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  1. WOW This looks amazing. I love the mane so much. The colour choice is on point and the pose is fantastic. Great job
  2. If you search horn, you can find the ones I used under animal body parts. Thank you so much, I totally agree, would require some painting to make him in reality.
  3. I love the energised rock so much and the cables are a fantastic addition, especially considering how difficult it is to pose flex parts in Studio. Well done
  4. Hehe thanks. Think your version and mine would have an amazing stand off.
  5. I really liked that Vezon cape, I used it in way to many mocs if I'm being honest lol I'd say yes but I must admit I do like how the back of this version looks, I used it a lot in an attempt to cover up the under developed backs a lot of the time. It would also make it somewhat difficult for his spinner to function, so maybe a side cape like over his arm would make more sense.
  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to read the story idea. It's something that i'm still in the early stages of "developing" at the moment. I must admit that I know very little about the G2 story since I originally fell out of love with Bionicle before G2 can around but the plan is to make things play out as a darker and slightly altered version of events up until around the mask of light sort of time. At that point I plan to branch it out into a more original story with my own original characters. I also want to incorperate the idea that G1 started exploring with alternate realities playing a big part in this story. I'm actually currently working on developing my own big villains for this story called the Umbran legion of Serpantis (which are actually revamps of some of the first mocs that I ever made) but I'm saving them for around halloween. If you are interested in Vakam's design I finished him yesterday and made a topic about him as well. Vakama The Feral King As for the 3d aspect I'm sadly not very skilled in that area either plenty of custom parts on sites like thingiverse and some other sites too. I know there are guides on how to convert these sorts of models into once that can be used in Studio which I really want to learn when I have more time.
  7. I know it's cheating a little bit but that's one of the things I find so fun about Studio, it does allow you to cheat a little and do things that you woulden't be able to do in reality. Still I'm playing around with some designs trying to come up with something that would be possible and still looks nice. Lets just put it down to having to shake off the dust from not making any mocs for almost 10 years lol (EDIT) Hey, just so you know I updated the thigh design with a "legal" one.
  8. Must have really messed up to earn himself a ban. In anycase, I guess I should post here since I was inactive for almost 10 years. So Hi again everyone, good to be back.
  9. I'm not sure it would work all to well but I'd be down for it sounds fun. Fun in the same way that the TMNT and Power rangers crossing over was lol
  10. I have to say that whoever the artist is is super skilled, nice colour, well shaded and great depth.
  11. Yeah I think this one is sun damage. The positioning of the colouration looks like it had the sun pointed at it all day for a very long time.
  12. A legendary battle that only ended in heartbreak one day maybe...one day. As for in story though the FInal battle on Baramagna. The epic war of good vs evil with the titanic smackdown of Mata Nui VS Teridax in the skies above. I would love to have seen that play out in a movie, if for nothing else than hearing Michael Dorn's buttery smooth voice as Mata Nui again
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