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  1. I probably wouldn't be wearing a Bionicle shirt being that I don't own one nor know where I can get one- But for simplicity's sake, I'll say:"Lemme start off by saying that it was the only form of Lego that I would actually buy, so once Bionicle ended, Lego stopped getting my money. If that doesn't convince you, Imma give you three more reasons why Lego should bring back Bionicle."1. It was THE best line of Lego for creating characters (In my opinion). I feel that Hero Factor is too much of a blank slate to start off with a character. It feels so "standard" and, for lack of a better word, industrialized. Bionicle had character to not only its bad guys, but its good guys too. Exaggerated features separated the sets from one another, like the Mistika and Phantoka (seriously, I actually liked those guys)."2. The story was more original. I feel that Hero Factory was more like a generic Saturday morning cartoon while Bionicle was more in depth and (to me) seemed more personal. I don't mean to bash Hero Factory, I'd just like something for the older Lego audience to enjoy too."3. The abilities and the actions (at least the first part of Bionicle had it). a. I really enjoyed the different actions that they had with the Bionicles up until 2005 (It wasn't so constant then). I think if they figured out a way to incorporate actions into more of the newer models, Bionicle could get more attention again. I'm not complaining, I'm just being nostalgic. b. The powers through the masks and weapons that the characters had were so cool, and some of them unique. I really liked the yellow Makuta's (his name escapes me) power of the temporal clones and how he pulls himself from different time periods; that was pretty creative."Personally, I say you can keep Hero Factory, but you could also bring back Bionicle and gear it toward that slightly older audience. High-schoolers still think they're cool (my friends get distracted whenever they see the Bionicle army in my little bro's room). Maybe you could just advertise them as an art medium rather than just toys (this is coming from an artist). You could still have models of them to be used for inspiration, but the way that Bionicle was molded and shaped helped inspire me to nurture my creative side." Nothing too complicated.
  2. Oh my, that is quite unfortunate. I had a couple of friends that were into Bionicle, but I can't say as much as I was. I think it was mostly the constructiveness part. I still use Bionicles, though not the same as I did before. I see them more as an art-medium (but still my favorite toys). In fact, I used Bionicles as characters for my Short Film submission at my Speech contest today, but they were custom characters, not the actual toys. The judge really liked it though. What was wrong with the book? Did you not like the writing style (I admit, it's not your typical way of writing a book)?As for Pokémon, they were interesting, but I didn't think that they were as cool as Bionicle, probably because making your own Pokémon was not encouraged. Also, I thought that Bionicles looked more bad*** studly and mature than Pokémon. I guess it's the whole "catching and controlling" concept of Pokémon... *sigh* If only people weren't so power hungry (I'm not completely serious here).
  3. I don't know. I guess just seeing the word "Bionicle" in a book caught me off guard (and yes, it was Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment). That book was set and released in 2005 though, so I take it Bionicle still had enough popularity to be noticed by James Patterson. Other than that, I had seen Bionicles in other media, just not specifically named as so. I think there was sometime ago where 2008 Tahu was in one of the episodes of that Terminator TV Series (I just recall seeing it on the front page of BZP). I had seen it once or twice in Malcom in the Middle as one of the toys that Dewey had played with, but I think they called it by a different name. I didn't really count those but if you feel like they count, go ahead and list instances similar to that. I'm really curious as to how popular Bionicle really was.
  4. (First two paragraphs are a story, the third is the question) So the other day, I was reading a book in study hall. Generally, I don't usually read books, but a science fiction novel was necessary for my Adv Comp class. It was a rather recent sci-fi and it was good enough to keep me interested. Eventually, there came a part in the book where the main characters were in this toy store and half of the group went in to see the section where there were Lego and Bionicle. I had to stop because I never expected to see that referenced in a book. Ironically, later that day, we somehow got onto the topic of old childhood toys and a prominent one that was brought up was Lego. Because of that, we talked about Bionicle too and I was surprised by the amount of my classmates that actually knew what it was. What shocked me even more was, after the period was over, one of my friends (whom I had befriended after my Bionicle years) was telling another guy I knew all about the first Bionicle movie, and he seemed to have recalled it better than I would have. Anyway, has anything like this ever happened to you? Have you ever seen, read, or heard about Bionicle in a place that you never expected? Tell me your story(ies) and share how you felt (if you feel like it).
  5. I had considered finally taking pictures of my some of my bionicles and posting them on Brickshelf, but I got distracted :/ I actually still built a little. In fact, I re-modeled one of my MOC's. I did find ut about the Me Gusta rage face though and got somewhat osessed with that for a little while.
  6. Hey, when are you adding the next chapter to your comedy?

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