finish off the Kavanika that had decided to keep attacking. ::We need to get to the ship.:: [Hanaloi, Observatory Entrance(Fanai/Murasaki)] Fanai had by now learned to easily recognize the psychic taint that marked the presence of the slugs, so she was left with enough mental focus to send a private ideatalk message to Askha. ::Askha—I am sorry…I sensed Somei above us, trying to scramble our senses. Her mind belongs to Zataka now.:: Murasaki was clearing a path for their retreat, heedless of the protests of the Kaazi at the vehemence with which she attacked the nearby undergrowth. [Hanaloi, Forest (Falki)] It was easy for someone as small and nimble as Falki to duck under the log Hambra threw. For a moment she considered following the Kaazi leader, but no, Hambra was an obstacle. She would be slain if she got in the way, but it was the Imperials that were the real target. She slunk into the forest, following Caana. OOC: @Goose Falki to the mashtet fortress. [Hanaloi, Forest (Semeraed/Sedskar)] Semeraed was a reserved woman, and so the task of battling willhammers had never come easily to her. She could keep her walls up well enough, but the secret to koshi zrupgar anti-willhammering technique lay in bearing one’s soul, overwhelming the enemy with the force of your inner self. She had always struggled to let that slip. Until now. It was dark, the demons were about, and Falki had been taken from her. Yet, close, unrecognizable to one who was unfamiliar, came a sharp, guttural honk. And Semeraed felt it all, so much. Her pain and her loss, her love and her relief, all the romps along the beach and kisses stolen under the stars, she let it spill out of her. Fine, you can have it if you’re so eager. You can have all of it. She released both the branch and the arrow at the same time. — The Husi is a curious bird. Lacking splendor or flight, it is easily overlooked by all but those who take on the mostly thankless task of trying to train one. But anyone who as seen it dispatch a gafna realizes that this bird is above all a predator, tenacious and opportunistic. Sedskar was well familiar with all of these facts, not the least of which because Dapys was very enthusiastic about showing him what creatures she could slaughter and stuff down her gullet. The kraata, however, was not very delicious. As Sedskar charged in, scattering the bewildered kavinika (except for the one which now had a beak-shaped hole in it), the husi spit out the slug in two pieces. A body fell next to him, and he found himself looking down at a single yellow eye. It was a lot to process, so he did the only thing he could think to, grabbing Semeraed’s hand and pulling her up behind him. She appeared to be bruised, but nothing was broken—all those in clan kuychar had to learn the necessary art of falling off a soko, of relaxing the muscles while doing so to prevent broken bones. He wrenched the husi around, ignoring her protests, and dug his heals in. “There’s Taajar, near here,” Semeraed said, as they fled for cover. Her voice sounded empty, hollow. “Where’s Falki?” Sedskar was very good at telling when something was wrong. He could at least do that. “Falki’s gone.” There was no time to ask what she meant. He could tell, somehow, that she wasn’t dead—she couldn’t be dead—but…in Semeraed’s dull, exhausted voice, there seem to be the implication that what had happened was almost worse. OOC: @Keeper of Kraata Semeraed and Sedskar to the Kaazi camp. Up to you whether the rakshi is going to chase them or not.
  19. [Sado, Streets(Morie)] Outwardly, Morie remained as stoic as ever, but she was keenly aware of the aches in her joints, which were becoming ever more noticeable in lieu of Suzume’s dilly-dallying. Surely this menti realized her mother was dead? Then again, all clues pointed to common sense not being her strong suit. Morie decided to advance stealthily, betraying only a hint of her annoyance in her tone of voice. “What was your mother’s name?” OOC: @Perp
  20. [Ga-koro, South Docks, close to Sunset (Talli)] Talli had really hoped they wouldn’t need to talk about this. “I…uh…need to get out.” She winced as soon as she said it—it made her sound like some thrill-seeker looking for adventure or some other nonsense. “I mean, sorry, I…just—did you hear about the Daedra incident?” She took a breath and went on without giving the Lesterin time to respond. “Never felt comfortable around toa after that. They were supposed to protect us, and instead they exploited our hope. Now, there’s rumors that even the Maru have some skeletons in their closets. I figured this ship’s been around; got a reputation for some old fashioned heroics, but you’ll forgive me if I find that a little hard to swallow.” It wasn’t the whole truth, but it was the shape of it, at least. “My people have ended up on the rear end of the world’s problems all too often. I figured I needed to see how the fertilizer is made, so to speak.” “Maybe I’ll be able to sleep easier, if you’re really all about what you say you are.” There. Now she could stop talking. [Ga-Koro, Industrial District (Ranok)] Ranok Selli was a lot of things. He was not, as mentioned before, a fighter. A few entropy beetles non-withstanding, he had a pretty good idea of his skills, and they didn’t include stabbing things. Or sawing through some stiff branches with only a knife. Ranok was much better at running somewhere or away from something than turning to face them. Yet, despite his methods of survival, Ranok could not be called a coward. Right now, his options were limited. He could yell for help, but he had a feeling that whatever was going on in the warehouse would finish before he could catch the attention of anybody important. Something else attracted his attention though, something tied up in a faint, whistled note that had unmistakably been tied to the plants behavior. Ranok was not a toa, did not have an instinct for the very texture of sound, but because he had to learn the hard way, though years of imitation and immersion, he thought in ways that would not have occurred to those who took the shorter road. In his head, peaks and troughs stretched, seeking instability. He put two fingers in his mouth and blew, the note purer and less shrill thanks to a musician's training. It also happened to be a note extremely dissonant to the original tone. At the very least, he would attract attention. OOC: @~Xemnas~ @sunflower
  21. a hobby of warriors was the profession of fools
  22. [Fort Garsi, Environs (Ipsudir/NPC)] Somak did well to understand this was not Sarke, but not well enough. War was more than learning to kill your enemies, it was learning to see them not as individuals, but as obstacles, and right now Sohmak one obstacle that the stone skakdi on their bike was not keen to run into. They couldn’t exactly swerve around with the force pulling them towards the wall, but they could do one thing. They could go faster. The skakdi gunned the throttle about two seconds before impact and leaned to the left, sending them at a slightly different angle to the wall, straight past Sohmak, straight towards the group that lay huddled behind it. There was no turning back now. The skakdi braced for impact, but they kept their eyes open. Sohmak opened his eyes to grit and dust and empty air. — Ipsudir was going to have to give Kirik a stern talking to, she thought. Probably with some fist thrown in. She had told him to corral the invaders, drive them into the waiting mouth of the trap that had been rehearsed many a time, but instead he had leaped at the first opportunity to prove himself worthy by fighting Zanakra. It was a pity she could not have raised Zanakra under her wing, as one of her own warriors. The welp had the ambition certainly, and the skill and toughness needed. No warlord, but a warrior certainly—one that would have to be taught a few lessons after she inevitably tried to take Ipsudir’s place. But that was not to be. Ipsudir was a thinker, not an intellectual. She had never dwelt on the intricacies of art or pondered the fabric of the universe. She knew the way the world worked; it was built of iron and blood, as it should should be. As one battlewife had found out at the cost of her eyes, Ipsudirs habit of strategy did not mean she could not fight. Ipsudir was a warlord, a warlord did not let subordinates do the thinking for her. That was asking for knife in the back, as she would know, having been the holder of the knife in times before. Zanakra could not lead by example, for her lackeys were Crieb:dii and fools, more enamored of their own unblemished skins than the battlefield. Ipsudir loved Sarke, but she understood what it was. It was a game, played with fist and blade instead of stones, and it was a hobby dear to her. But a hobby of warriors was the profession of fools. Ipsudir did not teach her warriors with Sarke. She did not teach them to fight. She taught them to kill, to kill and to kill, to turn your enemies into rahi before you on the glut of your slaughter. This was war, this was the glory under which Lamo-Lyco-Zakaz was won, Irnakk:Dii’s blood price. This was not Sarke. — The companions of the Tatorahk camp fought defensively, each according to their skill, as they had been taught. But no matter how much they shoveled out, the ship was sinking. This was not spineless bay, where the cover was plenty and the waters murky, easy to slip into and away from a fight. This was the badlands, and it did not like to spit out what it had already swallowed. Earth and stone mixed here, making the construction of a barrier made of only earth slow and laborious. Lugnoz, pulling herself upright, started to cough. He didn’t stop, the blood poured out of the wound in his throat and drowned his lungs and he kept coughing and coughing until there was no life left to cough out. The shot echoed around the canyon, but it followed the bullet, too late to change the outcome. In exposed cage on the hill, the old skakdi reloaded his najin rifle, and cocked it again with a smooth, practiced motion. Ythrok frantically grasped for power that was not there, the next grenade was not halted. She soon joined her partner on the ground, torso caved in and distended. — “CRIEB:DII! THIS LAND IS NOT FOR THE WEAK-SEEDED!” The skakdi of plasma who had originally crashed her bike had recovered, and managed to draw the attention of with her loud yelling and equally loud orange and pink armor. She was currently embroiled in a struggle with a large sundew plant, which was attempting to simultaneously drown and strangle her. But her hand was free, and that was all she needed. BANG! Her shotgun siphoned a small amount of her latent elemental power, coating the shell and almost melting it as it streaked through water, evaporating it, and blew off the shoulder of the skakdi of water who was half of her current predicament. As she fired, she charged her lazer vision, aiming straight for her opponents head. — This was not Sarke. Three skakdi were pulled to where Jojax waited on the wall—one grabbed the other’s wrist, turning the skid into a controlled glide as their powers of earth and stone worked upon the landscape around them. The tips of their short, basket-hilted lances gleamed as they advanced, the beginning of vision powers gleaming in their eyes. These were not the blunt weapons of Sarke—they were designed to kill, and kill fast, without the added trouble of having to strangle someone. The third party member did not go as smoothly down the slope, but despite an obviously sprained ankle and dented bone white armor, his mouth was open in a malicious grin, swinging a rotating chain sword in her direction. All the skakdi’s weapons were pulled by the wall too, but they let them move, drawing closer, all pointed at Jojax’s chest. She had been right, in a way. But she was the fish. — Two skakdi sprinted forward on their daggertooth mounts, one blue shot with silver, the other deep gunmetal and black. Fasil and Kerigor, they were called, and they had been hand picked by Ipsudir for their intelligence and ferocity, as well as the particular way their powers complimented each other. Fasil rode in front, her spinning razor-lined shield occasionally deflecting a beam from the attackers’ vision powers. Kerigor had weapons too, a well made najin shotgun that he been using to splatter the brains of any of zanakra’s coterie that got too close. He holstered it and put a hand on his spiked mace as if to draw it, but it was a ruse. As they charged toward the wall, Kerigor took a hold of Fasil’s elbow instead, and their powers ran together and bloomed. This was no frantic grab at anything that could give them an advantage—this was practiced, rehearsed. Electricity and magnetism (true magnetism, not a facsimile forged of gravity and iron) ran together, supporting and strengthening each other. A sphere of deadly force formed around the riders, flickering with ice-blue streaks of light. Fortunately for Jojax (and indeed, the people who were intent on impaling her), the iron wall was not designed to conduct electricity the way the fences had been. They felt only a diffused buzz as the remaining wall not submerged in dirt buckled and split, allowing the two riders to leap down into the clump of Zanakra’s forces, carrying their deadly aura with them. — “Krex, stay up on the wall with Srednak. You know what to do when I give the word.” Ipsudir headed downstairs. It was time to deal with this herself. OOC: Hoo boy, so I know this was a lot. I generally prefer to ask forgiveness rather than permission when it comes to combat. If the staff ask me to edit, I will, but otherwise I’m going to stick to my guns. @Snelly and @Visaru, you're on your own for now--have fun. @Smudge8 @Nato G @Sparticus147 @Zeal I know a lot is happening and the urge to post is great, but please let @Geardirector have a turn posting as Krex before responding to all this that is happening. I also have several things to point out as well. 1) @ARROW404 Think of it this way, you don’t have to come up with so many npc names now. :] 2) Ipsudir’s warriors are trained and experienced, they have taken apart fortresses before and have defended against attacks much more organized than this one. They are trained just not in strategy, but in tactics. They know how to react to changes in situation and have systematic ways of dealing with you. If your character try to blunder their way through danger with only pro-wrestling experience, they will not be saved by luck. They will just die. 3) Power joining has been a thing for a while. As a hope you saw, your enemies can do it too, and they practiced with it as well. 4) The forces of Fort Garsi have a home turf advantage—they know the terrain, which is quite different from what you are used to, and they have technology and powers suited to it. 5) Consider running away—after all, Zanakra is the only one who is really committed to this battle, and there’s more of you than her. :] Also, you might find allies in the strangest places. I think there’s a certain lady to the east with a very personal stake in seeing Ipsudir die, as @Palm can attest to. One even might say that running into each other, both broken and licking your wounds, would be a great story moment…
  23. [Ga-Koro, Outside The Great Takea (Ranok)] Ranok listened until Nichou’s footsteps faded, and then leaned the staff against the side of the building. He appreciated the offer, but if any killer plants came bursting out of the building he put a lot more faith in his utility knife. He resisted the urge to blow a few contemplative notes on his harmonica, listening for anything that might be moving aside from the footsteps of his companions. OOC: Everyone else is in the building so... @~Xemnas~ I guess?
  24. [Hanaloi, Forest (Falki)] There was little use getting fancy in battle if simplicity would do. Hambra, in her focus on Caana, had let Falki slip from her mind. They always do. Falki sheathed the damaged katar in one smooth motion and drew her kukri. The blade, a matte turquoise crystal, cast no light as she ran forward. She had fought enough sighteyes to estimate how much deeper she would need to cut at the ash bear’s exposed calves to reach true flesh. As she cut forward with her weapon, the kavinika surged forward, leaping to bite at limbs, ready to bring down this large prey like they had so many before. [Semeraed] Semeraed was straddling a thick branch like a wooden Soko, bow drawn and ready to shoot. But she couldn’t shoot Falki, despite the cold and unholy darkness that had taken hold of her beloved’s heart. As the mind reading rakshi skewered Riko, she knew with a surety that it must be her target—but she would only have one shot. Forcing herself to breath naturally, she turned her single sighted eye back and forth, judging the distance and preparing. [Hanaloi, Observatory Entrance(Fanai/Murasaki)] Fanai recognized the pressing feeling and the rush of water for what it was, an illusion. Still, it was a struggle against the feeling, even if she knew that the sighteye had no power to actually stop her breathing. Murasaki was panicking. Murasaki was not breathing. ::Breath.:: Murasaki’s consciousness was luckily used to small intrusion of Plangori-style willhammering, but Fanai couldn’t mislead a sighteye like she could another willhammer, only calm the frantic racing of Murasaki’s mind. Luckily, the sighteye had seemed to use all their energy on the auditory and tactile senses, and the Plangori warriors could still see enough to stumble away from the pursuing kavinika and their kraata riders, toward their allies. Fanai sensed something else, a familiar and yet twisted mind beyond the trees. ::An enemy illusionist above us:: The keen arrows of the scouts would be welcomed here. [Mari] Rakshi dwelt in shadows. They clung to them, found safety in their embrace. Despite their Zataka-given cunning, the shadows were a comfort that they could often not resist. Usually, this was a place where Menti feared to tread. Unfortunately for every rakshi that had faced Dastana Mari, this place of comfort held none of the safety they were used to. The menti’s eyes were almost completely closed now. She could picture every texture etched in stark relief, and the visual spectrum was more of a distraction at this point. The obscuring darkness of the cloud was simply non existent. The cloud evaporated, its conjurer pined to the ground by a mindarm-aimed dart. Mari spun her spear, slicing a kraata in two as it attempted to jump for her. The creature had been counting on surprising her—but it was instead the one on the end of a sharp surprise. She had no doubt the rahkshi would attack again once it realized the kraata’s trick had been ineffectual. [Rina] Crack! The other end of the pack was also having a bad time. The hated weapon of light and pain seemed to be everywhere, biting and slicing, forming shimmering arcs that bisected any who dared attempt to get close to its wielder. And the wielder herself was concealed from their eyes, seeming to bend the light and slip into a space where darkness could not reach. They could sense something there, a mask to infect, but it was too vague for them to do anything but jump in the vague direction what they detected, driven by the greater will that compelled them. Ironically, it was they who where in the dark. The more intelligent kraata held back, hoping that their mounts could get close enough. The brief window of darkness lent them the boldness to actively attack. Rina felt a slimy texture smack into her right shoulder, even as a Kavanika’s jaws closed inches from her left ankle. (She knew she had picked the Huna for a reason.). She didn’t have the time to bring her whip around, so she instead snatched the kraata with her left hand. It dissolved in her grip, frantically teleporting out of her hand, but Rina was ready this time. She whorled her whip in a circle in front of her own face, hearing the satisfying sizzle of psionic energy dissolving slug flesh. Then the light came back, along with a seizing pain in her muscles, spasms that made her stumble and… A familiar force pulled her back, out of range of the kavinika’s bite. A strong arm pulled her up. ::Don’t get greedy.:: Of the eight or so kavinika that had attacked the pair initially, only four remained, one missing its teleportation kraata rider courtesy of Rina, and one limping from a half-severed paw. The menti readied her weapon, paying particular attention to the blue and red creature that had given her the nasty shock. ::Oh, but we’re Dastana.:: OOC: @Keeper of Kraata @Goose I have darkvision blindsight an Arthron. :] @Nato G
  25. Welcome! Always nice to see new players. If you're looking for a place to come in with very little knowledge, may I suggest becoming one of the refugee fleet from Kentoku that just arrived on Mata-Nui? If you're playing a dashi (matoran) artisan, like @~Xemnas~ 's Eita, you probably weren't involved in any of the big events on Kentoku, and you'd be coming onto a completely new island that you know little about. You can't have a vahi tho, sorry lol
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