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  1. IC: [Leah - Cael’s house] “The crystal flamberge…I thought Joske had taken possession of it after defeating Heuani. I wasn’t even aware he’d gone…are you sure he said he went into the legend? It wasn’t the keeping place?” Leah remembered the weapon well. She’d first seen it at the battle of the Rama hive - and then later again, in Mangaia. Heuani had wielded it with deadly precision. She hadn’t made the connection before either, but of course a blade forged out of such crystal could only come from the archipelago. But if that was the case…a weapon from there on Mata-Nui so long before they ever encountered the Dasaka meant they couldn’t have been summoned from the legend in exchange for Makuta, could they? “Oh karz.” Suddenly her mind was racing, her hands clenching and unclenching in quick succession as a new realization dawned, which she immediately shared: “I always thought that the sword had been forged by Makuta and was then given to Hueani when he became his favored servant. But if the sword came from Kentoku…unless Heuani acquired it by other means it means Makuta was likely aware of the link between the two lands long before any of us were and these simultaneous events were all part of his schemes already. Maybe this was his contingency plan all along...” She let out a groaned curse, then took a deep breath. “We need to find out who was present for the event on the Dasakan side and talk to them.” OOC: @Krayzikk
  2. IC: [Leah - Cael’s house] “Yes, that is what it is called.” Leah confirmed, but didn’t say anything further as to not interrupt the other Toa’s thoughts. Between that and the keeping place…just how many quasi-realities are out there and how many could be accessed? OOC: @Krayzikk
  3. IC: [Leah - Cael’s house] The Toa Maru was quiet for a moment. At first it looked like she was going to say something, but then seemed to think better of it and instead, Krayn could see her set her jaw, before she very deliberately replied, keeping whatever emotion she’d just processed out of her voice: “We’re all owed peace.” She left it at that and, tone returning to normal, continued: “I would greatly appreciate those notes. Taking down Echelon is no small feat. So for what it’s worth, my regards to your friend. But regardless of meeting him or not, I still think we should collaborate.” OOC: @Krayzikk
  4. IC: [Leah - Cael’s house] “I had a feeling you might.” The Toa Maru could feel the slightest hint of a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. Her mask hadn’t registered anything malicious from Krayn, obviously - he hadn’t come here to deceive her, after all. But she’d been right about him knowing more. “And I think you’re right - that whatever happened did so simultaneously. Ayiwah - the Dasakan commodore - reported she witnessed something like a sudden storm near Kini-Nui not too long ago…in fact just about the amount of time it’d take to sail to Kentoku and make it here by now from what I understand. I didn’t know what it meant before - but I’d bet that was the same thing too.” Yes, she could definitely feel the gears turning now. Everything that had happened, right up until recently, the Dasakan exodus…even the Rahkshi this very morning: It was starting to form a picture. And there was a mystery here to solve. Interestingly enough, it seemed they already knew the who and why parts for the most part - what remained was the how. And it promised to be a big how. But that was her job now, as a Maru. Big problems were the norm. Small problems were a luxury. Leah uncrossed her legs and swung them back over the side of the cot. Her eyes mat Krayn’s once again. “And I think you’re right about it opening a way to whatever place we sent Makuta to let him back out too. I was actually going to look into that before…” she instinctively started to reach for the scars on her cheek, but checked the motion. “Before the Lesterin showed up.” For a moment she grimaced, like she’d just smelled something rotten. Then she slightly shook her head and focused back on the matter at hand. “Now…” she started, standing back up. “If you have questions for the Dasaka I think I can point you to the right people to ask. In turn, it might be helpful if I could talk to your friend. Taking out Echelon’s no small feat. I’d like to know more about how that happened.” “In fact…maybe we should join forces. Or at least gather and share everything we know so far. I think if we work together we could get to the bottom of this. I’d understand if you don’t want to, given all that’s happened - but someone's undone something I fought very hard for. I'd consider it my duty to help you.” OOC: @Krayzikk
  5. IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro harbor] Rhow chuckled. “Relax, just checking if you’d flinch.” she said. “...But good to know my mind’s got a say in this. Doubt they’d have a go at a…Toroshu, was it? Commodore sounded deferent. Important title?” OOC: @Mel
  6. IC: [Leah - Cael’s house] Did Stannis know? Her thoughts returned to the keeping place, that other realm beyond reality - but which held things that could very well become real. She found herself back in the ethereal secluded cave by the sea, calm waves lapping against its rocks under an eternal warm sun. For a brief flash, she wished she really was back there. Maybe one day she’d try to visit - if it even existed still, now that it’s purpose had been fulfilled. That purpose had been to store the great Kanohi Ruhaku until its destined wearer claimed it. Each Maru had found their mask in a similar space of their respective element. And each of them had their Kanohi’s nature revealed to them. Including Stannis. The Maru had reunited and shared their newfound abilities with each other - but now that she thought back on it, she noticed just how hesitant he’d been to tell them about the Hiripaki. Now knowing at least the basics of its power, she could understand why. He must have felt as reluctant to tell others about that kind of power as she did now. Not out of a desire to keep that power to oneself or to withhold knowledge - but out of awareness of what it was capable of and could do in the wrong hands. And now just like then, even sharing it with allies was a risk. But that apprehension was more about the principle of the mask itself, not Makuta’s defeat specifically. And while she and the other Maru had been elated at the time - Stannis had been ponderous as usual. She untucked her legs and briefly stretched them, before switching to a cross-legged sitting position, still facing the other Toa. Then, slowly, she replied: “I know now that he was aware of risks that the rest of us weren’t at the time. Was it reversible? Theoretically, yes. You’ve seen master mariners and flax weavers tying knots - once tied, it is nearly impossible for the uninitiated to loosen them. Certainly not from inside the net. But using their knowledge and skill, the master knows just where to tug to make the knot unravel in an instant.” Leah’s fingers danced through air, mimicking weaving motions. “But no one else had that knowledge, so in practice…no.” She sighed. No point putting it off any longer. In a way she was thankful Krayn had brought up Stannis by name himself - it took away the obstacle of that first step. “I think that’s why he chose to keep the fact that Makuta hadn’t been destroyed from us. Which is why Ko-Koro was the only time you’ve seen the Maru together since we found out - and why we’ve not spoken to him since. I’m sorry we didn’t come clean when we first found out. But as far as we knew there was no other way to bring him back, so with everything else going on…like you put it: Dead or gone, it seemed like the same thing. I just hoped it was enough.” “But this…the way things are now. I don’t think what we did was undone, exactly. No one untied the net, no…someone’s taken a blade to it.” OOC: @Krayzikk
  7. IC: [Leah - Cael’s house] You don't know the how. One of Leah’s eyebrows to raise a fraction. Do you? A beat. She took a breath, then began: “You’ve all heard the stories. You already know most of what happened. We fought our way into Mangaia, faced Makuta, and won.” She let her gaze drift, from Krayn to the others and back. “And yes, we considered if this was just a deception of his, so we checked for any trace upon returning to secure the lair - for all the good that did. But Makuta was gone. Not…killed - not in the way we usually understand it. The best way I can describe it is…banished from existence. Erased. Totally and utterly.” “At the time I believed that to be the same as if he’d been destroyed. I did not find out differently until much later.” She knew what the next question most likely would be and braced herself for it. Because answering it would mean sharing knowledge that she believed no-one - not even a Maru - should have. And it would mean throwing one of her brethren to the proverbial kavinika. IC: [Ayiwah - Chiisai Ryuu] Internally, the commodore heaved a sigh of relief. Good. All her crew were accounted for and the ship was safe. Externally, she acknowledged Dakte and Tazera with a slow nod. Ayiwah was not one for public vocal praise, especially the Lieutenant recognized the gesture as the familiar one of approval she had witnessed countless times before - usually while being the recipient of said silent approval. Finally, the commodore’s attention shifted to the unconscious rogue Toa. She realized she hadn’t seen too many of Mata Nui’s inhabitants without their masks on. Even without it, the point where the Toa had taken the bump on his head was notable. She studied him for several long seconds, her jaw firmly set, as she took a few slow, pacing steps from one side to the other. Then, with curiosity about the interloper apparently satisfied, her eyes met those of the aspiring battlemaster. “Ageru Dakte, please escort the intruder off the Ryuu and transfer him into the custody of the Ga-Koro Marines.” The lack of tone in her instruction spoke volumes about what she thought of the intruder: Nothing at all. IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro harbor] The Skakdi grimaced slightly at Yukie. She still wasn’t entirely keen on having her mind probed, but her need for answers was stronger. Then, she nodded. “Sure - “ she said, then paused for a fraction of a second, thinking quickly, before adding: “Long as you don’t plan to scramble my brains and leave me drooling in a back alley.” OOC: Thanks for your patience, everyone. Between work and studying next to that, it's been a busy couple of weeks for me. @Ghosthands @Mel @Void Emissary @BULiK@otter @Lady Takanuva @Eyru @Krayzikk @sunflower @Click @Snelly
  8. IC: [Ayiwah - Chiisai Ryuu] It was hard to tell for the bystanders and others viewing the scene, even fellow Dasaka, but Tazera noticed the commodore relax, the tension disappearing from her posture. Well, almost. There was one immediate concern that took priority for Ayiwah, before taking a closer look at the intruder or acknowledging the Mentis’ success. .:What’s Dastana Inzu’s status?:. It was faster to inquire via ideatalk. It also had the benefit of not audibly broadcasting her concerns, just in case the rogue Toa was not alone after all or if there were unfriendly ears listening in. OOC: @Ghosthands
  9. IC: [Leah - Cael’s house] And there it is. She had expected the question would come, just not quite so soon or delivered in that tone. “I don’t have a good answer.” she replied plainly. And truthfully. Leah pulled up one leg, resting her arms and chin on her knee. But, her eyes met Krayn’s unwaveringly. “How? I don’t know how it happened - not in detail. Not yet. Some dark magic, mechanism or trick method…I was about to look into that before…” - she gestured at herself and the cot she was sitting on - “...all this.” She smiled, but in that uncomfortable, tight-lipped way that made it clear there really wasn’t anything to smile about. “But that’s not the how you are interested in. You want to know how it is possible he even had a chance to claw his way back from nonexistence in the first place after the prophesied heroes sent him there.” She recalled the similar conversation she'd had with Talli and Kimala just that morning. She hadn't beaten around the bush with them. She wasn't about to start now. “If you’re looking for a one word root cause that allowed for his return…I suppose carelessness works. Or negligence. Depending on how charitable your reading of the situation is.” OOC: @otter @Lady Takanuva @Eyru @Krayzikk @sunflower @Click @Snelly
  10. IC: [Leah - Cael’s hut] The Toa Maru continued her deep, healing slumber. Resting safely on her cot, with the assurance that others were keeping watch, it was the most restorative sleep she’d had in a long time, as opposed to the constant waking vigil of the recent past - for all the good it did. The day passed. Then, as twilight began to creep in, she began to stir again. So softly at first, it went utterly unnoticed. It had only been a few hours, but to the Maru it felt like months. Eventually those still present in the hut found her quietly watching them talk amongst themselves with bright eyes. A faint smile played across her features though it was tinged with…something, a feeling below the surface. “I am glad to see you’re still here.” She began, voice clear, but speaking quietly. “Thank you all, truly. You have spared me a grim fate. I owe you my life.” She paused for a moment, a knowing look in her eyes. “That kind of debt is not easily repaid. But I know you have questions. Maybe I could start by giving you what answers I can.” OOC: @otter @Lady Takanuva @Eyru @Krayzikk @sunflower @Click @Snelly
  11. IC: [Ayiwah - Chiisai Ryuu] The commodore continued to watch the ship, her expression frozen in stern focus, impassive. Then, a moment later Ayiwah started moving, ascending the Ryuu’s gangway purposefully. The sailors watching over the anchor chains linking the submarine to the Yukanna stiffened, but she gave them a quick hand signal to carry on. She crossed the deck, then took up position across the main hatchway into the ship, standing tall with crossed arms, uniform coat billowing softly in the evening breeze.
  12. IC: [Rhow…and Ayiwah - Ga-Koro harbor] .:Understood.:. Came the commodore’s quick reply. But Tazera could feel the relief over the connection at having rescued Inzu. .:Koso is standing by as well.:. .:Right here, ma’am.:. the other Menti answered instantly. As if on cue, Koso appeared before Tazera in the corridor. Ayiwah, noticing Yukie had taken over the conversation with Rhow and the others, focused fully back on the Ryuu, taking a few steps towards the gangway in anticipation of boarding herself soon. Either to reinforce Tazera directly, or to at least meet their intruder face to face on his way out. ———— Rhow meanwhile, didn’t mind Dihunai’s clipped response. Simply wasn’t a talker. Fair enough. So instead of pushing her for more, she tried her best to follow this Toroshu fellow’s explanation, but the nuances were a bit lost on the Skakdi, who’d always required another to actually do anything with her element. Something she had not done in a long time… Meanwhile, these Dasaka could do all sorts of things, all from the same source? Karz…Kind of a raw deal when you think about it. What ‘great spirit’ came up with that…Think it’s too late to convert? “Yeah, Daijuno thinks your like could kick loose whatever’s holding these memories back. Like seeing a shape in clouds, one second there’s an image, the next it’s gone again.” OOC: @Ghosthands@Mel@BULiK@Void Emissary
  13. IC: [Rhow…and Ayiwah - Ga-Koro harbor] The Skakdi looked back at Dihunai, expression expectant. Her shoulders raised slightly, the unspoken question clear: Well? IC:[Agni - Ga-Koro] The Toa watched the Dasaka Toroshu leave,scratching his chin absent-mindedly. Then he turned to Tuara. “That’s probably enough to report back to Jaller for the time being…” he said. “What do you think?” OOC: @Palm@Mel@BULiK@Void Emissary
  14. IC: [Rhow…and Ayiwah - Ga-Koro harbor] There was a notable change as Rhow watched the Dasaka’s display of her power intently. She’d seen elemental displays before, but this was new. The Skakdi had leaned forward, feet apart, arms ready at her side and her eyes firmly fixed on Dihunai, trying to take in every detail - one fighter studying another. When she’d finished, a small excited growl escaped Rhow. “Nice. You lasses got all sorts of new tricks. Would be fun to learn one or two sometime.” She harrumphed. “Not sure it’ll jog my memory though.” While the barkeep was still fully occupied with Long Dijunai, Ayiwah noticed Plangori Yukie approaching. She’d seen his name on the list of confirmed arrivals from Kentoku. But being directly approached by him…that in turn almost got her full attention - she still kept the Ryuu in her field of view. The commodore returned the greeting with a brief bow of her own, but was no less formal in her greeting. “I am Honored to make your acquaintance, Toroshu Plangori. I wish it was under happier circumstances.” With the upper echelon of the empire and the rora, there was the advantage of them being family. She had regaled Yumi with tales of adventure since her earliest youth and interacted with others like Rayuke outside of formal occasions. There was no such level of familiarity with the other clans’ Toroshu. She switched to ideatalk again for a second, as it was the fastest way to bring Yukie up to speed. .:You are correct; there has been an incident: A rogue of the kind locals call ‘Toa’ has snuck aboard the Ryuu in an attempt to make off with the ship. He’s taken one of my crew hostage after they foiled his plan. We’re working to resolve the situation, but your assistance would be welcome if needed. Lieutenant Tazera is keeping me apprised of her status. She will let us know what is required.:. Then, audibly, she said: “Dastana Daijuno and Rhow here-” she indicated the Skakdi, “-were looking for someone with your skillset to help with a curious problem: we are the first strangers from afar that have come to this island without suffering from a peculiar type of memory loss everyone else that arrived before us seems to be afflicted by.” Hearing her name, Rhow did finally look over to the newcomer. “Memories, yeah. Trying to dig ‘em out - but also did you just see her fists?” She pointed at Dihunai. “What kinda element is that?” Yup. Definitely excited. OOC:@Mel@BULiK@Void Emissary
  15. IC: [Rhow…and Ayiwah - Ga-Koro harbor] Though she didn’t let it show, Ayiwah was pleased that she’d managed, despite the little love Daijuno had for her, to at least create a small possibility of finding common ground. Many small steps get the Ussal where it needs to go. And then there was Dihunai. From the Long half of Chand-Long. Again, little love for imperials in general and Umbralines in particular, but it didn’t stop Yumi from keeping this one close. They’d somehow found common ground too. Was it because of the dragons? I bet it was the dragons. The commodore couldn’t recall the last time she’d personally encountered one of their clan, but their entirely alternate set of disciplines meant word did get around about them. She’d heard comments describing the use of soulfire as unrefined, but having developed her own soulsword style, she’d found that assessment to be dismissive and closed-minded. They just did things…differently. Differently opened up possibilities. Different might just be what was needed here. Not just for the Skakdi’s memories, but for this whole situation. Which is why she’d called her over. That and getting to know the newcomer to the empress’s circle a bit better. So she decided to quietly watch the interaction play out - at least as much as was possible while keeping an eye on the Ryuu, which she turned to face again while the others spoke. Rhow meanwhile had gotten rather interested in the newcomer Dasaka to their little circle the instant she started speaking. Now here was someone straightforward right after her own heart. “Wish it were as simple as getting my bell rung. Then I’d just get it over with already. But this…” The Skakdi clenched a fist and rapped her knuckles against her temple. “…is like trying to remember a dream that keeps slipping away.” She shrugged. “Sounds like you’re not one of these…brain mallets we were looking for. So how do you hand out those concussions?” It was clear that part had definitely grabbed Rhow’s interest. OOC: @Void Emissary@BULiK
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