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  1. IC/ Skrall/ Roxtus/ Stables/ She made sure their cargo was sitting properly and to make sure there weren’t any more surprises in store. As she did, their eyes briefly met. Nothing but resolve in her eyes. She held his gaze unblinking until she was sure he’d realized that. Then she moved forward to take up the Spikit’s reins. Once the last few supplies were stored and everyone was mounted up, their little caravan pulled out of the stables and onto the road out of Roxtus. OOC: @BULiK @skrall
  2. IC/ Skrall/ Roxtus/ Stables/ Skrall only acknowledged the little speech with the barest of glances. Her attention was firmly on securing their cargo still. She tied his wrists firmly behind his back, cut the rope and then did the same to his ankles, with slack enough to walk almost as normal - but not enough to run. If you couldn’t run in the wastes, you’d be dead. Once the restraints were in place, she first removed her grappling line, then pulled him up by the shoulders from down prone, to kneeling. She indicated the wagons. “Get up. Get in.” OOC: @BULiK @skrall
  3. IC/ Skrall/ Roxtus/ Stables/ The moment their cargo went down, she moved again, the winch in her arm reeling to keep tension on the grapple. Once-skrall heard articulated crampons digging into the ground to his sides and then felt a knee between his shoulder blades as she straddled him. “Resist - it’ll hurt.” She doubted physical pain could match the feeling of having his shield taken and then being wrangled by her of all people. She looked back up at the other skrall, either watching or talking, then around the stables again. Plenty of rope, spikit harnesses and other belts on hand. “Fetters.” She demanded. OOC: @BULiK @a goose @skrall
  4. IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro harbor, aboard the Yukanna] “Not quite the first, no.” Leah replied. “Your people have shared much with mine, but my duty has often kept me from being with them. So I know less than I would like.” A beat. A sideways glance. Just a hint of mischief. “Definitely noticed a deep affinity for all things draconic. That much I know.” “But back to the point: The swords are keys that open locks. The lock for ours is deep-buried right in Makuta’s lair. It’d be good to know where it’s counterpart is on the archipelago.” OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  5. IC: [Agni - Cael’s house] Seeing just who was waiting outside, Agni’s hand dropped away from the small of his back and his shoulders relaxed. He’d spun with a start upon hearing the sudden knock and was now mentally chiding himself for overreacting. But beyond that, it didn’t take him long to put two and two together. “I assume you’re here for your sister?” he asked, then looked over to Praggos and Cael. “Did she say where she was headed?” IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro harbor, aboard the Yukanna] “Judging by your commodore, he won’t be the only one remaining any longer than he needs to be.” The words may have seemed presumptuous coming from anyone else, but when the Rora looked at the Maru again, the Toa’s face projected nothing but kindness, reinforced by a quiet confidence in the way she bore herself. Then, carefully returning to the matter at hand, she asked: “Sado…is that where the sword key was used?” IC: [Rhow - Inner Port] “What you want!?” a voice challenged the notion. Not Rhow’s. One of Skakdi apparitions in the mist. “What about us? We’re starving!” Rhow’s eyes squeezed shut. When she opened them again they looked at the Menti with resigned despair. The fight had been one thing. There would be no rest. What followed would be worse. She squeezed Yukie’s hand in turn. You sure you wanna do this? OOC: @Ghosthands @Palm @Eyru @Mel @otter @EmperorWhenua
  6. IC: [Rhow - Inner Port] The Skakdi was crouched, her back still pressed to the cover the remembered rock provided. She was clutching her blade to her chest as if it was the only thing keeping her alive. He hurt us. No more. He’s dead. No more. He hurt me. No more. He’s dead. Because he hurt me. Suddenly, Rhow sprang back to her feet, then spun on her heels. With a bestial roar and her blade raised high, she hurled herself past Yukie and through the veil of petals. When the Menti caught up to her, the Skakdi was in the middle of a pitched duel with what looked like three or four other Skakdi fused into one. Several heads and spines whirled, half obscured by the mist still, while Rhow hacked and slashed at them. It was hard to make out the details in the chaotic movements. Then, Rhow managed to grab a hold of the central spine with her left. She yanked back as hard as she could, continuously bellowing with rage. Then, her blade flashed, and the monstrous memory collapsed like a puppet with cut strings. Rhow dropped the carcass - which dissolved back into the mist and was left standing on shaky knees, panting. Yukie noticed they were no longer on the coast. They were now inside somewhere. A room with a roughly carved stone floor that rose at the center, still spattered with the signs of the fight that had just happened. Atop the raised section he saw…well, not a throne - there was nothing remotely regal about it - but it definitely was a seat of authority of some kind. Limping, Rhow ascended the steps, then slumped into the chair. In the smoke and mist swirling around them, more Skakdi silhouettes appeared, but did not approach further. Rhow looked at Yukie with tired eyes. There was uncertainty in the expression. Doubt. ----- IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro harbor] “Tsu-ru-gi.” Leah echoed Yumiwa’s word for the sword. It felt unfamiliar to her mouth and Yumiwa could tell by the awkward pronunciation. “I’m afraid the parallels continue. I know little about the sword or it’s original owner - but as far as my people are concerned: It was given to, wielded by and survived Makuta’s favored servant - Heuani. In his hands it brought death and destruction to our villages. Until Toa Joske stopped him. After that…it’s path becomes unclear. As far as I know Joske kept possession of it - until his death.” She paused for a beat, expression visibly pained. “He was…the Maru’s vanguard. I don’t know who took up the blade afterwards, or if it remains in the Mangaia.” The Toa Maru glanced out to sea for a moment, finding her focus again. “Your uncle…is he here?” OOC: @Mel @EmperorWhenua
  7. IC/ Skrall/ Roxtus/ Stables/ Skrall had watched the scene unfold from her spot behind and to the side of the confrontation, half obscured by the wagon she’d helped to load. When it became clear their cargo was committed to being unreasonable, she stepped away from the cart, just far enough to have a clear view and quietly waited for an opening. Trying to run the other legionnaire over with his shield provided one. As one more appeal to reason was being voiced, she widened her stance, lifted her arm and fired her grappling hook cable at the disgraced skrall’s legs, ready to yank him off his feet. Hopefully that’d put a quick, non-lethal end to this. He was gonna wind up tied up anyway. OOC: @BULiK @Burnmad @oncertainty @Toru Nui @Nato G @a goose
  8. IC: [Kohra - Iron Mahi, First Passenger Car] She watched the Toa leave, quite literally gone with the wind to track down a weird noise, then she lowered herself back down to the train roof and rolled onto her back, laid down with arms spread wide, breathing heavily. She’d managed to do what she meant to, she’d found someone who could help. Without the adrenaline rush, the exertion of the past minutes instantly caught up with her. Everything ached. At least the wind tugging at her poncho was somewhat comforting under the circumstances. She squinted up at the sun overhead, burning angrily. What even is my life… Despite wanting to, she couldn’t stay up there forever. Datrox was probably wondering what happened to her. And the sentinel had asked her to go back down into the train too. So she had to figure out a way to get off the roof again. Initially she wanted to go to the engine, but that was at the far end and against the wind for her. So she decided to go back to the junction between the first and second carriage. They weren’t designed for people climbing all over them, but maintenance did require the occasional trip topside, so there were a few handles here and there for use by those with the proper know-how. Kohra wasn’t one of them, so it took her a bit to scout out the best route back down. She considered asking the sentinel for assistance, but he was standing on the roof of the second car, so an entire wagon down from her, she couldn’t tell what he was focused on, but he was clearly focused on something else. It was as she swung over the edge to lower herself down to the first set of handles, that her angle of view widened enough that she noticed the broad-shouldered nonsense talking Toa from before clinging to the outside of the second car’s far end from her position. Not a good place to be, she’d just learned that lesson. She had assumed he was with the mercs based on his interference, but she had been forced outside the train against her will and she couldn’t imagine he was doing it for fun either. She still figured him as a merc, but she also didn’t want to see anyone fall to their death from a train. So she called out to him, hoping he could hear her: “Hey! You alright?” OOC: @Krayzikk @oncertainty
  9. IC/ Skrall/ Roxtus/ Stables/ Skrall was about to get on with it, but she found herself glancing at their cargo once more. It wasn’t who he was that intrigued her - it was what he’d done, or failed to do. There were plenty of reasons to get exiled, she knew that all too well, but abandoning one’s post was not a common one. No time for that now. She chided herself, then turned towards the beastmaster again. “Two spikit.” She confirmed. She jerked her head towards the pens, indicating for him to get moving. She followed to assist. While skrall began loading the supplies and Skrall & Skrall got their cargo ready, the two of them brought one spikit at a time out of their enclosures and hitched them to the wagons. She focused more on the actual attaching of the harnesses and left the beastmaster to deal with the business end of the animals. If done properly, it wasn’t all that difficult - as long as the nature of the animals was kept in mind and the proper process followed. If not, the spikit would remind you. Not long after, both carriages were ready. The beastmaster was still grumpy, but slightly less so now that the potentially limb-intensive part of her job was done and went on to ready the rock steeds. Skrall shifted to giving Skrall a hand with loading up the supplies. OOC: @Toru Nui @skrall
  10. IC/ Skrall/ Roxtus/ Stables/ “Three shifts then: Driving and lookout while those in-between rest up and guard our delivery.” OOC: @a goose @skrall
  11. IC/ Skrall/ Roxtus/ Stables/ The stables were easy enough to find, even if one didn’t know their way around. They just had to follow the smell and sounds. Skrall did know the way well however. She also knew the first leg of their journey, having spent quite some time outside Roxtus herself. The scout wasn’t the only one used to solitude, something she suspected he wouldn’t recognize them having in common. She waved down one of the beastmasters on duty. His implants were extensive and showed the dangers of the profession. Spikit bit the hand that fed them. Often enough they did worse. He eyed her and the other skrall filtering in wearily, but still waited for them to speak and make their request. Hearing skrall ask about carriage drivers, she interjected: “We’ll need two.” Plus rock steeds and enough supplies for both beast and skrall to complete the journey. That’d be a lot. She figured five days worth, but it could easily be more. Though it was unlikely they’d be completely unable to resupply along the way. The plan definitely called for it it at the bone hunter’s and in Atero…but there was no guarantee. If all went flawless, they could probably reach the mesa within a day or two and Atero within a day after that. Then a few more from there to Tajun. The keyword being flawless. But things had a tendency to go south when going south. Better to have reserves. So she turned to the scout again. She wouldn’t put up with any nonsense, but deferring to expertise was the smart thing to do. They had a job to do, so she asked: “How many days‘ provisions for us and the beasts, plus contingency?” OOC: @a goose@Nato G@Toru Nui@Burnmad@oncertainty@BULiK
  12. IC: [Kohra - Iron Mahi, First Passenger Car] Despite everything, the vortixx managed a pained chuckle. “Perfect. Barely worse than usual.” With a groan, she rolled over and pushed herself to her hands and knees. “But if you need, I’ll try and do my part.” She sounded serious, as far as possible, but the sentinel could see her limbs were shaking under the strain of just holding her own weight. OOC: @Krayzikk
  13. IC/ Skrall/ Roxtus/ War Room/ Skrall noticed the scout’s eyes lingering on her. The other common reaction to her presence. She smirked, ever so slightly. She brushed past him and started heading toward the stables. As she did, she flashed him a look that said it all: Too busy staring to count? Raising her right hand, she signaled the rest of the team her intent to move out. OOC: @a goose @skrall
  14. IC: [Kohra - Iron Mahi, First Passenger Car] The vortixx was thankful to feel like she was sticking more to the train roof. She risked letting go with her claw, massaging her shoulder with her right hand. Hurt like karz, but didn’t seem to be actually damaged as far as she could tell. “Kohra…I think.” She said, eyes half closed as she concentrated on her pain. Through gritted teeth she continued: “Looks like a bunch of mercs: Big Skak, missing half his bits, tall Vortixx thinks he’s the conductor…and some wide purple-teal Toa, talks nonsense. Thought someone was hurt up front, tried to get help. Guess that’s you.” OOC: @Krayzikk
  15. IC/ Skrall/ Roxtus/ War Room/ Tajun. Interesting. She hadn’t expected to go that far south, but it ultimately made no difference to her. Follow the river, sell the exile to the bone hunters, resupply in Atero, then Tajun. Closest to the sea of liquid sand. She was curious to see it. It seemed straightforward enough for a plan. It most likely wouldn’t stay that way but they’d deal with it. Selling the disgraced skrall didn’t sit well with her. But she was skrall still, no matter how much Tirveus glared at her, so it had to be done. She didn’t say anything else, just slammed her right arm audibly across her chest, like a smaller version of the sword-against-shield salute, then turned to follow the others. Outside the war room, she went straight to the scout she’d seen waiting earlier. “We’re heading out. You ready?” She stated. OOC: @BULiK@a goose@Nato G@Toru Nui@Burnmad@oncertainty
  16. IC: [Kohra - Iron Mahi, First Passenger Car] The Vortixx was half on her back, half on her side, clawed hand clinging to a vent of some kind to not slip off. It took her a moment to realize she wasn’t alone. The Toa standing over her appeared skewed and upside down from her position. Her response came as a strained groan: “Sitrep…what…who are you? You with those brakas back there?” She really didn’t need another one trying to get in her way. OOC: @Krayzikk
  17. IC/ Skrall/ Roxtus/ War Room/ Thankfully the discussion with Atakus didn’t last long, even with spec ops seizing the role of speaker and using ten words where one would do. Fortunately, the general was much more to the point. Seemingly unfazed by the ordeal of the warrior pinned to the wall, skrall spoke up: “We are ready to head to Iconox, Tesara or directly to Atero. Either as one, to make a statement, or in teams - one for each arena - to broaden our presence south. Where would you have us begin, to best serve your strategy?” OOC: @BULiK@Nato G@Toru Nui@Burnmad@a goose@oncertainty
  18. IC/ Skrall/ Roxtus/ Barracks/ She suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. Not at skrall though - but at skrall. The spec ops one, that is. The way he talked down to them told her much of what to expect from this one. She’d seen the cloak about before. Apparently there were multiple ways to be a loner amongst skrall: Through circumstance of birth - or by being insufferable. A thoroughly unimpressed sounding “Noted.” was her only reaction to his ‘lesson’. “It is about time we spoke to the general. Once we’ve got our orders you can ask him what he does and does not remember directly.” OOC: @Nato G@Toru Nui@Burnmad@BULiK
  19. IC: [Agni - Cael’s house] Agni let out a slow breath he only now noticed he was holding. “Agreed. We’ll have to put the word out when we get back, or better yet start sending out messages to the other Koro when we speak to the marines. Although…Praggos, do you remember more details of the attacker? You said it looked infected. Or maybe Leah Maru is still closeby enough to talk to her, she must have seen them up close...” He could feel his thoughts starting to run away from him. So he forced himself to stop, holding up a hand to himself while his head was pointed momentarily at his feet with eyes squeezed shut. “Sorry. This is…a lot to take in. Like Tuara said…we came here to check in on the Dasaka situation and how that’s going…just an easy recon, nothing more. But, since we are here, we figured we’d stop by to see how you were doing, Cael. It’s…it’s been while since…” The Toa of fire trailed off, still struggling to find the best way to broach the subject. Then, resigned to the fact that he couldn’t bring himself to say the words, he simply asked: “How are you holding up? Besides all this, I mean.” OOC: @Eyru@Palm@otter
  20. IC/ Skrall/ Roxtus/ Barracks/ She studied the map and she listened to skrall. He had a point. However. “Unless those you speak of have a better suggestion, we should still take it. It’s the most direct path. Bone hunters would be foolish to attack skrall, their trade relies on non-aggression with us.” She considered the possibility. If the bone hunters attacked, it was all but a given they’d be wiped out in retaliation. Without the bone hunters, no more workers for Iconox, so no more exsidian for Bara Magna. She filed the thought away. “That mainly leaves wildlife and vorox. If we can’t handle them, we are not skrall.” “We could also make for the skrall river and follow it all the way to Atero directly.” She glanced over at the other male that seemed to be equally interested in the map. Even more so, as he was seemingly paying no attention to them whatsoever. She wondered if he would speak up or remain with his thoughts. OOC: @Nato G@Toru Nui
  21. IC/ Skrall/ Roxtus/ Outside Barracks/ She entered the barracks and made her way over to the ration point, followed by the collective side-eye of the warriors that knew her for what she was. The skrall behind the ration counter was a hulking spec-ops fighter. Food came very shortly behind exsidian on the list of valuables in a village, so there was plenty of focus on ensuring it did not go missing. Since the other skrall was still with her, she held up two fingers to the spec-ops, who produced two ration packs and put them on the counter in front of them. She picked up hers, then headed over to the rally point for patrols, where a large map had been mounted on the wall. “What do you know of the routes leading south?” she asked the other skrall, while unwrapping and breaking off a piece of something dry and spicy. Making it unperishable had made the texture vague, but she figured based on the taste that it had to be some kind of jerky. OOC: @Nato G
  22. IC/ Skrall/ Roxtus/ Outside Barracks/ She nodded, head tilted slightly. “It depends. If it can be taken: nothing at all.” She shrugged, turned and began to head towards the barracks. She was getting hungry. And there were preparations to be made. A map was needed. There were caravan routes to study and scout out. Check what transports could traverse them and what was available to begin with. Alternate paths if a passage was blocked. Knowledge was a weapon too. One she’d use if they tried to sideline her from going. It wouldn’t be the first time. Oh yes, she knew what she was fighting for. She glanced back to see if the other skrall was following or not. OOC: @Nato G
  23. IC/ Skrall/ Roxtus/ Outside Barracks/ She noticed the other skrall’s approach with her peripheral vision. First instinct was to expect a challenge or some other kind of confrontation. A challenge would’ve been a nice surprise. But he spoke instead. So he was going. Allies in cause then, but rivals in glory. “Probably not. But they might try.” She stepped over to where she’d put down her pack and other weapons, strapping the former to her belt again before retrieving the latter. Sword and shield returned to her back. Easier to carry and useful in an ambush. No one liked a thornax in the back. “They’re a free people still. Free to make such mistakes.” Returning to the training dummy, she stepped on the remains. The actuators in her crampons clamped down like a vice and she tossed what was left of the thing over to where one of the indentured was busy sorting supplies. It landed in a cloud of dust that engulfed the agori. “Get that fixed.” OOC: @Nato G
  24. IC/ Skrall/ Roxtus/ Outside Barracks/ Thud Thud Thud Crack Thud Thud Crack Thud Thud Thud *Crack* Skrall stood frozen for a second, leg still raised, held right where the training dummy in front of her had crumpled under the sequence of blows and kicks. The only thing moving were rivulets of sweat. Then, deliberately slow and with great control, she assumed a ready stance again, before finally relaxing her shoulders. Without looking away from the ruined once-vaguely-glatorian-shaped heap at her feet, her hand found the canteen strapped to her belt and she took a swig. It was warm as usual. But it beat death by thirst. She preferred live training - to fight against someone who could react. But that was hard to come by - except as punishment. Sometimes for her - mostly for others that would rather avoid her. But not for much longer. Tirveus wanted skrall champions in the glatorian arenas, so he would send skrall to fight. She would be among them, no matter what. She would earn her place. OOC: Skrall open for interaction. @Nato G@BULiK@a goose (Think that's everyone with chars in Roxtus atm?)
  25. What do you do when you’re born red? When you have the physique but lack the powers? You’re an outcast, for you were clearly not one of them. If you’re not one of them, you’re just skrall. Skrall hate and fear you - but not as much as the others hate skrall. Where else could you go? Nowhere else will have you. Your place is with skrall. They tend to forget that. So you remind them with scars: Your scars remind you of who you are not. Their scars remind them of who you are. Name: Skrall Tribe: Rock Species: Skrall Gender: Female Appearance: At first glance, a standard skrall warrior…perhaps a bit slimmer around the shoulders, balanced out by surprisingly strong legs. Beneath the black and red armor are chords of muscle akin to steel tension wires, covered in an above-average amount of scars for your typical skrall warrior - not gained in the arena. Equipment: Dual ‘skrallkri’ knives, one sheathed in each shoulder pauldron. They are equal parts tool and weapon; the hilt ends in a spike that aids in climbing. Thornax Glaive: Traditional Skrall Kopis on a longer staff that houses a thornax launcher Skutum: A circular buzzsaw shield, bearing the mazelike insignia of the Black Legion painted in blood. Cybernetics: Integrated grappling hook installed in left forearm: High tensile strength wire attached to a projectile hook that splits open once it hits its intended target. The wire comes from a small winch that has enough power to hold twice her owner’s weight, plus a little extra safety margin. Once again primarily intended for climbing, but long since repurposed for numerous other uses like hunting or a makeshift tripwire or garotte if need be. Rock steed crampons: A set of articulated metal claws attached to each foot. Mostly geared toward making traversal of harsh terrain easier - aka climbing - their ability to extend and to clamp down hard enough to find purchase in solid rock do give skrall’s kicks and stomps a nasty edge in combat. They also allow her to walk on walls and ceilings if those are structurally strong enough to hold the weight of someone hanging from them. Personality & Traits: Next to her actual armor, skrall puts on the additional emotional armor of giving off as many ‘do not mess with me’ vibes as possible. Whether she actually feels that way is hard to say, she mostly keeps her interactions with her peers to the minimum needed to get down to business. Weaknesses: Lone Iron Wolf: You can trust them not to trust you.
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