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    I love music more than anything else in the world. I'm a songwriter, working on trying to sing better (since I believe people shouldn't sing songs they didn't write unless it's a cover), and currently in the process of trying to sell my Bionicle sets to buy a bass guitar.

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  1. Haven't talked to you in ages but happy birthday!

  2. Javi

    Five Bands

    Pick 5 bands / artists that you love before reading the following questions: fun. The National The Airborne Toxic Event The Hold Steady Bright Eyes What was the first song you ever heard by 1? "Walking the Dog". I still remember the day my best friend showed it to me..like..vividly. =P I had no idea that I had just been introduced to an artist that was gonna have such a huge impact on my life..it's weird, thinking back on it, that fun. wasn't ALWAYS a part of my life. Is there a song by 2 that makes you sad? Hah..it's The National! All of them. =) "Runaway" once made me cry.."Mr. November".."Slow Show".."Baby, We'll be Fine".."Lucky You".. What is your favorite song of 3? Hah..basically all of them except "Neda". =P I guess I'd have to say my absolute favourite is and will always be "Wishing Well"..I was so blown away when I heard that song. It's hard to say that I like any Airborne song more than another, though... What is your favorite song of 5? Either "Haligh, Haligh, a Lie, Haligh" or "First Day of My Life". They're both pretty equal to me.. What kind of impact has 1 left on your life? Oh my God..I can't really describe the impact fun.'s had on my life. I happened to be introduced to them right before a period of ups and downs, lost friends, a crush on a certain girl I couldn't be with (but am with anyway)..fun. was there through all of that, making things better, whether things were good or bad. We drove six hours from North Carolina to Macon, Georgia to see them in concert. Words cannot describe the love I have for this band. What are your favorite lyrics of 5? "Besides, maybe this time it's different - I mean, I really think you like me." How many times have you seen 4 live? I'd love to see The Hold Steady live..but I'm still waiting for a concert in the area. =P What is your favorite song by 2? Oh, god. I would try to make a condensed list, but even that would come out to over thirty songs, I'm sure. I guess I'll just say "Slow Show", because I think I listen to it most frequently. Not that that's that much more frequently than the others. xD Is there any song by 4 that makes you sad? "First Night". Less because of the lyrics, and more because I fell in love with "Separation Sunday" and its characters: Charlemagne, Holly, Gideon, and the narrator. Hearing Craig sing about them like this - not partying, not being born again, not hopping from Stillwater to Ybor City, not doing hoodrat things - there's something incredibly sad about hearing how these characters self-destructed. What is your favorite song by 1? I can't answer that. It's fun. When did you first get into 2? Hah - I saw "Alligator" as a similar items listing on iTunes. I clicked it, read a really pretentious interview from some guy, and then listened to "All the Wine". I remember being unimpressed, leaving the page, and forgetting all about it. Later, I read about a favourable review for "Boxer" somewhere and decided to give them another shot. I immediately fell in love with "Fake Empire", and the rest of the album not long after. It was awhile before I got into their other records, but once I did, The National became one of my biggest musical influences. Since then, I've always been careful to never judge a band based on one song or one review. =P how did you get into 3? I'd been listening to "Wishing Well" for a week or so. I was staying up late one night. I happened to be sad, and I wanted to hear more songs like "Wishing Well", so I started the rest of the album. Needless to say, I was incredibly disappointed when I heard these upbeat indie-rock songs (it took awhile before I realised how dismal they really are lyrically). However, I came back to the album awhile later and slowly listened through the whole thing over the course of a few days. It just sort of grew on me and became a favourite record, and not long after that, a favourite band. What is your favorite song by 4? I guess I'd have to say "Your Little Hoodrat Friend". Though "How a Resurrection Really Feels", "First Night", and "Cattle and the Creeping Things" all might as well be tied, too.
  3. Ahh..I just attended my first concert on October 7th. fun. at the Grand Opera House in Macon, GA. I live in North Carolina - me and five friends drove six hours that afternoon to see an eight-song set. And it was totally worth it. They put on a really fantastic show; Nate Ruess really gets into it. Plus, half of those eight songs were new, so it was pretty exciting. Of course, I'd heard them all on video sites, but still. I might see The Airborne Toxic Event on November 23rd at the Fillmore Charlotte. My girlfriend's parents were actually debating letting her go with me. I would love to see them - they supposedly put on a great live show, and All I Ever Wanted is the only live album I can honestly say would make the top of a "favourite albums of all time" list. So I'd imagine they're pretty amazing live.
  4. Indie! 'Course, I have 14,860 songs, so not all of it's indie..but for the most part, indie's my favourite to listen to. Just cos it feels like it has more substance, I guess. Some of my favourite artists are Andrew Bird, Bon Iver, Bright Eyes, fun., I Am Kloot, Modest Mouse, Neutral Milk Hotel, Okkervil River, Say Hi, Spoon, Steel Train, The Airborne Toxic Event, The Antlers, The Format, The Hold Steady, the Mountain Goats, The National, The Unicorns, and The Veils. Though there are a lot of really fantastic bands that I simply can't list..
  5. I write songs, which I assume most of you count as a form of literature. I've always been kinda conflicted on how people should interpret writing and what emphasis should be placed on the author's true meaning. There are a lot of people who say, "I don't want my audience to know what I really meant by such-and-such", but when you're actually introducing the piece to an audience and they interpret it differently than you intended, you desperately want to correct them. I have that problem, anyway. I think it really depends on the piece, though. If it's something very specific and you're emphasizing one specific meaning and that's what you want to get across, then the author's opinion should matter. If you're writing and you want your audience to be able to relate, though, you should let them interpret it in the way that they wish. Consciously or not, they're probably going to interpret it in a way that relates most closely to them. However much you like the true meaning, your audience will probably like it more when it feels personal to them. For example - there's a song called "All I Ever Wanted" by The Airborne Toxic Event. I adore the lyrics; the song gives me chills and conjures up some beautiful imagery. However, I recently read the short story it was based on ("The Hitchhiking Game" by Milan Kundera), and it nearly ruined the song for me. The real meaning was something completely different than the personal meaning I put behind it, and it alienated me from the lyrics. Of course, I'm speaking solely with poems and lyrics in mind, but I think this applies to short stories and novels, too. Like I said - it really just depends on your piece and what you, as the author, want your audience to get out of it. If you're a good enough author, though, your message should shine through without any additional prompting.
  6. I Will Grab You by the Ears by the Mountain Goats.
  7. First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes.
  8. So I'm one of those obnoxious indie people..but Coldplay's still one of my favourite bands. xP I've been waiting for a leak for months (I swear, I plan to buy it - but I really wanna hear it ). Wait..it releases in Japan tomorrow? I swear it was the 19th..pfft..ohwell. xD
  9. Lately (I've Been on My Back) by BOAT.
  10. Them That Do Nothing - Field Music.
  11. Nah..my interest in Lego and Bionicle dwindled awhile ago. I guess I just use BZP still cos..I like it. xD And I still read the Bionicle serials when they come out..
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