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    I have a bachelors degree in Gamedesign and on the side I am continuing to improve my skills as a concept artists and illustrator.

    Since it is one of my main activities, I am very much into art-books from Movies and Games and things relating to it: Fantasy, Sci-Fi and regular Fiction all have a place in my book-shelf.

    My real expertise lies in putting images from my head onto paper in pencil and ink and in using ye olde Photography Shoppe, where I work a bit of magic with my tablet and trusty computer.

    Obviously, though working for LEGO now, I'm still an AFOL. I still build MOCs when I can and I look forward to sharing whatever I get to next with the community! However in-between those occasions you can mostly find me in the BZPRPG.

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  1. IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro harbor] The Skakdi ran a hand along her spine, bending the fins before letting them snap back upright again. She looked unsure - but in an aggressive, Skakdi way. “Hostages? No idea, unless they’d stand down in return for a drink? Other than that, I guess if you get me close and I can get the drop on ‘em I can punch their lights out.” Her gaze flitted from the crystal submarine to the assorted Dasaka standing guard on the pier. “You sure whoever you want me to talk to is on board? Plenty of your men-tee around. Maybe one of them can help?” One of said Menti, a tall woman in a very fancy gold trimmed navy coat, was given her some stern side-eye - until she noticed Daijuno with her and promptly focused back on the sub. OOC: @Void Emissary
  2. IC: [Rhow - The Great Takea] In response to the question, Rhow looked over her shoulder, calling out: “Iraanus, Taoki! I’m headin’ out for a bit. Keep the place runnin’!” She turned back to Daijuno. “There, all sorted. Lead the way.” OOC: @Void Emissary @BBBBalta @Palm
  3. IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro harbor] The commodore took one more breath before answering. .:Coordinate with the Lieutenant, then do what you must. You are cleared to engage at your discretion.:. OOC: @Ghosthands@Razgriz
  4. IC: [Rhow - The Great Takea] “Right…right.” Rhow replied, scratching her chin. She honestly wasn’t too keen on having someone poke around her brain with fancy abilities. But the nagging feeling in the back of her mind wouldn’t go away. She kept remembering things and randomly mentioned words she had know idea how she had come to know them. So sooner or later something would have to give: either her own curiosity or whatever kept the memories repressed. The former won out about three seconds later. “Okay, let’s do it. Who do I talk to and where can I find ‘em?” OOC: @Void Emissary
  5. IC: [Rhow - The Great Takea] The barkeep scratched at her neck, even looking a bit abashed, as far as was possible for her. She didn't really know how to handle the praise, so she settled for: “Thanks, but...I’m no lady.” She was thankful for Daijuno’s offer, both because there was something she’d been considering and because it let her focus on something else. “Mighty kind of ya. I mean…” she indicated the bowl of soup. “...could be useful to start sharing recipes if you got some. Taste of home and the like. Not sure we got everything you like to eat over there, like your Zatakas or such, but…we can try, right?” OOC: @Void Emissary
  6. OOC: Mood. IC: [Leah Maru - Cael’s Hut] The Toa Maru’s breathing and pulse both notably slowed as she was engulfed by Cael’s waters. The cool touch brought with it a sweet relief that soothed her strained being. She could feel the power emanating from Cael flow through it and into her, using the path of least resistance to push in through every gap, every pore, to begin the work of mending the damage the rot had done. But it also brought along another problem: Her body, clinging on as much as possible to consciousness to fight the burning fever coursing through her veins was suddenly bereft of the one thing that had kept her going, even if said thing was also the same causing her troubles in the first place. Without the pain, the only other thing left was utter exhaustion, and even though she tried, Leah found herself dragged under. The black rushed in, washed over her and took her with it. Her head, half submerged, rolled to the side and her hand fell away from Praggos’ wrist. Down in the dark dreams, she drifted, alone. She didn’t know how deep, there was no bottom, nor light above to gauge the depth. Yet she could perceive herself. So there must have been at least some light, even though she could not find the source. Which was just as well, the dark was comforting like this. She could just keep drifting in the nothing, no questions to ask, no problems to solve… Still there was the nagging feeling that she was supposed to do something. It kept prodding at her. Hadn’t she been here before? Yes…but she’d been pulled out. She remembered voices arguing. Something was terribly wrong. You were poisoned. Ah, not all alone then after all. Out of the darkness, another figure materialized. At first she thought she was just perceiving herself from two perspectives simultaneously, but the figure wasn’t her. Still she recognized the familiar shape of the body, the facial features, the yellow eyes… Your friends are trying to save you. That Lesterin really did a number on you. Gali? Oh, no. She didn’t make it, remember? Succumbed to poison of her own. And she was even stronger than you. And here you are. I wonder if you’ll make it… There was a smugness to the voice and expression, fueled by malice. Reka. …or maybe you’ll wind up like me, hm? You died…twice in fact. A cruel smile. And death is such a permanent thing these days, isn’t it? Third time’s the charm… Well, luckily for you this is your dream and not mine. You’re poison. Now you’re catching on. I don’t fear you. No? The dark figure was suddenly right in her face, her own features a mere inch from hers. She put a hand on her right cheek, sharpened claws trailing over her skin. You better be careful. Once something like this gets its hooks in you, it's hard to get out again, even if your friends use that most precious power of theirs… The claws started to dig in, cutting trails. She could feel the pain now, burning under her skin. The pain brought clarity, clarity brought light. She saw it above, over the surface, ripples playing across her vision. She kicked her legs, suddenly free and started to swim for it. And as she rose from the depths, she began to feel more and more. Her body ached, but the discomfort was different. The battle within her was twofold: There was the damage the rot had done already and needed fixing. This was Cael’s power at work. But there was also the rot itself, still in her system. And to fight it, her friends were using something…something beyond the deep currents, a power even more primal than the elemental energy she had used during the fight. Were they really - ? Oh. She was both relieved and alarmed. Relieved, because her condition was improving. It was working. Bit by bit, the poison was burned away by this energy. Alarmed, because her friends were using a power to do so that was very much finite. As much as she appreciated it, she couldn’t risk them giving up that much just for her sake. They would need more than the Maru to win, all of them would be needed, too. So she had to focus and start pulling her own weight. The Toa Maru, still unconscious, turned her mind inward. The fog clouding her brain was receding - washed away thanks to her healers - and she could finally find the elusive part of her element again that she’d been trying to call upon ever since they’d fished her out of Naho bay. It had been there this entire time, but the insidious miasma had robbed her of the ability to access it. Now, it took her a few tries to take hold of the power, but when she finally did, it was much easier than before, like someone had already opened the path for her, all she had to do was take it. And take it again she did. Thankfully, she’d only used comparatively little of her reserves in the earlier fight - so there was plenty left to work with. The helpers standing gathered around her with outstretched hands, sharing that most precious of resources to restore her, suddenly felt a shift in the sensation. Where they had actively needed to push until now, they suddenly found the energy flowing through their shared connection to the Toa Maru was moving by itself. It was like a boulder had finally been pushed over a crest and was starting to pick up speed, or a dam that had been sufficiently weakened: The waters held at bay had found purchase and now did what they always did - they carved a path. With every passing second, the effort became a little easier, they needed to push less and less, until the need to force the power disappeared entirely and - Leah’s eyes shot open, glowing bright cerulean. Cael especially could instantly feel the Toa Maru was back in the fight and bringing her vast amounts of yet untapped elemental energy to bear, almost instinctively at this point. Where the poison had previously managed to stay just out of reach, it was now trapped from without and within. The water surrounding the Toa Maru began to flow around her, faster and faster, lifting the Toa’s body up with it. And as it did, dark shadowy swirls could be seen within, flushed out of her system from the cuts on her cheek, and other scratches and gaps all over her body. They tried to cling to her form, but were soon ripped away by the purifying flow and diluted and dissolved into nothingness. Leah kept pushing, until she was certain she’d purged every bit of the miasma from herself. Then, the flow of water ceased, and the Toa Maru sank back onto the cot, eyes returning to normal. She was breathing heavily, exhausted from the effort, the fight...just this whole day. She felt that after everything, the one battle she would definitely lose today was the one against natural sleep. But before she did, she managed to glance at those gathered around her and whispered softly: “Thank…you.” Then her eyes fluttered shut, and this time there were no dreams, just a deep resting slumber. They had succeeded. The poison was gone - as was the damage it had caused…with the exception of two thin scars that remained on her right cheek... OOC: @Eyru@otter@Lady Takanuva@Snelly@sunflower IC: [Rhow - The Great Takea] “Hah! Would’ya look at that. A million miles from home and worried about manners.” The Skakdi filled another glass, this one with water, and placed it in front of Daijuno with a nod, then, looking at Zyla again, said: “You eat all that up and all is forgiven. Deal?” OOC: @Void Emissary
  7. IC: [Kohra - Iron Mahi, Second Passenger Car] “Hold on.” Kohra felt Datrox brush past her as he approached the other Toa in the corridor. The Vortixx wasn’t quite sure how to feel about that, all she’d planned to do was to head forward to find a conductor or attendant or the like, no reason to get sidelined like this…but then again maybe Datrox had heard something she hadn’t? Still, she felt an unbidden flash of anger yet again and turned aside, her discomforts momentarily forgotten as she looked out the carriage window, to calm herself down again. But instead of looking at the dunes passing by outside, her eyes caught her reflection in the glass instead and lingered on it. She’d not seen herself in a long time. It was almost like a stranger staring back. “Hey, something happening?” her companion asked the rather broad Toa standing in the hallway already. The organic parts of her face were haggard, highlighting the already sharp ridges of her cheek and casting shadows that gave the woman in the window an almost skeletal quality - except for the eyes, that stared back at her, blazing purple, alert. Way more alert than she thought she felt. There was something accusatory in the look…like she was supposed to notice or do something…or was that the carriage movement distorting the reflection and playing tricks on her? Over the sounds of the train, it did seem like there were raised voices coming from up ahead in the first passenger car. The other Toa turned to Datrox. "Say Pal, I realize that I'm about to seem a bit presumptuous. Great Spirit forgive, perhaps a bit insensitive. But I think someone in the next car is having—” Her ghostly mirror image still held her gaze, making her feel tense. The eyes staring back at her were sinister and cunning. The image was a stranger to her, but no stranger to dark deeds. Her left hand tightened under her poncho. The eyes narrowed. Don’t tell me you don’t sense what’s happening here. “—some kind of a break, if you take my meaning. Something medical. And, I mean, look; that’s just not the kind of problem I know how to solve. But I come to thinking, there have to be sentinels on board, am I right? Maybe they can do something—something nice and nonviolent. Calm the poor guy down." When the other Toa said break, the Vortixx turned back to the conversation again, after a brief instinctive glance behind her down the corridor, noting the other passengers in the car. There was something…mocking about the twirl gesture the broad Toa made. And that didn’t sit right with her. No, she didn’t know what was happening here. But something definitely was off about the situation and it wasn’t clear if their fellow passengers could be trusted. Why she felt that she couldn’t say exactly either, but she had to warn Datrox. Quietly if possible…maybe if she… Her companion was standing right in front of her, so she tried to discreetly put her hand on the small of his back. After threatening him for just attempting to touch her, perhaps something good could come from her outburst - hopefully it would clue him in. OOC: @Tarn@oncertainty@Void Emissary@Goose
  8. OOC: Appropriate accompaniment IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro harbor] The Dasakan officer did instantly pick up on the Toa’s glance past her, towards the Ryuu. But she nodded in agreement with his words. “A good crew is worth their weight in steel. Thank you for the offer, I would be glad to get a closer look another time perhaps, when things aren’t quite as - ” .:WAIT-:. The commodore spun to the Ryuu, while at the same time her right hand shot up, index raised, gesturing for the Toa to be quiet and wait a moment. That had been Tazera, no doubt about it. The mental plane was silent, but the tension was almost tangible, like a tingle of static down her spine. Things had gone from almost in control to very much out of control again. After what felt like way too long a time, the Lieutenant got in touch again, but what she said next had Ayiwah back in full command mode in a fraction of a heart light flash. :Commodore...The intruder has...taken Dastana Inzu hostage. He is demanding the Ryuu. In return for her life.: Aya could feel the distress, anger and fear in her friend’s words. She stared at the half submerged submarine, trying to picture the scene based on the mental transmission’s impressions. The sinking feeling in her gut had turned into anger - part of her wanted to go on the ship right now and remove the intruder from her vessel herself. In pieces, if required. Her other feelings were very much in line with Tazera’s. To Zataka with the boat, and save Inzu. She knew the Menti aboard the Ryuu well and the thought of losing one of them to a petty ship stealer was gut-wrenching. But just a moment later, all those emotions had already been processed and sequestered into their own, separate little corner in her mind, where they couldn’t distract her. What remained of commodore Ayiwah was just cold - and focused. The people of Kentoku and Mata Nui were at war with Makuta’s forces. In that war, the Ryuu was a strategic asset, one that gave them an advantage. Not just here and in the immediate future, if the need arose - she also considered the long term consequences. Against the horde of Rahkshi, the Ryuu would be immensely useful, able to execute hit and run missions, break through enemy lines, stealthily insert troops at strategic locations, and more. In short: Actions that in the long run might save many more lives and even help them win them back their homeland. Plus there were other considerations too: What message would giving up the Ryuu send? How many other opportunistic criminals would feel emboldened to target Dasaka? And politically, what would the other clan leaders do if it became clear the imperial navy could be extorted by just taking one of them hostage? The question was, whether it was worth spending one life for a future advantage and to send a different kind of message - or if Inzu’s life would be wasted for nothing if she kept this course? And how many lives would be saved by spending this one? There was no guarantee after all. Could she live with the consequences? As it turned out…yes, she could. She would not lose the Ryuu to one craven would-be ship-stealer, even if it meant losing one of her own. Feeling guilty for that would be a small price to pay for the overall safety of their people. These were ruthless considerations. But once they were in play, it opened up more options than just ‘lose Inzu’ or ‘lose the Ryuu’. They still had cards to play. Plus, the situation wasn’t quite that hopeless yet anyway. Watching the submersible, Ayiwah noticed a familiar purple-clad Menti rappel down and board the vessel, moving with a purpose. That was good. Even though time seemed to have slowed down, her deliberations had only taken a few seconds, before the commodore finally replied to Tazera: .:Lieutenant Tazera, we are not giving up the Ryuu:. She transmitted, sounding stern and making it clear that there was no arguing that point. But she put her thoughts in a way that would hopefully let her shaken-up friend see the situation and the bigger picture the same way she did. .:He can not risk harming Inzu before the ship is seaworthy and he can not let her go until he is free and clear. So even if we give into the demands, there is no guarantee Inzu will be released unharmed. Right now the ship is firmly anchored to the Yukanna and her drive is disabled so that it can not be fixed easily. Even without the chains the ship is dead in the water. And if he somehow does get her moving, we can still track her or even stop her. We are not out of options.:. A brief pause. As before, the thoughts were not just words. They encompassed concepts and ideas that would give Tazera an understanding of what was going on topside beyond mere description, and they traveled just as fast. .:Now, you have the best situational overview, both down there and up here. You can turn this around. So tell me: What do you need?:. She had made no mention of the other Menti aboard yet. She didn’t want to risk tipping the intruder off. Besides, if Tazera’s mental shout had alerted him in the first place, that meant he was listening in - this transmission included. Speaking of listening in: Once her reply to Tazera was sent, Ayiwah concentrated and very deliberately reached out across the mental plane towards another Menti, one who was in a tough spot: .:Inzu...can you hear me? We need you.:. OOC: @Ghosthands
  9. IC: [Rhow - The Great Takea] One of the skakdi’s muscular arms shot across the counter, getting a hold of the Dashi’s shoulder before she could fall completely to the floor. “S’alright.” Rhow grumbled, pulling Zyka back upright. “Yer alright.” She smirked. “Didn’t mean to scare ya, I know this smile ain’t doing it for everyone. But I’m no Piraka, and neither are most grinners you’re gonna meet here.” OOC: @Void Emissary IC: [Leah Maru - Weekend at Cael’s] Leah squeezed her eyes shut briefly. How could she make them understand? The power was there, just out of her reach. But she couldn’t focus on it long enough to take hold of it. It was like crawling through the desert, dying of thirst - while someone dangled a water skin right in front of her face. She needed the other’s help - and their Kanohi. Because stopping the rot was only half the battle. But she wasn’t out, not yet. Call it Maru perks or sheer stubbornness - she refused to quit. While Praggos was looking imploringly at Cael, the Maru summoned her strength once more, lifted her hand away from her heartlight and seized Praggos' outstretched arm by the wrist and pulled it close. She turned her head to the left, trying to keep her eyes on him. “Feel…” When she said that, she tried once more to tap into that elusive reservoir of cleansing energy. OOC: @otter@Eyru@Snelly@Krayzikk@sunflower@Lady Takanuva
  10. IC: [Leah Maru - Ga-Koro markets] The Maru gave Skyra a thumbs up in reply from where she was draped over Destiny’s saddle and patted the Kahu’s side. “Good bird…” The trip itself went by with a blur. Thankfully being airlifted wasn’t a new thing for the former Le-Matoran, so it didn’t worsen the feeling of nausea any. It was a weird sensation, the flight seemed to last a long time, but at the same time, she felt they’d barely taken off before she was being pulled off the bird again and moved around. There was the sound of flapping wings, footsteps and voices, the newest of which belonged to the welcome, albeit still out-of-focus, sight of Toa Cael, somewhere by her feet. The Toa Maru did lift her head somewhat, to better look at the healer. “...hey Cael.” she managed. “Sorry…to drop in…unannounced. Ran into a really nasty…Lesterin.” Then her strength waned again and her head fell back against Skyra. She heard Praggos again, explaining to the best of his abilities what her condition was. He got it mostly right, but she knew her element had been able to fight the rot. Combined with Cael’s vast healing knowledge and her control over her mask…she was sure they would figure it out, but the sooner they did the better. If she could help them understand faster, she had to try to communicate… She raised her right arm to her chest, despite the discomfort and pain, placing her closed fist over her heartlight with a soft groan, and tried to summon what purifying power she could with her element. Thankfully Praggos’ brief first aid let her do just enough to feel a tiny amount of relief - but more importantly, let Cael see what she was trying to do, but lacked focus for. “Purity…clear…poison…” she grunted through gritted teeth. OOC: @otter@Eyru@Krayzikk@sunflower@Snelly@Lady Takanuva
  11. IC: [Leah Maru - Ga-Koro markets] The Toa was still feeling rather out of it, although Praggos had provided some much-needed relief. She wanted to say thanks, but just managed to pat him on the forearm once as she was passed from him to the next person. With effort, she turned her head and blinked to bring the new face into focus. “Miss Daring…back so soon?” she mumbled, almost sounding amused. OOC: @otter@Snelly@Krayzikk@Lady Takanuva
  12. IC: [Leah Maru - Ga-Koro] The response to Praggos' question was the Toa’s hand coming up and grabbing weakly onto his wrist to stop him from wagging his finger in her face. So not quite a concussion. Her vision was blurry and she blinked a lot - but she wasn’t seeing double. Her breathing was quick and shallower than it should have been, but she did manage to weakly say: “Fever…poisoned…get me to…Cael. Don’t let him…touch you.” She then started to move, straining, pushing against the ground to get herself back upright - with little success. OOC: @otter
  13. IC: [Rhow - The Great Takea] Rhow eyed frowned deeply at the open sides to the Takea now. She had opened the bar so they could all see a bit more about what was happening outside, dragons and submarine and all. Instead they got torrential rain instead. The Skakdi was pulled out of her brooding by someone loudly mentioning something about an emergency. She turned and saw Daijuno, helping another rather emaciated looking Dashi to the bar. That one was new. It took a second for Rhow to replay what Diajuno had asked, then the skakdi replied, sounding incredulous: “Drink? That one’s barely standing as she is! No, no…” She started to rummage around, grabbing a mug, pouring fresh water and put that down in front of the bar. She motioned for some other patrons to scoot, to make room for the two Dasaka. “This one needs some life back in her. Luckily, we got just the thing. Help her in the seat, be right back.” With that, she disappeared into the kitchen. A few moments passed, before Rhow returned with a tray, complete with a steaming bowl of soup and bread on the side and placed it before the Dashi. It looked very tasty. “There, have at it.” She figured this was going to be another meal that she’d have to comp. But today, somehow she didn’t mind that. She knew what it was like to get stranded somewhere new and strange. Least she could do was help take the edge off of that experience. OOC: @Void Emissary IC: [Leah Maru - Ga-Koro markets] The Maru heard the cracking of wooden supports and tearing of leaves, but by the time her fever-addled mind processed what was happening, the hut was already collapsing and the foul Lesterin nowhere to be seen in the chaos. Reflexively, she let herself drop back down into the pool, but the reaction had not been quite fast enough. She only saw a dark shape hit the water, then something struck her head and she saw stars as she drifted down to the seafloor. — Above the surface, back in the village, the intense rain started to slow, returning to a steady shower. The waves calmed again too. — Breathe. It’s peaceful down here. Breathe. No noise, just quiet. Breathe! Gentle tides. You do not have a Kaukau. Fish. You. Need. To. Breathe! With a jolt, Leah snapped back to consciousness. The burning sensation that spread from the side of her face to most of the right side of her body by now was only overshadowed by the burning sensation in her lungs. She was in rough shape. She looked around with wide eyes, orienting herself. A puffer fish was hanging in her field of vision, looking at her dumbly with oversized black orbs. She was drifting close to the bottom. Kicking with her legs, she shot up towards the surface, scaring the puffer away. Breaching the waves, she sucked down several deep breaths. She blinked, looking at the floating village nearby. Her eyes had a hard time focusing. The Maru called upon her power once more. At first she tried to focus on healing herself, but found she couldn’t reach that level of concentration in her current state. She really should see somebody. So instead she tried to get a current going that would carry her back towards the village. But it was weak. And she was feeling very, very tired. Gotta…hang on. OOC: Anybody wanna go fishing for a half-conscious Maru?
  14. IC: [Leah Maru - Ga-Koro markets] She watched the Lesterin fall, but any relief she might have felt from regaining control of the situation was overshadowed by the feeling of sickness. She swayed on her feet. The Maru would have liked nothing more than to slip into the waves again and focus on mending her own wounds, but not while this…creature was still in the village. The noise of him crashing through a doorway and the rain hitting his form told her which direction to go. She summoned her strength once more and forced herself to move. She didn’t have to go far. After all, the hole was still right there. — Peering out from inside the hut, there was no immediate sign of pursuit - but this was Ga-Koro. A moment later, water blasted into the room from below as the pool in the floor erupted, with Leah at its center. The water surged around the room, reaching for her opponent. OOC: @Goose
  15. IC: [Leah Maru - Ga-Koro markets] The Lesterin flailed, but did indeed manage to get a hold of the Maru’s arm. Leah in turn let him keep his hold, but only just long enough to hiss two words through gritted teeth: “Tactical error.” Then she jerked back, freeing her hand in the process. The Lesterin dropped for a split second- then the water of the hole erupted upward like a geyser, with the force of a Tarakava punch - enough to send someone caught in it skyward. OOC: @Goose
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