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  1. IC: Vakua nodded his assent.The past few days and weeks had been a welcome break from the fighting that had gone on during the retaking of Ko-Koro. There had been a lot of work to do and the Kalta barely had a moment to breathe. :We should get going. The Akiri is busy person.: What started as a stirring became a snap awakening. Soraph's eyes shot open. Casanuva was standing above her speaking but the Vilda didn't notice or hear him. As her eyes began to focus on her surroundings power started to rush into her body. Energy flooded her blood. Each breathe was electric now, each heartbeat pumping her muscles with greater energy. Muscles tensed and grew, larger and stronger. The Menti felt her bones ache as they stretched, her face contorting, changing. More wolf-like as a snout made itself apparent, her ears elongating. The bed groaned under the added weight. The Menti's eyes focused on Casanuva. For a moment Soraph seemed not to recognize him. Then she smiled. Attack. :Why?: Because we can. Normally Soraph might have disagreed. But she was now intoxicated with power and rage, and the Parakuka's suggestion was absolutely delicious. :Ok.: Then snarled and shot out her hand at the Kalta, grabbing onto his shoulder. Hands-turned-claws started to crush the shoulder, nails digging into him. Blood started to flow out of the Kalta. And energy began to flow into the Parakuka-latched Dasaka. Well, that's new.
  2. IC: Relisai was happy about the short meeting. Leadership that had too many long meetings often didn't get around to actually doing anything.The Rora seemed to have a busy schedule, and was already leaving before Relisai could make her suggestion regarding communication with the refugee fleet. But, the Vilda Toroshu noticed that Dastana Jasix, as well as Ageru Kilanya, were still in the room though heading out. "Dastana Jasix, if I may speak to you quickly regarding the refugee fleet. My Vilda and our birds may be able to assist with communication with the refugees in Mata-Nui."
  3. IC: The dreams had been her reality for weeks now. Vilda Soraph had thought she'd awakened a dozen times only to realize she was still asleep, still trapped in her nightmares. Her only companion had been Mapris, her "sister," as she called herself. She would take different forms. Sometimes Mapris appeared as Soraph's own twin, sometimes her aunt Relisai, or her mother Robalta. Last she had appeared as Casanuva. Always Mapris spoke of violence. Soraph had tried to ignore her at first. She tried not to listen to the promises of dark power and blood. But time had dragged on. Every time Soraph thought she'd woken up, Mapris would appear and drag her back. Everything had been distorted. Soraph still didn't believe what Mapris told her, but she no longer argued so vehemently against her. It was too exhausting. Now Soraph couldnt help but listen to Mapris drone on with her speeches, her mind almost unaware as it slowly absorbed Mapris' virulent words. It's almost time now. Can you feel it? We're almost ready. Everything is ready. We'll be strong together. Forever. Now. "Well Soraph, today I finished up Zueya's armor, the design I talked about yesterday. Worked pretty well, if I say so myself. I got some big news though; not everyone in the Koro knows, but there's about to be a whole lot more of your kin here on the island. I don't think they'll be too happy about us, but I think we'll pull through..." Soraph began to stir.
  4. IC: Sado - War Room Relisai listened to the recently crowned Rora summarize the situation of her new Empire. It seemed like just about half the archipelago was no longer under her control, and what areas they did have were under threat. Relisai reminisced about the events of the past few weeks. The rahkshi invasion had been swift and terrible, their forces massacring Dasakan forces. The onslaught had been surprisingly fortunate for Relisai - she had been imprisoned at the time and awaiting sentencing for her alleged "crimes" when the Rahkshi had attacked the capital. Relisai had been hastily released by the warden along with other prisoners and criminals as any and all fighters were recruited to defend the populace. Whether the release had been under official orders was unclear, but now the Umbralines had abandoned their homeland and a new clan reigned. Whatever others thought about Relisai on a personal level, she had been an effective battle commander and Toroshu. The Vilda had fared better than other clans since the Rakshi appeared. Vilda naturally avoided population centers, preferring to roam the wilds with Rahi - they had been mostly able to escape direct conflict with Rahkshi. Relisai had decided hedge her bets and split her clan in two; half on the refugee boats heading to Mata-Nui, half remaining in the Archipelago to help reclaim the Empire. The Vilda had been effective scouts for the newfound Dastana dynasty. The Vilda Toroshu had personally been in a half dozen skirmishes with Rahkshi, and saved dozens of lives. She had the battle scars to prove it. She absentmindedly massaged her bandaged right arm. With regards to exiled Vilda, Relisai had personally sent her Datsue sister Robalta away from the Empire. The Toroshu smiled internally. In addition to freeing her from jail,, the Rahkshi attack had also let Relisai keep Robalta and her cursed child Soraph away from the Empire, away from the Vilda throne.Kulrik, the First Son, had yet to be seen though. Relisai still worried about him. She wasn't sure if he was alive, in the Archipelago or if he'd snuck onto one of the refugee ships. Relisai wasn't sure when she'd be able to spare the resources to find out. "Now, are there any questions?" “Those staves. “Have you found any way to repurpose them? They are fine weapons by themselves, but we could use other forms of metal equipment.” "Any word from the refugee fleet? I've actually had an idea about possible communication with our people on Mata-Nui" Relisai spoke up to the others in the war room.
  5. Fort name: De-Najin Warlord: Najinir Location: Just north of where the Criebe: Luur River meets the Kvere;Ivi lake Description: De-Najin is nestled in an underground cavern by Kvere;Ivi, the largest in a wide system of other caverns and tunnels.The fort relies on two aspects for defense: secrecy and Najin power. Many of the surrounding tunnels are flooded and so at present there are only three known entrances into the fort. One is hidden in a large copse of trees, another from a crack in the earth surrounded by jagged rocks, and the third only by diving and using an air bladder from the lake Kvere; Ivi itself. For those invaders that do manage to find an entrance and navigate the subterranean maze, they also have to evade a series of booby traps and mines, which almost all exclusively use Najin in some form of another. Finally, would be looters (or what's left of them) must face the forces of De-Najin itself. History: De-Najin is part mercenary-group, part personality cult, part martial order, all centered around Najinir himself. They practice meditation to remain calm, often never raising their voices above a whisper. They try to avoid all anger, readying themselves to be the perfect vessels for battle-rage. The fort breeds Spine Slugs in the underground caverns to create the most aggression-inducing creatures as possible. De-Najin warriors keep their Spine slugs close by, so that when battle approaches they can use them use to accept their holy battle rage and enter a berserk state. Forces: Any and all are welcome to join! Will be developing De-Najin and Najinir over the coming weeks, would be happy for some co-creators! Loot: TBD
  6. (Copied from previous Arc, pending update) Name: LoJak Gender: Male Species: Toa Alignment: Good Element: Fire Appearance: Tall and lean. Unlike most Fire Toa, LoJak wears black armor. He has a long scar running down his left arm. Mask: Iden, Mask of Astral Projection Weapons: Longsword Personality: LoJak is friendly, often starting conversations with passerbys. Absolutely committed to that which is Right. At times he seems a little tired with all the fighting he's seen in his life. Biography: LoJak isnt sure he was ever a matoran. His first memory was nearly a hundred years ago, when news of the Toa Mata's defeat had first spread all over the island of Mata-Nui. At first LoJak attempted to rebel against Makuta's dark reign, but after an unsuccesful mission, which resulted in the death of several newfound friends and the scar on LoJak's arm, LoJak ended becoming a drunk in the taverns of Po-Wahi. He recently managed to sober and has remembered his destiny and duty as a Toa. He now refuses to try any drink, fearing that it may cloud his mind once again and prevent him being the hero he knows he can be. Recently he met a group of Toa heading to Ko-Koro to help the people there. LoJak decided to join them, and a newfound, albeit still nameless, Toa Team was formed. As they aided the distraught citizens of the Village of Ice the Rahkshi began their assault in on the Koro. Kaiapo and Quada died in the ensuing battle, and LoJak sustained heavy injuries while burning scores of Rahkshi, finally falling unconsious at the end of the battle.Valria saved his life by bringing him to the medic, and whe he awoke he and Valra finally confessed their feelings for each other. Since then remaining members of the Team have been helping the Villagers rebuild. Weakness: Like most fire Toa, LoJak detests the cold. He is also somewhat naive, easily trusting and believing in the best of others. Name: Lantz orSkaarn Gender: Male Species: Toa Alignment: None. Element: Gravity Appearance: Toa Nuju, grey colour scheme. He has a mane of white fur around his neck. Kanohi: Jutlin, Mask of Corruption Weapon: Two broadswords and a pair of daggers. Personality: Lantz is greedy. He cares about power and nothing else. Biography: Lantz become a Toa only a few years ago, long after Makuta had consolidated his power. After his family was killed by infected Rahi, Lantz realized that the only thing of any worth on Mata-Nui is power. Now he travels the land looking for where he can get some. One day Lantz decided to have some fun by wrecking the Ga Koro harbor. He was taken into custody by Toa Knidia and brought to Turaga Nokama. The Turaga forcibly removed his Toa Energy, transforming him into a Turaga. He then sought out Makuta, hoping he could restore his powers. Lantz found Makuta in a tunnel beneath Kini-Nui. Makuta used a Visorak to transform Lantz in a Toa Hordika, his present form. In exchange, Lantz is now a servant of Makuta, having promised to continually discredit the turaga and and convince matoran to serve Makuta as well. Since the Visorak mutation Lantz began hearing a voice in his head, which he believed to be Makuta guiding him. Under this being's guidance Lantz met up with the Skakdi Rhow, and hired her to help him carry out the will of Makuta. During their first adventure the voice in his head revealed itself not to be Makuta but a being named Skaarn, which claims it is the son of Makuta, brother to the Rahkshi. Skaarn took control of Lantz's body and masquerared as him, leaving Lantz to watch, trapped in his own mind. Skaarn found the Darkrann plant, which causes amnesia when its scent is inhaled. For some reason or another, Skaarn and Lantz were immobilized for a lengthy period of time, and have only just returned. Weakness: Lantz is extremely wary, sometimes taken to inaction. While he is an excellent fighter, he has low endurance:extended battles or multiples bouts in a row will tire him. Name: Labelle (pronounced La-Belle) Gender: Female Species: Toa Alignment: Neutral Element: Water Mask: Mask of Sensory Aptitude Appearance: Blue, Metru build. Tall, slim, beautiful. UPDATED: White, several scar and marks over her body. Disfigured hands and feet. Bushy tail and four spider like-legs protuding from her back, although she keeps them hidden and protracted most of the time. Half of her right jowl is missing, and a scar runs down her left face. She is missing her left hand. Weapon(s): Hydro Blades Mark: - (Formerly Sadism) Personality: Biography: Born in Ga-Koro, Labelle's family was killed and her home destroyed by an assault of Infected Rakhshi sent by Makuta. With no place to go she was sent by Turaga Nokama to Le-Wahi, where she was taken in and cared for the community as a whole. It is there that she met a Le-Matoran, and the two quickly became inseperable friends. Fate seemed to throw them together even further when the Labelle and the Le-Matoran chanced upon a pair of Toa stones while adventuring in the Le-Koro forests. Both were transformed into Toa, and it was not long after that the two fell in love, and were engaged soon after. But alas, their story was not over. The two were called to fight at Kini-Nui. Labelle was badly injured, suffering a great blow to the head by a Rahi as she watched the Le-Toa be killed. When she recovered she found herself back in Ga-Koro with no recollection of her past. Her only desires are to rid the land of Makuta, although she's not quite sure why, and to find true love.She recently became fast friends with Emotia and Reaver, which is probably what brought her to the attention of Arekule. She was kidnapped and Branded with the Mark of Sadism. However, she had a reaction to the Krillactum, severely mutating her body. She is currently trying to remove the Mark so she can return to normal. After the Mark Bearer saga, Labelle discovered that even besides for the disfigurement, not all of the strange mineral's effects had worn off. She still had a severe, terrible Hunger that had to be sated, a hunger for sadism in all its evil glory. Since then, her life has spiralled out of control and she has lived on the fringe of society, where she can feed her desire without too much notice. All she wants now is to be beautiful again, and to be rid of that ache in her belly urging her to kill. Convinced she had the Hunger under control, she invited a group of Dasaka dignitaries to the house she was living in. Her Hunger got the better of her, and she ended up drugging her guests and unleashing Parakuka on them. Other Dasaka arrived and in the ensuing battle, Labelle lost a hand and ended up being latched herself by Worsh. Weakness: Not very skilled in melee fighting. Name: Malak'et Gender: Male Species: Toa Alignment: Unknown Element: Plant Mask: Kualsi, Mask of Quick-Travel Weapon: None Personality: When surrounded by others Malak appears logical and pleasant. When he's alone however, he becomes rather insane. Biography: Not much is known about Malak'et's personal life. As a matoran he was rather reclusive, and when he became a Toa most people made fun of him. Everyone thought he was a Le-Toa that had no access to his elemental abilities. As it turns out they were wrong since he was a Bo-Toa, but he only ever practised his elemental powers in private. He's become quite proficient in them. Up until quite recently he's been working in Le-Koro, helping with the massive building projects that have been undertaken since Makuta's downfall. Weakness: Malak'et has no training whatsoever in weapons - in fact, he almost never uses them. He relies instead on his elemental abilities. Also, he tries to avoid direct confrontation. Name: Relisai Species: Dasaka Gender: Female Appearance: Tall and beautiful with a regal exterior, Relisai looks every bit the Toroshu that she is. Her skin is deep blue, wrinkles beginning to appear on face after many years of service to the Clan. She wears thick crystal armour with simple blue clothes underneath. On her back is a long green cloak with the image of curled horn in the centre, bordered in red. As the Vilda Toroshu, Relisai wears the Toroshring, a priceless steel ring. It is a match for the golden Firsson ring. Caste and Clan: Menti, Clan Vilda Alignment: Good, Power, Order. Mask: Kanohi Kaukau, Mask of Water Breathing Powers: Willhammer, Mindarm Personality: Relisai is cool and calculating, as she must be to best defend Oki and her Clan. She is readily accepting of any innovation or novelty that can best serve her or Vilda's interests. She tends to look at the big picture, and so ends up missing many of the more minute, important details. Biography: Relisai is the current Toroshu of Clan Vilda. Near the end of the reign of the last Toroshu it was believed that the position of leader would go to Relisai's older sister, Robalta. However, Relisai soon gave birth to a son, Kulrick, bringing the younger sister much prestige and honour. Once the Toroshu died, Relisai was able to narrowly beat her sister in popularity, and inherited the position of Toroshu. Relisai is secretly still suspicious that Robalta or Robalta's daughter may attempt to steal the position from her or her progeny. This is why Relisai has sent Soraph to Sado, to keep her away from the Clan home. Since then, Relisai has proven an adept leader and caretaker of the clan. Animal populations have thrived under her rule, and the clan has never before been as popular in the Empire. Relisai hopes to further advance the interests of her clan and acquire land on another island in the Archipalego, allowing the clan to be self sufficient and not have to rely on the goodwill of Clan Umbraline. She is mentally and physically quite strong, having trained for many years to build her Willhammer and Mindarm abilities. She has named her companion bird Koriko. The recent developments regarding the discovery of Mata-Nui has piqued Relisai's interest. With Mata-Nui comes the promise of new animal species that can bring Clan Vilda greater prestige, and hopefully greater profits as well. Weakness: She has no experience with weapons, relying instead on her formidable Menti powers for both offence and defence. Name: Soraph Species: Dasaka Gender: Female Appearance: Hailing from a clan that prides itself on its' beauty, Soraph is the crown jewel. Her delicate bone structure is undisputedly ultra-feminine, her skin silky smooth and the deepest midnight blue. Her eyes a bright shade of indigo, a rarity in Clan Vilda. She is tall, lithe and incredibly athletic. In addition, she appears amazingly regal, fit to be amongst the most noble of royalty. She wears form fitting clothes that accentuate her athleticism, coloured a shade of blue just barely lighter than her skin. Like her mother and aunt, Soraph's clothes are edged in a border of red and green, Vilda's clan colours, with an image of a curled horn on her back.Her pants and tunic are far more practical in the Imperial Gardens than cloth robes that could get caught in bushes and thorns. Soraph also wears light crystal armour, enough to afford her a protection from small skirmishes. Updated: Her back is now almost entirely covered by the Parakuka Mapris. The slugs weight forces her to be permanently hunched over. Caste and Clan: Menti, Clan Vilda Alignment: Good, Power. Mask: Kanohi Pehkui, Mask of Diminishment Powers: Willhammer Weapons: A small dagger Personality: Softspoken, Soraph is remarkably gentle and kind, a reflection of the Nature she so adores. She easily makes friends and admirers. However, like nature, she has a great eagerness to grow and and prosper. She associates most with the Virtue of Power, and is always looking for opportunity to acquire more. Biography: Soraph is the daughter of Robalta, niece to Toroshu Relisai of Clan Vilda. She was just an infant when Relisai became Toroshu, unaware of her aunt's struggle against her mother to claim the coveted leadership position. Having long since grown up Soraph is now somewhat resentful of her aunt, believing that Robalta has stolen what is rightfully her's and her mother's. Nevertheless, Soraph remains cheerful amongst others. She is usually away on Sado, happy to care for the rare specimens in the Imperial Palace's Gardens. Given her clan's special agreement with Clan Umbraline, Sado rarely has to worry abut funds for her life in the Jewel of the Kingdom. She was selected by the Empress to join the expedition to Mata-Nui. While there she met Casanuva and the rest of the Kalta, developing a relationship with the Toa of Magnetism. While trying to scout out Ko-Koro to help free the Matoran hostages, she was captured by Maeloc and subsequently latched by Mapris, a Parakuka. Weakness: Although fit and athletic, Soraph isn't very physically strong. She has no experience with any weapon besides her dagger. Name: Robalta Species: Datsue Gender: Female Appearance: Short and skinny, Robalta wears long flowing robes that skim the floor. She still has a hint of her former beauty beneath her numerous wrinkles and paling blue skin.Coloured a deep blue typical of Dasaka, the robes are edged with a border of green and red, the Vilda's clan colours. On the back is a stylized image of a curled horn, the Clan's heraldic device. Caste and Clan: Datsue, Clan Vilda Alignment: Good, Order. Mask:- Powers: Willhammer Weapons:- Personality: Robalta is kind, caring and wise. She wants nothing but the best for Clan Vilda and the Empire. Biography: Older sister of Relisai, many believed Robalta would be Toroshu when the previous leader died. This was not the case, as Relisai was able to curry greater favour with the birth of her sin. Robalta harboured no bad feelings - she was genuinely happy for her younger sister. Since then Robalta has grown old and served her people well, breeding animals and giving advice when asked. She frequently misses her daughter Soraph, who is often away tending to the Gardens on Sado. Weakness: As an elderly Datsue, Robalta is quite frail and weak. She has no physical strength or stamina to speak of, relying on her Willhammer abilities for defence. Name: Kulrik Species: Dasaka Gender: Male Appearance: Vilda's breeding techniques have culminated with Kulrik, a veritable prince. Like others in his family he is tall and has dark blue skin. He has a handsome face with deep, golden eyes and a wicked jawline. He is muscular and well-built, wearing clothes that highlight his physical strengths. Needless to say, Kulrik is often the object of desire among many Dasaka. He wears black trousers and a sleeveless white dress shirt, the top three buttons left unbuttoned. He sports a clear crystal cuirass and brown leather vambraces. He also wears a long red cape, the image of a curled green horn at it's centre. As the Vilda First Son, Kulrik wears the Firsson, a priceless pure gold ring. It is a match for the steel Toroshring. Caste and Clan: Menti, Clan Vilda Alignment: Good, Honour Mask: Kanohi Kadin, Mask of Flight Powers: Soulsword, Sighteye Weapons: Kulrick carries a crystal Rapier, although he rarely uses it. He prefers to rely on his Soulsword abilities when in need of weapon. Personality: Kulrik is confidant, charming and enigmatic, easily winning over friends. His good looks and personality tend to work in his favour in a mostly-female Empire. He is used to getting what he wants (so long as it does not conflict with his mother's plans), and is genuinely surprised when someones denies him anything. However, he is known to experience bouts of depression, which he deals with in solitary. The cause is quite simple: Despite being gifted with extraordinary traits and talents, Kulrik has no real control in his life, because ultimately he must submit to the will of his mother Toroshu. Biography: Kulrik is the son, and sole child, of Vilda Toroshu Relisai. It was his birth that gained Relisai the necessary clan votes to become Toroshu. In addition, an auspicious set of events, brought about by his clan's dedication to breeding, resulted in Kulrik becoming Vilda's First Son shortly after beginning his Menti training. Being a male, First Son and son of the Toroshu resulted in Kulrik having little true freedom. He was forced into a political life, given little opportunity to pursue any of his own interests beyond battle. Kulrik is a veritable master Soulsword, turning the discipline into more of an art than battle technique. During his Soulsword training he way always at the top of the class, quite the surprise since he comes from a tribe known for its Willhammers. He prefers to form a Rapier with his ability, although he has been known to create both Longswords and Two-Handed Swords. After he mastered the Soulsword technique he moved on to pursue studies to become a Sighteye, Mindarm being of no interest to him and Willhammer denied by his mother. He is not as skilled a Sighteye, struggling to create illusions over more than two people. Not too long ago his mother forced him to find an aide from clan Herupa, to his great displeasure. He saw it as an attempt of his mother to keep an even greater eye on her only son. Thankfully Kulrik received an everlasting oath from Seigyo, a remarkable young woman and daughter of Herupa Toroshu. Kulrik considers her a true friend, reminding her not use honorifics when addressing him in private. Weakness: Kulrik has no experience against Willhammers. Name: Maquila Species: Dasaka Gender: Female Appearance: Maquila's skin is blue, like most other Daska, although her eyes shine ruby red. She is a mite shorter than the Dasaka average, thin but with well-defined muscle tone. She wears black crystal armour atop simple travelling clothes. Caste and Clan: Menti, Clan Umbraline Alignment: Good, Honour, Order. Mask: Kanohi Arthron, Mask of Sonar Powers: Mindarm Weapons: Crystal Flamberge Personality: Biography: Weakness: Name: Osmako Species: Dashi Gender: Female Appearance: Caste and Clan: Saihoko, Clan Dastana Alignment: Power Mask:- Powers:- Personality: Osmako is warm and friendly to other members of the upper castes, but looks down with disgust at her formers peers, the Saihoko, as well as the poor. Biography:Osmako was once a poor sailor from the Dastana clan, but one day discovered a shipwreck with a shipment of crystal for the capitol. She sold it and invested the money into a a small number of ships and captains. Using a shrew business mind Osmako catapulted herself into the Dastana nobility with a minor title. She now commands a slightly larger fleet of shipping vessels, including two submarines. She sees the discovery of Mata-Nui as the perfect opportunity to further increase her wealth. Weakness: No fighting ability, though she does have a retinue of guards and carries a dagger with her at all times. Name: Worsh Species: Parakuka Gender: - Appeance: Small, skinny and shorter than an average Toa forearm. Pale blue with a raggedy streak of yellowish-orange running down the centre. Bio: Worsh was one of the last Parakuka created by Makuta before his defeat. Worsh's first memories are dull and all mixed-up; it vaguely remembers darkness, and wetness, brothers and sisters. Lots of movement, being picked up and carried. The earliest clear memory is of being in a shallow pool near Ga-Koro, surviving off fish and and other tiny creatures. Eventually Worsh was discovered by Labelle and kept in a tank. When Labelle unleashed Worsh and other Parakuka on the Dasaka expedition, Worsh managed to latch his/hers' first host: Labelle herself. Name: Mapris Species: Parakuka Gender: - Additional Power: ? Appearance: Perhaps the largest Parakuka in existence, Mapris' length nearly exceeds that of a Toa's back, and it's width is similarly impressive. It's skin is mostly grey with splotches of dark cyan, and veins of green shining all over. Bio: Mapris seems to have several hosts in the past. It's last host acquired a vial of antidermis but died before it was used. Both Mapris and the antidermis were discovered by the Skakdi Fyuera. Under orders from Maeloc, Fyura set Mapris on Soraph, who was quickly latched by the Parakuka; Fyuera then injected Soraph with antidermis. Rather than infect Soraph, however, the antidermis used the host-parasite connection to enter Mapris, granting the Parakuka newfound powers. Name: Ezrak Species: Matoran Gender: Male Alignment: Pretty good. Vengeful. Element: Vo (Electricity) Mask: Kanohi Tryna Weapons: A pickaxe and a smith hammer. Appearance: Black armoured, same as most Matoran in Onu-Koro.Slightly shorter than average. Stockier too. Bio: Ezrak would be an electric Matoran born and raised in Onu-Koro who's entire family died in the Rahkshi siege on the village. Since then he's taken two vows: One of silence, another to take revenge on the vile creatures and any other follower of Makuta. To him, the Exo-Suit gives him everything he needs to pummel his enemies. If possible he also wants to form a team of like-minded individuals, though the language barrier is a bit of an issue in getting recruits and making friends. Suit Identification Code: F25G Nickname: Anvil Pilot: Ezrak Weapon Customization: One huge hammer, that could only be wielded by a Pakari-User. Steel knuckles, reinforced feet, knees and elbows. Image: Anvil is black, polished to a gleam. It has yet to be in a fight, but not even the purest soul couldn't resist whetting it's tongue and taking it out for a try. Everything about Anvil speaks of strength; Toa, Skakdi, even other Exo-Toa look almost feeble in comparison. Reinforced joints and parts make it stronger and more durable than other of the Original Twelve, but slower as a result. Fort name: De-Najin Warlord: Najinir Location: Just north of where the Criebe: Luur River meets the Kvere;Ivi lake Description: De-Najin is nestled in an underground cavern by Kvere;Ivi, the largest in a wide system of other caverns and tunnels.The fort relies on two aspects for defense: secrecy and Najin power. Many of the surrounding tunnels are flooded and so at present there are only three known entrances into the fort. One is hidden in a large copse of trees, another from a crack in the earth surrounded by jagged rocks, and the third only by diving and using an air bladder from the lake Kvere; Ivi itself. For those invaders that do manage to find an entrance and navigate the subterranean maze, they also have to evade a series of booby traps and mines, which almost all exclusively use Najin in some form of another. Finally, would be looters (or what's left of them) must face the forces of De-Najin itself. History: De-Najin is part mercenary-group, part personality cult, part martial order, all centered around Najinir himself. They practice meditation to remain calm, often never raising their voices above a whisper. They try to avoid all anger, readying themselves to be the perfect vessels for battle-rage. The fort breeds Spine Slugs in the underground caverns to create the most aggression-inducing creatures as possible. De-Najin warriors keep their Spine slugs close by, so that when battle approaches they can use them use to accept their holy battle rage and enter a berserk state. Loot: TBD Adopted Char Name: Vakua Species: Toa of Sonics Appearance: As standard for a toa, Vakua is fairly tall. He is somewhat lanky, with streamlined armor. He is colored silvery grey and black, with yellow eyes (though he wears a tinted visor to block out the bright sun). He also wears a pair of large headphones. Wears a black Suletu, whatever that looks like when it isn't mutated (This is a good reference, credit to rahkshi lalonde). Gender: Masculine. Powers/Abilities: As a toa of Sonics, he has the standard powerset: phenomenal hearing, sonar, limited echolocation, and the ability to create sonic barriers, piercing wails, and making things blow up by unleashing just the right frequency. In addition, his Suletu gives him telepathy: he can actively listen in on others thoughts, and passively picks up on others when they think of him (Note: This plays out with me taking a different approach to posting; he can hear just fine, but I'll say if he's actively eavesdropping. Otherwise, anytime a nearby character thinks about him, the mask tries to pick it up.); Since Vakua has spent so much time honing his mask power, he is a skilled mental combatant, despite his mind's relative openness. He can also use it to project white noise into an opponent's mind. In addition, he uses it to communicate his thoughts, using it as his only form of communication. With his mask, he also has the ability to network miss, allowing those he works with to communicate at the speed of thought; he can link up to five others with himself, though his combat ability starts to suffer the more there are. Also knows a bit of sign language common among the sound-sensitive de-matoran, though meeting others with it is rare. He is also an amazing DJ. Weaknesses: Like all De-Toa, he is sensitive to loud sounds besides his own, which is why he wears headphones. In addition, Vakua has sensitive eyes, hence why he wears a tinted visor. He is very cautious in a fight, and sometimes slow to react. Also, despite being a toa of sonics, Vakua is mute; he can make non-vocal noises and can even approximate voices good enough to mimic them with his Sonics, he himself cannot talk vocalize. His mask power, his primary way of communicating with others, can also be blocked out by a target projecting mental 'white noise'. Alignment: The Toa Kalta, Mata Nui Equipment: A kanohi Suletu (approved by Nuju Metru), which is always on at a subliminal level. In addition, he carries a collapsible spear with a tuning fork for a blade; Vakua can use it to concentrate his powers through it. History: Before Vakua was a Toa, he was a sound engineer. He remembers very little of his life before his transformation. When he first transformed into a Toa, his mask power made him very self-conscious and nervous; he has since learned to cope by relaxing and being perpetually calm when it comes to others. Personality and traits: Vakua seems very passive and mellow, always going with the flow. He prefers to to let others come to conclusions before he does, since people tend to think he stole their idea. He is very patient. He always seems to be listening to music, because that is much of what goes on in his mind; he tries to drown out negative thoughts that way, so they don't reach others. Subconscious Personality: Known as Kuota, Vakua's programmed personality is sardonic and caustic. Notably, he cannot control Vakua's Suletu at all, but he is capable of speech.
  7. IC: Atzemio took three steps into the room and stopped. This was unexpected. Although in truth, he hadn't really expected anything. All he really cared about was his whisper. Everything else was a distraction, at worst a temporary obstacle. His head moved a fraction as examined the different sides of the cube-room he and Lrrthxx had entered. Right: vines. And bug. (Bugs loved Atz. They buzzed around him like he was a corpse.) Left: black pipes floor to ceiling Front: white pipes celling to - mouth box? Back: vines Top: Night Sky Bottom: Ancient Writing It was puzzling. And giving Atzemio a headache. Thinking took a lot of energy. When the voice finally spoke, Atz relaxed. It asked a simple question. “The Administrator welcomes you both. Names please.” "Atzemio...Kalan. What... do you want?" he replied. ooc: @Azibo @Unreliable Narrator What do you think Azibo? Maybe the black pipes are powering the night sky illusion?
  8. IC: "Wait for me, Toa, this temple probably houses secrets meant for me, though anything I can't make of use of you're free to enjoy. Why not work together and uncover this new and old mystery?" Atzemio didn't break a stride when Lrrthxx spoke to him. Instead, he continued his slow march into the dark and unknown hallway. There was little light, so he felt along the wall to keep steady and make sure there were no branching doorways. "What I seek.... the Whispers.... is mine.... the rest is yours...." he whispered. In the silence of the ruins, his words echoed and sounded almost normal to the Aspect. "I.... am Atz." @Azibo @Unreliable Narrator
  9. IC: It was dark in the circular room, the broken shaft of light that illuminated the central pond failing to adequately lighten the chamber. that, coupled with Atzemio's decreased vision, explained why he didn't notice anything wrong with the suit of armor until he was nearly upon it. There was no one in it. Just as Atzemio was going to pierce the armor he angled his own sword away, the point scraping across the back and to the side of Lrrthxx, leaving a small scratch. The attack diverted, Atzemio took a step back and regarded the suit of armor. The Aspect slowly turned around. Atzemio gripped his sword more tightly. He didn't understand what was happening. Lrrthxx regarded the dead Toa intently, not saying a word. "I don't know.....what you are. Do not get in my way..... and there'll be no trouble.... between us" Atzemio told the Aspect. Atz' empty eyes betraying no fear of apprehension, he made his way past Lrrthxx and toward the hallway on the right. @Unreliable Narrator @Azibo ooc: got permission from azibo to bunny his character through the temple.
  10. IC: Atzemio ignored the loss of his companions (they hadn't provided much in the way of conversation anyways) and the Skakdi corpse as he entered the circular room with three hallways leading ahead. But there was someone in the way. A suit of armor, standing upright. If there was a suit of armor, there was someone inside wearing it. Yes, Atzemio was sure of that. People wore armor. Whoever it was, they had gotten to the temple first. That was....sub optimal. Very sub optimal. Without much else thought, Atzemio unsheathed his blade and moved forward, intending to run the weapon straight through the stranger. ooc: Lrrthxx can't actually be harmed, can he? Since he's just gas in the armor? @Azibo@Unreliable Narrator
  11. IC: Ruins of Air Atzemio's soulless eyes gazed upwards to the top of the ziggurat, the glint of the metallic gong at it's peak shining brightly in the midday sun in the Marshes. He neither blinked nor squinted - he just stared at his only desire. While Atz admired the ancient ruins, his companions began to wander. Minutes passed, with Atz completely motionless and the undead spreading out behind him. "Onwards..." he whispered.The untethered immediately returned their attention to him. With a deep sigh, Atz descended from the bunch of roots into the jungle clearing, his untethered following closely behind. He stepped over vines and roots, and climbed over one particularly large fallen tree, and approached the ziggurat. Closer, he could better divine the ancient carvings in it's walls. He wasn't much of a reader these days, nor could he understand the language written. He stood just outside the doorway. Atz paused. At the back of his mind there was thought that in life, he would have celebrated this moment, entering ancient and abandoned ruins. But that was in life. Atzemo crossed the threshold, the untethered following after.
  12. IC: The pack growled. Atzem lumbered on ahead of the pack, ignoring the growls and groans of the Untethered as he "led" them onwards. Without any prey around the undead were fairly docile, quietly roaming aimlessly until something came to their attention. Atzem was pretty good at being that something. It had been days ago when he'd found the Horde, hundreds of untethered marching around Zakaz. He'd walked with them for a time - they had both been heading in the same direction. But then the Horde started to veer left, but Atzem needed to go right. So Atz had slowed his march until he was near the end of the Horde. Then, growling louder than the the untethered behind him, he brought their attention to him, and led a small of pack of five with him towards the Fau swamps. He was looking for something. A subconscious thought told him it might be here. "Whisper..." he said softly. The pack of undead froze, cocking their heads toward Atz. He turned around to look at them, shaking his head a fraction of degree, and continued back with his march onwards. The pack relaxed and began to follow again. Into the swamps.
  13. Name: Atzemio Kalan Breed: Toa (Undead) Faction: None Brief Description: Atzemio has the darkened eyes of every undead. He wear well-worn dark leather armor and a brown tattered cloak. His tall and muscled body appears equally dark and greying - it's impossible to tell what color it once was. Maybe red, maybe blue? Badly healed scar riddle his armor and body. His Kanohi is in the shape of a Hau, though it looks black and rusted. Background: Atz can't remember very much about his past. He knows that he came from the GSR, and most of his memories begin with his waking up in the middle of a forest almost immediately after the crash on Zakaz. He's not entirely sure how he arrived there; if he concentrates hard enough, he remembers flying though the air... maybe he was ejected from the robot? It doesn't really matter. You see, when Atz woke up on Zakaz, memories weren't the only thing he'd lost. Atz was dead. Atz has always worn the Mask of Undeath, so when his life ended he was reanimated. He's not quite the same; he can walk, talk and he can even fight to a limited extent. But he's mostly quiet and still because he tries to conserve energy. Now, Atzem roams the island of Zakaz in search of something, though he can't quite put a name to it. It's the reason his Mask brought him back, but he can't name what it is. Something hidden, something secret. A whisper of something he'd been looking for even back in the GSR, but which he believes can now be found on his new home. One of the side effects of his Mask is that it allows him to blend into the hordes of Untethered that roam the island. In fact, they see him as one of their own. Atzem is able to lead small packs away from the larger hordes to travel with him around Zakaz, functioning as a form of protection against unsavory characters. Atzem can also bear remarkable amounts of pain, and injuries that would kill a living man. His injuries do heal at a much slower rate, and he's wary of them; they would slow him down on his quest for the whisper. Flaws: Being undead isn't the best of state of being. Atz has lower stamina, decreased speed and dulled senses. He's not the best fighter. Or philosopher. Or conversationalist. Powers/Equipment: Mask: Kanohi of Undeath Element: Unknown - no access to active abilities as a result of his being (un)dead. Weapons: A thin longsword which Atz keeps well sharpened, and a pair of blaster that are always fully loaded, six shots each. Atz is strangely a remarkable shot despite his death.
  14. IC: Lantz watched the battle continue between Eisen and the Maru called Stannis. He was on the outskirts of the chamber, having been drawn into battle by allies of the Maru, but it seemed most of them had withdrawn, fleeing the fight. Perhaps Lantz should have followed after them, he thought to himself. Even now, there were distant echos and booms, and even the room they were in shook. He looked at the exit. Still there. For now. Back at the fight. Soon, either Eisen or Maru would fall. And Lantz would await the victor. Soraph did not stir. She had not been aware when the Kalta had found her, freed her or carried her to safety. She had not been aware when she had been loaded onto the Gukko and flown outside the Koro. She was not aware she was now in relative safety, or of the battle raging in Ko-Koro. She dreamed? A figure in shadow sat on a throne. My throne, Soraph realized. It was back in the Kentoku Archipelago, and the seat of Vilda power. Currently occupied by my vile aunt Relisai, Soraph thought grimly. Looking around, the rest of the palace court was empty. Moonlight filtered in through the windows. Seraph suddenly became aware of the crystal blade in her hand. Clutching it in both hands, she approached the throne. Soon, we'll awaken sister. Soon we'll share power you have never imagined. Soon, our life will begin anew. Soraph was close now, she could see who sat on the throne. It was herself. Around the throne-Soraph's neck, draped like a shawl, was a wriggling Parakuka. Wont you come give your sister Mapris a hug?" throne-Soraph asked, holding out the slug with a wide grin. ooc: How do i add colours?
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