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  1. IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, harbor] There were a few things the commodore would always took notice of, no matter how much was going on around her. One of them was the sight of approaching sails on the horizon. She took a step to the side to get a clearer view and pulled out her spyglass with routine fluidity, quickly zeroing in on the newcomer vessel. “Toa Leah, what can you tell me about pirates in your waters?” she asked, very much sounding like she was already putting together a strategy for dealing with a potential threat. The Maru moved to the Menti’s side, squinting into the distance. Then her lips curled up into an amused smile as she recognized the ship currently weighing anchor off in the bay due to the amassed Dasaka fleet. “You may relax, commodore.” she assuaged the Dasaka. “That’s the Fowadi. Pirates, insofar that they enjoy their freedom and go wherever, whenever it pleases them. So more yo-ho-ho, less plundering coastal villages. More in it for the vibes, y’know?” Ayiwah dropped the spyglass a little, but only to shoot the Maru a skeptical sideways glance. Leah shrugged. “It’s the truth - “ she started to say, then suddenly glanced up to the tops of the docked ship’s masts. Ayiwah followed her line of sight just in time to catch a glimpse of a green figure soaring past above. Leah chuckled. “-and that is Skyra Daring.” she explained, shaking her head slightly. “Excuse me, I need to make a little...chaos check.” Leah spun around, then hurried off after the Toa of air. Ayiwah was about to take another look at the Fowadi, when she heard someone else call her name. “Commodore Ayiwah?” She turned towards the voice, finding another Dasaka looking at her expectantly. She didn’t recognize the mask or face, but the style was familiar…yes, a Vilda. “Yes?” she replied. Short, true, but her tone was friendly. IC: [Leah Maru - Ga-Koro harbor] It didn’t take long for the Toa to catch up to Skyra. She wasn’t close friends with the Toa of air, but they had crossed paths in the past, during their Gukko Force years. And as a tamer…well, Leah pretty much knew every tame Kahu. Daring was with company now: Dehkaz and one of the many new Dasaka - but this one she’d met. “Oi, Skyra!” the Maru called out jovially. “If I catch Destiny raiding the crab-traps again I swear I’m gonna make you fish for replacements until you’re as blue as me!” She stepped up to the trio. “Cap’n.” she greeted Dehkaz. “Been a while since the Fowadi’s paid Ga-Koro a visit.” “And hello again, Karoru.” she gave the Menti a small smile. “Did you find who you were looking for?” IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea] The Skakdi proprietor glanced over her shoulder and down at Daijuno who’d apparently decided to take cover behind her rear. “You okay back there?” Her companion meanwhile seemed to have…hit up a conversation with the scaly one. Yup, just one of those days, just like back home when… Just then, another Dasaka sat down at the bar nearby, trying to pay with some very shiny currency and talking about blacksmithing, but to be fair, with a dragon in the doorway, Rhow only half payed attention. “Yeah, you know what, today it’s fine. But Ta-Koro’s where you wanna be if smithing is your thing. Their old elder decided it was a good idea to set up shop inside a volcano. S’cuse me…” She moved over to where the newly arrived frosty Toa was looking like he was losing his cool a bit. “Nektann’s sack, chill, would ya?” OOC: @Snelly@sunflower@Emzee@Lady Takanuva@Keeper of Kraata
  2. IC: [Kohra - Po-Koro, Dustpool Inn] “No…it’s…I’m sorry…about earlier.” the vortixx managed, grimacing. She did honestly feel bad for snapping at the Toa, since he’d been nothing but helpful. But when she thought back to that instant…she wasn’t sure she’d have stopped if she hadn’t snapped out of it in time. The thought made her wince, another sting of pain in her gut. She focused back on the train, the tech. Apparently something she knew, she just didn’t know how…just like with everything else. “I…I don’t think I ever saw…this train. Pretty sure I didn’t work on it…” she trailed off for a moment, looking out the window at the crowd. But that was an unsettling sight and she picked up her trail of thought again: “I…I see places and…I don’t know them, but…they feel familiar. Somehow…I dunno. It doesn’t make sense to me either.” “But…tech…I think I…” She stopped again, a funny look on her face now. Almost bewildered. Her good hand dropped down and Datrox could see her fiddling with something under her poncho, like she was trying to find something behind her. After a moment, her arm came up again, holding up a somewhat box shaped device. It was about the length of her forearm, with a brace on one end and a horizontal grip mounted underneath it on the other. Above that, were two hinges on either side with what looked like folded leaf-springs. “Had this for as long as I can remember…so…y’know…doesn’t say much but…I couldn’t get it working then. Maybe now, I…” She made a move to reach for the device with her left hand, to turn the thing over with both hands, but as soon as it registered what she was about to do, she stopped, dropping her left hand back before it became visible and dropping the device in her lap. OOC: @Tarn
  3. IC: [Kohra - Po-Koro, Dustpool Inn] It took a few moments before Kohra could answer. She had kept pace well enough leading up to the station, but when faced with the crowd, her pace had slowed considerably. The chaos of voices and bodies all moving at random very much put the amnesiac on edge, to the point where even now, safely in a seat aboard the train, she was almost hugging herself and Datrox could see the glint of perspiration on her face. He noticed she kept glancing out the window every few seconds, with a distant, haunted look in her eyes. He had also noticed that the Vortixx, despite her earlier outburst, had not taken his head off when he had taken her by her hand again unexpectedly. In fact she hadn’t reacted to that at all this time. “No…I don’t think so.” she finally admitted, but then, sounding almost sheepish, she added: “But I…I think I know how it works.” She glanced out the window again. “Not as in ‘it goes station to station’. I mean…I saw the engine and I could tell you about each beam and panel and connecting pin it’s made from…and I don’t know how I know.” OOC: @Tarn
  4. IC: [Kohra - Po-Koro, Dustpool Inn] She watched the Toa leave, trying to process his answer, but found her mind grasping at straws. The acid reflux of frustration started to burn in the back of her throat again as memory kept slipping just out of reach every time she reached for it, thoughts fizzling out into foggy nothing. She was certain she wasn’t new on the island. That much she was certain of. It all seemed familiar to a degree. The when and how were as elusive as the when and how she wound up here, but the feeling of having been here before…it was undeniable. Maybe Datrox was right in his guess - for that’s what it clearly had been. In fact, if the first friendly face she could remember seeing also turned out to belong to someone who could immediately help her, that would be reason to be more than a little suspicious of them. But it made sense, maybe she was just the unfortunate victim of an accident or disease, or indeed malicious intent - someone might have just done this to her. But that was…no. It just didn’t feel right. Victim…she bristled at the thought of accepting that label for herself. It was certainly possible but she refused. And she couldn’t put her fingers on why. This is all like a dream…no, a recurring nightmare… She was in it, unable to wake up and when she tried to exert control - it kept shifting, twisting, denying her a way out and with no clues as to her place in it all. She needed something…a starting point. Something to serve as an anchor for the rest. Her eyes flitted across the table…then to the door. Datrox was gone. Outside. Waiting, right? Another sting in the pit of her stomach at the momentary feeling of abandonment, gone again the instant she realized what it was. Her gaze dropped again, then moved back to herself. Having a moment alone, she hesitatingly began tugging at her poncho. Maybe seeing her…condition, would trigger something. She could feel the sting as the cloth brushed against the dark flesh and its protrusions underneath, making her wince. The renewed pain began to erode her desire to see the appendage again, but she kept going, forcing herself - until she caught the first glimpse of the actual texture of her arm, slick, oily rot flashing in the dimness of what little light she allowed to reach it. Her head was swimming in the full on wave of nausea that overcame her. She could feel her insides clench painfully and she breathed heavily, eyes squeezed shut, singularly focused on keeping the meal she’d just had in place. For a second, it felt like she might succeed…and then the vortixx was on her feet, rushing for the restrooms to spend the next couple of minutes in utter misery and struggling for breath. When she emerged again, she’d tried to clean up again as best she could. The Matoran innkeeper didn’t seem to notice as they were just about to clear the table. “Thought you’d gone.” they commented. “Was about to throw this all out - unless you want the rest to go.” Kohra looked at the half empty plates. This time she managed to get a hold of herself…simply because she had nothing left. She had absolutely no appetite after the ordeal - but she was also painfully aware she couldn’t keep running on empty either. She didn’t trust herself to open her mouth yet, so she just nodded. Yes, please. She emerged a short while later into the dusty street, box in hand. Still shaky and feeling a bit queasy…but she tried her best not to let that show. And she did indeed find the Toa waiting for her outside. She could tell Datrox was having doubts by the way he’d reacted before heading out, but…it had registered that he had said ‘we’. And that meant for the first time in a long time…she wasn’t alone. And she remembered something else he’d mentioned. “So…this train…where does it go?” OOC: @Tarn feel free to get those two to the station/aboard the train =)
  5. IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea] The Skakdi took her arms from her side when she noticed the golden being’s trajectory, eyes narrowing, but relaxed when they actually arrived. “Definitely your dragon.” she commented, welcoming the scaly one with a curt nod of her chin. OOC: @otter@~Xemnas~@Rahisaurus@Emzee@Void Emissary@Mel@Krayzikk@Haman Karn: A Magical Girl
  6. IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea] “No…” Rhow said, dragging out the monosyllabic word for the entirety of the long breath she let out along with it. “It does not. Most people in her pledge themselves to a tab.” "And there actually dragons outside?" the small-but-fierce Dasaka leaned in, with a notable lilt. With a meaty clap, Rhow brought her palms together, as if to mark the end of a debate she had had within herself. “Y’all know what? How ‘bout we stop pesterin’ every new punter with what is and isn’t out there and see for ourselves?” The Skakdi moved from behind the counter to the end of the seating area that was facing the harbor and grabbed a pulley that had been snuggly hidden, attached to one of the support beams. She rolled her large shoulders once and then began to pull hand over hand. The massive leaf that formed the side of the building rustle and then began to lift. The sea breeze and noise began to flood the room as it was opened up more and more, until the entire side was an unobstructed view of Ga-Koro’s harbor. Fastening the pulley to the pillar again, Rhow took a breath of fresh air, fists resting on her hips. They’d put the feature in some time ago, but with everything else going on, it hadn’t seen use yet. “There we go!” she proclaimed. “Patio seatin’! Still got your Kentoku commotion, I think there some tall golden thing in the crowd across the pier -could be your dragon - and that big crystal ship’s hooked up chain to the sub y’all came in.” OOC: @Emzee@Rahisaurus@~Xemnas~@Mel@Void Emissary
  7. IC: [Kohra - Po-Koro, Dustpool Inn] What’s wrong? Where to start… She absent-mindedly scratched at her obscured left arm again as she contemplated Datrox’ answer. “I…thought maybe some outside perspective could…I dunno.” Sigh The silence hung for another moment, as the Vortixx did take another bite of their meal. “I’m not even sure what the right questions are, never mind the answers.” More tugging at her poncho. It was getting itchy again. Maybe the outburst from earlier? She briefly contemplated just showing the mangled appendage, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. Besides, it would only raise more questions. A flash of pain streaked down her spine, but she only acknowledged it with a wince this time. The food had provided a little relief it seemed—for now. “Fine…” she started, as if speaking to someone else or herself instead of the Toa across from her. “Why can’t I remember anything beyond a name? Why can’t I remember who and where I was before I came here and why did I come to —Po-Koro, is it?—why did I come here?” Another wince. This time she did let out a small hiss. “And why does everything hurt…even just the light outside… OOC: @Tarn
  8. IC: [Kohra - Po-Koro, Dustpool Inn] The vortixx, in stark contrast, had started to eat the provided food. Yes, she looked awkward, and it was a struggle to get it down - but by the spirits, she was famished. She couldn’t even remember the last time she’d had food. She must have eaten, of course, since she made it out here somehow, but it all disappeared in the black hole of her memories yet again. So Datrox looking at the ceiling almost didn’t register. Almost. She paused after taking a long sip after devouring a good third of the plate in front of her. “I’m…sorry if I scared you. I’m sorry I can’t explain anything.” I’m sorry I keep having to apologize. A frustration at her own pitiful state - a pale echo of the anger of a moment ago - welled up inside her. She reached for another piece of food, but then paused, dropping it back onto the plate. Her eyes were now fixed on the Toa across from her. “What do you see when you look at me?” OOC: @Tarn
  9. IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, harbor, Yukanna, afterdeck] “Well, Toa Timak, it’d be foolhardy to dissuade you from caution, but in this instance I would say you threw in with the right lot.” The commodore glanced over at the ship as well, where her boarding party had taken up guarding positions. Satisfied that the situation was still under control, she turned her eyes back on Timak. “If all Menti were honorable, there would be no need for those like me. And there have been others in my position that history looks upon less than kindly. I imagine the same is true of Toa. It is good to discern between those that try to earn their titles and those who hide behind them. That is one lesson I can impart upon you.” She let the mask of authority slip just a little bit to give the young Toa a hint of a smile. She couldn’t teach them how to use their element, but this much she could do. Hopefully they would find a good instructor…those were worth their weight in ore. “Regardless, thank you again for your help, it is greatly appreciated. I wish you luck, wherever your path may take you.“ OOC: @Rahisaurus IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea] “Dragons…Could be worse, could be a Tahtorahk…” Rhow rumbled, though she couldn’t quite picture either creature just then - when her thoughts were interrupted by another new patron strolling in. Fighter. Scars. Survivor. Capable then, most likely. “Give me your strongest stuff.” He ordered. Always the same with these types. The Skakdi did bear her teeth indeed - how could it be otherwise - and produced a bottle from somewhere behind the bar and poured two fingers into a glass, before sliding it expertly over the counter towards the Toa. “Don’t think I’ve seen you around before, friend.” She commented. “But you clearly ain’t one of the shiny ones. What brings you here?” OOC: @Emzee@Void Emissary@Mel IC:[Agni - Ga-Koro] The detective nodded slowly, although not seeming entirely convinced. He didn’t doubt the Toroshu’s words - but something about the insistence on going straight to business felt like trying to put off dealing with the new situation, at least a little. Not that he was in any way qualified to tell people how to grieve…anything, really. Still he said: “Tuara is right: Plenty of trading to go around for everyone, once you’ve settled in. Seems like the long voyage gave you time to process some of what happened already…you Dasaka are a hardy people.” “When you have your basics sorted out - food, shelter and so on - we’ll tell Akiri Jaller to expect your business.” OOC: @Palm
  10. IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, harbor, Yukanna, afterdeck] The commodore watched as the crew clambered up into the mizzen mast’s rigging and installed the two hoists on either side of the yard. At the same time, the rattle of heavy chains moving across the deck rang out from midships as the spare anchor lines were brought topside. There were two teams, one for each chain, which they carried over to the outer decks on the port and starboard secondary hulls of the trimaran and attached to heavy duty shackles. By the time they’d finished, the aloft sailors were putting the finishing touches on the hoists and lowered down ropes, which were promptly attached to the free end of the chains. .:Ready, ma’am.:. Wordlessly, Ayiwah acknowledged the officer. .:Proceed:. Pairs of hands seized upon the ropes and began to heave, lifting the chains up - until the commodore called out a stop at the appropriate height - just enough to clear the distance between the ships. The remaining length of the chains was placed in such a way that they would spill out easily during the next step. Ayiwah’s gaze turned towards the quartet of sailors she’d sectioned off earlier, standing by in the rigging above, boarding lines clipped to their belts. .:Alright, you’re up. Whenever you’re ready.:. There was a unison ‘aye’ in response. Each pair grabbed onto the end of their respective chain and then - one after the other - jumped and swung out towards the Ryuu, using their bodies and the weight of the chains to gain momentum. After two swings back and forth to get the timing right, they called out to each other to start rappelling down onto the deck of the submarine. .:Commodore, just heard two thumps topside. Everything alright up there?:. Koso reported immediately. Ayiwah’s response took a second as she observed the boarders. One pair had indeed managed to make their way aboard without issue, but the second required some disentanglement as their speed had been slightly too fast and they had landed in a heap, eliciting some chuckles, which were silenced immediately with a stern officer’s glare. .:Nothing to worry about, just making extra sure she’s not going anywhere. Speaking of which, what’s your status?:. She could feel a certain satisfaction as Koso’s next mental transmission reached her. .:Nothing we can’t fix again. A lone pirate? Not so much:. .:What I like to hear. Go assist the lieutenant:. .:Yes ma’am:. Ayiwah moved back to the aft railing and watched as the Dashi secured the anchor chains to the corresponding shackles aboard the Ryuu. Each snapped into place with a rather satisfying ‘clack’ and a shout of “Secure!” from the sailors. .:Good. Make sure they stay that way until the intruder has been dealt with.:. Ayiwah crossed her arms. Stopping one of their own vessels had not been something she’d expected to have to do - but it was just that kind of day. For the moment, she’d done what she could. So she crossed the deck once more and disembarked onto the Ga-Koro pier, making her way over to where Timak was standing. She took up position besides the Toa, and although she addressed them, her attention was still firmly on the submarine. “That was a brave thing you did, Toa Timak; jumping in to help out strangers like that.” she commented. “And it was a nifty trick, too, letting us listen in like that. Thank you.” OOC: @Rahisaurus@Ghosthands@oncertainty@Razgriz
  11. IC:[Agni - Ga-Koro] The Toa of fire nodded slowly in assent. “Best not to get involved - it’s not our jurisdiction anyway.” “But speaking of being equipped - you called yourself Toroshu. I assume that’s some kind of leader? Do your people require anything urgently at the moment, beyond food and shelter?” IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, harbor, Yukanna, afterdeck] When Timak eventually looked up again, they found the commodore gazing down at them, head slowly nodding with approval and an expression that conveyed respect. Couldn’t have said it better myself. OOC: Short post that doesn't advance much, too tired tonight. @Mel @Palm @Rahisaurus
  12. IC: [Kohra - Po-Koro, Dustpool Inn] Kohra looked slowly from the Toa to the Matoran, hesitated again for a second, but then nodded. “Yeah…" she rasped. "Looks real good.” The waiter tilted their head, obviously still doubtful, but also with little else to go on but one expression of anger, they had little to go on. “Alright…well, holler if you need anything. I’ll be right over.” they said, glancing between the two once more, then turned and headed back towards the kitchen. As soon as it was just the two of them, the Vortixx let her head sink forward into her free right hand, fingers rubbing against her temples. “I…am so sorry...I don’t know why I did that.” She was telling the truth. She honestly didn’t know why she’d reacted this violently. So why did she feel like a liar? OOC: @Tarn
  13. IC: [Kohra - Po-Koro, Dustpool Inn] The Vortixx had frozen in her place, staring intensely at Datrox, wrist still firmly locked in her surprisingly strong grip. Another long second or two passed, and then just as suddenly. she let go, breathing heavily, almost panting. “I’m sorry…” she got out, now barely above a whisper. “I…I didn’t mean to…” “Besides—I think our food is ready.” Food? “Ah…yes…food. Good.” The Matoran approaching their table looked concerned. “Everything alright here?” they asked, putting the first dishes on the table. Their eyes wandered from the Toa to the Vortixx. Clearly they had noticed the exchange. “You…need help with anything?” Kohra opened her mouth again, as if to answer - then seemed to rethink the idea, closed it again and quietly shook her head. OOC: @Tarn
  14. IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, harbor, Yukanna, afterdeck] From her vantage point, the commodore watched as the submarine began to gradually rise again and slowly right itself. Since Taz hadn’t reported anything about regaining control of the buoyancy, this had to be the Maru’s doing, even though she couldn’t see her at the moment. It was one thing to hear about the Toa’s abilities in tales - it was quite another to see them in action. The fact that the sea simply could be bent to one’s will…at least to a degree. The possibilities… But she couldn’t afford to be distracted right now and tore her eyes away from the Ryuu for a moment. She gave an affirmative nod to Timak. Keep it up. Their little trick had proven very valuable after all. She’d heard the sales pitch. She wasn’t fully familiar with all the intricacies of inter-Koro policies, but their delegation had spent enough time on the island to at least learn about the major political players. The implication that one of them would be unscrupulous enough to buy a stolen vessel with such obvious origins and would use it to bolster their own military strength was concerning. Something to look into once this situation was resolved. Once they created an actual Dasakan settlement, political dealings and trading were inevitable. Ga-Koro had treated them kindly and they had tried to be good guests - but it would be prudent to prepare for all eventualities. Yumi and the Toroshu would have their work cut out for them. The commodore didn’t reply audibly to what was said on the bridge. But Tazera was privy to her reaction. .:Well, thanks for the intel, buddy.:. She looked back to the Ryuu. Unmoored and with the open sea ahead. Crewed by just one person who had yet to RTFM, that was as good as being beached. .:Koso, what’s your status?:. .:Still in one piece. Managed to get below decks just in time to secure the hatch. Feet are wet but no major flooding.:. .:Understood. Head to the engine room. You know what to do. Just like the pirate drills. And then go give Inzu a hand.:. .:Aye, aye, ma’am.:. The commodore spun around on her heels, fast enough for her uniform coat to flare out dramatically with the motion. She could feel the eyes of the crew on her, waiting for instructions. .:Fetch the spare anchor chains and rig the mizzen top with boarding lines and hoists. You four -:. She indicated a quartet of Dashi sailors, .:- pair off. As soon as those lines and chains arrive I want you ready up there.:. They confirmed the order in unison, and began to climb. OOC: @Ghosthands @Razgriz @Rahisaurus @oncertainty
  15. IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro, harbor, underwater aboard the Ryuu] Not taking any chances, Leah ducked down, planting one knee on the Ryuu’s foredeck, while raising her hands, pushing the waters around her away, creating a bubble around her. The would-be pirate was clearly as reckless as they came. But it looked like the Dasakan engineering held up. When she didn’t feel the shock of electricity or sudden rush of water flooding the bridge she let the currents envelop her once more. She planted her hands on the deck as well and glanced around, looking for the largest concentrations of bubbles rising from the vessel. She knew little about how the ship worked in detail, but a sinking one held little mystery. Reaching out with her element, the water was drawn gradually from the Ryuu’s ballast tanks once more. OOC: @Ghosthands @Razgriz @Rahisaurus @oncertainty IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea] Rhow took up the offered the shale business card and briefly studied it. So this…Dastana Daijuno was a trader of sorts? She had assumed everyone from the earlier boat had been delegates of some kind. Well…made sense to have someone with business sense along. The Skakdi harrumphed. “Well, might as well try it. I’m game if they are…now what in Karz is a Vilda?” A snapping noise drew her attention. She had lived in Ga-Koro long enough to recognize the tearing of flax rope. She glanced past the two Dasaka and out the doors. The pad outside had conspicuously emptied. Considering how busy the Koro had been all over, something must’ve drawn everyone’s attention. OOC: @Void Emissary @Mel IC:[Agni - Ga-Koro] “Considering it’s only been about a day…they probably haven’t found a place yet…” Agni commented. Something else they’d have to tell Jaller about. New neighbors. But he was getting distracted. A crowd had gathered at the docks and excited shouting was carried over to them on the sea breeze. The detective’s eyes narrowed. He wanted to check it out, but he did not want to get involved in Ga-Koro’a business more than necessary. Find out about the Dasaka, visit Cael and get back to Ta-Koro. OOC: @Palm
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