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  1. IC/ Skrall/ Bonehunter Stronghold/ Markets/ The bone hunters had no army, no regiments. Not even a glatorian presence to speak of (as far as she knew). Yet they survived in the wastes. That alone warranted caution. She wondered how long the prisoner would last - and banished the thought as fast as Tirveus had banished him. He had been skrall - and skrall didn’t break easy. Focusing back on the task at hand, she also looked to the wagons. The amount of supplies being loaded gave her a pretty good idea of the length of the remaining trip ahead - If everything went well. She sidled up to skrall and asked: “What are the odds they will honor the deal? Like you said: They know exactly which routes we can take.” It wouldn’t be smart to draw the ire of the legion - but they were greedy enough to deal in people. They might well be greedy enough to accept the trade and then try to reclaim the supplies down the road. Caravans disappeared all the time. And bone hunters knew the difference between an ambush and an animal attack. She wouldn’t put it past them to attack and then make it appear like the work of Vorox. OOC: @a goose@BULiK@Nato G@oncertainty@Burnmad@Mel@Toru Nui
  2. IC/ Skrall/ Bonehunter Stronghold/ Markets/ The crampons on her feet dug hard into the compacted soil behind Atakus as skrall stepped into the path of the wretch. For a moment, it looked like the not-sister was going to challenge skrall for the honor of escorting the prisoner. Skrall thought he detected a twitch in her shoulder, maybe to draw a weapon? But the rest of the posture didn’t match. A comforting hand for the prisoner then in his last quasi-free moment? But whatever movement she’d contemplated, she checked it. Instead, she just waited until the wretch’s eyes met hers once more before she spoke in a low voice. “All is as he wills it.” Not quite a whisper. Just loud enough for the other to hear. But what her words lacked in volume, they made up for in tone - which was that of stone-cold certainty. And then she was gone, briskly walking away to rejoin the others in their exploration or just observation of the markets. She shared in her fellow skrall’s general dislike towards the stronghold - but it wasn’t what she saw that made her frown. Despite the chaotic appearance of the stalls littering the area, she could at least discern patterns among it - some kind of method to the madness. No, what got to her most was the smell. She’d almost forgotten it - or perhaps subconsciously repressed the memory. Produce and livestock (both animal and sentient), meat and spices, sweat and sewage. Individually familiar perhaps, in some way. But back home, each was confined to its own proper place. But here they formed a rancid miasma that she could have done without. Good thing Atakus had specified fresh provisions. She glanced back to where he was meeting their bonehunter contact - just to make sure everything was still going according to plan - as well at her fellow skrall, taking note of their eyelines to see where their individual attention had been drawn. “Why does the Legion negotiate with these creatures?” He asked the others, whispering. “The Renegades are weak, preying only on those weaker. The full might of the Skrall would destroy them easily.” The statement hung there for a moment. Then she replied: “Like a fist closing around quicksand.” OOC: @a goose@BULiK@Nato G@oncertainty@Burnmad@Mel@Toru Nui
  3. IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro harbor, aboard the Yukanna] Leah was indeed relieved to hear the empress’ words, but Dihunai’s glowing, shifting aura was impossible to miss just behind her. Not that she could blame the Dasaka for feeling the way she did. In a way she could relate. The time of universally good Toa heroics was long over, she knew. But it’d be hard to deny that believing in them wasn’t something that was still part of most Matoran’s programming deep down, her’s included. Which made the current state of affairs hit that much harder emotionally. But even so she also knew as a Maru they’d still be held accountable for it, even if the circumstances weren’t entirely within their control. For her part, Leah had quickly adapted to the situation. She had, even if just subconsciously at times, expected something like it ever since learning Stannis had kept the truth from her and the others. It still hurt. In that regard she was in the same boat as everyone else. There was a brief moment where their eyes met across Yumiwa’s shoulder. And the wyvern found that behind the current pain, there was a storm looking back at her, kept in check until the time was right to unleash it upon those deserving of its fury. Then the Toa’s attention returned to Yumiwa. Finally, she had names. Eyewitnesses to Makuta’s return. “I imagine you'll seek them out and hear the tale from their own mouths.” “Yes, that is what I will do. The sooner the better. If what they know is of use to us then maybe the danger isn’t over for them yet either…” Just then, Zafin took a step forward, a brief glance from the empress to the Toa, before settling on speaking instead of ideatalk for the benefit of the Maru. “Apologies for the interruption, your majesty, but Toa Maru Korero is asking for permission to come aboard.” Leah’s eyes lit up. OOC: Eyy! @EmperorWhenua @Ghosthands @BULiK
  4. IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro harbor, aboard the Yukanna] The Maru stood still, as if gazing at the stars overhead, but instead was fully absorbed by the sudden mental flood the empress shared with her. Each image was tinged with its own mix of associated emotions. She couldn’t feel them as directly through the psychic link, but signs of them played across her face just the same: Awe, longing, anger and loss. Then Yumiwa arrived at Rayuke and the gate. The Toa’s eyes widened as she told her of the Matoran, body tensing up and hands clenched into fists. A sea breeze began to whistle through the Yukanna’s rigging, the ship gently swaying where it had floated perfectly calm before. The waves died down as quickly as they had risen, as Leah made a conscious effort to relax again, accompanied by a deep, deliberate breath. She held it for a long moment, then exhaled and turned to face the empress once more. “I’m sorry.” “I’m sorry for your loss. Your people’s and yours. I’m sorry we were unable to stop this evil here; that it could spread to your home.” Both lands had suffered under Makuta. Mata-Nui far longer than Kentoku. But seeing how much had been lost in an instant. It hit hard. Without thinking about what kind of faux pas it might be in her culture, she placed a hand on Yumiwa's shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze. “I will do whatever is in my power to make it right.” The words hung between them for a long moment. There were a myriad of questions swirling in her mind right now, but when she finally spoke again, Leah only asked one thing: “The Matoran with your uncle - what happened to them?” OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  5. IC: [Agni - Cael’s house] “I think that was my formal introduction to Korero Maru.” the Ta-Toa deadpanned, amused that despite Kini-Nui he could count the encounters and words he’d had with any of the Maru on one hand still. IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro harbor, aboard the Yukanna] Once again the guards on the pier only gave a single nod. A glance was exchanged. Then they contacted Zafin in their usual quiet and efficient manner, who could then inform the Rora she had another visitor. All in proper order. Up on deck there was no verbal communication either besides the empress and her guest. The only change Leah noticed was that one of the sentries in her field of view paused in their patrol and looked out over the port side, aura shimmering slightly from blue into violet and back. But since there was no alarmed reaction and being in the middle of a conversation, she paid it no further mind in the moment. Part of her was curious what had prompted the change and briefly wondered if it was possible for her to dial into the psychic link the Dasaka shared with each other. Something similar had worked once before after all…in Mangaia. Which led right back to the question at hand: Where was its equivalent on the archipelago? IC: [Rhow - Inner Port] “Others…” The Skakdi looked pensive for a moment. Make Zakaz better? In this universe? Then again, she had witnessed entire islands sink and dark gods fall. Odds were higher Makuta or whatever Yukie’s version of that one was would fall again before Zakaz improved - but hey: anything was possible. She slowly rose to her feet and turned to the Dasaka once more. “I’m…not good at this. Sharing feelings.” Despite everything, the trademark grin made first subtle signs of reappearing. “Well you saw why. No surprise, eh?” “Anyway…thanks. Guess I better go talk to some people…” She wasn’t sure if they should shake hands, or hug it out or whatever. Ultimately, Rhow settled on a respectful nod, before turning and making her way back through Ga-Koro. Night had fallen, but thankfully the Matoran of Ga-Koro had made clever use of lightstones and their little bioluminescent jellyfish, indirectly lighting the floating walkways from below so one could see where they were going. Rhow followed them back to the great Takea, lost in thoughts of a distant place she had a hard time calling home. No, home was still that always busy inn she and the others had managed to keep running since washing up on these shores now. Pushing through its doors, she absent-mindedly acknowledged the regulars, then started looking for the rest of her crew in the back. “Iraanus? Taoki? Where you at?” OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Ghosthands @Mel @Eyru @otter @Palm and @BBBBalta if Iraanus is still active ^^ no worries if not.
  6. IC/ Skrall/ Bonehunter Stronghold Skrall had followed skrall’s lead and disembarked the lead carriage, but on the opposite side, sword and shield at the ready. Thusly flanked, the spikit cart passed under the stronghold gate. She was curious what kind of welcome the bonehunters had in store for them. Mainly, she was concerned with the nasty possibilities and scanned the gate and ground nearby for any signs of traps: Buried nets, spike pits and whatever else came to mind. As for the civil options for the encounter ahead…well that was Atakus’ business. He was Tirveus' Ordinarius, he had been assigned to ‘make the arrangements’. So he would have the dubious honor of doing the talking in order to sell one of their own into indentured servitude. It still didn’t sit right with her. Not enough to do or say as much, but the feeling was there, especially after hearing his account of events. At least she was determined to see the once-skrall off well. OOC: Hello there! @BULiK @a goose @skrall
  7. IC: [Vasquez] Myra similarly stopped when Vali came into view. She’d caught glimpses of the sangheili around from a distance. Scuttlebutt made ‘em sound pleasant enough for a hingehead. Even so, an ultra like ‘Sakuai was best met with a healthy amount of respect. In general, elites could usually back up whatever title they held with the expected skills. So far those skills looked like they served Madrigal well - so for her part Myra was glad they were allies these days. In fact she was curious what working together with Sangheili would be like. But however rational her thoughts were on the elite liaison and however nice she wanted to play it, almost two decades worth of training, live fire exercises and combat had drilled into her that that silhouette ahead in the corridor was the enemy. She felt her shoulders start to rise. She checked the motion - hoping the bulk of her armor masked the split second of tension - and placed her hands casually on her hips instead, accompanied by a greeting nod that coincided with Markov’s offered hand. OOC: @Krayzikk @sunflower
  8. IC: [Rhow - Inner Port] The Skakdi flinched at the sound of the voice. “I…I don’t know.” she answered after a moment, the reply a low, uncertain growl. “Something’s…it’s calling. To go back. Hard to explain…” She steadied herself, clawed hands digging into the edge of the bench. “But you saw it…why go back to…” She looked up at Yukie, something haunted behind her eyes. “…to that?” OOC: @Mel
  9. IC: [Kohra - Iron Mahi, First Passenger Car] Kohra saw Dolbren gesture in response. So-so. Could be better. Yeah, that tracked. Then, she watched him fling himself over to the cargo carriage and hoist himself back up to the roof. Her shoulder flared up in pain just from sympathy. Or maybe it was actually hurting again. Stopping her fall earlier had almost dislocated the whole joint. She paused for a moment, closed her eyes and pressed her forehead against the cool metal of the carriage for three breaths, before scouting out the next best handle to continue her own climb. It felt like forever, and whatever what might be going down could probably have been over in the perceived time it took her to finish the rest of the climb, but eventually the vortixx arrived back on the part of the train people were supposed to go, between the passenger cars. She’d have to try and find Datrox again. Best way to do so was to call him she supposed, so she pulled open the first passenger car’s door and did just that: “Datrox!?” OOC: @Tarn, but also open for interaction!
  10. IC: [Vasquez] Myra considered the suggestion. Rigging up ships for remote piloting was hardly new tech. It was a sound strategy. But depending on what kind of snags they’d hit it could well backfire. Of course they could attempt to capture both ships entirely and then hard dock with Madrigal after. But Kig-Yar pirates were capable of all sorts of nasty surprises. Always had been, back to the earliest encounters humanity had had with them. Depending on how gung-ho D'vorra was, she might well decide to overload the ship's reactors rather than risk capture. If that happened while docked...Hopefully their recently embedded jackal crewmate could share some insight there at the final briefing. She rapped her armored knuckles against her harness. “Either that, or I take the second bird in myself. Valk’ll make it dance as well as any booster frame.” Despite her confidence in her flying abilities, her mind already conjured up worst-case scenarios: spartan fireteams stranded on either pirate ship with jammed comms, meaning they couldn’t call the remote pelican. Or if they took the dropship in directly and it got busted. Either way meant it’d be them plus a bunch of prisoners unable to go EVA. Far from ideal. It’d also mean taking a step back from the initial assault. She didn’t like that idea either. Nik could see her jaw muscles tighten as these new thoughts came to mind, then, they suddenly relaxed. “Actually, scratch that. Bet those pirates got a dropship or two of their own.” There wasn’t much raiding and looting to be done with Seraphs and Banshees alone. And using their corvettes directly for that would put their capital ships at great risk. Unlikely. They had to have other support craft. Which her armor was very adept at interfacing with, thanks to some dedicated RnD folks that probably spent way too much time with covvie flight-sims. But, it meant more options, which put her at ease again. She shot him a mischievous glance as the clearly labeled passage leading to the hangar appeared ahead. “Think these guys are more the spirit or phantom type?" @Krayzikk
  11. IC: [Vasquez] “Sure, but hopefully the Kig-Yar will bring some semblance of normalcy back to the team.” she deadpanned, with a glint in her sidelong glance, before replying seriously: “As long as they’re pointing their guns at the pirates I’m happy to leave those kinds of concerns to you-know-who.” That would be whoever had supplied Markov’s Mjolnir rig. Gen2, sure, but Myra could tell the difference between something confidential like her own Valkyrie suit, and something completely off the books. She let out a small sigh. “Honestly, a second Pelican would be nice. Make sure we have a way to get any prisoners off of both those ships.” OOC: @Krayzikk
  12. IC: [Vasquez] - Aboard Madrigal “Markov.” The voice spoke up in the corridor from just to the left and a little behind him before closing the distance, footsteps falling into rhythm beside him. In his peripheral vision the voice’s owner walked smoothly in her valkyrie armor, but sans helmet. The scanner with its distinctive square enhanced imaging system was clipped to her side still, leaving the brown-eyed spartan beneath free to enjoy the soft breeze of Madrigal’s environmental system through her hair. The fact that there was a spare clip was equally unsurprising and impressive, given the amount of extra pouches and webbing mounted on the search & rescue specialist’s armor. Her DMR was securely mounted across her back, SMG and M6 sitting in their respective thigh mag-holsters. Checked and ready. She mentally ran through the checklists for the booster frames, but caught herself lagging by a fraction of a second, causing her eyebrows to narrow by a similarly miniscule amount. The brief had mentioned the possibility of captives aboard the corvettes. It was a secondary objective, but it was nagging at the back of her mind. What if they were held on the other corvette from the one she would board? She wasn’t the biggest fan of simultaneous boarding action. But it was the logical plan of action. Anything else would just carry too much risk. Still, what if it came down to letting the matriarch get away and rescuing prisoners…it was an incredibly remote scenario for a spartan op. And yet… She squashed the thought with banter. “Ready for another EVA?” OOC: @Krayzikk
  13. IC/ Skrall/ Stronghold imminent Skrall glanced toward their destination as well, but only briefly. She’d seen it before, and Atakus had it well in focus. So instead she began to scan the landscape off to their right. “Eyes up. Check where you look.” She said, to encourage the others to do the same and keep all other angles covered. The tops of the larger dunes made for good cover. Good for bone hunter scouts. Also good for an ambush. Maybe it was Ex-Skrall’s story fresh in the back of her mind that had her particularly weary of the possibility. Relaxing now would be a mistake. She had mulled it over as the others spoke. He said ‘slashed’. By blade or by claw? The respective wounds would look different, even at a glance. Either way, slashed meant close range. Which in turn meant someone - or several someones - had managed to get close enough to a group of Skrall without being spotted and were skilled enough to dispatch them all. There were many in the wastes that could fight well enough to survive, but to do this? She definitely ruled out Vorox. They might be formidable ambush predators - but they couldn’t have killed them all without a trace and gotten away without incurring losses. There was simply no way. Was it possible then that there were Glatorian capable of this level of stealth and brutal efficiency? Or had it been someone - something else? If there had been more time, maybe she could have determined as much by questioning their cargo. But with the hunter’s fortress ahead, time had run out. From here on out, they would need to stay alert and not take chances on the road. Regardless, it all led to the lesson her other companions’ stories amounted to: ignorance rarely went unpunished - and hubris was lethal. Skrall superiority was not an immutable truth of the universe. It didn’t take the ‘witchcraft’ of the sisters to realize as much. Just as they had to maintain and hone their bodies to fight, they would have to hone their minds and add to their knowledge to stay ahead down south. OOC: @skrall @BULiK @a goose
  14. IC/ Skrall/ Caravan He was right. Judgment had already been rendered. That was not their duty. Arguing beliefs and philosophizing was getting them nowhere either. What they needed was actionable intel. Something they could use if they encountered the same or similar enemies. “Facts, then: How did they die? What wounds did they suffer, if any - and from what weapon, if you know?” OOC: @a goose @BULiK @Burnmad @Nato G @oncertainty @Toru Nui
  15. IC/ Skrall/ Caravan “I’m listening now.” She replied, calm but firmly. First person. Individual. “What happened?” OOC: @BULiK @skrall
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