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  1. I feel as if my major problem with most forms of representation that I've seen is that they tend to latch onto the minority part and make it a huge part of who the character is. Like it's always "This person is gay and also X" and not "This person is X and also gay." And even that last one irritates me because I feel as if putting any emphasis on the gay part tends to make it a focus point of a character, which I can't really relate to because being gay isn't the end all be all of my existence. Or this could just be my internalized homophobia. Who knows.
  2. The fact that NotS was willing to invoke a racist stereotype completely discredits any further argument that they made. It might not make them automatically right, but it makes them automatically wrong.
  3. Racism is not a basis for an effective argument. Ten points from gryffindor. F - -. Please see me after class. I sincerely hope that was sarcasm, because you've given no actual reason to why aspects of a stereotype aren't allowed to be used to justify that a certain media did depict certain characters as gansters? Literally a character is defined by how they are presented, and a part of that presentation might just happen to be a whole pile of aspects that fit a stereotype but you're not allowed to point out an extra detail of the ad - which the characters featured in? Yep, let's go with Kevin was being sarcastic. No it wasn't sarcastic. NotS claimed the strongest argument for the Piraka being gangsters was that the narrator was an African American male. They were being racist. I give you a 2/10 for getting me to respond. You're defending racism. Stop it.
  4. Racism is not a basis for an effective argument. Ten points from gryffindor. F - -. Please see me after class.
  5. Let me break this down for you. I fail to see how 'dark lounge' and 'rap music' are inherently 'gangster'Gang on the loose is honestly the best bet you have on proving your point considering it is inherently a reference to criminals. However that brings me to the next point....RE: police station mug shots. The Piraka were originally members of the Dark Hunters, a force of mercenaries loyal only to the highest bidder. In 2006 they were ex-dark hunters aiming on obtaining the Ignika. You keep using the term 'gangster', and I assume that you're using it in the modern parlance of organized street crime. The Piraka were anything but street hooligans and or thugs. They were war criminals. Heck this even ties into "The Gang is on the loose" tagline meaning that the Piraka were mercenaries with no loyalty to the highest bidder but rather their own personal interests.The strange thing is about all of this is that I feel like labelling the Piraka as war criminals rather than 'gangsters' undermines one of my initial point of 2006 not being grim dark. Congratulations. In my rebuttal of your poorly thought out and reasoned argument I have somehow managed to undermine my initial point. Clever. I think people greatly overstate the 'high tech' aspect of the Metru Nui story. Yes, it was there (the huge chutes, video screens in the Coliseum, heavy industry in Ta-Metru) but most of the time it was just off in the background. It's not like the Toa were flying around in spaceships and blasting away with laser guns. There were also many scenes were set in dark tunnels, stone temples and desolate areas with no technology in sight. Plus the way that Metru Nui was much more explored and lively with all its inhabitants, locations and secrets made it feel a lot closer to Mata Nui than Voya Nui, which was little more than a generic place for the story to happen in. re: Metru-Nui not being 'high tech' I want you to go rewatch the first Bionicle movie and then the second one. I then want you to reason out this point further about how the high-tech atmosphere of Metru-Nui. Then after you have done this I want you to go back, reread my last point, and actually address the bulk of the matter (you can't quantify how Bionicle 'feels') rather than a minor quip.The only reason why Metru-Nui was more explored was because it had an entire extra year dedicated to it. If 2007 had been based around Voya-Nui and its characters as opposed to Mahri-Nui and its new cast of matoran, villains, and titans then it would be in the same league. It's like comparing a minor league sports team to a major league one. In a vacuum 2006 is on the same tier as '01 and '04. Further more I merely noted that Metru-Nui was more advanced that Mata-nui. You are turning me into a strawman and putting words in my mouth. At no one point did I claim that there were space ships or laser beams. You're probably thinking of '08-'11, which is two years past '06. It's also worth noting that by the time '06 rolled around the entire show was pretty much being run by Greg rather than the collection of writers that were used to hammer out '01-'03
  6. 2006 was not neccessarily any more grim dark than any prior year of bionicleI'm sorry but are we trying to imply that earlier years of bionicle were not set on equally dangerous islands? Because if so I'm afraid to inform you that you're wrongRhetoric of that type was already widely sprinkled throughout bionicle in the previous years. There was a minor escalation of this I will admit, but it was minor.The Piraka were not gangsters. They were rogue mercanaries. I fail to see why people always refer to the Piraka as gangsters when they clearly weren'tCool opinion. There was a ton of sweet online content for 2006 that it puts 2004-2005 to shame.Free The Band was an attempt to garner a larger audience and more eyes on the product using a band that was popular at the time. They were trying to build and expand the Bionicle brand, and that's not a bad thing.I hate AAR as much as anything but come on man. You salty.What does this even mean? What does Bionicle 'feel' like? If anything 2006 was a return to the feel of 2001-2003 after the high tech shenanigans of 2004-2005.2006 gets a lot of hate and it absolutely astounds me given that it's easily the best year of Bionicle this side of maybe 2003. Maybe 2001 depending on how high you rate that year.
  7. Have you ever stopped to consider that your opinions are unpopular because they're wrong?
  8. I want you to read what you just wrote there. Then I would like to ask you why you would ever want to connect Gen2 to the massive mess of continuity and stupidity that is Gen1.
  9. The fact that there are bigots on BZPower, or the fact that the same people are consistently bigoted on this site and still somehow have posting privleges?
  10. Yo GSR I see you lurking here. I don't know what forums you're under but is there anything you can do about Seltz's bait?
  11. Yes you do considering that there have been numerous instances of VAs playing roles of the opposite gender. At no point did I claim it was bigotry when female voice actors play female characters. Nor did I say that male VAs playing male caracters was bigotry. All I've said is that complaining that Gali was voiced by a male narrator was silly, and demanding that VAs play their respective genders and sex is silly and bigoted.
  12. Why is people headcanon Gali as trans so offensive to you that you have to speak up against it? Also lol cis is default and terrible wording and language.
  13. It's no particularly great deal to me, but I do think a character's actor should at least reflect what gender they are. Why does it matter? Edit because this is truly the crux of the matter and the source of your bigotry.
  14. re:Bionicle saved Lego: Most of these factors indicate that Bionicle was really only making dat bank roll during 2001-2006, which I would actually look into the hard numbers before coming to any sort of definitive conclusion about just how successful it really was and how much it helped. At any rate it specifically mentions 2003-2004 as the crisis, which means that Bionicle was only truly floating the entire Lego boat for two years, or one fifth of its active shelf life. Not exactly a good ratio. And at any rate this is just one big bunny trail and the point is get your panties out of a twist about Lego choosing to save some money and not hiring a specific female voice actress for a teaser trailer. Y'all are just being silly. If Gali was a transgender character, then a case could be made for a voice that was not explicitly female. But what has there been so far to indicate that she is transgender? To be honest? Nothing has been shown in canon to suggest that Gali is trans. I still don't get why people are all up in a twist about the male voice actor for a female character since it's not like we're breaking any serious ground either in terms of social progression or any sort of new ground you want to conjure up. If people want to headcanon Gali as trans because of this, I don't see why they can't do that. I fail to see why a teaser trailer is getting so many people worked up on both sides of the camp. It's a teaser trailer and not a true representation of the final product. Stop being silly.
  15. Bionicle almost single-handedly saved Lego from bankruptcy, lasted continuously for ten years and had four movies made. How is that not important? Maybe this version won't be as colossal as the last, but that's not a reason to cut corners. Bionicle might have lasted ten years, but after the first five it was a massive, bloated husk of its former self that had so many continuity snarls that it should have been put out of its misery years before it finally ended. Also [citation needed] on Bionicle saving Lego from bankruptcy because that sounds like a load of crock. Please explain the bigotry in saying that a female character should have a female-sounding voice. There's this thing called being trans. A quick google search should be able to tell you the rest. Otherwise you could read back over pretty much every other comment in the thread.
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