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  1. IC: [Ayiwah - Chiisai Ryuu] It was hard to tell for the bystanders and others viewing the scene, even fellow Dasaka, but Tazera noticed the commodore relax, the tension disappearing from her posture. Well, almost. There was one immediate concern that took priority for Ayiwah, before taking a closer look at the intruder or acknowledging the Mentis’ success. .:What’s Dastana Inzu’s status?:. It was faster to inquire via ideatalk. It also had the benefit of not audibly broadcasting her concerns, just in case the rogue Toa was not alone after all or if there were unfriendly ears listening in. OOC: @Ghosthands
  2. IC: [Leah - Cael’s house] And there it is. She had expected the question would come, just not quite so soon or delivered in that tone. “I don’t have a good answer.” she replied plainly. And truthfully. Leah pulled up one leg, resting her arms and chin on her knee. But, her eyes met Krayn’s unwaveringly. “How? I don’t know how it happened - not in detail. Not yet. Some dark magic, mechanism or trick method…I was about to look into that before…” - she gestured at herself and the cot she was sitting on - “...all this.” She smiled, but in that uncomfortable, tight-lipped way that made it clear there really wasn’t anything to smile about. “But that’s not the how you are interested in. You want to know how it is possible he even had a chance to claw his way back from nonexistence in the first place after the prophesied heroes sent him there.” She recalled the similar conversation she'd had with Talli and Kimala just that morning. She hadn't beaten around the bush with them. She wasn't about to start now. “If you’re looking for a one word root cause that allowed for his return…I suppose carelessness works. Or negligence. Depending on how charitable your reading of the situation is.” OOC: @otter @Lady Takanuva @Eyru @Krayzikk @sunflower @Click @Snelly
  3. IC: [Leah - Cael’s hut] The Toa Maru continued her deep, healing slumber. Resting safely on her cot, with the assurance that others were keeping watch, it was the most restorative sleep she’d had in a long time, as opposed to the constant waking vigil of the recent past - for all the good it did. The day passed. Then, as twilight began to creep in, she began to stir again. So softly at first, it went utterly unnoticed. It had only been a few hours, but to the Maru it felt like months. Eventually those still present in the hut found her quietly watching them talk amongst themselves with bright eyes. A faint smile played across her features though it was tinged with…something, a feeling below the surface. “I am glad to see you’re still here.” She began, voice clear, but speaking quietly. “Thank you all, truly. You have spared me a grim fate. I owe you my life.” She paused for a moment, a knowing look in her eyes. “That kind of debt is not easily repaid. But I know you have questions. Maybe I could start by giving you what answers I can.” OOC: @otter @Lady Takanuva @Eyru @Krayzikk @sunflower @Click @Snelly
  4. IC: [Ayiwah - Chiisai Ryuu] The commodore continued to watch the ship, her expression frozen in stern focus, impassive. Then, a moment later Ayiwah started moving, ascending the Ryuu’s gangway purposefully. The sailors watching over the anchor chains linking the submarine to the Yukanna stiffened, but she gave them a quick hand signal to carry on. She crossed the deck, then took up position across the main hatchway into the ship, standing tall with crossed arms, uniform coat billowing softly in the evening breeze.
  5. IC: [Rhow…and Ayiwah - Ga-Koro harbor] .:Understood.:. Came the commodore’s quick reply. But Tazera could feel the relief over the connection at having rescued Inzu. .:Koso is standing by as well.:. .:Right here, ma’am.:. the other Menti answered instantly. As if on cue, Koso appeared before Tazera in the corridor. Ayiwah, noticing Yukie had taken over the conversation with Rhow and the others, focused fully back on the Ryuu, taking a few steps towards the gangway in anticipation of boarding herself soon. Either to reinforce Tazera directly, or to at least meet their intruder face to face on his way out. ———— Rhow meanwhile, didn’t mind Dihunai’s clipped response. Simply wasn’t a talker. Fair enough. So instead of pushing her for more, she tried her best to follow this Toroshu fellow’s explanation, but the nuances were a bit lost on the Skakdi, who’d always required another to actually do anything with her element. Something she had not done in a long time… Meanwhile, these Dasaka could do all sorts of things, all from the same source? Karz…Kind of a raw deal when you think about it. What ‘great spirit’ came up with that…Think it’s too late to convert? “Yeah, Daijuno thinks your like could kick loose whatever’s holding these memories back. Like seeing a shape in clouds, one second there’s an image, the next it’s gone again.” OOC: @Ghosthands@Mel@BULiK@Void Emissary
  6. IC: [Rhow…and Ayiwah - Ga-Koro harbor] The Skakdi looked back at Dihunai, expression expectant. Her shoulders raised slightly, the unspoken question clear: Well? IC:[Agni - Ga-Koro] The Toa watched the Dasaka Toroshu leave,scratching his chin absent-mindedly. Then he turned to Tuara. “That’s probably enough to report back to Jaller for the time being…” he said. “What do you think?” OOC: @Palm@Mel@BULiK@Void Emissary
  7. IC: [Rhow…and Ayiwah - Ga-Koro harbor] There was a notable change as Rhow watched the Dasaka’s display of her power intently. She’d seen elemental displays before, but this was new. The Skakdi had leaned forward, feet apart, arms ready at her side and her eyes firmly fixed on Dihunai, trying to take in every detail - one fighter studying another. When she’d finished, a small excited growl escaped Rhow. “Nice. You lasses got all sorts of new tricks. Would be fun to learn one or two sometime.” She harrumphed. “Not sure it’ll jog my memory though.” While the barkeep was still fully occupied with Long Dijunai, Ayiwah noticed Plangori Yukie approaching. She’d seen his name on the list of confirmed arrivals from Kentoku. But being directly approached by him…that in turn almost got her full attention - she still kept the Ryuu in her field of view. The commodore returned the greeting with a brief bow of her own, but was no less formal in her greeting. “I am Honored to make your acquaintance, Toroshu Plangori. I wish it was under happier circumstances.” With the upper echelon of the empire and the rora, there was the advantage of them being family. She had regaled Yumi with tales of adventure since her earliest youth and interacted with others like Rayuke outside of formal occasions. There was no such level of familiarity with the other clans’ Toroshu. She switched to ideatalk again for a second, as it was the fastest way to bring Yukie up to speed. .:You are correct; there has been an incident: A rogue of the kind locals call ‘Toa’ has snuck aboard the Ryuu in an attempt to make off with the ship. He’s taken one of my crew hostage after they foiled his plan. We’re working to resolve the situation, but your assistance would be welcome if needed. Lieutenant Tazera is keeping me apprised of her status. She will let us know what is required.:. Then, audibly, she said: “Dastana Daijuno and Rhow here-” she indicated the Skakdi, “-were looking for someone with your skillset to help with a curious problem: we are the first strangers from afar that have come to this island without suffering from a peculiar type of memory loss everyone else that arrived before us seems to be afflicted by.” Hearing her name, Rhow did finally look over to the newcomer. “Memories, yeah. Trying to dig ‘em out - but also did you just see her fists?” She pointed at Dihunai. “What kinda element is that?” Yup. Definitely excited. OOC:@Mel@BULiK@Void Emissary
  8. IC: [Rhow…and Ayiwah - Ga-Koro harbor] Though she didn’t let it show, Ayiwah was pleased that she’d managed, despite the little love Daijuno had for her, to at least create a small possibility of finding common ground. Many small steps get the Ussal where it needs to go. And then there was Dihunai. From the Long half of Chand-Long. Again, little love for imperials in general and Umbralines in particular, but it didn’t stop Yumi from keeping this one close. They’d somehow found common ground too. Was it because of the dragons? I bet it was the dragons. The commodore couldn’t recall the last time she’d personally encountered one of their clan, but their entirely alternate set of disciplines meant word did get around about them. She’d heard comments describing the use of soulfire as unrefined, but having developed her own soulsword style, she’d found that assessment to be dismissive and closed-minded. They just did things…differently. Differently opened up possibilities. Different might just be what was needed here. Not just for the Skakdi’s memories, but for this whole situation. Which is why she’d called her over. That and getting to know the newcomer to the empress’s circle a bit better. So she decided to quietly watch the interaction play out - at least as much as was possible while keeping an eye on the Ryuu, which she turned to face again while the others spoke. Rhow meanwhile had gotten rather interested in the newcomer Dasaka to their little circle the instant she started speaking. Now here was someone straightforward right after her own heart. “Wish it were as simple as getting my bell rung. Then I’d just get it over with already. But this…” The Skakdi clenched a fist and rapped her knuckles against her temple. “…is like trying to remember a dream that keeps slipping away.” She shrugged. “Sounds like you’re not one of these…brain mallets we were looking for. So how do you hand out those concussions?” It was clear that part had definitely grabbed Rhow’s interest. OOC: @Void Emissary@BULiK
  9. IC: [Rhow…and Ayiwah - Ga-Koro harbor] The commodore’s expression remained stoic as ever, but now focused back on the ship. “Hostage. Singular. There’s a rogue Toa aboard trying to abscond with the Ryuu. He tried sneaking in, but was foiled by Lieutenant Tazera. He’s been trying and failing to talk others to join in on his piracy, and has now taken Dastana Inzu hostage to force us to give into his demands. The Lieutenant and Ageru Dakte are about to dissuade him of that notion.” A beat. “Perhaps once this is done, Ageru Dakte might be able to help you too. There are other willhammers, of course, but I have no current information as to their availability. In the meantime, I ask that you do not mistake my caution for prejudice.” She glanced at Rhow, who felt like she probably should have a sterner response here, sensing somehow she’d just been spoken about behind her back. But she just wanted to get on with this idea of Daijuno’s so when their eyes met she just shrugged slightly and said: “Yeah, yeah. Piraka. I heard. I get it.” Ayiwah responded with the smallest of nods, before turning back to Daijuno. “I chose you for this expedition, so if you think this is the right call I trust your discretion in this matter. If we gain something useful in the process, good. If we don’t, you still helped someone and furthered good relationships with this island. Now, feel free to wait for Dakte or see one of the other willhammers…but, try not to bother the Rora if it can be helped.” She said that last part as stoically as the rest, but the Dashi could have sworn she saw a glint of something in the commodore’s eyes. Then, her eyes suddenly flitted up and over to where another Menti stood, observing the situation aboard the Ryuu from the sidelines. Bringing up Yumi had triggered a sudden recognition in the commodore. She’d registered her presence before, but had paid her no further mind amidst coordinating a response to the would-be pirate. Now, Ayiwah gestured for her to come over. "Long Dihunai, join us. Perhaps you are able to assist Dastana Daijuno." While she waited for the Long Menti to approach, she briefly looked at Dashi once more. “Oh and once this little quest of yours is over, you and I need to have a talk.” OOC: @Void Emissary
  10. IC: [Leah Maru - Cael’s Hut] The Maru still slept, breathing softly in the same rhythm as the waves lapping at Nano bay’s shores. But somewhere in the depth of her slumber there was a sliver of awareness, just enough to know that she was safe but also that she wasn’t alone. Hopefully she could rejoin them soon in the waking world. But for now her body demanded rest and it would suffer no interruption…even if the subconscious impulse made her stir a little. IC: [Rhow…and Ayiwah - Ga-Koro harbor] Despite clearly diverting her attention back to the sub, Rhow took the brief eye contact as an excuse to approach. The uniformed Dasaka looked in charge enough that she probably could help with their little quest. “S’cuse me!” Rhow hollered. The Menti officer instantly turned back towards them, but clearly only to the point where she had the submarine in her peripheral vision. “Yes?” She replied with the tone of someone very much preoccupied. “Daijuno here’s trying to help me find someone from yer crews to poke around my mind and unscramble a‘bunch of memories. Can you do that or know someone who can?” The scarred Skakdi flashed her best diplomatic smile - which looked very much like her default grin. The commodore’s expression remained unchanged as she mulled this over. She glanced at the Ryuu, then back at Daijuno and the two others. .:Daijuno, what’s your assessment of her? I’d rather not risk mentally unbalancing a Skakdi of all people…:. OOC: @Void Emissary
  11. IC: [Kohra - Iron Mahi, First Passenger Car] The vortixx took another step, and promptly bumped into Minnorak, blocking the aisle. She paused for an instant, then slowly raised her head to look at the other Vortixx. She still didn’t look any better, but in those bloodshot eyes, there was a glint of…something. Kohra felt her obscured left hand twitch below her poncho. She didn’t want to pick a fight at all, and especially not in her current state, but this was getting ridiculous and upsetting. “They said someone’s already hurt; I’m trying to get help.” As she spoke, an edge crept into her voice too. “So what are you doing?” OOC: @Tarn@oncertainty@Nato G
  12. IC: [Kohra - Iron Mahi, First Passenger Car] Compared to the armored figure now in front of her, the sickly vortixx looked rather diminutive. But she didn’t seem to be cognizant of that fact. Minnorak’s words reached her, but it took a second for them to process. She blinked, but kept moving. Why was he talking like he was in charge? There was no time for this. He clearly wasn’t with the railroad - didn’t even have a name tag. “What…yeah sure, I’ll just be a minute.” She gestured with her visible hand for the other Vortixx to stand aside as she passed, looking for whoever needed help or someone actually in charge on this train. OOC: @Tarn @oncertainty @Nato G
  13. IC: [Kohra - Iron Mahi, Second Passenger Car] Her head was throbbing again, the constant swaying of the train wasn’t helping her feel any better and despite things staying relatively civilized between Datrox and the other Toa, there was entirely too much philosophical chit-chat. Wasn’t there someone in trouble? The Vortixx was already pushing her way past Dolbren with a wince as she had to steady herself against the corridor wall without bumping into him too much, although she didn’t apologize about the odd elbow here and there either. Karz knew he was wide enough. “You sound real concerned, you know?” She muttered under her breath, audibly exasperated as she made her way to the door. She hit the opening switch and after a second to find a handhold, pulled herself across the gap and into the first carriage. OOC: @oncertainty @Tarn
  14. IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro harbor] The Skakdi ran a hand along her spine, bending the fins before letting them snap back upright again. She looked unsure - but in an aggressive, Skakdi way. “Hostages? No idea, unless they’d stand down in return for a drink? Other than that, I guess if you get me close and I can get the drop on ‘em I can punch their lights out.” Her gaze flitted from the crystal submarine to the assorted Dasaka standing guard on the pier. “You sure whoever you want me to talk to is on board? Plenty of your men-tee around. Maybe one of them can help?” One of said Menti, a tall woman in a very fancy gold trimmed navy coat, was given her some stern side-eye - until she noticed Daijuno with her and promptly focused back on the sub. OOC: @Void Emissary
  15. IC: [Rhow - The Great Takea] In response to the question, Rhow looked over her shoulder, calling out: “Iraanus, Taoki! I’m headin’ out for a bit. Keep the place runnin’!” She turned back to Daijuno. “There, all sorted. Lead the way.” OOC: @Void Emissary @BBBBalta @Palm
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